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DOTA-D-Tyr (1) -octreotate: a somatostatin analogue for labeling with metal and halogen radionuclides for cancer imaging and therapy

Li, W.P.; Lewis, J.S.; Kim, J.; Bugaj, J.E.; Johnson, M.A.; Erion, J.L.; Anderson, C.J.

Bioconjugate Chemistry 13(4): 721-728


ISSN/ISBN: 1043-1802
PMID: 12121126
DOI: 10.1021/bc015590k
Accession: 010414954

The goal of this study was to evaluate a somatostatin receptor ligand, DOTA-D-Tyr(1)-octreotate (DOTA-DY1-TATE), that has the chelator 1,4,7,10-tetraazacyclotetradecane-N,N',N'',N'"-tetraacetic acid (DOTA) attached to the D-Tyr(1) residue, allowing radiolabeling with both radiohalogens and radiometals. A potential advantage of having a chelator attached to the Tyr(1) residue is that halogen radiolabels may residualize or remain trapped in tumor cells rather than clear from the tumor. DOTA-DY1-TATE was synthesized by solid-phase methods and radiolabeled with (61)Cu, (64)Cu, and (125)I in high radiochemical purity and specific activity. A competitive binding assay demonstrated that (nat)Cu-DOTA-DY1-TATE and DOTA-(nat)I-DY1-TATE had comparable affinity to (nat)In-DTPA-OC in AR42J rat pancreatic tumor cells membranes. (61)Cu-DOTA-DY1-TATE had a dissociation constant (K(d)) of 176.4 pM and a receptor concentration (B(max)) of 244.4 fmol/mg. A tumor uptake of 1.515 %ID/g was determined for (64)Cu-DOTA-DY1-TATE and 0.814 %ID/g for DOTA-(125)I-DY1-TATE in AR42J tumor bearing Lewis rats at 1 h postinjection. DOTA-(125)I-DY1-TATE remained in the tumor at a higher concentration out to 4 h postinjection, suggesting that the iodine may have residualized in the tumor cells. MicroPET imaging of (64)Cu-DOTA-DY1-TATE in AR42J tumor bearing rats and SCID mice at 2 h postinjection showed significant uptake and good contrast in the thigh tumors in the rat model and in the neck and thigh tumors of the mouse. This study demonstrates that DOTA-DY1-TATE is a somatostatin analogue that can be labeled with both metal and halogen radionuclides, and its (64)Cu- and (125)I-radiolabeled compounds showed somatostatin receptor-mediated uptake in normal and tumor tissues.

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