Section 11
Chapter 10,336

Cloning and characterization of the mouse polyamine-modulated factor-1 (mPMF-1) gene: an alternatively spliced homologue of the human transcription factor

Wang, Y.; Devereux, W.; Woster, P.M.; Casero, R.A.

Biochemical Journal 359(Pt 2): 387-392


ISSN/ISBN: 0264-6021
PMID: 11583586
Accession: 010335701

The natural polyamines and their analogues have been implicated in transcriptional regulation of specific genes. Human polyamine-modulated factor-1 (hPMF-1) was the first polyamine-responsive transcription factor identified. Here the mouse homologue of the hPMF-1 gene is described. Interestingly, the mouse gene (mPMF-1) codes for two alternatively spliced mRNAs.

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