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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 10617

Chapter 10617 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Gasiorowski, K.; Brokos, J.B.; Szyba, K.; Wozniak, D.; Fraser, D.M.; Zakeeruddin, S.M.; Graetzel, M., 1999:
Evaluation of genotoxic and immunotoxic activities of potential glucose biosensor components: Ferrocenes

Ieradi, L.A.na; Zima, J.; Allegra, F.; Kotlanova, E.; Campanella, L.; Grossi, R.; Cristaldi, M., 2003:
Evaluation of genotoxic damage in wild rodents from a polluted area in the Czech Republic

Kasuba, V.; Rozgaj, R.; Sarić, M.Matek.; Blanusa, M., 2002:
Evaluation of genotoxic damage of cadmium chloride in peripheral blood of suckling Wistar rats

Laffon, B.; Pasaro, E.; Mendez, J., 2002:
Evaluation of genotoxic effects in a group of workers exposed to low levels of styrene

Markovic, B.; Stanimirovic, Z.; Djelic, N.; Andelkovic, M., 2002:
Evaluation of genotoxic effects of ipronidazol (Gastrogal 10(R)) in cultures of human peripheral blood lymphocytes

Ahmad, M.E.uebal; Shadab, G.G.H.A.; Azfer, M.A.im; Afzal, M., 2001:
Evaluation of genotoxic potential of synthetic progestins-norethindrone and norgestrel in human lymphocytes in vitro

Simkeviciene, V.; Straukas, J.; Chaustova, L., 1998:
Evaluation of genotoxic, mutagenic and antitumor properties of 2-amino-2-thiazoline, L-thioproline and 2-amino-2-thiazoline epsilon-formylaminocaproate

You, B.Y.; Wang, Y.H.; Kuo, M.L., 1999:
Evaluation of genotoxicity and carcinogenicity on fugicide, copper 8-hydroxyquinolate, by short-term tests

Farah, M Abul; Ateeq, B.; Ali, M Niamat; Ahmad, W., 2003:
Evaluation of genotoxicity of PCP and 2,4-D by micronucleus test in freshwater fish Channa punctatus

Osaba, L.; Rey, Mía.Jesús.; Aguirre, A.; Alonso, A.; Graf, U., 2002:
Evaluation of genotoxicity of captan, maneb and zineb in the wing spot test of Drosophila melanogaster: role of nitrosation

Martino Roth, M.G.; Viegas, J.; Amaral, M.; Oliveira, L.; Ferreira, F.L.S.; Erdtmann, B., 2002:
Evaluation of genotoxicity through micronuclei test in workers of car and battery repair garages

Straukas, J.; Chaustova, L., 2001:
Evaluation of genotoxity and mutagenicity of DL-p-chlorophenylalanine, its methyl ester and some N-acyl derivatives

Stodilka, R.Z.; Glick, S.J., 2001:
Evaluation of geometric sensitivity for hybrid PET

Major, T.; Polgár, C.; Fodor, János.; Takácsi-Nagy, Zán.; Mangel, László.; Németh, Görgy., 2003:
Evaluation of geometrically optimized single- and double-plane interstitial high dose rate implants with respect to conformality and homogeneity

Cunha, A.-Carlos-Da, C.; Jardim, M.-Augusto, G., 1995:
Evaluation of germinative potential of acai palm (Euterpe oleracea Mart.) varieties black, white, and spades

Antiñolo, G.; Fernández, R.M.; Noval, J.A.; García-Lozano, J.C.; Borrego, S.; Marcos, I.; Moliní, J.L., 2003:
Evaluation of germline sequence variants within the promoter region of RANTES gene in a cohort of women with endometriosis from Spain

Varol, F.; Saltik, A.; Kaplan, P.B.; Kiliç, T.; Yardim, T., 2001 :
Evaluation of gestational age based on ultrasound fetal growth measurements

Araki, N.; Nagata, Y.; Fujiwara, K.; Aoki, T.; Mitsumori, M.; Kimura, H.; Itasaka, S.; Saitou, H.; Hiraoka, M.; Kawashita, M.; Kokubo, T., 2001:
Evaluation of glass microspheres for intra-arterial radiotherapy in animal kidneys

Duclairoir, C.; Orecchioni, A.M.; Depraetere, P.; Osterstock, F.; Nakache, E., 2003:
Evaluation of gliadins nanoparticles as drug delivery systems: A study of three different drugs

Hernandez-Blazquez, F.J.; Habib, M.; Dumollard, J.M.; Barthelemy, C.; Benchaib, M.; de Capoa, A.; Niveleau, A., 2000:
Evaluation of global DNA hypomethylation in human colon cancer tissues by immunohistochemistry and image analysis

Ban, K.; Nakajima, T.; Iseki, H.; Abe, S.; Handa, S.; Suzuki, Y., 2000:
Evaluation of global and regional left ventricular function obtained by quantitative gated SPECT using 99mTc-tetrofosmin for left ventricular dysfunction

Giglio, L.; Kendall, J.D.; Justice, C.O., 1999:
Evaluation of global fire detection algorithms using simulated AVHRR infrared data

Bossis, I.; Porter, T.E., 2003:
Evaluation of glucocorticoid-induced growth hormone gene expression in chicken embryonic pituitary cells using a novel in situ mRNA quantitation method

Thie, N.M.; Prasad, N.G.; Major, P.W., 2001:
Evaluation of glucosamine sulfate compared to ibuprofen for the treatment of temporomandibular joint osteoarthritis: a randomized double blind controlled 3 month clinical trial

Reclos, G.J.; Schulpis, K.H.; Gavrili, S.; Vlachos, G., 2003:
Evaluation of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase activity in two different ethnic groups using a kit employing the haemoglobin normalization procedure

Sasaki, T.; Senda, M., 1999:
Evaluation of glutathione localization in brain using 99mTc meso-HMPAO

Lapolla, A.; Fedele, D.; Plebani, M.; Aronica, R.; Garbeglio, M.; Seraglia, R.; D'Alpaos, M.; Traldi, P., 1999:
Evaluation of glycated globins by matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry

Mooney, M., H.; Abdel-Wahab, Y., H.A.; Mckillop, A., M.; O'harte, F., P.M.; Flatt, P., R., 2002:
Evaluation of glycated glucagon-like peptide-1(7-36)amide in intestinal tissue of normal and diabetic animal models

McKillop, A.M.; Mooney, M.H.; Harriott, P.; Flatt, P.R.; O'Harte, F.P., 2001:
Evaluation of glycated insulin in diabetic animals using immunocytochemistry and radioimmunoassay

Hicks, C.A.; Ward, M.A.; Ragumoorthy, N.; Ambler, S.J.; Dell, C.P.; Dobson, D.; O'neill, M.J., 1999:
Evaluation of glycine site antagonists of the NMDA receptor in global cerebral ischaemia

Cherid, A.; Cherid, N.; Chamlian, V.; Hardwigsen, J.; Nouhou, H.; Dodero, F.; Benkoel, L.; Le Treut, Y.P.; Chamlian, A., 2003:
Evaluation of glycogen loss in human liver transplants. Histochemical zonation of glycogen loss in cold ischemia and reperfusion

Rawal, R.M.; Patel, P.S.; Patel, B.P.; Raval, G.N.; Patel, M.M.; Bhatavdekar, J.M.; Dixit, S.A.; Patel, D.D., 1999:
Evaluation of glycoprotein constituents in head and neck cancer patients undergoing radiotherapy

Nakayama, Y.; Shirai, Y.; Yoshihara, K.; Uesaka, S., 2000:
Evaluation of glycosaminoglycans levels in normal joint fluid of the knee

Lupoli, G.; Russo, D.; Fittipaldi, M.R.; Vitale, G.; Napodano, A.; Pagliuca, A.; Nuzzo, V.; Fonderico, F.; Rampone, E.; Cascone, E.; Nasti, A.; Macchia, V., 1999:
Evaluation of goiter endemia by ultrasound in schoolchildren in Val Sarmento (Italy)

Chatterjee, R.; Katz, M., 2001:
Evaluation of gonadotrophin insufficiency in thalassemic boys with pubertal failure: spontaneous versus provocative test

Ohta, H.; Ezoe, S.; Kobatake, K., 2000:
Evaluation of grinding process by machine Condition Diagnosis Technology

Lagerström, C.; Nordgren, B.; Olerud, C., 1999:
Evaluation of grip strength measurements after Colles' fracture: a methodological study

Kamimura, T.; Ikuta, Y., 2001:
Evaluation of grip strength with a sustained maximal isometric contraction for 6 and 10 seconds

Graveline, C.; Hwang, P.; Bone, G.; Shikolka, C.; Wade, S.; Crawley, A.; Mikulis, D., 1999:
Evaluation of gross and fine motor functions in children with hemidecortication: predictors of outcomes and timing of surgery

Ahmed, A.M.; Sulaiman, W.N., 2001:
Evaluation of groundwater and soil pollution in a landfill area using electrical resistivity imaging survey

Lee, K.-Kun; Kim, K.-Ryul; Hong, K.-Sun; Lee, J.-Eun; Oh, D.-Chan; Chang, H.-Wan; Cho, S.-Hun, 1999:
Evaluation of groundwater contamination from glass fiber dumping at Gozan-Dong, Inceon, Korea

Wajnrajch, M.P.; Gertner, J.M.; Huma, Z.; Popovic, J.; Lin, K.; Verlander, P.C.; Batish, S.D.; Giampietro, P.F.; Davis, J.G.; New, M.I.; Auerbach, A.D., 2001:
Evaluation of growth and hormonal status in patients referred to the International Fanconi Anemia Registry

Kohan, S., 1999:
Evaluation of growth characteristics of some poplar clones on heavy-textured soils of the East Slovakian Lowland

Spallarossa, P.; Rossettin, P.; Minuto, F.; Caruso, D.; Cordera, R.; Battistini, M.; Barreca, A.; Masperone, M.A.gusta; Brunelli, C., 1999:
Evaluation of growth hormone administration in patients with chronic heart failure secondary to coronary artery disease

Goksen, D.; Coker, M.; Ozkayin, N.; Darcan, S., 2001:
Evaluation of growth hormone secretion after completion of therapy

Tamburlini, G.; D.M.rio, S.; Maggi, R.S.; Vilarim, J.N.; Gove, S., 1999:
Evaluation of guidelines for emergency triage assessment and treatment in developing countries

Estrada, C.A.; Rosman, H.S.; Prasad, N.K.; Battilana, G.; Alexander, M.; Held, A.C.; Young, M.J., 2000:
Evaluation of guidelines for the use of telemetry in the non-intensive-care setting

Ayo, J.A.; Okaka, J.C.; Keswet, L., 2002:
Evaluation of gum Arabic: Concentration on some property of spray dried flavoured encapsule

Babu, G.V.M.rali Mohan; Prasad, C.D.S.; Sankar, K.H.ma; Narayan, C.P.S.; Murthy, K.V.R.mana, 2001:
Evaluation of gum karaya as a carrier in the design of oral controlled-release hydrophilic matrix systems

IIda, M.; Ikeda, M.; Kishimoto, M.; Tsujino, T.; Kaneto, H.; Matsuhisa, M.; Kajimoto, Y.; Watarai, T.; Yamasaki, Y.; Hori, M., 2000:
Evaluation of gut motility in type II diabetes by the radiopaque marker method

Ambrosi, B.; Sartorio, A.; Pizzocaro, A.; Passini, E.; Bottasso, B.; Federici, A., 2000:
Evaluation of haemostatic and fibrinolytic markers in patients with Cushing's syndrome and in patients with adrenal incidentaloma

Trifiletti, A.; Bartolone, S.; Scamardi, R.; Pizzoleo, M.A.; Sottilotta, G.; Larosa, D.; Barbera, N., 2000:
Evaluation of haemostatic parameters and circadian variations of the haemostatic system in patients with systemic sclerosis and Raynaud's phenomenon

Gobba, F.; Ghittori, S.; Imbriani, M.; Cavalleri, A., 2000:
Evaluation of half-mask respirator protection in styrene-exposed workers

Nakamura, F.; Machida, Y., 1999:
Evaluation of halopredone acetate ground mixture using experimental allergic rhinitis models in rats

Chen, F.; Nilsson, H.; Holmér, I., 1999:
Evaluation of hand and finger heat loss with a heated hand model

Limaye, V.; Frankham, A.; Disney, A.; Pile, K., 2001:
Evaluation of hand function in patients undergoing long term haemodialysis

Mesfin, A.; Frohberg, R.C., 2002:
Evaluation of hard red spring wheat lines derived from wild Emmer for agronomic traits

Yukna, R.A.; Castellon, P.; Saenz-Nasr, A.M.; Owens, K.; Simmons, J.; Thunthy, K.H.; Mayer, E.T., 2003:
Evaluation of hard tissue replacement composite graft material as a ridge preservation/augmentation material in conjunction with immediate hydroxyapatite-coated dental implants

Zheng, J.; Kruse, G.H., 1999:
Evaluation of harvest strategies for Tanner crab stocks that exhibit periodic recruitment

Privalova, L.I.; Katsnel'son, B.A.; Malykh, O.L.; Voronin, S.A.; Kuz'min, S.V.; Nikonov, B.I.; Gurvich, V.B.; Lobov, I.E.; Marshalkin, A.P.; Startseva, N.N.; Kazantsev, V.S.; Degtyareva, T.D.; Vinokurov, M.V., 1998:
Evaluation of hazards caused by lead influence on preschoolers living near copper-melting enterprise

Lavelle, J.M.; Shaw, K.N., 1998:
Evaluation of head injury in a pediatric emergency department: pretrauma and posttrauma system

Akisue, T.; Kurosaka, M.; Yoshiya, S.; Kuroda, R.; Mizuno, K., 2001:
Evaluation of healing of the injured posterior cruciate ligament: Analysis of instability and magnetic resonance imaging

Ramirez, A.M.rtinez; Bihouet, B.G.zman; Orozco, P.R.iz; Van Dick Puga, M.A.gel; Trujillo, H.L.on; Flores, A.M.rtinez, 1998:
Evaluation of health care though indicators and standards

Incalzi, R.A.; Bellia, V.; Catalano, F.; Scichilone, N.; Imperiale, C.; Maggi, S.; Rengo, F., 2001:
Evaluation of health outcomes in elderly patients with asthma and COPD using disease-specific and generic instruments: the Salute Respiratoria nell'Anziano (Sa.R.A.) Study

Schmeiser, H.H.; Gminski, R.; Mersch-Sundermann, V., 2001:
Evaluation of health risks caused by musk ketone

Fulton, R.W.; Cook, B.J.; Step, D.L.; Confer, A.W.; Saliki, J.T.; Payton, M.E.; Burge, L.J.; Welsh, R.D.; Blood, K.Shawn., 2002:
Evaluation of health status of calves and the impact on feedlot performance: assessment of a retained ownership program for postweaning calves

Fujisawa, M.; Sawada, K.; Okada, H.; Arakawa, S.; Saito, S.; Kamidono, S., 2002:
Evaluation of health-related quality of life in patients treated for erectile dysfunction with viagra (sildenafil citrate) using SF-36 score

Spottke, E.A.; Volkmann, J.; Lorenz, D.; Krack, P.; Smala, A.M.; Sturm, V.; Gerstner, A.; Berger, K.; Hellwig, D.; Deuschl, G.; Freund, H.J.; Oertel, W.H.; Dodel, R.C., 2002:
Evaluation of healthcare utilization and health status of patients with Parkinson's disease treated with deep brain stimulation of the subthalamic nucleus

Yi, M.S.; Kimball, T.R.; Tsevat, J.; Mrus, J.M.; Kotagal, U.R., 2002:
Evaluation of heart murmurs in children: cost-effectiveness and practical implications

Strath, S.J.; Swartz, A.M.; Bassett, D.R.; O'Brien, W.L.; King, G.A.; Ainsworth, B.E., 2000:
Evaluation of heart rate as a method for assessing moderate intensity physical activity

Koyama, J.; Watanabe, J.; Yamada, A.; Koseki, Y.; Konno, Y.; Toda, S.; Shinozaki, T.; Miura, M.; Fukuchi, M.; Ninomiya, M.; Kagaya, Y.; Shirato, K., 2002:
Evaluation of heart-rate turbulence as a new prognostic marker in patients with chronic heart failure

Giovanelli, G.; Lavelli, V., 2002:
Evaluation of heat and oxidative damage during storage of processed tomato products. I. Study of heat damage indices

Afanasyeva, R.F.; Bobrov, A.F.; Bourmistrova, O.V.; Bessonova, N.A., 1999:
Evaluation of heat insulation by means of sites for measurement of foot skin temperature and heat flow

Kondo, T.; Ando, T.; Ikeda, T., 2001:
Evaluation of heat resistance of microorganisms by an amperometric measurement of the microbial substrate-oxidizing activity using a whole-cell modified electrode

Fligge, T.A.; Przybylski, M.; Quinn, J.P.; Marshall, A.G., 1998:
Evaluation of heat-induced conformational changes in proteins by nanoelectrospray Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometry

Prasad, B.; Jaiprakas, K.C., 1999:
Evaluation of heavy metals in ground water near mining area and development of heavy metal pollution index

Savage, A.A.; Mullan, W.M.chael A., 2000:
Evaluation of helical viscometry for assessing the functional properties of mozzarella cheese

Bouche, F.B.; Brons, N.H.; Houard, S.; Schneider, F.; Muller, C.P., 1998:
Evaluation of hemagglutinin protein-specific immunoglobulin M for diagnosis of measles by an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay based on recombinant protein produced in a high-efficiency mammalian expression system

Yamamoto, Kazuhiro, 2001:
Evaluation of hemangiomas of the throat with dynamic MR imaging: Report of two cases

Bhatia, A.; Kaur, J., 2000:
Evaluation of hematological and immunological parameters in mice exposed to sublethal and subchronic doses of dimethoate

Nazifi, S.; Oryan, A.; Mohebbi, H., 2002:
Evaluation of hematological parameters in caprine besnoitiosis

Gabus, R.; Magarinos, A.; Zamora, M.; D.L.sa, E.; Landoni, A.I.; Martinez, G.; Canessa, C.; Giordano, H.; Bodega, E., 1999:
Evaluation of hematopoietic progenitors in hematopoietic progenitor cell transplants. CD34+ dose effect in marrow recovery. Retrospective analysis in 38 patients

Grossniklaus, H.E.; Waring, G.O.I.; Akor, C.; Castellano Sanchez, A.A.; Bennett, K., 2003:
Evaluation of hematoxylin and eosin and special stains for the detection of acanthamoeba keratitis in penetrating keratoplasties

Schipper, H.M.; Chertkow, H.; Mehindate, K.; Frankel, D.; Melmed, C.; Bergman, H., 2000:
Evaluation of heme oxygenase-1 as a systemic biological marker of sporadic AD

Jarolim, K., L.; Brenner, G., M.; Martin, L., G.; Yuan, Y.; Allen, T., W., 2000:
Evaluation of hemodilution and hypothermia in a rat model of global cerebral ischemia

Yang-Yi; Zhou-Rongfen; Fang-Qinmao; Et-Al, 2001:
Evaluation of hemodynamic changes in the ophthalmic artery with Color Doppler ultrasonography in high myopia

Kusunoki, K.; Oka, Y.; Zenke, K.; Saito, M.; Sadamoto, K.; Kumon, Y.; Sakaki, S.; Sato, H.; Nagasawa, K. , 2000:
Evaluation of hemodynamics in cerebral infarction using MRI with FAIR sequence

Sato, T.; Yamazaki, K.; Toyota, J.; Karino, Y.; Ohmura, T.; Suga, T., 2003:
Evaluation of hemodynamics in esophageal varices value of endoscopic color Doppler ultrasonography with a galactose-based contrast agent

Chandy, T.; Rao, G.H., 2000:
Evaluation of heparin immobilized chitosan-PEG microbeads for charcoal encapsulation and endotoxin removal

Sakaguchi, T.; Yoshimatsu, S.; Sagara, K.; Yamashita, Y.; Takahashi, M., 1998:
Evaluation of hepatic artery occlusion after intra-arterial infusion of SMANCS in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma

Fontaine, S.M.; Hoyer, P.B.; Sipes, I.G., 2001:
Evaluation of hepatic cytochrome P4502E1 in the species-dependent bioactivation of 4-vinylcyclohexene

Garello, E.; Battista, S.; Bar, F.; Niro, G.A.na; Cappello, N.; Rizzetto, M.; Molino, G., 1999:
Evaluation of hepatic function in liver cirrhosis: Clinical utility of galactose elimination capacity, hepatic clearance of D-sorbitol, and laboratory investigations

Mimura, T.; Hamazaki, K.; Sakai, H.; Tanaka, N.; Mimura, H., 2001:
Evaluation of hepatic functional reserve in rats with obstructive jaundice by asyaloglycoprotein receptor

Campo Ruiz, V.; Ochoa, E.R.; Lauwers, G.Y.; Gonzalez, S., 2002:
Evaluation of hepatic histology by near-infrared confocal microscopy: A pilot study

Gonzalez, R.J.; Tarloff, J.B., 2001:
Evaluation of hepatic subcellular fractions for Alamar blue and MTT reductase activity

Yamano, T.; Takayasu, Y.; Nakao, N.; Kubota, A., 2000:
Evaluation of hepatic toxicity following high-dose 5-FU arterial infusion chemotherapy: analysis of 42 cases of colorectal liver metastases

Robertson, D.G.; Urda, E.M.; Breider, M.A.; Gauthier, R.M., 1998:
Evaluation of hepatic toxicity of seven-day repeated-dose glutathione-depleting regimens in rats

Li-Tao; Yang-Weixiao; Wang-Shuqing, 1999:
Evaluation of hepatic vein and portal vein blood flow in congestive heart failure by Doppler ultrasound

Van Doornum, G.J.J.; Lodder, A.; Buimer, M.; Van Ameijden, E.J.C.; Bruisten, S., 2001:
Evaluation of hepatitis C antibody testing in saliva specimens collected by two different systems in comparison with HCV antibody and HCV RNA in serum

Mazurek, J.; Hutin, Y.; Mcnutt, L.A.; Morse, D.L., 2002:
Evaluation of hepatitis C surveillance in Poland in 1998

Heile, J.M.; Fong, Y.L.; Rosa, D.; Berger, K.; Saletti, G.; Campagnoli, S.; Bensi, G.; Capo, S.; Coates, S.; Crawford, K.; Dong, C.; Wininger, M.; Baker, G.; Cousens, L.; Chien, D.; Ng, P.; Archangel, P.; Grandi, G.; Houghton, M.; Abrignani, S., 2000:
Evaluation of hepatitis C virus glycoprotein E2 for vaccine design: an endoplasmic reticulum-retained recombinant protein is superior to secreted recombinant protein and DNA-based vaccine candidates

Volpe, A.; Pellegrino, A.; Ranieri, C.; Picciarelli, C.; Buongiorno, R.; Dentico, P., 2002:
Evaluation of hepatitis C virus serotypes and IgM anti-HCV antibodies in two groups of anti-HCV positive subjects in south-east Italy

Kao, C.H.; Tsai, S.C.; Wang, J.J.; Ho, Y.J.; Ho, S.T., 2001:
Evaluation of hepatobiliary function by hepatobiliary scintigraphy in hepatoma patients after transcatheter arterial embolization

Kubota, K.; Hisa, N.; Nishikawa, T.; Fujiwara, Y.; Murata, Y.; Itoh, S.; Yoshida, D.; Yoshida, S., 2001:
Evaluation of hepatocellular carcinoma after treatment with transcatheter arterial chemoembolization: Comparison of Lipiodol-CT, power Doppler sonography, and dynamic MRI

Bilodeau, M.; Aubry, M.C.ristine; Houle, R.; Burnes, P.N.; Ethier, C., 1999:
Evaluation of hepatocyte injury following partial ligation of the left portal vein

Shenoy, K.Ashok.; Somayaji, S.N.; Bairy, K.L., 2002:
Evaluation of hepatoprotective activity of Ginkgo biloba in rats

Wu, S.J.; Wang, J.S.; Lin, C.C.; Chang, C.H., 2001:
Evaluation of hepatoprotective activity of legumes

Ivany, Jerry, A., 2001:
Evaluation of herbicides for control of tufted vetch (Vicia cracca) and narrow-leaved vetch (Vicia angustifolia)

Hougaard, J.Leth.; Kessel, L.; Sander, B.; Kyvik, K.Ohm.; Sørensen, T.I.A.; Larsen, M., 2003:
Evaluation of heredity as a determinant of retinal nerve fiber layer thickness as measured by optical coherence tomography

Danziger, R.S.; Pappas, C.; Barnitz, C.; Varvil, T.; Hunt, S.C.; Leppert, M.F., 2000:
Evaluation of heterodimeric guanylyl cyclase genes as candidates for human hypertension

Aseychev, A.V.; Tjurin Kuzmin, A.U.; Stebeneva, S.A.; Deyev, A.I., 2001:
Evaluation of hexose monophosphate shunt activity in isolated murine lens by monitoring the potential of the ferricyanide-ferrocyanide system

Gill, J.Cox.; Ottum, M.; Schwartz, B., 2002:
Evaluation of high concentration intranasal and intravenous desmopressin in pediatric patients with mild hemophilia A or mild-to-moderate type 1 von Willebrand disease

Wang-Xiaoyan; He-Bangfu; Huang-Xianghong, 2001:
Evaluation of high frequency ultrasonography and CDFI in diagnosis of fibroadenoma of breast

Wang-Xiaoyan; Yu-Liling; He-Bangfu, 1999:
Evaluation of high frequency ultrasonography and CDFI in diagnosis of fibrocystic disease of breast

Moriyama, S.; Ishigai, Y.; Mori, T.; Fukuzawa, A.; Shibano, T., 1999:
Evaluation of high trough-to-peak ratio of perindopril in SHR

Wisniewski, A.B.; Nguyen, T.T.; Dobs, A.S., 2002:
Evaluation of high-dose estrogen and high-dose estrogen plus methyltestosterone treatment on cognitive task performance in postmenopausal women

Lin, S.L.ng; Inoue, Y.; Inoue, S., 1999:
Evaluation of high-performance anion-exchange chromatography with pulsed electrochemical and fluorometric detection for extensive application to the analysis of homologous series of oligo- and polysialic acids in bioactive molecules

Rugh, D.J.; Lerczak, J.A.; Hobbs, R.C.; Waite, J.M.; Laake, J.L., 2002:
Evaluation of high-powered binoculars to detect inter-year changes in offshore distribution of eastern North Pacific gray whales

Habraken, J.B.; de Bruin, K.; Shehata, M.; Booij, J.; Bennink, R.; van Eck Smit, B.L.; Busemann Sokole, E., 2001:
Evaluation of high-resolution pinhole SPECT using a small rotating animal

Zhang-Suge; Liu-Daozhen; Liu-Lanfen; Et-Al, 2002:
Evaluation of high-resolution ultrasonographic imaging in the diagnosis of intracanalicular papilloma

Collins, J.M.; Klecker, R.W., 2002:
Evaluation of highly bound drugs: interspecies, intersubject, and related comparisons

Okada, Y.; Kato, T.; Iwai, K.; Iwasaki, N.; Ohto, T.; Matsui, A., 2003:
Evaluation of hippocampal infolding using magnetic resonance imaging

Kayser, K.; Kayser, G.; Andre, S.; Altiner, M.; Gabius, H., 1999:
Evaluation of histochemical anthracyclin binding as potential prognostic parameter in small cell lung cancer

Yamamoto, Y.; Nishiyama, Y.; Fukunaga, K.; Kobayashi, T.; Satoh, K.; Fujita, J.; Ohkawa, M., 2001:
Evaluation of histopathological differentiation in lung adenocarcinoma patients using 201Tl-chloride and 99Tcm-MIBI SPET

Wells, T.G.; Neaville, W.A.; Arnold, J.R.; Belsha, C.W., 1998:
Evaluation of home blood pressure monitors in children and adolescents

Portier, F.; Portmann, A.; Czernichow, P.; Vascaut, L.; Devin, E.; Benhamou, D.; Cuvelier, A.; Muir, J.F., 2000:
Evaluation of home versus laboratory polysomnography in the diagnosis of sleep apnea syndrome

Roesch, Manfred, 1999:
Evaluation of honey residues from Iron Age hill-top sites in southwestern Germany: Implications for local and regional land use and vegetation dynamics

Schaad, M.A.ne; Bonjour, J.P.ilippe; Rizzoli, R., 2000:
Evaluation of hormone replacement therapy use by the sales figures

Clemons, C.; Rickard, L.G.; Keirans, J.E.; Botzler, R.G., 2000:
Evaluation of host preferences by helminths and ectoparasites among black-tailed jackrabbits in northern California

Soren, K.; Saiman, L.; Irigoyen, M.; Gomez-Duarte, C.; Levison, M.J.; McMahon, D.J., 1999:
Evaluation of household contacts of children with positive tuberculin skin tests

Kim, G.; Oh, T.J.ong; Yoon, B.S.o, 2000:
Evaluation of hprt mutant assay as a biomarker monitoring the specific environmental mutagen

van Schie, R.C.; Wilson, M.E., 2000:
Evaluation of human FcgammaRIIA (CD32) and FcgammaRIIIB (CD16) polymorphisms in Caucasians and African-Americans using salivary DNA

Shinkoda, H.; Matsumoto, K.; Hamasaki, J.; Seo, Y.J.; Park, Y.M.; Park, K.P., 1998:
Evaluation of human activities and sleep-wake identification using wrist actigraphy

Kampmann, B.; Gaora, P.O.; Snewin, V.A.; Gares, M.P.; Young, D.B.; Levin, M., 2000:
Evaluation of human antimycobacterial immunity using recombinant reporter mycobacteria

Oldenburg, N.; Lam, K.M.; Khan, M.A.; Top, B.; Tacken, N.M.; McKie, A.; Mikhail, G.W.; Middeldorp, J.M.; Wright, A.; Banner, N.R.; Yacoub, M., 2000:
Evaluation of human cytomegalovirus gene expression in thoracic organ transplant recipients using nucleic acid sequence-based amplification

Bowne, S.J.; Sullivan, L.S.; Ding, L.; Traer, E.; Prescott, S.M.; Birch, D.G.; Kennan, A.; Humphries, P.; Daiger, S.P., 2000:
Evaluation of human diacylglycerol kinasei, DGKI, a homolog of Drosophila rdgA, in inherited retinopathy mapping to 7q

Levesque, J.F.ancois; Gaudreault, M.; Houle, R.; Chauret, N., 2002:
Evaluation of human hepatocyte incubation as a new tool for metabolism study of androstenedione and norandrostenedione in a doping control perspective

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Evaluation of mirrors to deter nesting starlings

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Evaluation of model solvent systems for assessing the accumulation of container extractables in drug formulations

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Evaluation of modified gum karaya as carrier for the dissolution enhancement of poorly water-soluble drug nimodipine

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Evaluation of molecular techniques for the genetic characterization of Saccharomyces cerevisiae strains

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Evaluation of molecule-microbe interactions with capillary electrophoresis: procedures, utility and restrictions

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