Section 11
Chapter 10,106

A trenbolone acetate/estradiol combination in feedlot simmental bulls: Meat quality and withdrawal time of trenbolone

Saicic, S.; Spiric, A.; Jankovic, S.; Dordevic, M.

Acta Veterinaria (Belgrade) 50(2-3): 137-146


Accession: 010105395

Anabolic implants are used to improve growth rate and feed efficiency of cattle in feedlots thus resulting in economic benefits. One of the growth promoters used in raising animals for slaughter is yhe androgen - trenbolone acetate (TBA). It is most frequently applied alone or in combination with an estrogen such as estradiol (E) The aim of this work was to examine the combined effect of trenbolone acetate and estradiol on meat quality in young bulls of the Simmental breed. The residues of trenbolone in faeces and urine, and time of their excretion from the organism were determined also. On the basis of the results obtained it can be concluded that the combined use of trenbolone acetate and estradiol in feedlot Simmental bulls increased the dressing percentage by 6,5% and decreased fat by 27,5% as well as total pigment. The withdrawal time of trenbolone was two months after its application.

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