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Estimated intake of cadmium, lead and mercury by the population of the Legnica-Glogow copper mining area. Part III. Daily food rations and analytical determinations of cadmium and lead contents of selected food products in assessing the intake of those metals

Ilow, R.; Regulska-Ilow, B.; Szymczak, J.

Bromatologia i Chemia Toksykologiczna 32(3): 239-245


Accession: 010604625

Estimation of cadmium and lead intake was attempted, using food consumption data obtained from 24-h dietary recall for 3 female and 2 male groups of Legnica-Glogow copper mining area inhabitants (n = 662) and the results of the analytical determinations of those metals in selected food products. Considerable differences were found to exist in the average mass of the individual food product groups consumed by the studied subpopulations. Cadmium and lead intake was higher in the males than in the females, but it was never higher than the FAO/WHO tolerable weekly intake limits for those metals. A considerable exchange of food products between the Legnica-Glogow copper mining area and other regions of Poland practised in recent years has resulted in a considerable reduction of exposure of the mining area inhabitants to harmful cadmium and lead compounds.

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