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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 10071

Chapter 10071 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Sawada, H.; Nakamura, A.; Ando, N.; Iwata, K.; Fukuchi, T., 2001:
A modified filtration surgery for neovascular glaucoma secondary to proliferative diabetic retinopathy

Kurosaki, Y.; Asada, T.; Yasumoto, N.; Nakamura, T.; Masada, M.; Kawasaki, H., 1999:
A modified fluorescence polarization immunoassay method incorporating fat emulsion (FE-FPIA) to determine cyclosporin A concentrations in rat skin

Adkins, S., C.; Etheridge, N., A.; Winterbourn, M., J., 2000:
A modified freeze-corer for sampling invertebrates in streams

Yokoi, N.; Uemura, T.; Murase, M.; Kondoh, Y.; Ishikawa, M.; Hirahara, F., 2002:
A modified hMG-GnRH method for the induction of ovulation in infertile women with severe hypogonadotropic amenorrhea

Liang, C.T.ang; Wang, H.C.eng; Liu, C.H.uan, 2000:
A modified immunohistochemical staining method employed in formalin or alcohol-fixed, paraffin-embedded porcine tissue sections

Wilkinson, D.M.; Fallowfield, J.L.; Myers, S.D., 1999:
A modified incremental shuttle run test for the determination of peak shuttle running speed and the prediction of maximal oxygen uptake

Li-Zhong-Qin; Guo-Yang-Hao; Lin-Hai-Ying; Meng-Chun; Shi-Xian-Ai, 2002:
A modified ion exchange adsorption process of kanamycin fermentation broth

Kimbar, V.I., 2002:
A modified macroscopic examination of the myocardium in cases of sudden cardiovascular death

Belizi, S.; Shepelev, A.P.; Klimova, I.A.; Nazarova, I.N.; Pushkina, N.V., 1999:
A modified method for isolation of lactoferrin

Nagesh, M.; Reddy, P.P.rvatha, 1998:
A modified method for mass multiplication of Pasteuria penetrans (Thorne) Sayre and Starr

Eid, Y.Z.; Ohtsuka, A.; Hayashi, K., 2001:
A modified method for measuring Ntau-methylhistidine in chicken feed and excreta

Margaritopoulos, J.T.; Kouretas, D.; Tsitsipis, J.A., 2001:
A modified method for the detection of differentially expressed mRNAs without using radioactivity

Källén, K.B.; Castilla, E.E.; da Graça Dutra, M.; Mastroiacovo, P.; Robert, E.; Källén, B.A., 1999:
A modified method for the epidemiological analysis of registry data on infants with multiple malformations

Wang, Y.N.; Ng, I.O.; To, J.; Fan, S.T., 1999:
A modified method of auxiliary partial liver transplantation in the rat

Sachdeva, M.P.; Saraswathy, K.N.; Elizabeth, A.M.; Chaudhury, R.; Kalla, A.K., 1999:
A modified method of haemoglobin typing from bloodstains: An eclectic approach

Zhang, Q.; Wu, L.; Chi, F.; Cao, H.; Zhao, J.; Gu, Q., 1998:
A modified method of separating hair cells from mice

Nwoku, A.L.; Al-Balawi, S.A.; Al-Zahrani, S.A., 2002:
A modified method of submental oroendotracheal intubation

Contreras, E.M.; Bertola, N.C.; Giannuzzi, L.; Zaritzky, N.E., 2002:
A modified method to determine biomass concentration as COD in pure cultures and in activated sludge systems

Metz, S.; Beattie, C., 2003:
A modified nasal trumpet to facilitate fibreoptic intubation

Lin, J.; Jin, X.; Page, C.; Sondak, V.K.; Jiang, G.; Reynolds, R.K., 2000:
A modified p53 overcomes mdm2-mediated oncogenic transformation: a potential cancer therapeutic agent

Laya, D.; Van-Ranst, E.; Herrero, J., 1998:
A modified parametric index to estimate yield potentials for irrigated alfalfa on soils with gypsum in Quinto (Aragon, Spain)

Halim, F.S.haryanto; Achmadi, U.F.hmi, 1999:
A modified photostress test among video display terminal workers in a certain governmental company in Jakarta

Wootton, M.; Howe, R.A.; Hillman, R.; Walsh, T.R.; Bennett, P.M.; MacGowan, A.P., 2001:
A modified population analysis profile (PAP) method to detect hetero-resistance to vancomycin in Staphylococcus aureus in a UK hospital

Nedeva, T.; Petrova, V.; Hristozova, T.; Kujumdzieva, A., 2002:
A modified procedure for isolation of yeast mitochondrial DNA

Silver, N.C.; Good, C.D.; Sormani, M.P.; MacManus, D.G.; Thompson, A.J.; Filippi, M.; Miller, D.H., 2001:
A modified protocol to improve the detection of enhancing brain and spinal cord lesions in multiple sclerosis

Cooper, J.; Lightfoot, G., 2000:
A modified pure tone audiometry technique for medico-legal assessment

Le, C.T.; Gray, G.C.; Poddar, S.K., 2001:
A modified rapid method of nucleic acid isolation from suspension of matured virus: applied in restriction analysis of DNA from an adenovirus prototype strain and a patient isolate

Shi, S.-Rong; Cote, R., J.; Liu, C.; Yu, M., C.; Castelao, J.-Esteban; Ross, R., K.; Taylor, C., R., 2002:
A modified reduced-temperature antigen retrieval protocol effective for use with a polyclonal antibody to cyclooxygenase-2 (PG 27)

Mazzoni, A.; Calabrese, V.; Danesi, G., 2000:
A modified retrosigmoid approach for direct exposure of the fundus of the internal auditory canal for hearing preservation in acoustic neuroma surgery

Jeromin, A.; Yuan, L-Lian.; Frick, A.; Pfaffinger, P.; Johnston, D., 2003:
A modified Sindbis vector for prolonged gene expression in neurons

Ramasamy, K.S.; Averett, D., 1999:
A modified synthesis of tiazofurin

Leybovich, L.B.; Dogan, N.; Sethi, A., 2000:
A modified technique for RF-LCF interstitial hyperthermia

Behairy, Y.M.; Al-Sebai, W., 2001:
A modified technique for harvesting full-thickness iliac crest bone graft

Xie Yun Li; Zhang Shu Yong; Huang Ru; Shi Zheng Li, 2003:
A modified technique for purifying White spot syndrome virus

Sharma, D.; Agrawal, S.; Saxena, A.; Raina, V.K., 2001:
A modified technique of devascularization for surgical management of portal hypertension in children

Tienen, T.G.; Oyen, J.F.C.H.; Eggen, P.J.G.M., 2003:
A modified technique of reconstruction for complete acromioclavicular dislocation: a prospective study

Panikratov, K.D.; Strelnikov, A.I.; Pochernikov, D.G.; Bukat, A.V., 2000:
A modified technique of ureterocystoneostomy

Castrignano, A.; Katerji, N.; Karam, F.; Mastrorilli, M.; Hamdy, A., 1998:
A modified version of CERES-maize model for predicting crop response to salinity stress

Kárpáti, L.; Penke, B.; Katona, E.; Balogh, I.; Vámosi, G.; Muszbek, L., 2000:
A modified, optimized kinetic photometric assay for the determination of blood coagulation factor XIII activity in plasma

Abrell, S.; Carrera, P.; Jaeckle, H., 2000:
A modifier screen of ectopic Kruppel activity identifies autosomal Drosophila chromosomal sites and genes required for normal eye development

Wariar, R.; Gaffke, J.N.; Haller, R.G.; Bertocci, L.A., 2000:
A modular NIRS system for clinical measurement of impaired skeletal muscle oxygenation

Grosse Uhlmann, R.; Bley, T., 1999:
A modular approach to situation identification of the dynamics of bacterial populations synthesizing poly-beta-hydroxybutyrate

Heine, N.; Germeroth, L.; Schneider Mergener, J.; Wenschuh, H., 2000:
A modular approach to the SPOT synthesis of 1,3,5-trisubstituted hydantoins on cellulose membranes

Kober, C.; Sader, R.; Thiele, H.; Bauer, H.J.; Zeilhofer, H.F.; Hoffmann, K.H.; Horch, H.H., 2000:
A modular software concept for the individual numerical simulation (FEM) of the human mandible

Chu, D.S.; Pishvaee, B.; Payne, G.S., 1999:
A modulatory role for clathrin light chain phosphorylation in Golgi membrane protein localization during vegetative growth and during the mating response of Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Maytum, R.; Geeves, M.A.; Lehrer, S.S., 2002:
A modulatory role for the troponin T tail domain in thin filament regulation

Kennedy, J.; Vicari, A.P.; Saylor, V.; Zurawski, S.M.; Copeland, N.G.; Gilbert, D.J.; Jenkins, N.A.; Zlotnik, A., 2000:
A molecular analysis of NKT cells: identification of a class-I restricted T cell-associated molecule (CRTAM)

Davidson, B.; Swalla, B.J., 2002:
A molecular analysis of ascidian metamorphosis reveals activation of an innate immune response

Poinar, H.N.; Kuch, M.; Sobolik, K.D.; Barnes, I.; Stankiewicz, A.B.; Kuder, T.; Spaulding, W.G.; Bryant, V.M.; Cooper, A.; Pääbo, S., 2001:
A molecular analysis of dietary diversity for three archaic Native Americans

Bondurand, N.; Kuhlbrodt, K.; Pingault, V.; Enderich, J.; Sajus, M.; Tommerup, N.; Warburg, M.; Hennekam, R.C.; Read, A.P.; Wegner, M.; Goossens, M., 1999:
A molecular analysis of the yemenite deaf-blind hypopigmentation syndrome: SOX10 dysfunction causes different neurocristopathies

Robinson, D.O.; Dalton, P.; Jacobs, P.A.; Mosse, K.; Power, M.M.; Skuse, D.H.; Crolla, J.A., 1999:
A molecular and FISH analysis of structurally abnormal Y chromosomes in patients with Turner syndrome

Pourshafie, M.; Grimont, F.; Kohestani, S.; Grimont, P.A.D., 2002:
A molecular and phenotypic study of Vibrio cholerae in Iran

Oksanen, I.; Lohtander, K.; Paulsrud, P.; Rikkinen, J., 2002:
A molecular approach to cyanobacterial diversity in a rock-pool community involving gelatinous lichens and free-living Nostoc colonies

Neumann, D.; Schlattner, U.; Wallimann, T., 2003:
A molecular approach to the concerted action of kinases involved in energy homoeostasis

Abdou, M.M., 2001:
A molecular approach to the study of structure-activity correlation for some amphetamines

Hohenlohe, P.A.; Boulding, E.G., 2001:
A molecular assay identifies morphological characters useful for distinguishing the sibling species Littorina scutulata and L. plena

Akdis, C.A.; Joss, A.; Akdis, M.; Faith, A.; Blaser, K., 2000:
A molecular basis for T cell suppression by IL-10: CD28-associated IL-10 receptor inhibits CD28 tyrosine phosphorylation and phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase binding

Espinoza, H.M.; Cox, C.J.; Semina, E.V.; Amendt, B.A., 2002:
A molecular basis for differential developmental anomalies in Axenfeld-Rieger syndrome

Luo, P.; Canziani, G.; Cunto-Amesty, G.; Kieber-Emmons, T., 2000:
A molecular basis for functional peptide mimicry of a carbohydrate antigen

Kamura, T.; Brower, C.S.; Conaway, R.C.; Conaway, J.W., 2002:
A molecular basis for stabilization of the von Hippel-Lindau (VHL) tumor suppressor protein by components of the VHL ubiquitin ligase

Li, H.L.; Galue, A.; Meadows, L.; Ragsdale, D.S., 1999:
A molecular basis for the different local anesthetic affinities of resting versus open and inactivated states of the sodium channel

Sakai, Y.; Furuichi, M.; Takahashi, M.; Mishima, M.; Iwai, S.; Shirakawa, M.; Nakabeppu, Y., 2002:
A molecular basis for the selective recognition of 2-hydroxy-dATP and 8-oxo-dGTP by human MTH1

Baust, J.M.; Vogel, M.J.; Van Buskirk, R.; Baust, J.G., 2001:
A molecular basis of cryopreservation failure and its modulation to improve cell survival

Nahas, G.; Harvey, D.J.; Sutin, K.; Turndorf, H.; Cancro, R., 2002:
A molecular basis of the therapeutic and psychoactive properties of cannabis (delta9-tetrahydrocannabinol)

Antony, T.; Subramaniam, V., 2002:
A molecular beacon strategy for real-time monitoring of triplex DNA formation kinetics

Agarraberes, F.A.; Dice, J.F., 2001:
A molecular chaperone complex at the lysosomal membrane is required for protein translocation

Claudio, J.O.; Masih-Khan, E.; Tang, H.; Gonçalves, J.; Voralia, M.; Li, Z.Hua.; Nadeem, V.; Cukerman, E.; Francisco-Pabalan, O.; Liew, C.Chin.; Woodgett, J.R.; Stewart, A.Keith., 2002:
A molecular compendium of genes expressed in multiple myeloma

Quandt, D.; Tangney, R., S.; Frahm, J.-Peter; Frey, W., 2000:
A molecular contribution for understanding the Lembophyllaceae (Bryopsida) based on noncoding chloroplast regions (CPDNA) and ITS2 (nrDNA) sequence data: Studies in Austral temperate rain forest bryophytes 8

Islam-Faridi, M.N.; Childs, K.L.; Klein, P.E.; Hodnett, G.; Menz, M.A.; Klein, R.R.; Rooney, W.L.; Mullet, J.E.; Stelly, D.M.; Price, H.J., 2002:
A molecular cytogenetic map of sorghum chromosome 1. Fluorescence in situ hybridization analysis with mapped bacterial artificial chromosomes

Schlegel, A.; Lisanti, M.P., 2000:
A molecular dissection of caveolin-1 membrane attachment and oligomerization. Two separate regions of the caveolin-1 C-terminal domain mediate membrane binding and oligomer/oligomer interactions in vivo

Spector, D.L.; Gasser, S.M., 2003:
A molecular dissection of nuclear function. Conference on the dynamic nucleus: questions and implications

Koipally, J.; Georgopoulos, K., 2002:
A molecular dissection of the repression circuitry of Ikaros

Besaratinia, A.; Maas, L.M.; Brouwer, E.M.C.; Moonen, E.J.C.; D.K.k, T.M.C.M.; Wesseling, G.J.; Loft, S.; Kleinjans, J.C.S.; Van Schooten, F.J., 2002:
A molecular dosimetry approach to assess human exposure to environmental tobacco smoke in pubs

Barreiro, G.; Guimarães, C.Ruch.Werneck.; de Alencastro, R.Bicca., 2002:
A molecular dynamics study of an L-type calcium channel model

Roccatano, D.; Amadei, A.;, A.; Berendsen, H.J., 1999:
A molecular dynamics study of the 41-56 beta-hairpin from B1 domain of protein G

Zanuy, D.; Alemán, C.; Muñoz-Guerra, Sán., 2002:
A molecular dynamics study of the stoichiometric complex formed by poly (alpha, L-glutamate) and octyltrimethylammonium ions in chloroform solution

Jasmer, R.M.; Hahn, J.A.; Small, P.M.; Daley, C.L.; Behr, M.A.; Moss, A.R.; Creasman, J.M.; Schecter, G.F.; Paz, E.A.; Hopewell, P.C., 1999:
A molecular epidemiologic analysis of tuberculosis trends in San Francisco, 1991-1997

Legrand, E.; Devallois, A.; Horgen, L.; Rastogi, N., 2000:
A molecular epidemiological study of Mycobacterium simiae isolated from AIDS patients in Guadeloupe

Leloup, J.C.; Goldbeter, A., 2001:
A molecular explanation for the long-term suppression of circadian rhythms by a single light pulse

Lee, Y.; Miller, H.L.; Jensen, P.; Hernan, R.; Connelly, M.; Wetmore, C.; Zindy, F.; Roussel, M.F.; Curran, T.; Gilbertson, R.J.; McKinnon, P.J., 2003:
A molecular fingerprint for medulloblastoma

Oliverio, M.; Mariottini, P., 2001:
A molecular framework for the phylogeny of Coralliophila and related muricoids

Boylan, K.; Serr, M.; Hays, T., 2000:
A molecular genetic analysis of the interaction between the cytoplasmic dynein intermediate chain and the glued (dynactin) complex

England, P.R.; Beynon, F.; Ayre, D.J.; Whelan, R.J., 2001:
A molecular genetic assessment of mating-system variation in a naturally bird-pollinated shrub: Contributions from birds and introduced honeybees

Mortensen, U.H.; Erdeniz, N.; Feng, Q.; Rothstein, R., 2002:
A molecular genetic dissection of the evolutionarily conserved N terminus of yeast Rad52

Narain, Y.; Wyttenbach, A.; Rankin, J.; Furlong, R.A.; Rubinsztein, D.C., 1999:
A molecular investigation of true dominance in Huntington's disease

Haghighi, A.P.; Cooper, E., 2000:
A molecular link between inward rectification and calcium permeability of neuronal nicotinic acetylcholine alpha3beta4 and alpha4beta2 receptors

Zhang, L.P.; Khan, A.; Niño-Liu, D.; Foolad, M.R., 2002:
A molecular linkage map of tomato displaying chromosomal locations of resistance gene analogs based on a Lycopersicon esculentum x Lycopersicon hirsutum cross

Miner, J.H., 2003:
A molecular look at the glomerular barrier

Yassai, M.; Ammon, K.; Goverman, J.; Marrack, P.; Naumov, Y.; Gorski, J., 2002:
A molecular marker for thymocyte-positive selection: selection of CD4 single-positive thymocytes with shorter TCRB CDR3 during T cell development

Yoon, C.S.k; Sung, G.H.; Sung, J.M.; Lee, J.O.n, 1999:
A molecular marker specific to Metarhizium anisopliae var. majus

Csiki, C.; Zimmer, M., 1999:
A molecular mechanical analysis of the active site of urease with a special emphasis on determining the binding conformations available to oxygen-bound urea

Amthor, H.; Christ, B.; Patel, K., 1999:
A molecular mechanism enabling continuous embryonic muscle growth - a balance between proliferation and differentiation

Wallin, R.; Hutson, S.M.; Cain, D.; Sweatt, A.; Sane, D.C., 2001:
A molecular mechanism for genetic warfarin resistance in the rat

Shan, J.; Munro, T.P.; Barbarese, E.; Carson, J.H.; Smith, R., 2003:
A molecular mechanism for mRNA trafficking in neuronal dendrites

Blystone, S.D.; Slater, S.E.; Williams, M.P.; Crow, M.T.; Brown, E.J., 1999:
A molecular mechanism of integrin crosstalk: alphavbeta3 suppression of calcium/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase II regulates alpha5beta1 function

Koyanagi, S.; Kuramoto, Y.; Nakagawa, H.; Aramaki, H.; Ohdo, S.; Soeda, S.; Shimeno, H., 2003:
A molecular mechanism regulating circadian expression of vascular endothelial growth factor in tumor cells

Delbès, C.; Leclerc, M.; Zumstein, E.; Godon, J.J.; Moletta, R., 2001:
A molecular method to study population and activity dynamics in anaerobic digestors

Xu, X.; Kreye, E.; Kuo, C.B.; Walker, A.M., 2001:
A molecular mimic of phosphorylated prolactin markedly reduced tumor incidence and size when DU145 human prostate cancer cells were grown in nude mice

Van Rijn, C.M.; Willems-van Bree, E.; Zwart, J.P.; Rodrigues de Miranda, J.F.; Dirksen, R., 1999:
A molecular model for the synergic interaction between gamma-aminobutyric acid and general anaesthetics

Tjernberg, L.O.; Callaway, D.J.; Tjernberg, A.; Hahne, S.; Lilliehöök, C.; Terenius, L.; Thyberg, J.; Nordstedt, C., 1999:
A molecular model of Alzheimer amyloid beta-peptide fibril formation

Song, K.S.; Park, Y.S.; Choi, J.R.; Kim, H.K.; Park, Q., 1999:
A molecular model of a point mutation (Val297Met) in the serine protease domain of protein C

Thibonnier, M.; Coles, P.; Conarty, D.M.; Plesnicher, C.L.; Shoham, M., 2000:
A molecular model of agonist and nonpeptide antagonist binding to the human V(1) vascular vasopressin receptor

Laffer, S.; Hogbom, E.; Roux, K.H.; Sperr, W.R.; Valent, P.; Bankl, H.C.; Vangelista, L.; Kricek, F.; Kraft, D.; Grönlund, H.; Valenta, R., 2001:
A molecular model of type I allergy: identification and characterization of a nonanaphylactic anti-human IgE antibody fragment that blocks the IgE-FcepsilonRI interaction and reacts with receptor-bound IgE

Fischer, G.; Pindur, U., 1999:
A molecular modeling study of B-DNA-intercalation complexes with amsacrine and related 9-anilino-acridines

Honda, M.; Yamagishi, S., 2000:
A molecular perspective on Oscine phylogeny, with special reference to inter-familial relationships

Frost, D.; Janies, D.; Mouton, P.L.-Fras, N.; Titus, T., 2001:
A molecular perspective on the phylogeny of the girdled lizards (Cordylidae, Squamata)

Cao,; Wang,; Fang, S.G.o, 2003:
A molecular phylogeny of Bharal and dwarf blue sheep based on mitochondrial cytochrome b gene sequences

Beckert, S.; Steinhauser, S.; Muhle, H.; Knoop, V., 1999:
A molecular phylogeny of bryophytes based on nucleotide sequences of the mitochondrial nad5 gene

Dawood, A.; Channing, A., 2000:
A molecular phylogeny of moss frogs from the Western Cape, South Africa, with a description of a new species

Johnson, K.P.; Clayton, D.H., 2000:
A molecular phylogeny of the dove genus Zenaida: Mitochondrial and nuclear DNA sequences

Kirschmann, D.A.; Seftor, E.A.; Fong, S.F.T.; Nieva, D.R.C.; Sullivan, C.M.; Edwards, E.M.; Sommer, P.; Csiszar, K.; Hendrix, M.J.C., 2002:
A molecular role for lysyl oxidase in breast cancer invasion

Kovacs, E.; Morava, E.; Nadasi, E.; Czako, M.; Melegh, B.; Kosztolanyi, G., 1998:
A molecular screening test for fragile X syndrome

Isshiki, M.; Ying, Y-Shu.; Fujita, T.; Anderson, R.G.W., 2002:
A molecular sensor detects signal transduction from caveolae in living cells

Ramaswamy, S.; Ross, K.N.; Lander, E.S.; Golub, T.R., 2002:
A molecular signature of metastasis in primary solid tumors

Nevo, R.; Stroh, C.; Kienberger, F.; Kaftan, D.; Brumfeld, V.; Elbaum, M.; Reich, Z.; Hinterdorfer, P., 2003:
A molecular switch between alternative conformational states in the complex of Ran and importin beta1

Berg, J.P., 2002:
A molecular switch for parathyroid cell differentiation

Zhou, X.B.; Arntz, C.; Kamm, S.; Motejlek, K.; Sausbier, U.; Wang, G.X.; Ruth, P.; Korth, M., 2001:
A molecular switch for specific stimulation of the BKCa channel by cGMP and cAMP kinase

Stech, Michael, 1999:
A molecular systematic contribution to the position of Amphidium Schimp. (Rhabdoweisiaceae, Bryopsida)

Klak, C.; Hedderson, T., A.; Linder, H.P.ter, 2003:
A molecular systematic study of the Lampranthus group (Aizoaceae) based on the chloroplast TrnL-trnF and nuclear ITS and 5S NTS sequence data

Litvaitis, M.K., 2002:
A molecular test of cyanobacterial phylogeny: Inferences from constraint analyses

Spies, M.; Bianco, P.R.; Dillingham, M.S.; Handa, N.; Baskin, R.J.; Kowalczykowski, S.C., 2003:
A molecular throttle: the recombination hotspot chi controls DNA translocation by the RecBCD helicase

Slattery, M.L.; Samowitz, W.; Ballard, L.; Schaffer, D.; Leppert, M.; Potter, J.D., 2001:
A molecular variant of the APC gene at codon 1822: its association with diet, lifestyle, and risk of colon cancer

Kishimoto, T.; Suyama, A.; Osaki, Y.; Miyamoto, T.; Igarashi, A.; Okamoto, M.; Kurosawa, Y.; Fukumoto, S., 2001:
A molecular variant of the angiotensinogen gene and hypertension in a case-control study in Japanese

Lebedev, L.R.; Sizov, A.A.; Masycheva, V.I.; Karpenko, L.I.; Ryazankin, I.A., 2001:
A molecular vector for delivery genes to target cells

Lucas, J.M.; Vaccaro, E.; Waite, J.Herbert., 2002:
A molecular, morphometric and mechanical comparison of the structural elements of byssus from Mytilus edulis and Mytilus galloprovincialis

Scheen, A.-Cathrine; Elven, R.; Brochmann, C., 2002 :
A molecular-morphological approach solves taxonomic controversy in arctic Draba (Brassicaceae)

Combredet, C.; Labrousse, Vérie.; Mollet, L.; Lorin, C.; Delebecque, Fédéric.; Hurtrel, B.; McClure, H.; Feinberg, M.B.; Brahic, M.; Tangy, Fédéric., 2003:
A molecularly cloned Schwarz strain of measles virus vaccine induces strong immune responses in macaques and transgenic mice

Boyer, J.L.; Delaney, S.M.; Villanueva, D.; Harden, T.K., 2000:
A molecularly identified P2Y receptor simultaneously activates phospholipase C and inhibits adenylyl cyclase and is nonselectively activated by all nucleoside triphosphates

Pierard, C.; Lallement, G.; Peres, M.; Lagarde, D., 1999:
A molecule of military interest: Modafinil

Rueda, J.; Salas, C.; Gofas, S., 2000:
A molluscan community from coastal bioclastic bottoms in the Strait of Gibraltar area

Spijker, S.; Smit, A.B.; Eipper, B.A.; Malik, A.; Mains, R.E.; Geraerts, W.P., 1999:
A molluscan peptide alpha-amidating enzyme precursor that generates five distinct enzymes

Bauch, C.; Rand, D.A., 2000:
A moment closure model for sexually transmitted disease transmission through a concurrent partnership network

Theesfeld, C.L.; Zyla, T.R.; Bardes, E.G.S.; Lew, D.J., 2003:
A monitor for bud emergence in the yeast morphogenesis checkpoint

Burns, N.M.; Rutherford, J.C.ristopher; Clayton, J.S., 1999:
A monitoring and classification system for New Zealand lakes and reservoirs

Nakata, H.; Ida, S., 2000:
A monitoring and control of gastric pH in beagle dogs

Murphy, J.G., 2001:
A monk's prayer: O Lord what is the answer to in-stent restenosis? Commentary on the TRAPIST Study

Stegall, T.; Krolick, K.A., 2000:
A monoclonal lewis rat myocyte line that responds to interferon-gamma: responsiveness with the potential to influence subsequent interactions with the immune system

Falini, B.; Fizzotti, M.; Pucciarini, A.; Bigerna, B.; Marafioti, T.; Gambacorta, M.; Pacini, R.; Alunni, C.; Natali-Tanci, L.; Ugolini, B.; Sebastiani, C.; Cattoretti, G.; Pileri, S.; Dalla-Favera, R.; Stein, H., 2000:
A monoclonal antibody (MUM1p) detects expression of the MUM1/IRF4 protein in a subset of germinal center B cells, plasma cells, and activated T cells

Salah, F.; Demerdash, Z.; Shaker, Z.; E.B.ssiouny, A.; E.A.tar, G.; Ismail, S.; Badir, N.; E.D.n, A.S.; Mansour, M., 2000:
A monoclonal antibody against Schistosoma haematobium soluble egg antigen: efficacy for diagnosis and monitoring of cure of S. haematobium infection

Moriyama, T.; Nakamura, M.; Kinjoh, K.; Tanaka, T.; Kosugi, T., 2002:
A monoclonal antibody against bovine thrombin reacting to the C-terminal side of thrombin

Jo, M.; Shin, C.Y.; Song, M.R.; Park, K.H.; Seo, D.O.; Choi, E.Y.; Kim, K.C.; Ko, K.H., 1999:
A monoclonal antibody against hamster tracheal mucin, which recognizes N-acetyl-galactosamine containing carbohydrate chains as an epitope

Mobini, R.; Fu, M.; Wallukat, G.; Magnusson, Y.; Hjalmarson, A.; Hoebeke, J., 2000:
A monoclonal antibody directed against an autoimmune epitope on the human beta1-adrenergic receptor recognized in idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy

Murata Hori, M.; Uchimura, T.; Hosoya, N.; Iwasaki, T.; Omata, S.; Horigome, T.; Hosoya, H., 2000:
A monoclonal antibody raised against an 86-kD subunit of human DNA helicase II

Esnouf, M.P.; Burgess, A.I.; Dodds, A.W.; Sarphie, A.F.; Miller, G.J., 2000:
A monoclonal antibody raised against human beta-factor XIIa which also recognizes alpha-factor XIIa but not factor XII or complexes of factor XIIa with C1 esterase inhibitor

Tajima, C.; Manabe, N.; Inoue, N.; Matsui, T.; Kagawa, N.; Hondo, E.; Miyano, T.; Ratky, J.; Miyamoto, H., 2002:
A monoclonal antibody recognizes follicular granulosa cell antigens in porcine ovaries

Brade, L.; Rozalski, A.; Kosma, P.; Brade, H., 2000:
A monoclonal antibody recognizing the 3-deoxy-D-manno-oct-2-ulosonic acid (Kdo) trisaccharide alphaKdo(2fwdarw4)alphaKdo(2fwdarw4)alphaKdo of Chlamydophila psittaci 6BC lipopolysaccharide

Zhang, F.; Shao, X.; Li, H.; Robison, J.G.; Murray, B.K.; O'Neill, K.L., 2001:
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A monoclonal antibody, MIN/3/60, that recognizes the sulpho-Lewis(x) and sulpho-Lewis(a) sequences detects a sub-population of epithelial glycans in the crypts of human colonic epithelium

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A mouse prion protein transgene rescues mice deficient for the prion protein gene from purkinje cell degeneration and demyelination

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A muflon (Ovis ammon musimon) feregfertozottsege Magyarorszagon

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A multi-box model study of the role of the biospheric metabolism in the recent decline of delta18O in atmospheric CO2

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A multi-center randomized clinical trial to evaluate the efficacy of early administration of magnesium in acute myocardial infarction

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A multi-center study of current status on clinical control of hypercholesterolemia in China: Success rate and related factors

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A multi-objective calibration framework for parameter estimation in the MIKE SHE integrated hydrological modelling system

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A multicenter randomized controlled trial of remacemide hydrochloride as monotherapy for PD

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A multicenter study of treatment of primary CNS lymphoma

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A multicenter study on the clinical efficacy and safety of roxithromycin in the treatment of ear-nose-throat infections: comparison with amoxycillin/clavulanic acid

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A multicenter trial with a somatostatin analog (99m)Tc depreotide in the evaluation of solitary pulmonary nodules

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A multicenter, open, non-comparative, phase II study of the combination of cladribine (2-chlorodeoxyadenosine), cytarabine, and G-CSF as induction therapy in refractory acute myeloid leukemia - a report of the Polish Adult Leukemia Group (PALG)

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A multicenter, open-label, pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic safety, and tolerability study of basiliximab (Simulect) in pediatric de novo renal transplant recipients

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