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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 10513

Chapter 10513 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Koch, C., A.; Chrousos, G., P., 2001:
Editorial: Is the Diminuto/Dwarf1 gene involved in physiologic adrenocortical size regulation and tumor formation?

Schulz, Rainer, 2000:
Editorial: Ischemic preconditioning

Monath, Thomas, P., 2002:
Editorial: Jennerian vaccination against West Nile virus

Hofmockel, G., 2000:
Editorial: Molecular-genetic principles of tumor development and progression

Sassone-Corsi, Paolo, 2002:
Editorial: Never enough-on the multiplicity and uniqueness of transcriptional regulators in postmeiotic male germ cells

Spada, A.; Beck-Peccoz, P., 2002:
Editorial: New strategy to solve the etiopathogenetic conundrum of pituitary adenomas

Saenger, Paul, 2002:
Editorial: Noonan syndrome: Certitude replaces conjecture

Gluckman, P.D., 2001:
Editorial: Nutrition, glucocorticoids, birth size, and adult disease

Nordt, T.K.; Bode, C., 2001:
Editorial: Optimale Thrombolyse

Zoppi, Massimo, 2000:
Editorial: Original observations on fibromyalgia

Voss, T., C.; Day, R., N., 2002:
Editorial: Pitx-2 mutants and somatolactotroph gene regulation: Deciphering the combinatorial code

Azziz, Ricardo, 2002:
Editorial: Polycystic ovary syndrome, insulin resistance, and molecular defects of insulin signaling

Schwartz, Jessica, 2001:
Editorial: Pulsatile hormone patterns governing transcription factor function

Levine, Jon, E., 1999:
Editorial: Pulsatility in primates-A perspective from the placode

New, T.R., 2002:
Editorial: Should we believe in waterbabies?

Levine, Jon, E., 2002:
Editorial: Stressing the importance of sex

Ottesen, Eric, A., 2000:
Editorial: The Global Programme to Eliminate Lymphatic Filariasis

Williams, Kevin-Jon, 2002:
Editorial: The Mystery-and importance-of diabetic atherosclerotic vascular disease

Young, Larry, D., 2001:
Editorial: The ethics of placebo controlled clinical research and applied psychophysiology

Bussolati, G.; Cassoni, P., 2001:
Editorial: The oxytocin/oxytocin receptor system: Expect the unexpected

Quigley, Charmian, A., 2002:
Editorial: The postnatal gonadotropin and sex steroid surge: Insights from the androgen insensitivity syndrome

Grinspoon, S.; Gelato, M., 2001:
Editorial: The rational use of growth hormone in HIV-infected patients

Zoppi, Massimo, 2000:
Editorial: The restless legs syndrome

Mccabe, Edward, R.B., 2002:
Editorial: Vulnerability within a robust complex system: DAX-1 mutations and steroidogenic axis development

Zoppi, Massimo, 1999:
Editorial: What is erythromelalgia?

Mclaren, Hamish, 2002:
Editorials must be more evidence based

Li, H.; Jiang, Y.; Prak, E.L.ning; Radic, M.; Weigert, M., 2001:
Editors and editing of anti-DNA receptors

Ormerod, S.J.; Watkinson, A.R., 2000:
Editors' introduction: Birds and agriculture

Ebrahim, S.; Smith, G.-Davey, 2001:
Editors' response: Exporting failure

Althof, S.E.; Corty, E.W.; Levine, S.B.; Levine, F.; Burnett, A.L.; Mcvary, K.; Stecher, V.; Seftel, A.D., 1999:
Edits: Development of questionnaires for evaluating satisfaction with treatments for erectile dysfunction

Yilla, M.; Hickman, C.; McGrew, M.; Meade, E.; Bellini, W.J., 2003:
Edmonston measles virus prevents increased cell surface expression of peptide-loaded major histocompatibility complex class II proteins in human peripheral monocytes

Waldherr, R.; Ritz, E.; Randerath, E., 1999:
Edmund Randerath (1899-1961): experimental proof for the glomerular origin of proteinuria

Pisut, Ivan, 2002:
Edmund Szelenyi (1877-1931) - neznamy zberatel lisajnikov

Zonis, B.Ia.; Volkova, N.I.; Sokolov, O.Iu., 2000:
Ednit effects on activity of renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system and renal function in hypertensive subjects with diabetes mellitus

Clermont, Norman, 2000:
Edouard Lartet et les affaires de Sansan

Punt, C.J.A.; Nagy, A.; Douillard, J-Yves.; Figer, A.; Skovsgaard, T.; Monson, J.; Barone, C.; Fountzilas, G.; Riess, H.; Moylan, E.; Jones, D.; Dethling, J.; Colman, J.; Coward, L.; MacGregor, S., 2002:
Edrecolomab alone or in combination with fluorouracil and folinic acid in the adjuvant treatment of stage III colon cancer: a randomised study

Komiyama, A.; Toda, H.; Johkura, K., 1999:
Edrophonium-induced macrosaccadic oscillations in myasthenia gravis

Christensen, K.; Theilade, D., 1999:
Edta chelation therapy: an ethical problem

Becker, Lisiane, 2003:
Educacao Ambiental no Zoologico Municipal de Guaiba (RS/BR)

De-Siqueira, Josafa-Carlos, 2002:
Educacao ambiental e arborizacao urbana

Zuniga-Gonzalez, S.; Islas-Andrade, S., 2000:
Educacion del paciente diabetico. Un problema ancestral

Boehm, K.M.; McFee, R.B., 2002:
Educate hypertensive patients to increase compliance

Wilkinson, S.; List, M.; Sinner, M.; Dai, L.; Chodak, G., 2003:
Educating African-American men about prostate cancer: Impact on awareness and knowledge

Zinder, Oren, 2002:
Educating a new generation of clinical laboratory scientists

Samal, P.K.; Topal, Y.S.; Pant, P., 2001:
Educating a nomadic tribe: The problems and the prospects

Gilbert, S.F.; Fausto-Sterling, A., 2003:
Educating for social responsibility: changing the syllabus of developmental biology

Silvagni, A.J.; Levy, L.A.; McFee, R.B., 2002:
Educating health professionals, first responders, and the community about bioterrorism and weapons of mass destruction

Loudon, R.F.; Anderson, P.M.; Gill, P.S.; Greenfield, S.M., 1999:
Educating medical students for work in culturally diverse societies

Maine, S.; Shute, R.; Martin, G., 2001:
Educating parents about youth suicide: Knowledge, response to suicidal statements, attitudes, and intention to help

Lee, A.; Chui, P.Tong.; Gin, T., 2003 :
Educating patients about anesthesia: a systematic review of randomized controlled trials of media-based interventions

Sefton, E.; Glazebrook, C.; Garrud, P.; Zaki, I., 2000:
Educating patients about malignant melanoma: Computer-assisted learning in a pigmented lesion clinic

Billings-Gagliardi, S.; Fontneau, N.M.; Wolf, M.K.; Barrett, S.V.; Hademenos, G.; Mazor, K.M., 2001:
Educating the next generation of physicians about stroke: incorporating stroke prevention into the medical school curriculum

White, D.; Pitts, M., 1998:
Educating young people about drugs: A systematic review

Green, M.J.; Mcinerney, A.M.; Biesecker, B.B.; Fost, N., 2001:
Education about genetic testing for breast cancer susceptibility: Patient preferences for a computer program or genetic counselor

Pitsavos, C.E.; Panagiotakos, D.B.; Chrysohoou, C.A.; Skoumas, J.; Stefanadis, C.; Toutouzas, P.K., 2002:
Education and acute coronary syndromes: results from the CARDIO2000 epidemiological study

Katsichti, L.; Hadzipetros-Bardanis, M.; Bartsocas, C.S., 1999:
Education and certification of genetic counselors

Pai, M.C.; Chan, S.H., 2001:
Education and cognitive decline in Parkinson's disease: A study of 102 patients

Morishige, Tsutomu, 2003:
Education and enlightenment of doctors, pharmacists, and dietitians

Hasman, A., 1998:
Education and health informatics

Geerlings, M.I.; Schmand, B.; Jonker, C.; Lindeboom, J.; Bouter, L.M., 1999:
Education and incident Alzheimer's disease: a biased association due to selective attrition and use of a two-step diagnostic procedure?

Araya, R.; Lewis, G.; Rojas, G.; Fritsch, R., 2003:
Education and income: which is more important for mental health?

Bykova, V.M., 1999:
Education and informing the population on the problems HIV/AIDS in the Republic of Belarus

Helgeson, V.S.; Cohen, S.; Schulz, R.; Yasko, J., 1999:
Education and peer discussion group interventions and adjustment to breast cancer

Ott, A.; van Rossum, C.T.; van Harskamp, F.; van de Mheen, H.; Hofman, A.; Breteler, M.M., 1999:
Education and the incidence of dementia in a large population-based study: the Rotterdam Study

Letenneur, L.; Launer, L.J.; Andersen, K.; Dewey, M.E.; Ott, A.; Copeland, J.R.M.; Dartigues, J.F.; Kragh Sorensen, P.; Baldereschi, M.; Brayne, C.; Lobo, A.; Martinez Lage, J.M.; Stijnen, T.; Hofman, A., 2000:
Education and the risk for Alzheimer's disease: Sex makes a difference. EURODEM pooled analyses

Lomas, J.; Milford, J.R.; Mukhala, E., 2000:
Education and training in agricultural meteorology: Current status and future needs

Gorchs Font, N.; Espaulella Panicot, J., 1999:
Education and training in palliative cares

Smith, C.P.; Anderson, J.M., 2003:
Education and training in the paediatric senior house officer grade: analysis of RCPCH hospital/child health visits reports, 1997-2001

Smith, J.; Nalagoda, F.; Wawer, M.J.; Serwadda, D.; Sewankambo, N.; Konde-Lule, J.; Lutalo, T.; Li, C.; Gray, R.H., 1999:
Education attainment as a predictor of HIV risk in rural Uganda: results from a population-based study

Ducrotoy, J.Paul., 2003:
Education challenges in the North Sea area

Blakely, T.A.; Kawachi, I., 2002:
Education does not explain association between income inequality and health

Fasel, J.H.D., 1999:
Education for general clinical practice. The role of anatomy, as applied to the lymphatic system

Nath, Bhaskar, 2003:
Education for sustainable development: The Johannesburg summit and beyond

Watson, E.; Clements, A.; Lucassen, A.; Yudkin, P.; Mackay, J.; Austoker, J., 2002:
Education improves general practitioner (GP) management of familial breast/ovarian cancer: findings from a cluster randomised controlled trial

Palcevski, V.V.ahovic; Vitezic, D.; Zupan, G.; Simonic, A., 1998:
Education in clinical pharmacology at the Rijeka School of Medicine, Croatia

Sataloff, R.T., 1999:
Education in laryngology: rising to old challenges

Bennett, D.A.; Wilson, R.S.; Schneider, J.A.; Evans, D.A.; Mendes de Leon, C.F.; Arnold, S.E.; Barnes, L.L.; Bienias, J.L., 2003:
Education modifies the relation of AD pathology to level of cognitive function in older persons

Wilfert, C.M.; Kline, M.W.; Futterman, D.; Havens, P.L.; King, S.; Mofenson, L.M.; Scott, G.B.; Wara, D.W.; Whitley Williams, P.N., 2000:
Education of children with human immunodeficiency virus infection

Johnsson, K.O.; Berglund, M., 2003:
Education of key personnel in student pubs leads to a decrease in alcohol consumption among the patrons: A randomized controlled trial

Erickson, C.K.; Wilcox, R.E.; Littlefield, J.H.; Hendricson, W.D., 1998:
Education of nonscientists about new alcohol research: Results of two types of presentations plus 6-month follow-up

Sherertz, R.J.; Ely, E.W.; Westbrook, D.M.; Gledhill, K.S.; Streed, S.A.; Kiger, B.; Flynn, L.; Hayes, S.; Strong, S.; Cruz, J.; Bowton, D.L.; Hulgan, T.; Haponik, E.F., 2000:
Education of physicians-in-training can decrease the risk for vascular catheter infection

Weintraub, T.A.rams; Saitz, R.; Samet, J.H., 2003:
Education of preventive medicine residents: Alcohol, tobacco, and other drug abuse

Fridriksson, S.; Hillman, J.; Landtblom, A.M.; Boive, J., 2001:
Education of referring doctors about sudden onset headache in subarachnoid hemorrhage: A prospective study

Sellstrom, E.; Bremberg, S., 2000:
Education of staff-A key factor for a safe environment in day care

Brooks, A.J.; Phipson, M.; Potgieter, A.; Koertzen, H.; Boffard, K.D., 2000:
Education of the trauma team: video evaluation of the compliance with universal barrier precautions in resuscitation

Smith, A.J.; Tasioulas, T., 2002:
Education on prescribing can be improved

Wiggin, T.; Banda, W.A.K.; Dezi, M.; Chipwatali, H.; Kachombo, M.; Mkawa, A., 2002 :
Education on preventing HIV is paramount

Anstey, K.; Christensen, H., 2000:
Education, activity, health, blood pressure and apolipoprotein E as predictors of cognitive change in old age: a review

Bherer, L.; Belleville, S.; Peretz, I., 2002:
Education, age, and the Brown-Peterson technique

Joung, I.M.A.; Kunst, A.E.; Van-Imhoff, E.; Mackenbach, J.P., 2000:
Education, aging, and health: To what extent can the rise in educational level relieve the future health (care) burden associated with population aging in the Netherlands?

Nagarajan, R.; Neglia, J.P.; Clohisy, D.R.; Yasui, Y.; Greenberg, M.; Hudson, M.; Zevon, M.A.; Tersak, J.M.; Ablin, A.; Robison, L.L., 2003:
Education, employment, insurance, and marital status among 694 survivors of pediatric lower extremity bone tumors: a report from the childhood cancer survivor study

Muller, A., 2002:
Education, income inequality, and mortality: a multiple regression analysis

Farbu, E.; Gilhus, N.E., 2002:
Education, occupation, and perception of health amongst previous polio patients compared to their siblings

Lee, S.; Kawachi, I.; Berkman, L.F.; Grodstein, F., 2003:
Education, other socioeconomic indicators, and cognitive function

Tavani, A.; Fioretti, F.; Franceschi, S.; Gallus, S.; Negri, E.; Montella, M.; Conti, E.; L.V.cchia, C., 1999:
Education, socioeconomic status and risk of cancer of the colon and rectum

Wong, T.Y.; Foster, P.J.; Johnson, G.J.; Seah, S.K.L., 2002:
Education, socioeconomic status, and ocular dimensions in Chinese adults: the Tanjong Pagar Survey

Gurwitz, D.; Weizman, A.; Rehavi, M., 2003:
Education: Teaching pharmacogenomics to prepare future physicians and researchers for personalized medicine

Roth, R.S.; Punch, M.R.; Bachman, J.E., 2001:
Educational achievement and pain disability among women with chronic pelvic pain

Huddy, C.L.; Johnson, A.; Hope, P.L., 2001:
Educational and behavioural problems in babies of 32-35 weeks gestation

Mccarthy, D.M.; Aarons, G.A.; Brown, S.A., 2002:
Educational and occupational attainment and drinking behavior: An expectancy model in young adulthood

Gilbody, S.; Whitty, P.; Grimshaw, J.; Thomas, R., 2003:
Educational and organizational interventions to improve the management of depression in primary care: a systematic review

Hargreaves, J.R.; Glynn, J.R., 2002:
Educational attainment and HIV-1 infection in developing countries: a systematic review

Gallo, L.C.; Matthews, K.A.; Kuller, L.H.; Sutton-Tyrrell, K.; Edmundowicz, D., 2001:
Educational attainment and coronary and aortic calcification in postmenopausal women

Munoz, D.G.; Ganapathy, G.R.; Eliasziw, M.; Hachinski, V., 2000:
Educational attainment and socioeconomic status of patients with autopsy-confirmed Alzheimer disease

White, I.R.; Blane, D.; Morris, J.N.; Mourouga, P., 1999:
Educational attainment, deprivation-affluence and self reported health in Britain: a cross sectional study

Peterson, G.M.; Drake, C.I.; Jupe, D.M.L.; Vial, J.H.; Wilkinson, S., 1999:
Educational campaign to improve the prevention of postoperative venous thromboembolism

Armstrong, K.; Berlin, M.; Schwartz, J.S.nford; Propert, K.; Ubel, P.A., 1999:
Educational content and the effectiveness of influenza vaccination reminders

Droomers, M.; Schrijvers, C.T.; Stronks, K.; van de Mheen, D.; Mackenbach, J.P., 1999:
Educational differences in excessive alcohol consumption: the role of psychosocial and material stressors

Martikainen, P.; Lahelma, E.; Ripatti, S.; Albanes, D.; Virtamo, J., 2001:
Educational differences in lung cancer mortality in male smokers

Cavelaars, A.E.; Kunst, A.E.; Geurts, J.J.; Crialesi, R.; Grötvedt, L.; Helmert, U.; Lahelma, E.; Lundberg, O.; Matheson, J.; Mielck, A.; Rasmussen, N.K.; Regidor, E.; do Rosário-Giraldes, M.; Spuhler, T.; Mackenbach, J.P., 2000:
Educational differences in smoking: international comparison

Irby, D.M.; Wilkerson, L., 2003:
Educational innovations in academic medicine and environmental trends

Småbrekke, L.; Berild, D.; Giaever, A.; Myrbakk, T.; Fuskevåg, A.; Ericson, J.U.; Flaegstad, T.; Olsvik, O.; Ringertz, S.H., 2002:
Educational intervention for parents and healthcare providers leads to reduced antibiotic use in acute otitis media

Stratta, P.; Prosperini, P.; Daneluzzo, E.; Bustini, M.; Rossi, A., 2001:
Educational level and age influence spatial working memory and Wisconsin Card Sorting Test performance differently: A controlled study in schizophrenic patients

Droomers, M.; Schrijvers, C.T.; Mackenbach, J.P., 2001:
Educational level and decreases in leisure time physical activity: predictors from the longitudinal GLOBE study

Regidor, E.; De Mateo, S.; Calle, M.E.; Domínguez, V., 2002:
Educational level and mortality from infectious diseases

Crum, R.M.; Anthony, J.C., 2000:
Educational level and risk for alcohol abuse and dependence: differences by race-ethnicity

Osler, M.; Prescott, E., 2003:
Educational level as a contextual and proximate determinant of all cause mortality in Danish adults

Molarius, A.; Seidell, J.C.; Sans, S.; Tuomilehto, J.; Kuulasmaa, K., 2000:
Educational level, relative body weight, and changes in their association over 10 years: an international perspective from the WHO MONICA Project

Aiken, L.H.; Clarke, S.P.; Cheung, R.B.; Sloane, D.M.; Silber, J.H., 2003:
Educational levels of hospital nurses and surgical patient mortality

Walden, J.A.; Dracup, K.; Westlake, C.; Erickson, V.; Hamilton, M.A.; Fonarow, G.C., 2001:
Educational needs of patients with advanced heart failure and their caregivers

Huttunen, K.H., 2001:
Educational needs of speech and language therapists in the field of audiology

Shipman, C.; Addington-Hall, J.; Barclay, S.; Briggs, J.; Cox, I.; Daniels, L.; Millar, D., 2001:
Educational opportunities in palliative care: what do general practitioners want?

Keller, C.; Ward, R.S., 2002:
Educational preparedness for physical therapists and occupational therapists in burn care

De-Assuncao, F.-Regina, R.; De-Sousa, A., B.; Pereira, S., R.; Sugawara, E., E.; Storpirtis, S., 1999:
Educational program at Hospital Universitario, Universidade de Sao Paulo, for patients suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and asthma

Klompenhouwer, P.J., 1999:
Educational programmes for people with rheumatoid arthritis: A prediction of the future

Freedman, D.O.; Gotuzzo, E.; Seas, C.; Legua, P.; Plier, D.Adam.; Vermund, S.H.; Casebeer, L.L., 2002:
Educational programs to enhance medical expertise in tropical diseases: the Gorgas Course experience 1996-2001

Janssen, M.; de Wit, J.; Hospers, H.J.; van Griensven, F., 2001:
Educational status and young Dutch gay men's beliefs about using condoms

Fergusson, D.M.; Woodward, L.J., 2000:
Educational, psychosocial, and sexual outcomes of girls with conduct problems in early adolescence

Rota, S.; Antonietti, A., 1998:
Educators' narratives

Baxby, Derrick, 1999:
Edward Jenner's inquiry: A bicentenary analysis

Louis, D., N.; Vonsattel, J.-Paul; De-Girolami, U., 1999:
Edward Peirson Richardson, Jr. 1918-1998

Martini, J.A.; Bacon, D.R.; Vasdev, G.M., 2002:
Edward Tuohy: The man, his needle, and its place in obstetric analgesia

Pacanowski, Jacek-Henryk, 1999:
Edward Wilhelm Drescher: The creator of the pediatric surgery in West Pomerania

Savvidis, G.K., 1999:
Eel culture activity in Greece. Current situation and problems from the aspect of veterinary contribution

Harwell, M., C.; Orth, R., J., 1999:
Eelgrass (Zostera marina L.) seed protection for field experiments and implications for large-scale restoration

Krause Jensen, D.; Middelboe, A.L.se; Sand Jensen, K.; Christensen, P.B.ndo, 2000:
Eelgrass, Zostera marina, growth along depth gradients: Upper boundaries of the variation as a powerful predictive tool

Nauta, Marijke, 2002:
Een nieuwe Leemhoed op houtsnippers

Van-Horssen, P.; Lensink, R., 2000:
Een snelle toename van de Indische Gans Anser indicus in Nederland

Witmond, L., 2001:
Een toevoeging en correctie op de Nederlandse lijst van Urocerus (Hymenoptera: Siricidae)

Zeegers, T.; Smit, J., T.; Van-Aartsen, B., 2001:
Eerste aanvulling op de naamlijst Nederlandse sluipvliegen (Diptera: Tachinidae)

Wassink, Gejo, 2003:
Eerste broedgeval van Oehoe Bubo bubo in de Achterhoek

Smai, S.; Gernigon-Spychalowicz, T., 2001:
Eetude des variations saisonnieres structurales et ultrastructurales de la gonade femelle chez un rongeur deserticole nocturne: Meriones libycus

Liang, H.; Elmslie, K.S., 2001 :
E(f)-current contributes to whole-cell calcium current in low calcium in frog sympathetic neurons

Stevens, M.P.; van Diemen, P.M.; Frankel, G.; Phillips, A.D.; Wallis, T.S., 2002:
Efa1 influences colonization of the bovine intestine by shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli serotypes O5 and O111

Rey, D.; Schmitt, M.P.; Partisani, M.; Hess-Kempf, G.; Krantz, V.; de Mautort, E.; Bernard-Henry, C.; Priester, M.; Cheneau, C.; Lang, J.M., 2001:
Efavirenz as a substitute for protease inhibitors in HIV-1-infected patients with undetectable plasma viral load on HAART: a median follow-up of 64 weeks

Podzamczer, D.; Consiglio, E.; Ferrer, E.; Gudiol, F., 2000:
Efavirenz associated with corticosteroids in patients with previous severe hypersensitivity reaction due to nevirapine

Marzolini, C.; Troillet, N.; Telenti, A.; Baumann, P.; Decosterd, L.A.; Eap, C.B., 2000:
Efavirenz decreases methadone blood concentrations

Gill, M.J.; Ostrop, N.J.; Fiske, W.D.; Brennan, J.M., 2000:
Efavirenz dosing in patients receiving continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis

Albright, A.V.; Erickson-Viitanen, S.; O'Connor, M.; Frank, I.; Rayner, M.M.; González-Scarano, F., 2000:
Efavirenz is a potent nonnucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor of HIV type 1 replication in microglia in vitro

Starr, S.E.; Fletcher, C.V.; Spector, S.A.; Brundage, R.C.; Yong, F.H.; Douglas, S.D.; Flynn, P.M.; Kline, M.W., 2002:
Efavirenz liquid formulation in human immunodeficiency virus-infected children

López-Cortés, L.F.; de Alarcón, A.; Viciana, P., 2001:
Efavirenz plasma concentrations and efficiency

Marzolini, C.; Telenti, A.; Decosterd, L.A.; Greub, G.; Biollaz, J.; Buclin, T., 2001:
Efavirenz plasma levels can predict treatment failure and central nervous system side effects in HIV-1-infected patients

Shulman, N.S.; Zolopa, A.R.; Passaro, D.J.; Murlidharan, U.; Israelski, D.M.; Brosgart, C.L.; Miller, M.D.; Van Doren, S.; Shafer, R.W.; Katzenstein, D.A., 2000:
Efavirenz- and adefovir dipivoxil-based salvage therapy in highly treatment-experienced patients: clinical and genotypic predictors of virologic response

Castillo, R.; Pedalino, R.P.; El-Sherif, N.; Turitto, G., 2002:
Efavirenz-associated QT prolongation and Torsade de Pointes arrhythmia

Sabato, S.; Wesselingh, S.; Fuller, A.; Ray, J.; Mijch, A., 2002:
Efavirenz-induced catatonia

Duval, X.; Le Moing, V.; Longuet, C.; Leport, C.; Vildé, J.L.; Lamotte, C.; Peytavin, G.; Farinotti, R., 2000:
Efavirenz-induced decrease in plasma amprenavir levels in human immunodeficiency virus-infected patients and correction by ritonavir

de la Garza, C.L.; Paoletti-Duarte, S.; García-Martín, C.; Gutiérrez-Casares, J.R., 2001:
Efavirenz-induced psychosis

Poulsen, H.Day.; Lublin, H.K., 2003:
Efavirenz-induced psychosis leading to involuntary detention

Phillips, E.J.; Kuriakose, B.; Knowles, S.R., 2002:
Efavirenz-induced skin eruption and successful desensitization

Ahmad, Khabir, 2000:
Efavirenz: Effective against HIV-1, but who can afford to benefit?

Contreras-Contreras, S.-Ernesto; Leyva-Vazquez, J.-Luis; Rodriguez-Maciel, J.-Concepcion; Moreno, D., S.; Llanderal-Cazares, C., 2000 :
Efectividad biologica de la floxina B contra la Conchuela del Frojol Epilachna varivestis Mulsant (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae)

Villafana, F.; Montero, G.; Rodriguez, J.; Hernandez, L., 2000:
Efectividad comparativa de rodenticidas quimico (Klerat) y microbiologico (Biorat) utilizados en Cuba

Monaco, C.; Nico, A.; Rollan, M.; Urrutia, M., 2001:
Efecto in vitro de dos fungicidas sobre la micoflora antagonista al tizon temprano del tomate

Prado-Orozco, R.; Cortes-Perez, N.; Guevara-Donde, J., E., 2001:
Efecto analgesico del meloxicam y piroxicam oral en lumbalgia cronica

Paz-Antolin, I.; Molero-Meneses, M., 2001:
Efecto catalitico de metales sobre la estabilidad termica de aceites de oliva

Riera, H.; Rodriguez, V.; Mora, A.; Rosas, A.; Riveros, C.; Santos, A.; Colantuoni, G.; Valiente, E.; Quintero, M., 2001:
Efecto condroprotector del hialuronato de sodio en la artrosis experimental en conejos. Valoracion morfologica y por microscopia electronica de barrido

De-Haro-Garvin, M.; Trigo, D.; Belinchon, C.; Martinez, F.; Diaz-Cosin, D., J., 2000:
Efecto de Hormogaster elisae (Oligochaeta, Hormogastridae) en la mineralizacion del C y N del suelo en el laboratorio

Velasquez, A.; Rosas, J.; Cabrera, T.; Millan, J.; Hernandez, M., 2001:
Efecto de Tetraselmis chuii, Nannochloris oculata y Dunaliella salina sobre el crecimiento poblacional de Apocyclops distans (Copepoda, Cyclopoidae) en diferentes condiciones de temperaturas e iluminacion

Jerez, S.; Peral-De-Bruno, M.; Coviello, A., 2001:
Efecto de antagonistas de los receptores de angiotensina II y alpha2 adrenergicos sobre la liberacion de oxido nitrico inducida por angiotensina II

Rodriguez-Leyva, E.; Gomez-Tovar, V.; Barcenas-Ortega, N., M.; Leyva-Vazquez, J., L., 2002:
Efecto de diferentes factores sobre la cria de Callosobruchus maculatus (Coleoptera: Bruchidae) para la produccion de Catolaccus spp. (Hymenoptera: Pteromalidae)

Aguirrezabal, M.-Mercedes; Mateo, J.; Dominguez, M.-Concepcion; Zumalacarregui, J.M., 2000:
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