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Chapter 10,494

Donkioporia expansa - A lesser known wood destroyer in buildings

Kleist, G.; Seehann, G.

Zeitschrift fuer Mykologie 65(1): 23-32


Accession: 010493216

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The structural features of Donkioporia expansa and its development on hardwoods and softwoods in service are demonstrated. The fungus gained publicity since the 20s of this century as being relevant in wood deterioration, and it has proved to be an increasingly important wood destroyer in buildings during the past ten years. Besides of oak wood, also softwood is attacked. Due to the white-rot produced, the fungus can easily be distinguished from common wood-rotting fungi in buildings causing brown-rot such as the true dry-rot fungus (Serpula lacrymans), the cellar fungus (Coniophora puteana), the white pore fungus (Antrodia vaillantii) and "gill" polypores (Gloeophyllum spp.). Some guidelines for its control are presented.

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