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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 9841

Chapter 9841 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Pereira, A.B.; Nova, N.A.Villa; Galvani, E., 2003:
Estimation of Global Solar Radiation Flux Density in Brazil from a Single Measurement at Solar Noon

Zablan, M.A.; Braun, C.E.; White, G.C., 2003:
Estimation of Greater Sage-grouse Survival in North Park, Colorado

Zehner, R.E.; Gustin, M.S., 2002:
Estimation of mercury vapor flux from natural substrate in Nevada

Slade, N.A.; Alexander, H.M.; Kettle, W.Dean, 2003:
Estimation of Population Size and Probabilities of Survival and Detection in Mead's Milkweed

Parsons, D.C.erney, J.; Gauch, H., 2006:
Estimation of Preharvest Fiber Content of Mixed Alfalfa-Grass Stands in New York

Susko, E.; Field, C.; Blouin, C.; Roger, A.J., 2003:
Estimation of rates-across-sites distributions in phylogenetic substitution models

Gorman, L.R.; Rosenberg, D.K.; Ronan, N.A., 2003:
Estimation of Reproductive Rates of Burrowing Owls

Bartok, C.; Schoeller, D.A., 2004:
Estimation of Segmental Muscle Volume by Bioelectrical Impedance Spectroscopy

Cyterski, M.; Ney, J.; Duval, M., 2003:
Estimation of Surplus Biomass of Clupeids in Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia

Goldringer, I.; Brabant, P.; Gallais, A., 1997:
Estimation of additive and epistatic genetic variance for agronomic traits in a population of doubled-haploid lines of wheat

Manly, B.F.J.; Schmutz, J.A., 2001:
Estimation of brood and nest survival: comparative methods in the presence of heterogeneity

Diamond, Sandra L., 2003:
Estimation of bycatch in shrimp trawl fisheries: a comparison of estimation methods using field data and simulated data

McGuire, B.J.; Secomb, T.W., 2003:
Estimation of capillary density in human skeletal muscle based on maximal oxygen consumption rates

Atanassova, S.; Pavlov, D.; Todorov, N., 1994:
Estimation of chemical composition, net energy and protein value of lucerne by NIRS and by regression equation based of the days of vegetation or the accumulated temperature

Gribanov, G.A.; Minyaev, M.V., 1992:
Estimation of cholinesterase activity using microthin-layer chromatography

Chaisurisri, K.; E.K.ssaby, Y.A., 1993:
Estimation of clonal contribution to cone and seed crops in a sitka spruce seed orchard

Askerova, T.A.; Movsum Zade, K.M.; Kichibekov, B.R., 1993:
Estimation of combined forms of hemoglobino- and enzymopathies in neonates

Chalfant, James A., 1993:
Estimation of demand systems using informative priors

Greenberg, N.L.; Vandervoort, P.M.; Firstenberg, M.S.; Garcia, M.J.; Thomas, J.D.; Thomas, J.D., 2001:
Estimation of diastolic intraventricular pressure gradients by Doppler M-mode echocardiography

Meseguer, I.; Martinez Para, M.C.; Farre, R.; D.L.T.rre, M.C., 1995:
Estimation of dietary fiber intake

Myshkin, I.Y.; Maiorov, V.V., 1996:
Estimation of differences in human evoked responses to visual stimuli

Nei M.; Glazko G.V., 2002:
Estimation of divergence times for a few mammalian and several primate species

Nei, M.; Xu, P.; Glazko, G., 2001:
Estimation of divergence times from multiprotein sequences for a few mammalian species and several distantly related organisms

Vitalis, R.; Couvet, D., 2001:
Estimation of effective population size and migration rate from one- and two-locus identity measures

Seo, T-Kun.; Thorne, J.L.; Hasegawa, M.; Kishino, H., 2002:
Estimation of effective population size of HIV-1 within a host: a pseudomaximum-likelihood approach

Ahn, B.S.; Choi, Y.L.; Ko, M.S.; Kim, J.S.; Kim, K.N.; Kim, N.S., 1996:
Estimation of environmental effects and parameters of management traits in Holstein dairy cow

Valleron, A.J.; Boelle, P.Y.; Will, R.; Cesbron, J.Y., 2001:
Estimation of epidemic size and incubation time based on age characteristics of vCJD in the United Kingdom

Bieniek, G.; Cisowska, G.; Lusiak, T.; Siwek, A., 1993:
Estimation of exposure to benzene and naphthalene in coke plant workers

Kallenbach, R.; Roberts, C.; Teuber, L.; Bishop-Hurley, G.; Benedict, H., 2001:
Estimation of fall dormancy in alfalfa by near infrared reflectance spectroscopy

Rezvukhin, A.I.; Shalaurova, I.Y.; Potapova, I.A.; Alyab'eva, I.A., 1993:
Estimation of free fatty acids in blood serum by means of chromatomass-spectrometric procedure

Batista, L.-Alberto-Rocha; Godoy, R., 1994:
Estimation of genetic and phenotypic parameters of the initial development trait on plants of andropogon grass (Andropogon gayanus Kunth)

Druet, T.; Misztal, I.; Duangjinda, M.; Reverter, A.; Gengler, N., 2001:
Estimation of genetic covariances with method R

Lee, K.J.; Park, K.D.; Cho, J.H.; Kim, K.N., 1996:
Estimation of genetic parameters for both type and production traits in Holstein cattle

Seo, K.S.; Kim, S.H.; Park, Y.I., 1996:
Estimation of genetic parameters for economic traits of swine using the multiple traits animal model

Choi, Y.L.m; Jeon, G.J.o; Choi, K.S.o; Kim, S.H.on; Jung, Y.C.ul, 1995:
Estimation of genetic parameters for reproductive traits in landrace

Taylor, J.F.; Abbitt, B.; Walter, J.P., 1993:
Estimation of genotype distributions and posterior genotype probabilities for b-mannosidosis in Salers cattle

Langendonk, J.G.; Veldhuis, J.D.; Burggraaf, J., 2001 :
Estimation of growth hormone secretion rate: impact of kinetic assumptions intrinsic to the analytical approach

Choi, H.S.; Baik, D.H.; Choi, K.S., 1996:
Estimation of heritabilities and genetic correlations for body weights and measurements in Korean native cattle

Rao, A.R.; Voeller, T.; Delleur, J.W.; Spacie, A., 1992:
Estimation of instream flow requirements for fish

Sokolova, T.Y.; Pronchenko, I.A.; Ermakova, I.P., 1993:
Estimation of integrated calcium in patients in in vitro simulated hypo- and hypercalcemia

Garcia, M.J.; Firstenberg, M.S.; Greenberg, N.L.; Smedira, N.; Rodriguez, L.; Prior, D.; Thomas, J.D.; Thomas, J.D., 2001:
Estimation of left ventricular operating stiffness from Doppler early filling deceleration time in humans

Dudar', L.V.; Bychkova, N.G., 1994:
Estimation of local immunity of colonic mucosa in patients with unspecific ulcerous colitis

Miko, Sandor, 1992:
Estimation of losses by computer on a broiler farm

Coman, N.; Miclea, D.; Craciunas, C.; Dordea, M., 1992:
Estimation of mutagenic effect of the 2-ethylhexyl ester of 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid utilized as herbicide

Coman, N.; Dordea, M.; Craciunas, C.; Miclea, D., 1992:
Estimation of mutagenic effect of the herbicide illoxan using the Drosophila melanogaster test

Homøe, P.; Lynnerup, N.; Skovgaard, L.T.; Rasmussen, N., 1996:
Estimation of otitis media in ancient populations. A study of past and present Greenlandic Inuit

Schneider, S.; Excoffier, L., 1999:
Estimation of past demographic parameters from the distribution of pairwise differences when the mutation rates vary among sites: application to human mitochondrial DNA

Lee,; Huang, W.P.n; Yu, W.C.ung, 2003:
Estimation of preload recruitable stroke work relationship by a single-beat technique in humans

Klemin, V.P.; Kurochkina, T.F., 1995:
Estimation of productivity in pig breeding by live bulk

Kazakov, V.N.; Kravtsov, P.Y.; Kuznetsov, I.E.; Tereshchenko, A.V., 1992:
Estimation of profundity of functional relations between cerebral structures

DeAnda, A.; Komeda, M.; Moon, M.R.; Green, G.R.; Bolger, A.F.; Nikolic, S.D.; Daughters, G.T.; Miller, D.C., 1998:
Estimation of regional left ventricular wall stresses in intact canine hearts

Young, T.; Evans, L.; Finn, L.; Palta, M., 1997:
Estimation of the clinically diagnosed proportion of sleep apnea syndrome in middle-aged men and women

Hanaue, H.; Kanno, K.; Mukai, M.; Kubo, H.; Tobita, K.; Nakasaki, H.; Tajima, T.; Mitomi, T.; Endo, R., 1993:
Estimation of the functional reserve of the human liver by urinary D-glucaric acid excretion after vitamin C administration

Williams, S.P.; Fulton, A.M.; Brindle, K.M., 1993:
Estimation of the intracellular free ADP concentration by 19F NMR studies of fluorine-labeled yeast phosphoglycerate kinase in vivo

Ksiazkiewicz, J.; Mazanowski, A., 1993:
Estimation of the meatiness and fatness of 9- and 12-week-old Mulard ducks on the basis of selected live body measurements

Naeem U.Rehman, 1994:
Estimation of the parameters of a truncated normal random variable, under conditions of unaccounted for population heterogeneity

Rybakowski, C.; Schroeder, H.J.; Buege, G.; Hueneke, B.; Cetin, E., 1995:
Estimation of the peripheral vascular resistance in the aorta of the fetal sheep using external Dopplersonography

Tokutake, Y.; Satoh, M.; Suzuki, N.; Sugimoto, M.; Sugawara, M.; Goto, M.; Furuichi, Y., 1996:
Estimation of the physical distance between major genomic markers in the Werner syndrome locus (8p11.2-12) by dual-color fish analysis

Kirchgessner, M.; Paulicks, B.R., 1995:
Estimation of the requirement of protein, amino acids and micronutrients of poultry using diet self-selection

Zolotova, O.V.; Petrov, B.A., 1992:
Estimation of the total mutagenic activity of harmful factors of the industrial environment at the metallurgical plants of the south Urals

Gao, G.; Eguchi, T.; Matsumoto, T.; Sakura, N.; Ueda, K., 1992:
Estimation of the urinary galactitol level in children by capillary gas chromatography

Bressin, S.; Willmer, P.G., 2000:
Estimation of thermal constants: the importance of using equilibrium temperature rather than ambient temperature demonstrated with hoverflies (Diptera, Syrphidae, genus Eristalis)

Pollock, M.; Roa, J.; Benditt, J.; Celli, B., 1993:
Estimation of ventilatory reserve by stair climbing. A study in patients with chronic airflow obstruction

Matear, R.J.; Wong, C.S., 1997:
Estimation of vertical mixing in the upper ocean at station P from chlorofluorocarbons

Ortiz, R.M.; Worthy, G.A.J.; Byers, F.M., 1999:
Estimation of water turnover rates of captive West Indian manatees (Trichechus manatus) held in fresh and salt water

Frank, Lone, 2000:
Estonia prepares for national DNA database

Aaviksoo, J.; Rebane, K., 1997:
Estonian physicist: active and productive

Stone, Richard, 1996:
Estonian researchers lead the way in science reform

Kanai, N.; Lu, R.; Bao, Y., 1996:
Estradiol 17b- D-glucuronide is a high-affinity substrate for oatp organic anion transporter

Blevins, G.T.; McCullough, S.S.; Wilbert, T.N.; Isom, R.M.; Chowdhury, P.; Miller, S.T., 1998:
Estradiol alters cholecystokinin stimulus-response coupling in rat pancreatic acini

Yu, J.; Astrinidis, A.; Howard, S., 2004:
Estradiol and tamoxifen stimulate LAM-associated angiomyolipoma cell growth and activate both genomic and nongenomic signaling pathways

Earley, S.; Resta, T.C., 2002:
Estradiol attenuates hypoxia-induced pulmonary endothelin-1 gene expression

Zubin, P.; Defagot, C., 1993:
Estradiol benzoate effect on forskolin-stimulated adenylate cyclase activity in rat hypothalamus

Nakhla, A.M.; Khan, M.S.; Romas, N.P.; Rosner, W., 1994:
Estradiol causes the rapid accumulation of cAMP in human prostate

Mong, J.A.; Devidze, N.; Frail, D.E.; O'Connor, L.T.; Samuel, M.; Choleris, E.; Ogawa, S.; Pfaff, D.W., 2003:
Estradiol differentially regulates lipocalin-type prostaglandin D synthase transcript levels in the rodent brain: Evidence from high-density oligonucleotide arrays and in situ hybridization

Rage, F.; Lee, B.J.; Ma, Y.J.; Ojeda, S.R., 1997:
Estradiol enhances prostaglandin E2 receptor gene expression in luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone (LHRH) neurons and facilitates the LHRH response to PGE2 by activating a glia-to-neuron signaling pathway

Parker, T.A.; Ivy, D.D.; Galan, H.L.; Grover, T.R.; Kinsella, J.P.; Abman, S.H., 2000:
Estradiol improves pulmonary hemodynamics and vascular remodeling in perinatal pulmonary hypertension

Doolen, S.; Krause, D.N.; Duckles, S.P., 1999:
Estradiol modulates vascular response to melatonin in rat caudal artery

Sartin, J.L.; Elsasser, T.H.; Kahl, S.; Baker, J.; Daniel, J.A.; Schwartz, D.D.; Steele, B.; Whitlock, B.K., 2003:
Estradiol plus progesterone treatment modulates select elements of the proinflammatory cytokine cascade in steers: attenuated nitric oxide and thromboxane B2 production in endotoxemia

Krumenacker, J.S.; Hyder, S.M.; Murad, F.; Murad, F., 2001:
Estradiol rapidly inhibits soluble guanylyl cyclase expression in rat uterus

Hermenegildo, C.; Garcia Martinez, M.C.nta; Tarin, J.J., 2002:
Estradiol reduces F2a-isoprostane production in cultured human endothelial cells

An, J.; Ribeiro, R.C.J.; Webb, P., 1999:
Estradiol repression of tumor necrosis factor-a transcription requires estrogen receptor activation function-2 and is enhanced by coactivators

Silbiger, S.; Lei, J.; Ziyadeh, F.N., 1998:
Estradiol reverses TGF-b1-stimulated type IV collagen gene transcription in murine mesangial cells

Eckel, L.A.; Houpt, T.A.; Geary, N., 2002:
Estradiol treatment increases CCK-induced c-Fos expression in the brains of ovariectomized rats

Guccione, M.; Silbiger, S.; Lei, J., 2002:
Estradiol upregulates mesangial cell MMP-2 activity via the transcription factor AP-2

Freedberg, S.; Nelson, C.E.; Ewert, M.A., 2006:
Estradiol-17b Induces Lasting Sex Reversal at Male-Producing Temperatures in Kinosternid Turtles

Crocenzi, F.A.; Mottino, A.D.; Cao, J., 2003:
Estradiol-17b-D-glucuronide induces endocytic internalization of Bsep in rats

Resta, T.C.; Kanagy, N.L.; Walker, B.R., 2001:
Estradiol-induced attenuation of pulmonary hypertension is not associated with altered eNOS expression

Enomoto, N.; Yamashina, S.; Schemmer, P.; Rivera, C.A.; Bradford, B.U.; Enomoto, A.; Brenner, D.A.; Thurman, R.G., 1999:
Estriol sensitizes rat Kupffer cells via gut-derived endotoxin

Saniel, J.M.; Winsauer, P.J.; Brauner, I.N., 2002:
Estrogen Improves Response Accuracy and Attenuates the Disruptive Effects of D9-THC in Ovariectomized Rats Responding Under a Multiple Schedule of Repeated Acquisition and Performance

Metivier, R.; Penot, G.; Hubner, M.R., 2003:
Estrogen Receptor-a Directs Ordered, Cyclical, and Combinatorial Recruitment of Cofactors on a Natural Target Promoter

Li, C.; Brake, W.G.; Romeo, R.D.; Dunlop, J.C.; Gordon, M.; Buzescu, R.; Magarinos, A.Maria.; Allen, P.B.; Greengard, P.; Luine, V.; McEwen, B.S., 2004:
Estrogen alters hippocampal dendritic spine shape and enhances synaptic protein immunoreactivity and spatial memory in female mice

Vasudevan, N.; Ogawa, S.; Pfaff, D., 2002:
Estrogen and thyroid hormone receptor interactions: physiological flexibility by molecular specificity

Kim, Y.D.; Lees, D.E., 1996:
Estrogen and ischemic heart disease

Stachenfeld, N.S.; Keefe, D.L.; Palter, S.F., 2001:
Estrogen and progesterone effects on transcapillary fluid dynamics

Bhatavdekar, J.M.; Patel, D.D.; Karelia, N.H.; Trivedi, S.N.; Shah, N.G.; Vora, H.H.; Ghosh, N.; Balar, D.B., 1992:
Estrogen and progesterone receptor status of primary breast cancer: relationship with the pattern of first metastasis and survival

Cavasin, M.A.; Sankey, S.S.; Yu, A-Li.; Menon, S.; Yang, X-Ping., 2003:
Estrogen and testosterone have opposing effects on chronic cardiac remodeling and function in mice with myocardial infarction

Vaytko, Mary Lou, 2002:
Estrogen and the cholingeric system modulate visuospatial attention in monkeys (Macaca fasciularis)

Hayes, S.G.; Moya Del Pino, N.B.; Kaufman, M.P., 2002:
Estrogen attenuates the cardiovascular and ventilatory responses to central command in cats

Schmitt, P.M.; Kaufman, M.P., 2003:
Estrogen attenuates the exercise pressor reflex in female cats

Cheng, C.M.; Cohen, M.; Wang, J.; Bondy, C.A., 2001:
Estrogen augments glucose transporter and IGF1 expression in primate cerebral cortex

Rodrigo, M.C.; Martin, D.S.; Eyster, K.M., 2003:
Estrogen decreases biglycan mRNA expression in resistance blood vessels

Cenci, S.; Toraldo, G.; Weitzmann, M.Neale, 2003:
Estrogen deficiency induces bone loss by increasing T cell proliferation and lifespan through IFN-c-induced class II transactivator

Fang, Z.; Carlson, S.H.; Chen, Y.F.; Oparil, S.; Wyss, J.M., 2001:
Estrogen depletion induces NaCl-sensitive hypertension in female spontaneously hypertensive rats

Stachenfeld, N.S.; Keefe, D.L., 2002:
Estrogen effects on osmotic regulation of AVP and fluid balance

Mohamed, M.K.; El-Mas, M.M.; Abdel-Rahman, A.A., 1999:
Estrogen enhancement of baroreflex sensitivity is centrally mediated

Joldersma, M.; Klein-Nulend, J.; Oleksik, A.M.; Heyligers, I.C.; Burger, E.H., 2001:
Estrogen enhances mechanical stress-induced prostaglandin production by bone cells from elderly women

Brooks-Asplund, E.M.; Shoukas, A.A.; Kim, S-Yul.; Burke, S.A.; Berkowitz, D.E.; Shoukas, A.A., 2002:
Estrogen has opposing effects on vascular reactivity in obese, insulin-resistant male Zucker rats

Prakash, Y.S.; Togaibayeva, A.A.; Kannan, M.S.; Miller, V.M.; Fitzpatrick, L.A.; Sieck, G.C., 1999:
Estrogen increases Ca2+ efflux from female porcine coronary arterial smooth muscle

Yankova, M.; Hart, S.A.; Woolley, C.S., 2001:
Estrogen increases synaptic connectivity between single presynaptic inputs and multiple postsynaptic CA1 pyramidal cells: a serial electron-microscopic study

Walzem, R.L.; Hansen, R.J.; Williams, D.L.; Hamilton, R.L., 1999:
Estrogen induction of VLDLy assembly in egg-laying hens

Leung, K.C.; Doyle, N.; Ballesteros, M.; Sjogren, K.; Watts, C.K.W.; Low, T.H.; Leong, G.M.; Ross, R.J.M.; Ho, K.K.Y., 2003:
Estrogen inhibits GH signaling by suppressing GH-induced JAK2 phosphorylation, an effect mediated by SOCS-2

Karas, R.H.; Hodgin, J.B.; Kwoun, M., 1999:
Estrogen inhibits the vascular injury response in estrogen receptor b-deficient female mice

Ma, W-ge.; Song, H.; Das, S.K.; Paria, B.C.; Dey, S.K., 2003:
Estrogen is a critical determinant that specifies the duration of the window of uterine receptivity for implantation

Cho, M.M.; Ziats, N.P.; Pal, D.; Utian, W.H.; Gorodeski, G.I., 1999:
Estrogen modulates paracellular permeability of human endothelial cells by eNOS- and iNOS-related mechanisms

Sánchez-Ortiz, R.F.; Wang, Z.; Menon, C.; DiSanto, M.E.; Wein, A.J.; Chacko, S., 2001:
Estrogen modulates the expression of myosin heavy chain in detrusor smooth muscle

Pamidimukkala, J.; Taylor, J.A.; Welshons, W.V.; Lubahn, D.B.; Hay, M., 2003:
Estrogen modulation of baroreflex function in conscious mice

Wang, X.; Abdel-Rahman, A.A., 2002:
Estrogen modulation of eNOS activity and its association with caveolin-3 and calmodulin in rat hearts

Knöferl, M.W.; Schwacha, M.G.; Jarrar, D.; Angele, M.K.; Fragoza, K.; Bland, K.I.; Chaudry, I.H., 2002:
Estrogen pretreatment protects males against hypoxia-induced immune depression

Stier, C.T.; Chander, P.N.; Rosenfeld, L.; Powers, C.Andrew., 2003:
Estrogen promotes microvascular pathology in female stroke-prone spontaneously hypertensive rats

Weihua, Z.; Saji, S.; Makinen, S., 2000:
Estrogen receptor (ER) b, a modulator of ERa in the uterus

Paige, L.A.; Christensen, D.J.; Gron, H., 1999:
Estrogen receptor (ER) modulators each induce distinct conformational changes in ER a and ER b

Anderson, I.; Gorski, J., 2000:
Estrogen receptor a interaction with estrogen response element half-sites from the rat prolactin gene

Anderson, I.; Bartley, C.R.; Lerch, R.A., 1998:
Estrogen receptor a requires no accessory factors for high-affinity binding to a consensus response element

Dubal, D.B.; Zhu, H.; Yu, J., 2001:
Estrogen receptor a, not b, is a critical link in estradiol-mediated protection against brain injury

Strom, A.; Hartman, J.; Foster, J.S., 2004:
Estrogen receptor b inhibits 17b-estradiol-stimulated proliferation of the breast cancer cell line T47D

Vidal, O.; Lindberg, M.K.; Hollberg, K.; Baylink, D.J.; Andersson, G.; Lubahn, D.B.; Mohan, S.; Gustafsson, J.A.; Ohlsson, C., 2000:
Estrogen receptor specificity in the regulation of skeletal growth and maturation in male mice

Inamdar, S.R.; Eyster, K.M.; Schlenker, E.H., 2001:
Estrogen receptor-a antisense decreases brain estrogen receptor levels and affects ventilation in male and female rats

Sharma, R.V.; Gurjar, M.V.; Bhalla, R.C., 2001:
Estrogen receptor-a gene transfer inhibits proliferation and NF-kB activation in VSM cells from female rats

Couse, J.F.; Dixon, D.; Yates, M., 2001:
Estrogen receptor-a knockout mice exhibit resistance to the developmental effects of neonatal diethylstilbestrol exposure on the female reproductive tract

Vegeto, E.; Belcredito, S.; Etteri, S., 2003:
Estrogen receptor-a mediates the brain antiinflammatory activity of estradiol

Cheng, G.; Weihua, Z.; Warner, M., 2004:
Estrogen receptors ERa and ERb in proliferation in the rodent mammary gland

Saji, S.; Jensen, E.V.; Nilsson, S., 2000:
Estrogen receptors a and b in the rodent mammary gland

Jankowski, M.; Rachelska, G.; Donghao, W.; McCann, S.M.; Gutkowska, J., 2001:
Estrogen receptors activate atrial natriuretic peptide in the rat heart

Skøtt, O., 2004:
Estrogen receptors and central osmotic regulation

Jensen, E.V.; Cheng, G.; Palmieri, C.; Saji, S.; Mäkelä, S.; Van Noorden, S.; Wahlström, T.; Warner, M.; Coombes, R.C.; Gustafsson, J.A., 2001:
Estrogen receptors and proliferation markers in primary and recurrent breast cancer

Watanabe, Y.; Littleton-Kearney, M.T.; Traystman, R.J.; Hurn, P.D., 2001:
Estrogen restores postischemic pial microvascular dilation

Wickelgren, I., 1997:
Estrogen stakes claim to cognition

Lamping, K.G.; Christensen, L.P.; Tomanek, R.J., 2003:
Estrogen therapy induces collateral and microvascular remodeling

Bynoe, M.S.; Grimaldi, C.M.; Diamond, B., 2000:
Estrogen up-regulates Bcl-2 and blocks tolerance induction of naive B cells

Dubey, R.K.; Jackson, E.K., 2001:
Estrogen-induced cardiorenal protection: potential cellular, biochemical, and molecular mechanisms

Teng, J.; Wang, Z-Yi.; Bjorling, D.E., 2002:
Estrogen-induced proliferation of urothelial cells is modulated by nerve growth factor

Saleh, T.M.; Cribb, A.E.; Connell, B.J., 2001:
Estrogen-induced recovery of autonomic function after middle cerebral artery occlusion in male rats

Garris, D.R., 1997:
Estrogen-regulated uterine vascularization modulates the guinea pig intrauterine environment

Sumi, D.; Ignarro, L.J., 2003:
Estrogen-related receptor a1 up-regulates endothelial nitric oxide synthase expression

Powledge, Tabitha M., 1997:
Estrogen: a key to Alzheimer's disease?

Wickelgren, Ingrid, 1997:
Estrogen: a new weapon against Alzheimer's?

Das, S.K.; Taylor, J.A.; Korach, K.S., 1997:
Estrogenic responses in estrogen receptor-a deficient mice reveal a distinct estrogen signaling pathway

Das, S.K.; Taylor, J.A.; Korach, K.S.; Paria, B.C.; Dey, S.K.; Lubahn, D.B., 1997:
Estrogenic responses in estrogen receptor-alpha deficient mice reveal a distinct estrogen signaling pathway

Mcewen, Bruce S., 2001:
Estrogens effects on the brain: multiple sites and molecular mechanisms

Shevde, N.K.; Bendixen, A.C.; Dienger, K.M.; Pike, J.W., 2000:
Estrogens suppress RANK ligand-induced osteoclast differentiation via a stromal cell independent mechanism involving c-Jun repression

Howarth, N.M.; Purohit, A.; Robinson, J.J.; Vicker, N.; Reed, M.J.; Potter, B.V.L., 2002:
Estrone 3-sulfate mimics, inhibitors of estrone sulfatase activity: homology model construction and docking studies

Reddy, K.K.; Goel, V.K.; Bhattacharyya, N.K., 1992:
Estrone-progesterone interaction in the development of oviduct in immature quail (Coturnix coturnix japonica)

Johnson, O.L.; Berkley, K.J., 2002:
Estrous influences on micturition thresholds of the female rat before and after bladder inflammation

Ferreira, A.M.; Sa, W.F.D.; Costa, E.P.D.; Fernandes, C.A.C.; Viana, J.H.M., 1996:
Estrus during the gestation period of dairy cows

Machado, R.; Simplicio, A.A., 1994:
Estrus synchronization in goats. Ovarian modifications and fertility following artificial insemination

Morrissey, Siobhan, 1988:
Estuaries: concern over troubled waters

Boicourt, William C., 1993 :
Estuaries: where the river meets the sea

Seife, Charles, 2002:
Eternal-universe idea comes full circle

Cruikshank, D.P.; D.B.rgh, C.; Doute, S., 1999:
Ethane on Pluto?

Dias D.O.iveira, M.E.; Vaughan, B.E.; Rykiel, E.J.; Jr, 2005:
Ethanol as Fuel: Energy, Carbon Dioxide Balances, and Ecological Footprint

Thiele, T.E.; Marsh, D.J.; Ste Marie, L.; Bernstein, I.L.; Palmiter, R.D., 1998:
Ethanol consumption and resistance are inversely related to neuropeptide Y levels

Gukovskaya, A.S.; Hosseini, S.; Satoh, A., 2004:
Ethanol differentially regulates NF-kB activation in pancreatic acinar cells through calcium and protein kinase C pathways

Aldred, A.; Nagy, L.E., 1999:
Ethanol dissociates hormone-stimulated cAMP production from inhibition of TNF-a production in rat Kupffer cells

Wallner, M.; Hanchar, H.J.; Olsen, R.W., 2003:
Ethanol enhances a4b3d and a6b3d c-aminobutyric acid type A receptors at low concentrations known to affect humans

Kuribara, H.; Asahi, T.; Tadokoro, S., 1992:
Ethanol enhances, but diazepam and pentobarbital reduce the ambulation-increasing effect of caffeine in mice

Ruan, Y.; Tecott, L.; Jiang, M.M.; Jan, L.Y.; Jan, Y.N., 2001:
Ethanol hypersensitivity and olfactory discrimination defect in mice lacking a homolog of Drosophila neuralized

Roberto, M.; Madamba, S.G.; Moore, S.D.; Tallent, M.K.; Siggins, G.R., 2003:
Ethanol increases GABAergic transmission at both pre- and postsynaptic sites in rat central amygdala neurons

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Ethanol inhibition of N-methyl-D-aspartate-activated current in mouse hippocampal neurons: Whole-cell patch-clamp analysis

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Europe and US in confrontation over GM food labelling criteria

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Europe and the United States on precaution

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Europe begins work on modest new agency

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Europe bids for molecular biology 'club'

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Europe bids to pull US patent law into line with first-to-file system

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Europe brings experiments on chimpanzees to an end

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Europe does more with less

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Europe edges closer to an integrated science policy

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Europe forges a plan in collaboration with industry

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Europe frames fresh funding initiative for research

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Europe hooks up with China for space first

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Europe is urged to hold back on xenotransplant clinical trials

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Europe joins race to turn the Internet into one vast computer

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Europe keeps space science budget level

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Europe lofts X-ray observatory

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Europe may pool marine research efforts

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Europe must grant crucial funds for biological research

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Europe needs to pull its weight in research

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Europe plans concessions to kick-start Kyoto

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Europe plots comeback in neutron science

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Europe ponders space constraints

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Europe s Telescope Builders Aim High

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Europe seeks greater role for women on key advisory panels

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Europe seeks solution to bioinformatics shortfalls

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Europe seeks to head off oil-exporters' veto on climate treaty

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Europe set to try again with Ariane 5

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Europe set to work on Hubble's replacement

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Europe starts search for lone electron

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Europe strengthens its hand in bioscience website talks..

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Europe stresses prevention rather than cure

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Europe to target vehicle emissions in new air quality strategies

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Europe tries 'fast and cheap' missions

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Europe urged to set up advisory body on research infrastructure

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Europe will fly animals on space station

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Europe's Cold Spring Harbor

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Europe's Comet Chaser Put on Hold Following Launcher Failure

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Europe's Population at a Turning Point

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Europe's X-ray observatory defies the jinx..

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Europe's black hole hunter is ready to fly

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Europe's database experiment

Balter, Michael, 1998:
Europe's first high-security pathogens lab

Abbott, A., 1998:
Europe's life patent moratorium may go..

Butler, D., 1999:
Europe's molecular biologists could join global e-journal plan

Abbott, Alison, 1997:
Europe's poorer regions woo researchers

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Europe's science powerhouses face limits to growth

Abbott, Alison, 1998:
Europe's space funds feel the squeeze. .

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Europe's winter prospects

Schiermeier, Quirin, 1999:
Europe's young researchers seek proper rewards

Redfearn, Judy, 1999:
Europe, Japan finalizing reduced ITER design

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Europe: AIDS research on a budget

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European Consumers' Willingness to Pay for U.S. Beef in Experimental Auction Markets

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European Paleozoic Polyplacophora, Multiplacophora, and Turilepadida in United States repositories

Anonymous, 1997:
European Union opens RandD program to Americans

Mccabe, H.; Butler, D., 1999:
European Union tightens GMO regulations

Ciesla, William M., 2003:
European Woodwasp: A Potential Threat to North America's Conifer Forests

Abbott, A., 1999:
European archive for mouse mutants is set to open at last

Anonymous, 1994:
European baby food market dominated by a few

Abbott, A., 1999:
European biologists unite to lobby for more money

Butler, D., 1997:
European biotech industry plans ethics panel

Schiermeier, Q., 2000:
European centres rebuffed in infrastructure funding bid

Butler, D., 1997:
European ethics advisers back cloning ban

Grijspaardt Vink, Carina, 1995:
European flavor market growing rapidly

Butler, D., 1997:
European grants to face ethics scrutiny

Gavaghan, H., 2000:
European industry turns to the academics to secure its future

Clery, D.; Watson, A., 1996:
European labs brace for German cuts

Koenig, Robert, 1996:
European labs fight back against cuts

Grijspaardt Vink, Carina, 1993:
European legislation on environmental aspects of packaging is imminent

Anonymous, 1998:
European marine protection agreement aims for zero discharges

Gavaghan, Helen, 1999:
European ministers back commerce over space science

Katz, Fran, 1999:
European packages continue tradition of innovation with a green tint

Williams, N., 1997:
European Parliament backs new biopatent guidelines

Abbott, Alison, 1997:
European passions cool as bill increases

Kempton, W.; Craig, P.P., 1993:
European perspectives on global climate change

Abbott, Alison, 1998:
European physicists split on new magnet

Clery, Daniel, 2001:
European programs face another squeeze

Abbott, Alison, 1998:
European reactor accepts US demands on fuel shift

Hellemans, Alexander, 1996:
European report champions ITER

Koenig, R., 1999:
European researchers grapple with animal rights

Winnacker, E-Ludwig., 2002:
European science

Abbott, 2000:
European space panel picks new priorities

Dewandre, Nicole, 2002:
European strategies for promoting women in science

Grijspaardt Vink, Carina, 1997:
European technology fairs introduce surprising innovations

Anonymous, 1996:
European universities in transition

Balter, Michael, 1999:
European vaccine effort faces Chinese puzzle

Abbott, A., 1998:
Europeans adapt to compete with US neuroscience body

Williams, Nigel, 1996:
Europeans move on from yeast to TB

Hellemans, Alexander, 1997:
Europeans plan their next big source

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Europeans who do postdocs abroad face reentry problems

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