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Contribution to the study of hysterocinetidae Ciliates of the genus Ptychostomum. Description of six new species

Ngassam, P.; Grain, J.

European Journal of Protistology 36(3): 285-292


ISSN/ISBN: 0932-4739
DOI: 10.1016/s0932-4739(00)80004-8
Accession: 010383399

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Six new species of Ciliates belonging to the genus Ptychostomum are described. They were found in the intestine of Glossoscolecidae Oligochaetes of the genus Alma from Cameroon. Though their organizational plan is basically the one of the genus and of the family Hysterocinetidae, the variability of certain particular characteristics confirms the existence of a large diversity within the genus, that forces reexamination of the diagnosis of the genus Ptychostomum.

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