Section 10
Chapter 9,989

Study on percutaneous therapeutic system of isosorbide dinitrate: Effect of penetration enhancers on in vitro permeability through rat skin

Chen, G.-Lan; Shi, X.-Zhi; Zhang, Z.-Hong; Zhang, F.-Qiang; Wang, C.-Min; Li, Y.-Chang

Chinese Journal of Pharmaceuticals 23(10): 449-452


ISSN/ISBN: 1001-8255
Accession: 009988388

The effect of penetration enhancer on the in vitro permeability of isosorbide dinitrate(ID) from the suspension (glycerin-propylene glycol (1:1) as solvent) through rat skin was examined using the Franz's type diffusion cell and normal saline as receptor medium. The results showed that the penetration rates of ID from 2.4% (W/V) suspension containing one of enhancers decreased in following order: 5% urea gt 3% laurolactone gt 5% dimethyl sulfoxide. A transdermal therapeutic film of ID with 5% urea as enhancer was prepared. The permeability constant kappa was 0.1396 mg/cm-2 cntdot h, while 24 h accumulative quantity of penetration was 3.333 +- 0.546 mg/cm-2.

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