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Studies on the lipid constituents of grape seeds recovered from pomace resulting from white grape processing

Grasas y Aceites 43(3): 157-160

Studies on the lipid constituents of grape seeds recovered from pomace resulting from white grape processing

Studies on the lipid constituents of grape seeds, produced as by-product from white grape processing, were carried out. Gas liquid chromatography was used to determine the composition of fatty acid methyl esters and sterol silyl derivatives of the oil. The oil was found to contain appreciable amount of unsaturated fatty acids, namely, oleic and linoleic acids, however, linolenic acid was not detected. Saturated fatty acids, namely, palmitic and stearic were found to be present in reasonable amounts. Myristic, palmitoleic, eicosanoic and eicosadienoic acids were detected as minor components. Isofucosterol was found among the other sterol constituents namely, campesterol, stigmasterol and beta-sitosterol. HPLC analysis of the oil for determination of tocopherols, showed the presence of alpha-and gamma-tocotrienols, and alpha- and gamma-tocopherols to the extent of 53.2, 28.6, 16.4 and 1,8% respectively. The total tocopherols content of the oil was 470 ppm. The defatted meal of grape seeds was found to contain 24.6% protein which contained large proportions of all the essential amino acids as determined by amino acid analyzer.

Accession: 009988048

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