Section 11
Chapter 10,612

Evaluacion de la calidad de las aguas de seis sistemas loticos pampasicos mediante el estudio de variables fisicas y quimicas

Mercado, L.M.

Revista del Museo Argentino de Ciencias Naturales Nueva Serie 2(1): 27-35


Accession: 010611458

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Physical and chemical composition of six lotic systems of Buenos Aires province (Rodriguez, El Gato, El Pescado, Bunirrigo and J. Blanco streams, Samborombon river) was determined seasonally in order to evaluate the water quality of them. Sample sites were established in 2 or 3 stations from the headwaters to the mouths (E1 to E3). The systems presented low values of transparency; minimum values corresponded to E1 Pescado stream (E1) and Samborombon river (E3).

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