Synthetic maize populations and the advance of selection. I. Results of the first cycle in reciprocal recurrent selection of the SSS-1 and L-2 synthetic

Genova, I.

Genetika i Selektsiya 24(6): 402-408


Accession: 009992215

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The eight-line synthetics SSS-1 and L-2 developed in the Maize Institute, Knezha, are included in the program of reciprocal recurrent selection (RRS). As a result of the first cycle of selection the synthetic SSS-1 (C-1) raised its hybridizational value with 6.8%, preserving yield and the elements of yield at the level of the zero cycle. In the synthetic L-2 (C-1) yield increased with 4.6% as compared to C-0 without any change in hybridizational value. Results of S-3 testing first cycle generations confirmed the raised hybridizational value of synthetic SSS-1 (C-1). This fact gives grounds for the assumption that as a result of selection additive gene effects were increased in L-2 (C-1), while in the synthetic SSS-1 (C-1) the effects were dominant and overdominant.