Section 11
Chapter 10,504

Dynamique de l'erosion par ravinement dans un bassin-versant du Rif occidental au Maroc

Naimi, M.; Tayaa, M.; Ouzizi, S.; Choukra-Ilha, R.; Kerby, M.

Secheresse 14(2): 95-100


Accession: 010503072

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This study aims at quantifying soil losses in an agricultural catchment site of 5,2 hectares, located upstream the Nakhla watershed. The evolution of linear erosion both vertically, and horizontally was observed by means of a topographic survey. The results of this monitoring show that soil losses reached 187 tons, that is approximately 36 tons per hectare for the period between 28/11/1997 and 19/05/1998 during which a rainfall of 656 mm was recorded.

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