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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 10381

Chapter 10381 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Fanselow, Michael, S., 2000:
Contextual fear, gestalt memories, and the hippocampus

Ameli, R.; Ip, C.; Grillon, C., 2001:
Contextual fear-potentiated startle conditioning in humans: Replication and extension

Kochetov, A.V.; Syrnik, O.A.; Rogosin, I.B.; Glazko, G.V.; Komarova, M.L.; Shumny, V.K., 2002:
Contextual features of mRNA 5'-untranslated regions of higher plants

Olson, I.R.; Chun, M.M.; Allison, T., 2001:
Contextual guidance of attention: human intracranial event-related potential evidence for feedback modulation in anatomically early temporally late stages of visual processing

Li, W.; Thier, P.; Wehrhahn, C., 2000:
Contextual influence on orientation discrimination of humans and responses of neurons in V1 of alert monkeys

Mareschal, I.; Sceniak, M.P.; Shapley, R.M., 2001:
Contextual influences on orientation discrimination: Binding local and global cues

Danilova, M.V.; Bondarko, V.M., 2002:
Contextual influences on the detection of orientation of a test grating at the resolution limit of the human visual system

Sun, H-Jin.; Zhao, J.; Southall, T.L.; Xu, B., 2002:
Contextual influences on the directional responses of tectal cells in pigeons

Bornkessel, I.; Schlesewsky, M.; Friederici, A.D., 2003:
Contextual information modulates initial processes of syntactic integration: the role of inter- versus intrasentential predictions

Rossi, A.F.; Desimone, R.; Ungerleider, L.G., 2001:
Contextual modulation in primary visual cortex of macaques

Gerber, B.; Menzel, R., 2000:
Contextual modulation of memory consolidation

Vidnyanszky, Z.; Papathomas, T.V.; Julesz, B., 2001:
Contextual modulation of orientation discrimination is independent of stimulus processing time

Handel, A.; Glimcher, P.W., 2000:
Contextual modulation of substantia nigra pars reticulata neurons

Weich, S.; Twigg, L.; Holt, G.; Lewis, G.; Jones, K., 2003:
Contextual risk factors for the common mental disorders in Britain: a multilevel investigation of the effects of place

Glennan, Stuart, 2002:
Contextual unanimity and the units of selection problem

Howard, M.W.; Kahana, M.J., 1999:
Contextual variability and serial position effects in free recall

Mitchell, J.P.; Nosek, B.A.; Banaji, M.R., 2003:
Contextual variations in implicit evaluation

Ammassari-Teule, M.; Restivo, L.; Passino, E., 2000:
Contextual-dependent effects of nucleus accumbens lesions on spatial learning in mice

Moes, D.R.; Frea, W.D., 2002:
Contextualized behavioral support in early intervention for children with autism and their families

McCubbin, H.I.; McCubbin, M.A.; Thompson, A.I.; Han, S.Y., 1999:
Contextualizing family risk factors for alcoholism and alcohol abuse

Ding, Y.; Johnson, M.D.; Colayco, R.; Chen, Y.J.; Melnyk, J.; Schmitt, H.; Shizuya, H., 1999:
Contig assembly of bacterial artificial chromosome clones through multiplexed fluorescence-labeled fingerprinting

Soderlund, C.; Humphray, S.; Dunham, A.; French, L., 2000:
Contigs built with fingerprints, markers, and FPC V4.7

Ford, W.M.rk; Menzel, M.A.; Mccay, T.S.; Laerm, J., 2001:
Contiguous allopatry of the masked shrew and southeastern shrew in the southern Appalachians: Segregation along an elevational and habitat gradient

Li, Y.J.n; Pak, B.J.; Higgins, R.R.; Lu, S.J.ang; Ben David, Y., 2001:
Contiguous arrangement of p45 NFE2, HnRNP Al, and HPI alpha on mouse chromosome 15 and human chromosome 12: Evidence for suppression of these genes due to retroviral integration within the Fli-2 locus

Asghar, M.; Nevin, N.C.; Beattie, E.D.; Mcmanus, D.; Roberts, G.; Phillips, J.A., 1999:
Contiguous gene deletion syndrome involving glycerol kinase and Duchenne muscular dystrophy loci

Van Der Werf, B.A.; Hidaka, T.; Creed, K.E., 2000:
Continence and some properties of the urethral striated muscle of male greyhounds

Santucci, R.A.; Park, C.H.; Mayo, M.E.; Lange, P.H., 1999:
Continence and urodynamic parameters of continent urinary reservoirs: Comparison of gastric, ileal, ileocolic, right colon, and sigmoid segments

Aboseif, S.R.; Borirakchanyavat, S.; Lue, T.F.; Carroll, P.R., 1998:
Continence mechanism of the ileal neobladder in women; A urodynamics study

Steiner, Mitchell, S., 2000:
Continence-preserving anatomic radical retropubic prostatectomy

Mcandrew, H.F.; Malone, P.S.J., 2002:
Continent catheterizable conduits: Which stoma, which conduit and which reservoir?

Kato, H.; Igawa, Y.; Kiyokawa, H.; Iwata, K.; Nishizawa, O., 2000:
Continent ileal pouch using the serous-lined principle

Moore, D.K.; Kwon, E.E.; Donovan, J.F., 2002:
Continent jejunal reservoir dialysis for end-stage renal disease: is it possible?

Zommick, J.N.; Simoneau, A.R.; Skinner, D.G.; Ginsberg, D.A., 2003:
Continent lower urinary tract reconstruction in the cervical spinal cord injured population

Husain, A.; Curtin, J.; Brown, C.; Chi, D.; Hoskins, W.; Poynor, E.; Alektiar, K.; Barakat, R., 2000:
Continent urinary diversion and low-rectal anastomosis in patients undergoing exenterative procedures for recurrent gynecologic malignancies

Surer, I.; Ferrer, F.A.; Baker, L.A.; Gearhart, J.P., 2003:
Continent urinary diversion and the exstrophy-epispadias complex

Frimberger, D.; Lakshmanan, Y.; Gearhart, J.P., 2003:
Continent urinary diversions in the exstrophy complex: why do they fail?

Parekh, D.J.; Gilbert, W.B.rritt; Koch, M.O.; Smith, J.A.Jr, 2000:
Continent urinary reconstruction versus ileal conduit: A contemporary single-institution comparison of perioperative morbidity and mortality

Mansson, W.; Davidsson, T.; Konyves, J.; Liedberg, F.; Mansson, A.; Wullt, B., 2003:
Continent urinary tract reconstruction: The Lund experience

Richter, F.; Stock, J.A.; Hanna, M.K., 2002:
Continent vesicostomy in the absence of the appendix: Three methods in 16 children

Inoue, K.; Megumi, Y.; Nishimura, K.; Horiguchi, Y., 2000:
Continent vesicostomy using an appendix conduit for recurrence of Fournier's gangrene: A case report

Barreda, V.; Palamarczuk, S., 2000:
Continental and marine palynomorphs from the type area of the Monte Leon Formation, Santa Cruz Province, Argentina

Forster, P.; Cali, F.; Rohl, A.; Metspalu, E.; D'anna, R.; Mirisola, M.; D.L.o, G.; Flugy, A.; Salerno, A.; Ayala, G.; Kouvatsi, A.; Villems, R.; Romano, V., 2002:
Continental and subcontinental distributions of mtDNA control region types

Maisey, John, G., 2000:
Continental break up and the distribution of fishes of Western Gondwana during the Early Cretaceous

Pazos, O.; Nombela, M.A.; Vilas, F., 2000:
Continental contribution of suspended sediment to an estuary: Ria de Vigo

De, Chirananda, 2002:
Continental mayfly burrows within relict-ground in inter-tidal beach profile of Bay of Bengal coast: A new ichnological evidence of Holocene marine transgression

L.F.rla, B.; Taplin, J.; Ockwell, D.; Lovett, J.C., 2002:
Continental scale patterns of biodiversity: Can higher taxa accurately predict African plant distributions?

Madrid Vera, J.; Ruiz Luna, A.; Rosado Bravo, I., 1998:
Continental shelf fishes from Michoacan and its regional relationships in the Mexican Pacific

Sternberg, R.W.; Nowell, A.R.M., 1999:
Continental shelf sedimentology: Scales of investigation define future research opportunities

Gutierrez-Mas, J.M.; Sanchez-Bellon, A.; Achab, M.; Ruiz-Segura, J.; Gonzalez-Caballero, J.L.; Parrado-Roman, J.M.; Lopez-Aguayo, F., 1999:
Continental shelf zones influenced by the suspended matter flows coming from Cadiz Bay

Koslow, J.A.; Boehlert, G.W.; Gordon, J.D.M.; Haedrich, R.L.; Lorance, P.; Parin, N., 2000:
Continental slope and deep-sea fisheries: Implications for a fragile ecosystem

Roshier, D.; Robertson, A.; Kingsford, R.; Green, D., 2001:
Continental-scale interactions with temporary resources may explain the paradox of large populations of desert waterbirds in Australia

Ninness, H.A.C.ris; Ninness, S.K., 1999:
Contingencies of superstition: Self-generated rules and responding during second-order response-independent schedules

Piane, G., 2000:
Contingency contracting and systematic desensitization for heroin addicts in methadone maintenance programs

Piotrowski, N.A.; Tusel, D.J.; Sees, K.L.; Reilly, P.M.; Banys, P.; Meek, P.; Hall, S.M., 1999:
Contingency contracting with monetary reinforcers for abstinence from multiple drugs in a methadone program

Bron, A.; Sumpter, C.E.; Foster, T.Mary.; Temple, W., 2003:
Contingency discriminability, matching, and bias in the concurrent-schedule responding of possums (Trichosurus vulpecula)

Petry, N.M.; Martin, B.; Finocche, C., 2001:
Contingency management in group treatment: A demonstration project in an HIV drop-in center

Griffith, J.D.; Rowan Szal, G.A.; Roark, R.R.; Simpson, D.D.ayne, 2000:
Contingency management in outpatient methadone treatment: A meta-analysis

Corby, E.A.; Roll, J.M.; Ledgerwood, D.M.; Schuster, C.R., 2000:
Contingency management interventions for treating the substance abuse of adolescents: a feasibility study

Kaminer, Yifrah, 2000:
Contingency management reinforcement procedures for adolescent substance abuse

Carroll, K.M.; Sinha, R.; Nich, C.; Babuscio, T.; Rounsaville, B.J., 2002:
Contingency management to enhance naltrexone treatment of opioid dependence: a randomized clinical trial of reinforcement magnitude

Suzuki, T.; Moriyama, T., 1999:
Contingency of food reinforcement necessary for maintenance of imprinted responses in chicks

Bakker, J.D.; Wilson, S.D.; Christian, J.M.; Li, X.; Ambrose, L.G.; Waddington, J., 2003:
Contingency of grassland restoration on year, site, and competition from introduced grasses

Muris, P.; Schouten, E.; Meesters, C.; Gijsbers, H., 2003:
Contingency-competence-control-related beliefs and symptoms of anxiety and depression in a young adolescent sample

Grimm, J.W.; Kruzich, P.J.; See, R.E., 2000:
Contingent access to stimuli associated with cocaine self-administration is required for reinstatement of drug-seeking behavior

Winsauer, P.J.; Moerschbaecher, J.M.; Molina, P.E.; Roussell, A.M., 2003:
Contingent and noncontingent cocaine administration in rhesus monkeys: a comparison of the effects on the acquisition and performance of response sequences

Atchley, P.; Kramer, A.F.; Hillstrom, A.P., 2000:
Contingent capture for onsets and offsets: attentional set for perceptual transients

Lippman, L.G.; Leritz, L.E., 2002:
Contingent magnitude of reward in a human operant IRT>15-S-LH schedule

Lippman, L.G.; Tragesser, S.L., 2003:
Contingent magnitude of reward in modified human-operant drl-LH and crf schedules

Tidey, J.W.; O'Neill, S.C.; Higgins, S.T., 2002:
Contingent monetary reinforcement of smoking reductions, with and without transdermal nicotine, in outpatients with schizophrenia

Cherniak, Z.V.; Zenkov, L.R.; Iakhno, N.N., 2003:
Contingent negative deviation in children with headaches

Heimberg, D.R.; Naber, G.; Hemmeter, U.; Zechner, S.; Witzke, W.; Gerhard, U.; Dittmann, V.; Holsboer-Trachsler, E.; Hobi, V., 1999:
Contingent negative variation and attention in schizophrenic and depressed patients

Kropp, P.; Linstedt, U.; Niederberger, U.; Gerber, W.D., 2001:
Contingent negative variation and attentional performance in humans

Costa, M.; Stegagno, L.; Schandry, R.; Bitti, P.E.rico Ricci, 1998:
Contingent negative variation and cognitive performance in hypotension

Hansenne, M.; Ansseau, M. , 2001:
Contingent negative variation and personality in depression

Torigoe, K.; Numata, O.; Sato, T.; Imai, C.; Takeuchi, K.; Yamazaki, H.; Hotta, H.; Boku, N.; Yazaki, S.; Sudo, S.; Kuwabara, A.; Hasegawa, S.; Hiura, M.; Ino, H., 1999:
Contingent negative variation in children with anorexia nervosa

Torigoe, K.; Numata, O.; Ogawa, Y.; Kaneko, U.; Usuda, T.; Imamura, M.; Takeuchi, K.; Suzuki, H.; Endo, H., 2001:
Contingent negative variation in children with orthostatic dysregulation

Siniatchkin, M.; Gerber, W.D.; Kropp, P.; Vein, A., 1998:
Contingent negative variation in patients with chronic daily headache

Siniatchkin, M.; Kropp, P.; Gerber, W.D.eter, 2001:
Contingent negative variation in subjects at risk for migraine without aura

Strenge, H.; Kropp, P.; Hoffmeister, J.; Verri, A.; Galli, C.; Gerber, W.D.eter, 1999:
Contingent negative variation indicates phasic arousal for externally cued unilateral eye blink in human subjects

Quer, J.; Hershey, C.L.; Domingo, E.; Holland, J.J.; Novella, I.S., 2001:
Contingent neutrality in competing viral populations

Torres, E.; Rosen, M.K., 2003:
Contingent phosphorylation/dephosphorylation provides a mechanism of molecular memory in WASP

Sigmon, S.C.; Steingard, S.; Badger, G.J.; Anthony, S.L.; Higgins, S.T., 2000:
Contingent reinforcement of marijuana abstinence among individuals with serious mental illness: a feasibility study

Jahoda, A.; Trower, P.; Pert, C.; Finn, D., 2001:
Contingent reinforcement or defending the self? A review of evolving models of aggression in people with mild learning disabilities

Chutuape, M.A.n; Silverman, K.; Stitzer, M., 1999:
Contingent reinforcement sustains post-detoxification abstinence from multiple drugs: A preliminary study with methadone patients

Hall, D.C.; Hall, J.V.; Murray, S.N., 2002:
Contingent valuation of Marine Protected Areas: Southern California rocky intertidal ecosystems

Carson, Richard, T., 2000:
Contingent valuation: A user's guide

Peterson, M.S.; Belopolsky, A.V.; Kramer, A.F., 2003:
Contingent visual marking by transients

Gourinard, Yves, 2001:
Continu et discontinu dans une evolution de foraminiferes planctoniques du Cretace superieur

Manderson, A.P.; Pickering, M.C.; Botto, M.; Walport, M.J.; Parish, C.R., 2001:
Continual low-level activation of the classical complement pathway

Osada, T.; Ikai, A.; Costanzo, R.M.; Matsuoka, M.; Ichikawa, M., 1999:
Continual neurogenesis of vomeronasal neurons in vitro

O'Luanaigh, N.; Pardo, R.; Fensome, A.; Allen-Baume, V.; Jones, D.; Holt, M.R.; Cockcroft, S., 2002:
Continual production of phosphatidic acid by phospholipase D is essential for antigen-stimulated membrane ruffling in cultured mast cells

Kramar, A.; Lebecq, A.; Candalh, E., 1999:
Continual reassessment methods in phase I trials of the combination of two drugs in oncology

Kato, T.; Yokouchi, K.; Fukushima, N.; Kawagishi, K.; Li, Z.; Moriizumi, T., 2001:
Continual replacement of newly-generated olfactory neurons in adult rats

Smith, L.J.; Shih, A.; Miletic, G.; Miletic, V., 2002:
Continual systemic infusion of lidocaine provides analgesia in an animal model of neuropathic pain

Gupta, N., 2001:
Continuation ECT for chronic depression

Walters, G.; Reynolds, C.F.; Mulsant, B.H.; Pollock, B.G., 1999:
Continuation and maintenance pharmacotherapy in geriatric depression: an open-trial comparison of paroxetine and nortriptyline in patients older than 70 years

Endo, T.; Honnma, H.; Hayashi, T.; Chida, M.; Yamazaki, K.; Kitajima, Y.; Azumaguchi, A.; Kamiya, H.; Kudo, R., 2002:
Continuation of GnRH agonist administration for 1 week, after hCG injection, prevents ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome following elective cryopreservation of all pronucleate embryos

Bongale, R.N.; Tekell, J.L.; Haraguchi, G.E.; Navarro, E.M., 2001:
Continuation of clozapine after priapism

Vahl, N.; Juul, A.; Jørgensen, J.O.; Orskov, H.; Skakkebaek, N.E.; Christiansen, J.S., 2000:
Continuation of growth hormone (GH) replacement in GH-deficient patients during transition from childhood to adulthood: a two-year placebo-controlled study

Nørrelund, H.; Møller, N.; Nair, K.S.; Christiansen, J.S.; Jørgensen, J.O., 2001:
Continuation of growth hormone (GH) substitution during fasting in GH-deficient patients decreases urea excretion and conserves protein synthesis

Nørrelund, H.; Vahl, N.; Juul, A.; Møller, N.; Alberti, K.G.; Skakkebaek, N.E.; Christiansen, J.S.; Jørgensen, J.O., 2000:
Continuation of growth hormone (GH) therapy in GH-deficient patients during transition from childhood to adulthood: impact on insulin sensitivity and substrate metabolism

Avants, S.K.lly; Warburton, L.A.; Hawkins, K.A.; Margolin, A., 2000:
Continuation of high-risk behavior by HIV-positive drug users: Treatment implications

Sherry, B.; Mei, Z.; Yip, R., 2001:
Continuation of the decline in prevalence of anemia in low-income infants and children in five states

Lyons, K.A.; Brilli, R.J.; Wieman, R.A.; Jacobs, B.R., 2002:
Continuation of transpyloric feeding during weaning of mechanical ventilation and tracheal extubation in children: a randomized controlled trial

Sackeim, H.A.; Haskett, R.F.; Mulsant, B.H.; Thase, M.E.; Mann, J.J.; Pettinati, H.M.; Greenberg, R.M.; Crowe, R.R.; Cooper, T.B.; Prudic, J., 2001:
Continuation pharmacotherapy in the prevention of relapse following electroconvulsive therapy: a randomized controlled trial

Weihs, K.L.; Houser, T.L.; Batey, S.R.; Ascher, J.A.; Bolden Watson, C.; Donahue, R.M.J.; Metz, A., 2002:
Continuation phase treatment with bupropion SR effectively decreases the risk for relapse of depression

Crosignani, P.G.; Rubin, B.L., 2000:
Continuation rates for oral contraceptives and hormone replacement therapy

Hunt, P.W.; Deeks, S.G.; Rodriguez, B.; Valdez, H.; Shade, S.B.; Abrams, D.I.; Kitahata, M.M.; Krone, M.; Neilands, T.B.; Brand, R.J.; Lederman, M.M.; Martin, J.N., 2003:
Continued CD4 cell count increases in HIV-infected adults experiencing 4 years of viral suppression on antiretroviral therapy

Lee, W.T.; Pasos, G.; Cecchini, L.; Mittler, J.N., 2002:
Continued antigen stimulation is not required during CD4(+) T cell clonal expansion

Kiemeneij, F.; Serruys, P.W.; Macaya, C.; Rutsch, W.; Heyndrickx, G.; Albertsson, P.; Fajadet, J.; Legrand, V.; Materne, P.; Belardi, J.; Sigwart, U.; Colombo, A.; Goy, J.J.cques; Disco, C.M.C.; Morel, M.A.gele, 2001:
Continued benefit of coronary stenting versus balloon angioplasty: Five-year clinical follow-up of Benestent-I trial

Cauley, J.A.; Norton, L.; Lippman, M.E.; Eckert, S.; Krueger, K.A.; Purdie, D.W.; Farrerons, J.; Karasik, A.; Mellstrom, D.; Ng, K.W.h; Stepan, J.J.; Powles, T.J.; Morrow, M.; Costa, A.; Silfen, S.L.; Walls, E.L.; Schmitt, H.; Muchmore, D.B.; Jordan, V.C.ai, 2001:
Continued breast cancer risk reduction in postmenopausal women treated with raloxifene: 4-Year results from the MORE trial

Onyango, A.W.; Esrey, S.A.; Kramer, M.S., 2000:
Continued breastfeeding and child growth in the second year of life: a prospective cohort study in western Kenya

Nenes, A.; Pandis, S.N.; Pilinis, C., 1999:
Continued development and testing of a new thermodynamic aerosol module for urban and regional air quality models

Roguin, A.; Grenadier, E.; Linn, S.; Markiewicz, W.; Beyar, R., 1999:
Continued expansion of the nitinol self-expanding coronary stent: Angiographic analysis and 1-year clinical follow-up

Sekharan, J.; Dennis, J.W.; Veldenz, H.C.; Miranda, F.; Frykberg, E.R., 2000:
Continued experience with physical examination alone for evaluation and management of penetrating zone 2 neck injuries: results of 145 cases

Li, T-Tong.; Han, S.; Cubbage, M.; Zheng, B., 2002:
Continued expression of recombination-activating genes and TCR gene recombination in human peripheral T cells

Kaufman, R.H.; Adam, E.; Hatch, E.E.; Noller, K.; Herbst, A.L.; Palmer, J.R.; Hoover, R.N., 2000:
Continued follow-up of pregnancy outcomes in diethylstilbestrol-exposed offspring

Iihara, K.; Murao, K.; Sakai, N.; Soeda, A.; Ishibashi-Ueda, H.; Yutani, C.; Yamada, N.; Nagata, I., 2003:
Continued growth of and increased symptoms from a thrombosed giant aneurysm of the vertebral artery after complete endovascular occlusion and trapping: the role of vasa vasorum. Case report

Best, D.; Gossop, M.; Stewart, D.; Marsden, J.; Lehmann, P.; Strang, J., 1999:
Continued heroin use during methadone treatment: Relationships between frequency of use and reasons reported for heroin use

Vanichseni, S.; Kitayaporn, D.; Mastro, T.D.; Mock, P.A.; Raktham, S.; Des Jarlais, D.C.; Sujarita, S.; Srisuwanvilai, L.O.; Young, N.L.; Wasi, C.; Subbarao, S.; Heyward, W.L.; Esparza, L.; Choopanya, K., 2001:
Continued high HIV-1 incidence in a vaccine trial preparatory cohort of injection drug users in Bangkok, Thailand

Miguez-Burbano, M.Jose.; Pineda-Medina, L.; Lecusay, R.; Page, J.Bryan.; Castillo, G.; Burbano, X.; Rodriguez, A.; Rodriguez, N.; Shor-Posner, G., 2002:
Continued high risk behaviors in HIV infected drug abusers

Schafer, W.; Tammela, T.L.J.; Barrett, D.M.; Abrams, P.; Hedlund, H.; Rollema, H.J.; Nordling, J.; Andersen, J.T.; Hald, T.; Matos Ferriera, A.; Bruskewitz, R.; Miller, P.; Mustonen, S.; Cannon, A.; Malice, M.P.erre; Jacobsen, C.A.; Bach, M.A.; Finasteride Urodynamics Study Group, 1999:
Continued improvement in pressure-flow parameters in men receiving finasteride for 2 years

Gaster, A.L.; Slothuus Skjoldborg, U.; Larsen, J.; Korsholm, L.; von Birgelen, C.; Jensen, S.; Thayssen, P.; Pedersen, K.E.; Haghfelt, T.H., 2003:
Continued improvement of clinical outcome and cost effectiveness following intravascular ultrasound guided PCI: insights from a prospective, randomised study

Arnaiz, J.A.; Mallolas, J.; Podzamczer, D.; Gerstoft, J.; Lundgren, J.D.; Cahn, P.; Fätkenheuer, G.; D'Arminio-Monforte, A.; Casiró, A.; Reiss, P.; Burger, D.M.; Stek, M.; Gatell, Jé.M., 2003:
Continued indinavir versus switching to indinavir/ritonavir in HIV-infected patients with suppressed viral load

Kuritzkes, D.R.; Bassett, R.L.; Johnson, V.A.; Marschner, I.C.; Eron, J.J.; Sommadossi, J.P.; Acosta, E.P.; Murphy, R.L.; Fife, K.; Wood, K.; Bell, D.; Martinez, A.; Pettinelli, C.B., 2000:
Continued lamivudine versus delavirdine in combination with indinavir and zidovudine or stavudine in lamivudine-experienced patients: results of Adult AIDS Clinical Trials Group protocol 370

Beaver, R.S.; Dunlop, S.A.; Harman, A.M.; Stirling, R.V.; Easter, S.S.; Roberts, J.D.; Beazley, L.D., 2001:
Continued neurogenesis is not a pre-requisite for regeneration of a topographic retino-tectal projection

Hribar, Lawrence, J., 1999:
Continued presence of Anopheles albimanus (Diptera: Culicidae) in Monroe County, Florida

Lindeborg, E.; Kumagai Braesch, M.; Tibell, A.; Moller, E., 2001:
Continued production of xenoimmune antibodies 6-8 years after clinical transplantation of fetal pig islet-like cell-clusters

Su, E.N.ng; Alder, V.A.; Yu, D.Y.; Yu, P.K.; Cringle, S.J.; Yogesan, K., 2000:
Continued progression of retinopathy despite spontaneous recovery to normoglycemia in a long-term study of streptozotocin-induced diabetes in rats

Wilson, Kenneth, A., 2002:
Continued pteridophyte invasion of Hawaii

Diamond, C.; Buskin, S., 2000:
Continued risky behavior in HIV-infected youth

Morris, C.A.; Vlassoff, A.; Bisset, S.A.; Baker, R.L.; Watson, T.G.; West, C.J.; Wheeler, M., 2000:
Continued selection of Romney sheep for resistance or susceptibility to nematode infection: Estimates of direct and correlated responses

Aaberge, L.; Rootwelt, K.; Blomhoff, S.; Saatvedt, K.; Abdelnoor, M.; Forfang, K., 2002:
Continued symptomatic improvement three to five years after transmyocardial revascularization with CO2 laser: A late clinical follow-up of the Norwegian Randomized trial with transmyocardial revascularization

Mansson, A.-Sofie; Moestrup, T.; Nordenfelt, E.; Widell, A., 2000:
Continued transmission of hepatitis B and C viruses, but no transmission of human immunodeficiency virus among intravenous drug users participating in a syringe/needle exchange program

Claessens, A.; Heerdink, E.R.; Van-Eijk, J.; Lamers, C.; Leufkens, H., 2000:
Continued use of the proton-pump inhibitor lansoprazole following Helicobacter pylori eradication

Hankins, C.; Alary, M.; Parent, R.; Blanchette, C.; Claessens, C., 2002:
Continuing HIV transmission among injection drug users in Eastern Central Canada: the SurvUDI Study, 1995 to 2000

Mucklow, J.C., 2001:
Continuing Medical Education in Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics: Report of a questionnaire survey

Letz, R., 2003:
Continuing challenges for computer-based neuropsychological tests

Nooij, M.A.; D.H.es, J.C.J.M.; Beex, L.V.A.M.; Wildiers, J.; Klijn, J.; Becquart, D.; Jassem, J.; Engelsman, E.; Duchateau, L., 2003:
Continuing chemotherapy or not after the induction treatment in advanced breast cancer patients: Clinical outcomes and oncologists' preferences

Kershaw, P.J.; Mccubbin, D.; Leonard, K.S., 1999:
Continuing contamination of north Atlantic and Arctic waters by Sellafield radionuclides

Vandenbroucke, Jan, P., 2003:
Continuing controversies over risks and rates: More than a century after William Farr's On prognosis

Das, S.K.; Brow, T.D.; Pepper, J., 2000:
Continuing controversy in the management of concomitant coronary and carotid disease: An overview

Specht, S.; Organisciak, D.T.; Darrow, R.M.; Leffak, M., 2000:
Continuing damage to rat retinal DNA during darkness following light exposure

Young, J.O.; Reynoldson, T.B., 1999:
Continuing dispersal of freshwater triclads (Platyhelminthes; Turbellaria) in Britain with particular reference to lakes

Lurie, P.; Wolfe, S.M., 2002:
Continuing exposure to hexavalent chromium, a known lung carcinogen: an analysis of OSHA compliance inspections, 1990-2000

Scarpelli, P.Tommaso.; Gallo, M.; D.C.saris, F.; Chiari, G.; Dedola, G.; Cappeli, S.; Becucci, A.; Becherelli, P.; Tosi, B.; Fanetti, C.; Fanelli, R., 2002:
Continuing follow-up of malignant hypertension

Larsson, K.; Jeugd, H., P.V.n-Der, 1998:
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Continuous cardiac output monitoring system

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Continuous control system in food production: Chlorine in the quality assessment of poultry

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Continuous counter-current extraction process of flavor and taste of shiitake mushroom (Lentinula edodes Sing)

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Continuous cultivation of the yeast Candida utilis at different dilution rates on pineapple cannery effluent

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Continuous epidural administration of droperidol to prevent postoperative nausea and vomiting

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Continuous four-dimensional source attribution for the Berlin area during two days in July 1994. Part II: Sensitivity studies

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Continuous image and electrophysiological recording with real-time processing and control

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Continuous in situ monitoring of the dissolution rate of solid pharmaceutical preparations using a multiple channel fiber-optic chemical sensor

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Continuous intracellular recording from mammalian neurons exposed to hyperbaric helium, oxygen, or air

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Continuous long-term monitoring of UV radiation in professional mountain guides reveals extremely high exposure

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Continuous long-term monitoring of daily foraging patterns in three species of lappet moth caterpillars (Lasiocampidae)

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Continuous loss of oocytes throughout meiotic prophase in the normal mouse ovary

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Continuous multilead ST-segment monitoring should be a part of the clinical routine

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