Differentially expressed genes in gastric tumors identified by cDNA array

Meireles, S.I.; Carvalho, A.F.; Hirata, R.; Montagnini, Aé.L.; Martins, W.K.; Runza, F.B.; Stolf, B.S.; Termini, L.; Neto, C.E.M.; Silva, R.L.A.; Soares, F.A.; Neves, E.Jordão.; Reis, L.F.L.

Cancer Letters 190(2): 199-211


ISSN/ISBN: 0304-3835
PMID: 12565175
DOI: 10.1016/s0304-3835(02)00587-6
Accession: 010470370

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Using cDNA fragments from the FAPESP/lICR Cancer Genome Project, we constructed a cDNA array having 4512 elements and determined gene expression in six normal and six tumor gastric tissues. Using t-statistics, we identified 80 cDNAs whose expression in normal and tumor samples differed more than 3.5 sample standard deviations. Using Self-Organizing Map, the expression profile of these cDNAs allowed perfect separation of malignant and non-malignant samples. Using the supervised learning procedure Support Vector Machine, we identified trios of cDNAs that could be used to classify samples as normal or tumor, based on single-array analysis. Finally, we identified genes with altered linear correlation when their expression in normal and tumor samples were compared. Further investigation concerning the function of these genes could contribute to the understanding of gastric carcinogenesis and may prove useful in molecular diagnostics.