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Effect of dietary muga silkworm supplementation on the performance of broilers

Sapcota, D.; Sheikh, I.U.; Dutta, K.K.; Sarma, S.; Goswami, R.

Indian Veterinary Journal 80(1): 19-22


ISSN/ISBN: 0019-6479
Accession: 010521119

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The effects of replacing fish meal (FM) with Muga silkworm pupae meal (MSWPM) on the performance of broilers were studied. FM that was used at 5% level in the broiler diet was replaced with MSWPM @0.00 percent (T0), 50.00 percent (T1), and 100.00 percent (T2), and the productive performances were studied up to 7th week. There was no adverse effect on body weight gain when the fish meal was completely replaced with MSWPM. The average feed consumption was found to be lowest and the feed efficiency was the best in T1 group. The performance index of T2 group was found to be the best. It could be concluded that the fish meal could be completely replaced with the SWPM of Assam origin without showing any adverse effect.

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