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Genetic variation analysis of growth and wood properties of slash pine on the family level

Song Yunmin, H.Q.; Huang Yongli

Forest Research 8(6): 671-676


ISSN/ISBN: 1001-1498
Accession: 009859700

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Analysis was conducted on genetic variation with 7 factors of the growth and wood properties for 10 families of slash pine which were introduced from Zimbabwe and planted in Nanning Prefecture Forest Research Institute (Guangxi) 10 years ago. The results are as follows: (1) each factor of the growth and wood property of slash pine has a heritability ranging from 0.48 to 0.78 and there is a significant difference among families, especially the most significant difference was found among families related to the factors of tracheid length, whole height and volume index respectively with a potential to be more genetically improved; (2) for slash pine, basic density has a moderate, positive correlation with latewood percentage, and has a weak, negative correlation with tracheid length, both phenotypically and genetically. Weak and negative phenotypic and genetic correlation was found between latewood percentage and tracheid length. Among growth factors, the most significant positive phenotypic, and genetic correlation were found. Both the basic density and latewood percentage are weakly, positively and genetically correlated with each growth factor. Weak negative phenotypic correlation and the most significant negative genetic correlation were found between tracheid length and each growth factor; (3) whole height can make good indirect selection for the wood properties of slash pine.

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