Section 11
Chapter 10,511

Ecophysiological patterns of dormancy and germination of Boraginaceae heterocarpous diaspores

Oparina, S.N.

Botanicheskii Zhurnal (St Petersburg) 82(11): 6-18


Accession: 010510988

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The results of the investigation of dormancy and germination of heteromorphic diaspores in the seven Boraginaceae heterocarpous species under different regimes of temperature and light intensity are presented. Physiological distinctions among heteromorphic diaspores correlate with the degree of morphological differentiation of eremes within the coenobium. These differences concern the dormancy depth, general degree of germination, general character of germination, its duration, requirements definite combinations of light and temperature factors. Physiological and structural mechanisms providing difference in germination of heteromorphic diaspores and the adaptive significance of forms of the heterocarpy are discussed.