Clinical review of 10 cases with adult T-cell leukemia lymphoma of Waldeyer's ring

Kojya, S.

Jibi Inkoka Tokeibu Geka 72(4): 253-256


Accession: 010332079

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DNA examination was recently developed for adult T-cell leukemia lymphoma (ATLL) in Waldeyer's ring. In our clinic 10 patients with Waldeyer's ring ATLL were treated during past 18 years. At first visit these 10 patients showed clinical and laboratory findings almost compatible with other non-ATLL malignant lymphoma of Waldeyer's ring. The clinical stage of these patients distributed from I to IV with no particular clinical and pathological tendency. All patients were treated with combined chemo-radiotherapy. Although the first therapeutic course was effective to the lesion in head and neck of these patients, almost all relapsed soon after the first therapy, and they showed poor clinical course with dissemination of lymphoma cells to other region. There was no long survivor in these 10 patients with ATLL of Waldeyer's ring, but the patients with early clinical stage showed relative long surviving time.