Economic importance of plant resources of Buldhana district of Maharashtra

Diwakar, P.G.; Ansari, A.A.

Journal of Economic and Taxonomic Botany 27(3): 592-600


ISSN/ISBN: 0250-9768
Accession: 010510781

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The present paper deals with 81 flowering plants of economic importance other than plants of medicinal value (63 cultivated/introduced and 90 wild) of Buldhana district. The major cash crops grown extensively in the area are Arachis hypogaea L., Gossypium herbaceum L., and Musa paradisiaca L. The cultivated/introduced plants are arranged according to their uses and wild species have been enumerated alphabetically and for each species correct binomial with authority, basionym wherever needed, family to which it belongs in bracket, local marathi name if any in inverted commas followed by details of uses, collector's name and number have been provided.