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Molecular structures and single crystal ESR spectra of imidazolate-bridged cobalt-copper-cobalt and cobalt-zinc-cobalt complexes

Molecular structures and single crystal ESR spectra of imidazolate-bridged cobalt-copper-cobalt and cobalt-zinc-cobalt complexes

Science in China Series B Chemistry Life Sciences & Earth Sciences 35(9): 1036-1046

The structures of the heterotrinuclear complexes, ((NH-3)-5CoImCu(dien)ImCo(NH-3)-5)-(C1O-4)-6 cntdot H-2O and ((NH-3)-5CoImZn(dien)ImCo(NH-3)-5)-(C1O-4)-6 cntdot 4H-2O, are reported. Co-Cu-Co crystallizes in the monoclinic space group C2/c with a = 32.414(4), b = 9.421(1), c = 15.167(5) ANG , beta = 90.91(2) degree , Z = 4 and Co-Zn-Co in the same space group with a = 32.578 (2), b = 9.419(1), c = 15.125(3) ANG , beta = 91.10(1) degree , Z = 4. The Cu(II) and Zn(II) geometries are intermediate between a trigonal bipyramid and a square pyramid, the Co(III) is a hexagonal coordination and the dien ligand shows a disordered contribution in the respective structure. The magnetic properties of Co-Cu-Co are investigated. From the single crystal ESR spectra studies, the anisotropic g and A tensors and electronic spin-density of Co-Cu-Co are obtained and the nature of the bonding for Cu-2+ is discussed.

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Accession: 009914321

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