Section 11
Chapter 10,071

A morphological study of stejneger's pitviper Trimeresurus stejnegeri (serpentes, viperidae, crotalinae) , with the description of a new species from Thailand

David, P.; Vidal, N.; Pauwels, O., S.G.

Russian Journal of Herpetology 8(3): 205-222


ISSN/ISBN: 1026-2296
Accession: 010070615

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The status of populations currently referred to the green pitviper Trimeresurus stejnegeri in the Indochinese Peninsula and Thailand is reevaluated on the basis of 30 morphological characters obtained from 152 preserved specimens of T. stejnegeri and related species. These data, in conjunction with observations on living and freshly collected specimens, reveal the existence of an undescribed species from eastern central Thailand, which is named here.

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