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Effect of dietary supplementation with bacitracins on production performance and carcass quality in broilers

Jain, A.; Goel, V.D.; Mohsin, M.

Indian Journal of Poultry Science 37(1): 78-82


ISSN/ISBN: 0974-8180
Accession: 010521210

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In an experiment the effects of bacitracins were observed in broilers up to six week of age. Of five groups (nine birds each) taken, two were supplemented with BMD (@ 50 and 100 mg/Kg feed) and two with zinc bacitracin (@ 110 and 220 mg/Kg of diet). Feeding of ZB significant (P<0.01) improved the body weight gain. The feed conversion efficiency was better in all the supplemented groups. No effect of bacitracins was observed on the fat, protein and moisture in the carcass. The meat weight was significantly higher in all the treated groups, but no significant change in bone (femur) weight. The meat bone ratio was significantly higher in-group BMD2. The length and weight of intestines were significantly decreased in the treated groups except BMD2, however, no change was observed in the length of femur.

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