Endoscopic polypectomy for pacemaker patients

Tanigawa, K.; Yamashita, S.; Maeda, Y.; Morita, S.; Tezuka, H.; Ohtsubo, T.; Nagataki, S.; Maeda, R.

Chinese Medical Journal 108(8): 579-581


ISSN/ISBN: 0366-6999
PMID: 7587487
Accession: 009836226

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Endoscopic polypectomy using high frequency voltage is contraindicated in patients with cardiac pacemakers. Recently, highly advanced pacemakers have enabled us to perform endoscopic polypectomy on these patients by taking appropriate cautions. We successfully removed 10 colonic polyps and one gastric polyp in patients with pacemakers by endoscopic polypectomy. No complication and dysfunction of the pacemaker occurred before, during or after the polypectomy.