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Direct wiring of cytochrome c's heme unit to an electrode: electrochemical studies

Wei, J.; Liu, H.; Dick, A.R.; Yamamoto, H.; He, Y.; Waldeck, D.H.

Journal of the American Chemical Society 124(32): 9591-9599


ISSN/ISBN: 0002-7863
PMID: 12167054
Accession: 010475855

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A novel strategy for the immobilization of cytochrome c on the surface of chemically modified electrodes is demonstrated and used to investigate the protein's electron-transfer kinetics. Mixed monolayer films of alkanethiols and omega-terminated alkanethiols (terminated with pyridine, imidazole, or nitrile groups that are able to ligate with the heme) are used to adsorb cytochrome c to the surface of gold electrodes. The use of mixed films, as opposed to pure films, allows the concentration of adsorbed cytochrome to remain dilute and ensures a higher degree of homogeneity in their environment. The adsorbed protein is studied using electrochemical methods and scanning tunneling microscopy.

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