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Effect of different feeding levels during pregnancy of fine-wool sheep on live mass of ewes and lambs

Iliev, F.; Dimitrov, D."r

Zhivotnov"dni Nauki 31(5-6): 25-28


Accession: 009827548

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Experiment with two groups 34 in number aged ones high-productive fine-wool sheep have been carried-out. Experimental animals had 80 kg L/M, wool-productivity - 10 kg, reproductivity - 140-150%. Experiment had started at second month of pregnancy and ended with lamb-weaning. Control group (I) from II-III and IV-V m. of pregnancy have received 15.2 and 18.0 MJME, and II (experimental) group, the same time 10.1, 14.1 and 18.8 MJME respectively. At the beginning L/M of control and experimental group have been 100% and at the end of III, IV and V month of pregnancy control group reach 103, 111, 117%, while experimental one - 95, 106 and 113% respectively. Lambs five mass at two groups at birth is equal - 4.6 kg. At weaning 90 days old - 30.1 and 29.5 kg respectively. Lower energy consummation of II group resulted lower L/M at the beginning of pregnancy (II-IIIm.) without of any harm to lamb's vitality.

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