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Dental microwear in relation to diet in blue duiker and common duiker (Cephalophinae, Bovidae, Mammalia) in South Africa

Kigozi, F.; Bernard, R.

Annals of the Eastern Cape Museums 2: 1-8


Accession: 010426910

The blue duiker (Philantomba monticola Thunberg, 1789) and grey or common duiker (Sylvicapra grimmia Linnaeus, 1758) represent two of the three duiker species occurring in southern Africa. Whilst some work has been published on the relationship between dental microwear and diet in a number of antelope species, nothing is documented for duikers. Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) analysis was used to study dental microwear on the second lower molars of the blue duiker and common duiker specimens collected from the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa and housed in the Shortridge Mammal Collection at the Amathole Museum. Although there were no significant differences in the dental microwear of the two duiker species, results confirmed that the two are browsing species with a high incidence of pits on their dental surfaces, an attribute due to the presence of fruit in their diet.

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