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Endoscopic paranasal sinus surgery on 43 patients with nasal polyps

Sun Hong, T.G.; Xiao, J. L.X.

Hunan Yike Daxue Xuebao 20(3): 231-234


Accession: 009836225

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There were 43 cases (73 sides) who were operated on with endoscopic paranasal sinus surgery between May, 1993 and September, 1994. Twenty three men and 20 women ranging from 14 to 65, ail exhibited the clinical signs of bilateral or unilateral nasal polyps and paranasal sinusitis. Of all the cases, 4 cases (5 sides) were treated with functional ethmoidectomy; 23 (38 sides) with total ethmoidectomy; and 16 (30 sides) with total sphenoethmoidectomy. Seven patients (9 sides) were simultaneously operated on with maxillary sinus radical treatment. According to the data of follow-up (1 apprx 18 months), the nasal obstruction totally disappeared in 35 cases (94.6%) ;headache totally remitted in 30 cases (93.8%); and 22 (70.97%) became free of purulent nasal discharge. The incidence of residual-recurrent polyps were 18.60% (8/43 cases) during the period of follow-up. There was no severe complication in this series. The curative effect of the endoscopic paranasal sinus surgery, the indications, the decisions of operation, and preoperative CT scan of paranasal sinuses were discussed in detail.

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