Section 11
Chapter 10,085

A numerical method of moments for solute flux in nonstationary flow fields

Hu, B.X.; Wu, J.C.; Zhang, D.; Shirley, C.

Acta Universitatis Carolinae Geologica 46(2-3): 109-112


Accession: 010084653

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A three-dimensional numerical method of moments has been developed for solute flux through nonstationary flows in porous media. The solute flux is described as a space-time process where time refers to the solute flux breakthrough and space refers to the transverse displacement distribution at a control plane. The first two statistical moments of solute flux are derived using a Lagrangian framework and are expressed in terms of the probability density functions (PDFs). The method is applied to an environmental project for predicting the solute flux in the saturated zone below the Yucca Mountain project area, demonstrating the applicability of the method to complex subsurface environments.

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