Characteristics of the pollution of heavy metals in the sediments of Yilihe River, Taihu Basin

Fan-Chengxin [author, Reprint-Author]; Zhu-Yuxin [author, Reprint-Author]; Ji-Zhijun; Zhang-Lu [author, Reprint-Author]; Yang-Longyuan [author, Reprint-Author]

Hupo Kexue 14(3): 235-241


ISSN/ISBN: 1003-5427
Accession: 010300476

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The main heavy metals in the sediments of Yilihe River, Yaihu Basin were analyzed with ICP-analytical method. The comprehensive pollution indexes of heavy metals were calculated by root mean square on the background of the lower layer sediment sample in the inlet of Yilihe River, and the polluted situations were evaluated according to the classified pollution levels. The results showed that the sediments of Yilihe river and its inlet were average in light polluted situation. The north branch streams were not polluted, the south branch streams were in light polluted, and the trunk river, the most polluted, was in average partial middle pollution, but the individual site in the trunk was in heavy polluted situation. Of all the metals Cu, Zn, Cd and Pb were evaluated to be higher pollution indexes, of which only Cd contents exceeded the one-class natural background level of China, being Cd-type pollution. The pollution reason was inferred to be relative to the pollution discharge of manufacturing industries of cement, nonferrous metal smelt plants.