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The extended Widal test in the diagnosis of fevers due to Salmonella infection
Hair of the american mastodon indicates an adaptation to a semi aquatic habitat

List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 10154

Chapter 10154 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Amperometric biosensor for phenols and catechols based on iridium-polyphenol oxidase-modified carbon paste
, Electroanalysis 12(14): 1159-1162 (2000)

Amperometric biosensor for polyphenol based on horseradish peroxidase immobilized on gold electrodes
, Electroanalysis 13(5): 408-412 (2001)

Amperometric biosensor for the quantification of gentisic acid using polyphenol oxidase modified carbon paste electrode
, Talanta 53(3): 489-495, 4 December (2000)

Amperometric biosensor involving covalent immobilization of choline oxidase and butyrylcholinesterase on a methacrylate-vinylene carbonate co-polymer
, Biotechnology and Applied Biochemistry 29: 67-72 (1999)

Amperometric biosensors based on recombinant laccases for phenols determination
, Biosensors and Bioelectronics 18(2-3): 319-325 (2003)

Amperometric biosensors employing an insoluble oxidant as an interference-removing agent
, Analytica Chimica Acta 461(2): 251-260, 21 June (2002)

Amperometric biosensors for clinical and therapeutic drug monitoring: A review
, Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis 19(1-2): 47-53 (1999)

Amperometric biosensors for detection of phenol using chemically modified electrodes containing immobilized bacteria
, Biosensors and Bioelectronics 17(10): 867-873 (2002)

Amperometric biosensors for detection of the prostate cancer marker (PSA)
, International Journal of Pharmaceutics 238(1-2): 1-9 (2002)

Amperometric biosensors. Key work principles and features of transducers of different generation
, Biopolimery i Kletka 18(1): 13-25 (2002)

Amperometric biosensors. Modern technologies and commercial variants
, Biopolimery i Kletka 18(5): 363-376 (2002)

Amperometric biosensors/sequential injection analysis system for simultaneous determination of S- and R-captopril
, Biosensors and Bioelectronics 15(1-2): 1-5 (2000)

Amperometric characterization of exocytotic events from single mast cells: dependence on external and internal Ca++ sources
, Cell Calcium 29(3): 199-209 (2001)

Amperometric creatinine biosensor for hemodialysis patients
, Clinica Chimica Acta; International Journal of Clinical Chemistry 312(1-2): 129-134 (2001)

Amperometric detection of NO and NO2 in the ppb range with solid-polymer electrolyte membrane supported noble metal electrodes
, Analytica Chimica Acta 443(1): 53-61, 12 September (2001)

Amperometric detection of aliphatic alcohols by using immobilized alcohol oxidase from the methylotrophic yeast Pichia methanolica
, Prikladnaya Biokhimiya i Mikrobiologiya 35(5): 604-608 (1999)

Amperometric detection of biologically significant sulfur-containing compounds at Bi(V)-doped PbO2 film electrodes
, Electroanalysis 11(13): 934-939 (1999)

Amperometric detection of carbohydrates by capillary electrophoresis with a cuprous oxide modified sol-gel carbon composite electrode
, Electroanalysis 12(4): 287-291 (2000)

Amperometric detection of cytochrome c by capillary electrophoresis at a sol-gel carbon composite electrode
, Analytica Chimica Acta 450(1-2): 263-267, 21 December (2001)

Amperometric detection of glucose with glucose oxidase absorbed on porous nanocrystalline TiO2 film
, Electroanalysis 13(5): 413-416 (2001)

Amperometric detection of peroxides using peroxidase and porphyrin biomimetic modified electrodes
, Electroanalysis 14(17): 1157-1164 (2002)

Amperometric detection of perphenazine at a carbon fiber micro-disk bundle electrode by capillary zone electrophoresis
, Journal of Chromatography. B Analytical Technologies in the Biomedical and Life Sciences 789(2): 411-415 (2003)

Amperometric detection of sulfide at a boron doped diamond electrode: The electrocatalytic reaction of sulfide with ferricyanide in aqueous solution
, Electroanalysis 14(7-8): 499-504 (2002)

Amperometric detection of three purine alkaloids following their separation by micellar electrokinetic capillary chromatography
, Analytica Chimica Acta 419(2): 235-242, September 1st (2000)

Amperometric detection with microelectrodes in FIA: Studies on the conversion of nitrate to nitrite in human saliva
, Analytical Letters 32(1): 25-37 (1999)

Amperometric determination of 6-mercaptopurine on functionalized multi-wall carbon nanotubes modified electrode by liquid chromatography coupled with microdialysis and its application to pharmacokinetics in rabbit
, Talanta 60(5): 1063-1070 (2003)

Amperometric determination of L-glutamate with enzyme electrodes
, Mededelingen Faculteit Landbouwkundige en Toegepaste Biologische Wetenschappen Universiteit Gent 63(4B): 1527-1530 (1998)

Amperometric determination of acetylsalicylic acid in drugs by batch injection analysis at a copper electrode in alkaline solutions
, Talanta 58(5): 943-949, 12 November (2002)

Amperometric determination of ascorbic acid based on electrocatalytic oxidation using a ruthenium(III) diphenyldithiocarbamate-modified carbon paste electrode
, Analytica Chimica Acta 405(1-2): 93-97 (2000)

Amperometric determination of ascorbic acid in real samples using an aluminum electrode, modified with nickel hexacyanoferrate films by simple electroless dipping method
, Electroanalysis 14(3): 206-212 (2002)

Amperometric determination of calcium ion with an alizarin/Nafion modified electrode
, Electroanalysis 11(12): 885-890 (1999)

Amperometric determination of cholesterol in serum using a biosensor of cholesterol oxidase contained within a polypyrrole-hydrogel membrane
, Analytica Chimica Acta 448(1-2): 27-36 (2001)

Amperometric determination of choline released from rat submandibular gland acinar cells using a choline oxidase biosensor
, Biosensors and Bioelectronics 18(2-3): 185-191 (2003)

Amperometric determination of dipyrone in pharmaceutical formulations with a flow cell containing gold electrodes from recordable compact discs
, Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 90(12): 1972-1977 (2001)

Amperometric determination of epinephrine with an osmium complex and Nafion double-layer membrane modified electrode
, Analytica Chimica Acta 378(1-3): 151-157 (1999)

Amperometric determination of glutathione and cysteine on a Pd-IrO(2) modified electrode with high performance liquid chromatography in rat brain microdialysate
, Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry 372(7-8): 791-794 (2002)

Amperometric determination of high-density lipoprotein cholesterol using polyethylene glycol-modified enzymes and a peroxidase-entrapped electrode
, Annals of Clinical Biochemistry 35: 739-744 (1998)

Amperometric determination of hydrogen peroxide by utilizing a sol-gel-derived biosensor incorporating an osmium redox polymer as mediator
, Analytical Letters 32(2): 287-298 (1999)

Amperometric determination of morphine on cobalt hexacyanoferrate modified electrode in rat brain microdialysates
, Talanta 58(3): 427-432, 12 September (2002)

Amperometric determination of nitrite based on reaction with 3-mercaptopropanoic acid
, Analytica Chimica Acta 382(1-2): 189-197 (1999)

Amperometric determination of serum lactate dehydrogenase activity using an ADP-modified graphite electrode
, Analytica Chimica Acta 457(2): 275-284, 22 April (2002)

Amperometric determination of sympathomimetic drugs by flow injection analysis with a metallic copper electrode
, Analytica Chimica Acta 379(1-2): 81-88 (1999)

Amperometric determination of underivatized amino acids at a nickel-modified gold electrode by anion-exchange chromatography
, Journal of Chromatography A 878(1): 57-67 (2000)

Amperometric determination of xanthine and hypoxanthine at carbon electrodes: Effect of surface activity and the instrumental parameters on the sensitivity and the limit of detection
, Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis 19(1-2): 217-230 (1999)

Amperometric dimethyl sulfoxide sensor using dimethyl sulfoxide reductase from Rhodobacter sphaeroides
, Biosensors and Bioelectronics 18(5-6): 735-739 (2003)

Amperometric enzyme electrode for hydrogen peroxide determination prepared with horseradish peroxidase immobilized in polyvinylferrocenium (PVF+)
, Electroanalysis 14(7-8): 505-511 (2002)

Amperometric enzyme electrode for organic peroxides determination prepared from horseradish peroxidase immobilized in poly(vinylferrocenium) film
, Biosensors and Bioelectronics 17(10): 875-881 (2002)

Amperometric enzyme electrode for the determination of hydrogen peroxide based on sol-gel/hydrogel composite film
, Analytica Chimica Acta 407(1-2): 111-118 (2000)

Amperometric flow-injection determination of phenolic compounds at self-assembled monolayer-based tyrosinase biosensors
, Analytica Chimica Acta 494(1-2): 187-197, 8 October (2003)

Amperometric flow-through biosensor for the determination of cholinesterase inhibitors
, Analytica Chimica Acta 385(1-3): 13-21 (1999)

Amperometric gas sensors of high sensitivity
, Electroanalysis 11(10-11): 782-787 (1999)

Amperometric gas sensors with detection limits in the low ppb range
, Analytica Chimica Acta 393(1-3): 43-48 (1999)

Amperometric glucose biosensor based on immobilization of glucose oxidase in chitosan matrix cross-linked with glutaraldehyde
, Electroanalysis 13(4): 347-349 (2001)

Amperometric glucose biosensor based on lipid film
, Biosensors and Bioelectronics 15(3-4): 143-147 (2000)

Amperometric glucose biosensors based on Prussian Blue- and polyaniline-glucose oxidase modified electrodes
, Biosensors and Bioelectronics 15(9-10): 445-451 (2000 )

Amperometric glucose enzyme sensor prepared by immobilizing glucose oxidase on CuPtCl6 chemically modified electrode
, Electroanalysis 11(17): 1266-1272 (1999)

Amperometric glucose sensor based on coimmobilization of glucose oxidase and Poly(p-phenylenediamine) at a platinum microdisk electrode
, Analytical Biochemistry 280(2): 221-226 (2000)

Amperometric glucose sensor based on glucose oxidase immobilized in electrochemically generated poly(ethacridine)
, Analytica Chimica Acta 423(1): 101-106 (2000)

Amperometric hydrogen peroxide biosensor with silica sol-gel/chitosan film as immobilization matrix
, Analytica Chimica Acta 437(1): 87-93, 20 June (2001)

Amperometric hydrogen peroxide biosensor with sol-gel/chitosan network-like film as immobilization matrix
, Biosensors and Bioelectronics 18(4): 335-343 (2003)

Amperometric immuneenzymatic sensor for estimating the degree of affection of vegetable crops with phytopathogenic fungae
, Agrokhimiya 5: 81-86 (2001)

Amperometric immunosensor based on polypyrrole/poly(m-pheylenediamine) multilayer on glassy carbon electrode for cytokinin N6-(Delta2-isopentenyl) adenosine assay
, Analytical Biochemistry 321(1): 89-95 (2003)

Amperometric immunosensor for direct detection of human IgG
, Electroanalysis 12(12): 940-945 (2000)

Amperometric immunosensor for granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor using screen-printed electrodes
, Analytica Chimica Acta 389(1-3): 171-178 (1999)

Amperometric measurement of copper ions with a deputy substrate using a novel Saccharomyces cerevisiae sensor
, Biosensors and Bioelectronics 15(3-4): 211-219 (2000)

Amperometric method for the determination of myoglobin based on the electrochemical reduction on the glassy carbon electrode
, Fresenius' Journal of Analytical Chemistry 363(1): 83-87 (1999)

Amperometric micro-biosensor array for choline and acetylcholine based on a glassy carbon electrode modified by platinum-black particles and a co-crosslinked enzyme system
, Analytical Letters 34(4): 491-501 (2001)

Amperometric microbial biosensor for direct determination of organophosphate pesticides using recombinant microorganism with surface expressed organophosphorus hydrolase
, Biosensors and Bioelectronics 16(7-8): 433-437 (2001)

Amperometric nitric oxide biosensor based on the immobilization of hemoglobin on a nanometer-sized gold colloid modified Au electrode
, Analytical Letters 35(4): 647-661 (2002)

Amperometric nitric oxide sensors: A comparative study
, Electroanalysis 10(15): 1010-1016 (1998)

Amperometric on-line sensor for continuous measurement of hypoxanthine based on osmium-polyvinylpyridine gel polymer and xanthine oxidase bienzyme modified glassy carbon electrode
, Analytica Chimica Acta 415(1-2): 143-150 (2000)

Amperometric pH-sensing biosensors for urea, penicillin, and oxalacetate
, Analytica Chimica Acta 415(1-2): 151-157 (2000)

Amperometric phenol biosensor based on a thermostable phenol hydroxylase
, Biosensors and Bioelectronics 13(10): 1077-1082 (1998)

Amperometric phenol biosensor based on sol-gel silicate/Nafion composite film
, Analytica Chimica Acta 479(2): 143-150, 10 March (2003)

Amperometric quantification of dopamine using different carbon electrodes modified with a melanin-type polymer
, Analytical Letters 36(2): 329-345 (2003)

Amperometric recording of gonadotropin-releasing hormone release activity in the pituitary of the dwarf gourami (teleost) [correction of (teleosat)] brain-pituitary slices
, Neuroscience Letters 299(1-2): 121-124 (2001)

Amperometric tyrosinase based biosensor using an electrogenerated polythiophene film as an entrapment support
, Talanta 59(3): 535-544, 1 March (2003)

Amperozide decreases cocaine-induced increase in behavior and immediate early gene expression in the dorsal striatum
, Korean Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology 4(5): 361-367 (2000)

Amphetamine acts as a channel blocker of the acetylcholine receptor
, Neuroreport 10(10): 2175-2181 (1999)

Amphetamine acts within the medial basal forebrain to initiate and maintain alert waking
, Neuroscience 93(3): 885-896 (1999)

Amphetamine adducts of melanin intermediates demonstrated by matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry
, Chemical Research in Toxicology 14(9): 1339-1344 (2001)

Amphetamine administration does not alter protein levels of the GLT-1 and EAAC1 glutamate transporter subtypes in rat midbrain, nucleus accumbens, striatum, or prefrontal cortex
, Brain Research. Molecular Brain Research 90(2): 187-192 (2001)

Amphetamine and cocaine do not increase Narp expression in rat ventral tegmental area, nucleus accumbens or prefrontal cortex, but Narp may contribute to individual differences in responding to a novel environment
, European Journal of Neuroscience 15(12): 2027-2036 (2002)

Amphetamine and cocaine induce different patterns of c-fos mRNA expression in the striatum and subthalamic nucleus depending on environmental context
, European Journal of Neuroscience 13(10): 1977-1983 (2001)

Amphetamine and morphine produce a conditioned taste and place preference in the house musk shrew (Suncus murinus)
, Journal of Experimental Psychology. Animal Behavior Processes 28(1): 75-82 (2002)

Amphetamine blocks long-term synaptic depression in the ventral tegmental area
, Journal of Neuroscience: the Official Journal of the Society for Neuroscience 20(15): 5575-5580 (2000)

Amphetamine depresses excitatory synaptic transmission via serotonin receptors in the ventral tegmental area
, Journal of Neuroscience: the Official Journal of the Society for Neuroscience 19(22): 9780-9787 (1999)

Amphetamine derivative related deaths in northern Greece
, Forensic Science International 128(1-2): 31-34 (2002)

Amphetamine designer drugs - an overview and epidemiology
, Toxicology Letters 112-113: 127-131 (2000)

Amphetamine disrupts P50 suppression in normal subjects
, Biological Psychiatry 46(7): 990-996 (1999)

Amphetamine distorts stimulation-dependent dopamine overflow: effects on D2 autoreceptors, transporters, and synaptic vesicle stores
, Journal of Neuroscience: the Official Journal of the Society for Neuroscience 21(16): 5916-5924 (2001)

Amphetamine dose dependently disrupts prepulse inhibition of the acoustic startle response in rats within a narrow time window
, Brain Research Bulletin 48(4): 445-448 (1999)

Amphetamine enhances Ca2+ entry and catecholamine release via nicotinic receptor activation in bovine adrenal chromaffin cells
, European Journal of Pharmacology 460(1): 9-17 (2003)

Amphetamine increases aversive conditioning to diffuse contextual stimuli and to a discrete trace stimulus when conditioned at higher footshock intensity
, Journal of Psychopharmacology 17(1): 67-76 (2003)

Amphetamine increases glutamate efflux in the rat ventral tegmental area by a mechanism involving glutamate transporters and reactive oxygen species
, Journal of Neurochemistry 75(4): 1634-1644 (2000)

Amphetamine increases phosphorylation of extracellular signal-regulated kinase and transcription factors in the rat striatum via group I metabotropic glutamate receptors
, Neuropsychopharmacology: Official Publication of the American College of Neuropsychopharmacology 27(4): 565-575 (2002)

Amphetamine increases the extracellular concentration of glutamate in striatum of the awake rat: involvement of high affinity transporter mechanisms
, Neuropharmacology 38(7): 943-954 (1999)

Amphetamine induces differential changes in the gene expression of metabotropic glutamate receptor 5 in cultured cortical and hippocampal neurons
, Journal of Molecular Neuroscience: Mn 17(1): 13-24 (2001)

Amphetamine inhibits behavior-related neuronal responses in substantia nigra pars reticulata of rats working for sucrose reinforcement
, Neuroscience Letters 322(3): 165-168 (2002)

Amphetamine inhibits the N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor-mediated responses by directly interacting with the receptor/channel complex
, Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics 300(3): 1008-1016 (2002)

Amphetamine normalizes the electrical activity of dopamine neurons in the ventral tegmental area following prenatal ethanol exposure
, Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics 297(2): 746-752 (2001)

Amphetamine reverses or blocks the operation of the human noradrenaline transporter depending on its concentration: Superfusion studies on transfected cells
, Neuropharmacology 38(1): 157-165 (1999)

Amphetamine sensitization of hallucinatory-like behaviors is dependent on prefrontal cortex in nonhuman primates
, Biological Psychiatry 54(2): 105-110 (2003)

Amphetamine treatment during the preweanling period produces enduring changes in striatal protein kinase A activity
, Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior 66(4): 835-840 (2000)

Amphetamine usage and genital self-mutilation
, Addiction 97(9): 1215-1218 (2002)

Amphetamine withdrawal alters bistable states and cellular coupling in rat prefrontal cortex and nucleus accumbens neurons recorded in vivo
, Journal of Neuroscience: the Official Journal of the Society for Neuroscience 20(6): 2332-2345 (2000)

Amphetamine withdrawal does not produce a depressive-like state in rats as measured by three behavioral tests
, Behavioural Pharmacology 14(1): 1-18 (2003)

Amphetamine withdrawal modulates FosB expression in mesolimbic dopaminergic target nuclei: Effects of different schedules of administration
, Neuropharmacology 44(7): 926-939 (2003)

Amphetamine withdrawal: I. Reliability, validity and factor structure of a measure
, Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry 33(1): 89-93 (1999)

Amphetamine withdrawal: II. A placebo-controlled, randomised, double-blind study of amineptine treatment
, Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry 33(1): 94-98 (1999)

Amphetamine, 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine, lysergic acid diethylamide, and metabolites of the catecholamine neurotransmitters are agonists of a rat trace amine receptor
, Molecular Pharmacology 60(6): 1181-1188 (2001)

Amphetamine-evoked c-fos mRNA expression in the caudate-putamen: The effects of DA and NMDA receptor antagonists vary as a function of neuronal phenotype and environmental context
, Journal of Neurochemistry 86(1): 33-44 (2003)

Amphetamine-induced dopamine efflux. A voltage-sensitive and intracellular Na+-dependent mechanism
, Journal of Biological Chemistry 278(14): 12070-12077 (2003)

Amphetamine-induced Fos expression is evident in gamma-aminobutyric acid neurons in the globus pallidus and entopeduncular nucleus in rats treated with intrastriatal c-fos antisense oligodeoxynucleotides
, Experimental Neurology 175(1): 275-281 (2002)

Amphetamine-induced behavior, dopamine release, and c-fos mRNA expression: modulation by environmental novelty
, Journal of Neuroscience: the Official Journal of the Society for Neuroscience 18(24): 10579-10593 (1998)

Amphetamine-induced c-fos mRNA expression in the caudate-putamen and subthalamic nucleus: Interactions between dose, environment, and neuronal phenotype
, Journal of Neurochemistry 85(1): 105-114 (2003)

Amphetamine-induced conditioned activity and sensitization: the role of habituation to the test context and the involvement of Pavlovian processes
, Behavioural Pharmacology 9(5-6): 409-419 (1998)

Amphetamine-induced conditioned activity is insensitive to perturbations known to affect pavlovian conditioned responses in rats
, Behavioral Neuroscience 112(5): 1167-1176 (1998)

Amphetamine-induced dopamine release and post-synaptic specific binding in patients with mild tardive dyskinesia
, Neuropsychopharmacology: Official Publication of the American College of Neuropsychopharmacology 26(3): 295-300 (2002)

Amphetamine-induced dopamine release in human ventral striatum correlates with euphoria
, Biological Psychiatry 49(2): 81-96 (2001)

Amphetamine-induced glutamate efflux in the rat ventral tegmental area is prevented by MK-801, SCH 23390, and ibotenic acid lesions of the prefrontal cortex
, Journal of Neurochemistry 73(4): 1529-1538 (1999)

Amphetamine-induced plasticity of AMPA receptors in the ventral tegmental area: effects on extracellular levels of dopamine and glutamate in freely moving rats
, Journal of Neuroscience: the Official Journal of the Society for Neuroscience 21(16): 6362-6369 (2001)

Amphetamine-induced toxicity in dopamine terminals in CD-1 and C57BL/6J mice: Complex roles for oxygen-based species and temperature regulation
, Neuroscience 107(2): 265-274 (2001)

Amphetamine-induced zif268 mRNA expression in the medial posterior nucleus accumbens in cholecystokinin-A receptor mutant rats
, Neuroscience Letters 281(1): 17-20 (2000)

Amphetamine-like discriminative stimulus effects of ephedrine and its stereoisomers in pigeons
, Experimental and Clinical Psychopharmacology 11(1): 3-8 (2003)

Amphetamine-modified acoustic startle responding and prepulse inhibition in adult and adolescent alcohol-preferring and -nonpreferring rats
, Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior 75(1): 163-171 (2003)

Amphetamine-sensitized animals show a marked increase in dopamine D2 high receptors occupied by endogenous dopamine, even in the absence of acute challenges
, Synapse 46(4): 235-239 (2002)

Amphetamine-stimulated cortical acetylcholine release: Role of the basal forebrain
, Brain Research 894(1): 74-87 (2001)

Amphetamine-type central nervous system stimulants release norepinephrine more potently than they release dopamine and serotonin
, Synapse 39(1): 32-41 (2001)

Amphetamines induce apoptosis and regulation of bcl-x splice variants in neocortical neurons
, FASEB Journal 13(9): 1065-1072 (1999)

Amphi-Atlantic distribution of the subterranean amphipod family Metacrangonyctidae (Crustacea, Gammaridea)
, Contributions to Zoology 70(2): 99-125 (2001)

Amphi-Atlantic phylogeography of direct-developing lineages of Lasaea, a genus of brooding bivalves
, Marine Biology (Berlin) 135(1): 115-122 (1999)

Amphi-Eomes/Tbr1: an amphioxus cognate of vertebrate Eomesodermin and T-Brain1 genes whose expression reveals evolutionarily distinct domain in amphioxus development
, Journal of Experimental Zoology 294(2): 136-145 (2002)

AmphiFoxQ2, a novel winged helix/forkhead gene, exclusively marks the anterior end of the amphioxus embryo
, Development Genes and Evolution 213(2): 102-105 (2003)

Amphiasterins: A new family of cytotoxic metabolites from the marine sponge Plakortis quasiamphiaster
, Tetrahedron 57(1): 257-263, 1 January (2001)

Amphibia and reptilia of the high grasslands of the Sierra de Comechingones, Cordoba, Argentina
, Bulletin of the Maryland Herpetological Society 35(4): 97-114 (1999)

Amphibian DNases I are characterized by a C-terminal end with a unique, cysteine-rich stretch and by the insertion of a serine residue into the Ca2+-binding site
, Biochemical Journal 357(Pt 2): 473-480 (2001)

Amphibian and mammal somatic-cell cloning: different species, common results?
, Trends in Biotechnology 21(11): 471-473 (2003)

Amphibian and reptile diversity along the St. Lawrence River
, Canadian Field-Naturalist 116(4): 551-558 (2002)

Amphibian breeding and climate change
, Conservation Biology 15(6): 1804-1809 (2001)

Amphibian choroid plexus lipocalin, Cpl1
, Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 1482(1-2): 119-126 (2000)

Amphibian declines: An immunological perspective
, Developmental and Comparative Immunology 23(6): 459-472 (1999)

Amphibian declines: Future directions
, Diversity and Distributions 9(2): 151-163 (2003)

Amphibian deformities and Ribeiroia infection: an emerging helminthiasis
, Trends in Parasitology 19(8): 332-335 (2003)

Amphibian diversity in Bolivia: A study with special reference to montane forest regions
, Bonner Zoologische Monographien (48): 5-243 (2000)

Amphibian embryos as a model system for organ engineering: in vitro induction and rescue of the heart anlage
, International Journal of Developmental Biology 43(4): 361-364 (1999)

Amphibian glucagon family peptides: Potent metabolic regulators in fish hepatocytes
, Regulatory Peptides 99(2-3): 111-118 (2001)

Amphibian melanotrope subpopulations respond differentially to hypothalamic secreto-inhibitors
, Neuroendocrinology 73(6): 426-434 (2001)

Amphibian melanotrophs as a model to analyze the secretory plasticity of endocrine cells
, General and Comparative Endocrinology 126(1): 4-6 (2002)

Amphibian metamorphosis as a model for studying the developmental actions of thyroid hormone
, Annales d'Endocrinologie 59(6): 433-442 (1999)

Amphibian micronucleus test in vivo (Jaylet test) to evaluate the genotoxicity of petrochemical waste waters
, Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology 65(2): 168-174 (2000)

Amphibian occurrence in artificial and natural wetlands of the Teanaway and lower Swauk River drainages of Kittitas county, Washington
, Northwest Science 75(1): 84-89 (2001)

Amphibian pain and analgesia
, Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine: Official Publication of the American Association of Zoo Veterinarians 30(1): 2-10 (1999)

Amphibian pepsinogens: purification and characterization of xenopus pepsinogens, and molecular cloning of Xenopus and bullfrog pepsinogens
, Journal of Biochemistry 129(1): 147-153 (2001)

Amphibian sex determination and sex reversal
, Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences: Cmls 55(6-7): 901-909 (1999)

Amphibian swimming traces from the Lower Permian of southern New Mexico
, Palaeontology Oxford y; 46(4): 671-683 (2003)

Amphibian use of constructed ponds on Maryland's eastern shore
, Journal of the Iowa Academy of Science 107(3-4): 151-159 (2000)

Amphibians and reptiles captured in drift fences in Northwest Wisconsin Pine Barrens
, Journal of the Iowa Academy of Science 107(3-4): 182-186 (2000)

Amphibians and reptiles from the Early Miocene of the Bardenas Reales of Navarre (Ebro Basin, Iberian Peninsula)
, Geobios 35(3): 347-365 (2002)

Amphibians and reptiles of Jebel Shams, Oman Mountains (Amphibia; Reptilia)
, Faunistische Abhandlungen 21(1-17 (Suppl): 85-88 (1998)

Amphibians and reptiles of the Dominican Republic: Species of special concern
, Oryx 34(2): 118-128 (2000)

Amphibians and reptiles of the John F. Kennedy Space Center, Florida: A long-term assessment of a large protected habitat (1975-2000)
, Florida Scientist 65(1): 1-12 (2002)

Amphibians and reptiles of the Reserve Naturelle Integrale d'Andohahela, Madagascar
, Fieldiana Zoology 94: 155-173 (1999)

Amphibians and reptiles of the Whetstone Mountains, Arizona
, Southwestern Naturalist 48(3): 347-355 (2003)

Amphibians and reptiles recently recorded from the surroundings of Riberalta (Departamento Beni, Bolivia)
, Casopis Narodniho Muzea Rada Prirodovedna 169(1-4): 1-15 (2000)

Amphibians and squamates from the Neogene Siwalik beds of Jammu and Kashmir, India
, Palaeontologische ZeitschriftDezember; 75(2): 205 (2001)

Amphibians as a model to study endocrine disruptors: I. Environmental pollution and estrogen receptor binding
, Science of the Total Environment 225(1-2): 49-57 (1999)

Amphibians as a model to study endocrine disruptors: II. Estrogenic activity of environmental chemicals in vitro and in vivo
, Science of the Total Environment 225(1-2): 59-68 (1999)

Amphibians from the Acheulean site at Duinefontein 2 (Western Cape, South Africa)
, Journal of Archaeological Science 30(5): 547-557 (2003)

Amphibians, reptiles, and mammals of Sapelo Island, Georgia
, Journal of the Elisha Mitchell Scientific Society 115(2): 104-126 (1999)

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