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Investigations on the organic drift in North Swedish streams
Limitations of Using Microsoft Excel Version 2016 (MS Excel 2016) for Statistical Analysis for Medical Research
Phloem necrosis of coffee in Surinam
Anatomy of Mystus seenghala IV Nervous system
Integrated farming system for gardenland conditions of Coimbatore district - an over view
Tetrapleure (Tetrapleura tetraptera), an unknown African medicinal and spice plant
The origin and phylogenetic significance of the trochophoran larvae 2. evolutionary significance of the larvae of coelomate worms and mollusks
Comparison of rice bran and maize bran as feeds for growing and fattening pigs
Enterobacter amnigenus. An unusual human pathogen
Influence of Seriboost foliar application on leaf yield and leaf protein content in mulberry (Morus spp.), in relation to silkworm cocoon production
The identity of the lipstick mold of cultivated mushrooms agaricus bisporus
Advantages and disadvantages of bordeaux mixture and of lime-sulphur used on apples in the growing season
'Pan-sukh' disease of Rice in the Central Provinces
Geological age of the Ptilophyllum flora; a critical reassessment
Study of vitellogenesis in birds; physiological phases & role of folliculin in vitellogenesis
Evaluation of WCT coconut and Komadan coconut
Therapy for acne with saccharomyces boulardii
Evidence for Late Cretaceous N-S dextral shear in the west-central crystalline core, North Cascades, Washington
'Rajeshwari' - a high-yielding white seeded variety of sesame for Andhra Pradesh
Manufacture of Ricotta cheese from whey fortified with skim milk powder using different acidulants
Occurrence of Eutrichophilus mexicanus (Rudow, 1866) and Eutrichophilus lobatus (Ewing, 1936) (Phthiraptera: Trichodectidae) on Sphiggurus villosus (Cuvier, 1825) (Rodentia: Erethizontidae) in Rio de
Factors affecting fruitfulness in durian (Durio zibethinus Murr.). I. Flowering and pollination
Bronchial cuff pressure change caused by left-sided double-lumen endobronchial tube displacement
Some Biological Applications of Organometallic Compounds
The composition of pampas-grass (Cortaderia argentea.)

List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 10648

Chapter 10648 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Externalization of annexin I from a folliculo-stellate-like cell line
, Endocrinology 143(11): 4330-4338 (2002)

Externalization of tropomyosin isoform 5 in colon epithelial cells
, Clinical and Experimental Immunology 118(2): 219-227 (1999)

Externalized self-perceptions, self-silencing, and the prediction of eating pathology
, Canadian Journal of Behavioural Science 35(3): 219-228 (2003)

Externalizing disorders in consecutively referred children and adolescents with bipolar disorder
, Comprehensive Psychiatry 44(3): 184-189 (2003)

Externally added aFGF mutants do not require extensive unfolding for transport to the cytosol and the nucleus in NIH/3T3 cells
, Biochemistry 39(49): 15091-15100 (2000)

Externally and internally controlled attention in infants: An EEG study
, International Journal of Psychophysiology: Official Journal of the International Organization of Psychophysiology 30(3): 339-351 (1998)

Externally applied cyclic strain regulates localization of focal contact components in cultured smooth muscle cells
, Annals of Biomedical Engineering 30(7): 927-935 (2002)

Externally attached radio transmitters do not affect the parental care behaviour of rock bass
, Journal of Fish Biology il; 62(4): 965-970 (2003)

Externally coated ureteral metallic stents: An unfavorable clinical experience
, European Urology 42(3): 276-280 (2002)

Externally coupled transcutaneous energy transmission system for a totally implantable artificial heart: An investigation into reductions in the input voltage and the attachability of the transcutaneous transformer
, Japanese Journal of Artificial Organs 29(1): 11-17 (2000)

Externally guided control of static grip forces by visual feedback-age and task effects in 3-6-year old children and in adults
, Neuroscience Letters 271(1): 41-44 (1999)

Externally readjustable device to regulate sling tension in stress urinary incontinence: preliminary results
, Journal of Endourology 17(7): 515-521 (2003)

Externally-fused cyclopenta moieties in non-alternant CP-PAHs act as peri-substituents
, Tetrahedron Letters 43(21): 3833-3836 (2002)

Externe Ophthalmoplegie durch Amitriptylin-Intoxikation
, Nervenarzt 73(2): 174-176 (2002)

Exteroceptive suppression patterns of masseter and temporalis muscles in central and peripheral headache disorders
, Cephalalgia: An International Journal of Headache 22(6): 444-452 (2002)

Exteroceptive suppression periods and pericranial muscle tenderness in chronic tension-type headache: Effects of psychopathology, chronicity and disability
, Cephalalgia: An International Journal of Headache 20(7): 638-646 (2000)

Extinct equids from Limeworks Cave and Cave of Hearths, Makapansgat, Northern Province, and a consideration of variation in the cheek teeth of Equus capensis Broom
, Palaeontologia Africana 36: 97-117 (2000)

Extinct mammals, type specimens and remarkable local series of mammals in the collection of the Staatliches Museum fuer Tierkunde Dresden (Mammalia)
, Zoologische Abhandlungen (Dresden) 50(13-22): 401-414 (1999)

Extinction after regular and irregular reward schedules in the infant rat: Influence of age and training duration
, Developmental Psychobiology 34(1): 57-70 (1999)

Extinction and extinction vulnerability of amphibians and reptiles in Madagascar
, Amphibian and Reptile Conservation 2(1): 15-23 (2000)

Extinction and quasi-stationarity in the Verhulst logistic model
, Journal of Theoretical Biology 211(1): 11-27 (2001)

Extinction and re-evolution of similar adaptive types (ecomorphs) in Cenozoic North American ungulates and carnivores reflect van der Hammen's cycles
, Die Naturwissenschaften 90(3): 131-135 (2003)

Extinction and renewal patterns among Tethyan belemnites in the Verrucosum Subzone (Valanginian) of southeast France
, Cretaceous Research 23(4): 509-522 (2002)

Extinction and replacement in the Indo-West Pacific Ocean
, Journal of Biogeography 26(4): 777-783 (1999)

Extinction and spontaneous recovery of ataxic tolerance to ethanol in rats
, Psychopharmacology 153(4): 491-496 (2001)

Extinction and the loss of functional diversity
, Proceedings. Biological Sciences 269(1501): 1721-1727 (2002)

Extinction antagonizes olfactory memory at the subcellular level
, Neuron 35(5): 951-960 (2002)

Extinction can be enhanced by a concurrent excitor
, Journal of Experimental Psychology. Animal Behavior Processes 26(3): 251-260 (2000)

Extinction characteristics of TiO2 suspension for different band ultraviolet radiation
, Huan Jing Ke Xue= Huanjing Kexue 22(2): 46-50 (2001)

Extinction coefficients and midpoint potentials of cytochrome c(6) from the cyanobacteria Arthrospira maxima, Microcystis aeruginosa, and Synechocystis 6803
, Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 1413(2): 92-97 (1999)

Extinction considerations for diadromous fishes
, ICES Journal of Marine Science 56(4): 405-409 (1999)

Extinction cross-section of Norwegian spring-spawning herring
, ICES Journal of Marine Science 56(5): 606-612 (1999)

Extinction debt and species credit in boreal forests: Modelling the consequences of different approaches to biodiversity conservation
, Annales Zoologici Fennici 37(4): 271-280 (2000)

Extinction dynamics in mainland-island metapopulations: an N-patch stochastic model
, Bulletin of Mathematical Biology 64(5): 913-958 (2002)

Extinction in a field of bullets: A search for causes in the decline of the world's freshwater fishes
, Biological Conservation 102(1): 97-105 (2001)

Extinction in fear conditioning: Effects on startle modulation and evaluative self-reports
, Psychophysiology 35(6): 729-736 (1998)

Extinction in Fragmented Habitats Predicted from Stochastic Birth-death Processes with Density Dependence
, Journal of Theoretical Biology 199(4): 395-406 (1999)

Extinction in multiple species fisheries harvested with the same gear-The Great Lakes ciscoes
, Journal of Great Lakes Research 25(4): 892-896 (1999)

Extinction of alpha1-antitrypsin expression in cell hybrids is independent of HNF1alpha and HNF4 and involves both promoter and internal DNA sequences
, Nucleic Acids Research 27(4): 1190-1197 (1999)

Extinction of behavior in infant rats: development of functional coupling between septal, hippocampal, and ventral tegmental regions
, Journal of Neuroscience: the Official Journal of the Society for Neuroscience 19(19): 8646-8655 (1999)

Extinction of cocaine self-administration produces a differential time-related regulation of proenkephalin gene expression in rat brain
, Neuropsychopharmacology: Official Publication of the American College of Neuropsychopharmacology 25(2): 185-194 (2001)

Extinction of conditioned odor potentiation of startle
, Neurobiology of Learning and Memory 78(2): 426-440 (2002)

Extinction of conditioned taste aversions: effects of concentration and overshadowing
, Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology. B Comparative and Physiological Psychology 55(3): 213-239 (2002)

Extinction of marine renewable resources: A demographic analysis
, Population Ecology 42(1): 19-27 (2000)

Extinction of organelles in differentiating epidermis
, Acta Histochemica et Cytochemica 32(6): 465-476 (1999)

Extinction of responding maintained by timeout from avoidance
, Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior 71(1): 1-11 (1999)

Extinction of the response to the female's urinary odour as a consequence of low-dose X-irradiation in male hamster, occurs in conjunction with a marked suppression of aggressive behaviour
, Behavioural Processes 47(3): 175-188 (1999)

Extinction of the weakest
, International Journal of Radiation Oncology Biology Physics 51(3): 807-819 (2001)

Extinction of top-predator in a three-level food-chain model
, Journal of Mathematical Biology 37(4): 372-380 (1998)

Extinction rates under nonrandom patterns of habitat loss
, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 99(17): 11229-11234 (2002)

Extinction requires new RNA and protein synthesis and the soma of the cell right pedal dorsal 1 in Lymnaea stagnalis
, Journal of Neuroscience: the Official Journal of the Society for Neuroscience 23(30): 9842-9851 (2003)

Extinction revisited: Similarities between extinction and reductions in US intensity in classical conditioning of the rabbit's nictitating membrane response
, Animal Learning and Behavior 30(2): 96-111 (2002)

Extinction risk and the 1/f family of noise models
, Theoretical Population Biology 56(3): 215-230 (1999)

Extinction risk assessment and optimal harvesting of anchovy and sprat in the Azov Sea
, Journal of Applied Ecology 36(2): 297-306 (1999)

Extinction risk assessment of declining wild populations: The case of the southern bluefin tuna
, Researches on Population Ecology (Kyoto) 40(3): 271-278 (1998)

Extinction risk assessment of threatened species
, Population Ecology 42(1): 3-4 (2000)

Extinction risk in successional landscapes subject to catastrophic disturbances
, Conservation Ecology 6(2): Unpaginated (2002)

Extinction risk of a density-dependent population estimated from a time series of population size
, Journal of Theoretical Biology 204(3): 337-359 (2000)

Extinction risk under coloured environmental noise
, Ecography 23(2): 177-184 (2000)

Extinction threshold in metapopulation models
, Annales Zoologici Fennici 30: 81-97 (2003)

Extinction thresholds in host-parasite dynamics
, Annales Zoologici Fennici 30: 115-130 (2003)

Extinction thresholds: Insights from simple models
, Annales Zoologici Fennici 40(2): 99-114 (2003)

Extinction time and age of an allele in a large finite population
, Theoretical Population Biology 61(3): 311-318 (2002)

Extinction times and phase transitions for spatially structured closed epidemics
, Bulletin of Mathematical Biology 60(2): 215-230 (1998)

Extinction times for closed epidemics: The effects of host spatial structure
, Ecology Letters 5(6): 747-755 (2002)

Extinction times in finite metapopulation models with stochastic local dynamics
, Oikos 83(2): 383-389 (1998)

Extinction, colonization, and persistence of rare vascular flora in the longleaf pine-wiregrass ecosystem: Responses to fire frequency and population size
, Natural Areas Journal 23(3): 210-219 (2003)

Extinction, diversity and survivorship of taxa in the fossil record
, Proceedings of the Royal Society Biological Sciences Series B 266(1428): 1593-1599 (1999)

Extinction, working memory, and line bisection in spatial neglect
, Neurology 57(1): 147-149 (2001)

Extinction-colonization dynamics structure genetic variation of spotted sunfish (Lepomis punctatus) in the Florida Everglades
, Molecular Ecology 12(2): 355-368 (2003)

Extinction-proneness of island species: Causes and management implications
, Raffles Bulletin of Zoology 48(1): 1-9, 30 June (2000)

Extinctions in simple and complex communities
, Oikos 99(3): 511-517 (2002)

Extinguishing Egr-1-dependent inflammatory and thrombotic cascades after lung transplantation
, FASEB Journal 15(14): 2757-2759 (2001)

Extra activation component of calcium release in frog muscle fibres
, Journal of Physiology 542(Pt 3): 867-886 (2002)

Extra adrenal retroperitoneal paraganglioma
, Saudi Medical Journal 24(7): 778-780 (2003)

Extra and intracellular expression of Mycobacterium tuberculosis genes
, Tubercle and Lung Disease: the Official Journal of the International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease 79(2): 91-97 (1998)

Extra axonal neurofilaments do not exacerbate disease caused by mutant Cu,Zn superoxide dismutase
, Neurobiology of Disease 7(4): 462-470 (2000)

Extra c-myc oncogene copies in high risk cutaneous malignant melanoma and melanoma metastases
, British Journal of Cancer 84(1): 72-79 (2001)

Extra cellular matrix features in human meninges
, Italian Journal of Anatomy and Embryology 105(3): 167-177 (2000)

Extra cranial sources of S100B
, British Journal of Anaesthesia 86(4): 601 (2001)

Extra dietary copper inhibits LDL oxidation
, American journal of clinical nutrition 76(3): 687-8; author reply 688 (2002)

Extra domain-positive fibronectins in arthritis: wolf in sheep's clothing?
, Rheumatology 40(7): 721-723 (2001)

Extra inner hair cells in the developing rabbit cochlea
, Hearing Research 172(1-2): 10-13 (2002)

Extra leader sequence affects immunoactivity of cardiac troponin I
, Clinical Chemistry 45(8 Pt 1): 1300-1302 (1999)

Extra neurofilament NF-L subunits rescue motor neuron disease caused by overexpression of the human NF-H gene in mice
, Journal of Neuropathology and Experimental Neurology 58(10): 1099-1110 (1999)

Extra pair paternity in birds: A review of interspecific variation and adaptive function
, Molecular Ecology 11(11): 2195-2212 (2002)

Extra relationship involvement among women: Are they different from men?
, Archives of Sexual Behavior 30(2): 119-142 (2001)

Extra spike formation in sensory neurons and the disruption of afferent spike patterning
, Biophysical Journal 84(4): 2700-2708 (2003)

Extra stable 2',5'-linked RNA loops
, Nucleosides Nucleotides and Nucleic Acids 20(4-7): 1201-1204 (2001)

Extra teeth and dental anomalies in the crested porcupine Hystrix cristata, from Sicily
, Acta Theriologica 44(2): 219-223 (1999)

Extra vet in de voeding van sportpaarden - een voordeel?
, Tijdschrift voor Diergeneeskunde 126(9): 310-316 (2001)

Extra- and intra-cellular lytic effects of Cytophaga sp. LR2 on the red microalgae Rhodella reticulata
, Journal of Applied Microbiology 93(5): 751-757 (2002)

Extra- and intracellular free iron and the carotid body responses
, Respiratory Physiology and Neurobiology 130(1): 21-31 (2002)

Extra- and intracellular proton-binding sites of volume-regulated anion channels
, Journal of Membrane Biology 177(1): 13-22 (2000)

Extra- and intracellular sphingosylphosphorylcholine promote spontaneous transmitter release from frog motor nerve endings
, Molecular Pharmacology 63(6): 1430-1436 (2003)

Extra-abdominal desmoid fibromatosis: Two familial cases with synchronous and metachronous multicentric hyalinizing nodules
, Histopathology 41(2): 118-121 (2002)

Extra-adrenal mineralocorticoids and cardiovascular tissue
, Journal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology 31(6): 1175-1184 (1999)

Extra-adrenal phechromocytoma and renal cell carcinoma--an unusual case of tumour synchronism
, Scandinavian Journal of Urology and Nephrology 33(2): 133-135 (1999)

Extra-adrenal production of corticosteroids
, Clinical and Experimental Pharmacology and Physiology 30(7): 437-445 (2003)

Extra-amniotic balloon with PGE2 versus extra-ovular Foley catheter with PGF2alpha in mid-trimester pregnancy termination
, International Journal of Gynaecology and Obstetrics: the Official Organ of the International Federation of Gynaecology and Obstetrics 63(1): 51-54 (1998)

Extra-amniotic prostaglandin E2 for midtrimester termination of pregnancy in live fetuses vs. fetal demise
, Archives of Gynecology and Obstetrics 268(4): 301-303 (2003)

Extra-amniotic saline infusion versus extra-amniotic prostaglandin F2alpha for cervical ripening and induction of labor
, International Journal of Gynaecology and Obstetrics: the Official Organ of the International Federation of Gynaecology and Obstetrics 64(1): 35-41 (1999)

Extra-amniotic saline, laminaria, or prostaglandin E(2) gel for labor induction with unfavorable cervix: a randomized controlled trial
, Obstetrics and Gynecology 96(1): 106-112 (2000)

Extra-anatomic arterial reconstruction with ligation of common iliac arteries and embolization of the aneurysm for the treatment of abdominal aortic aneurysms in high-risk patients
, Journal of Vascular Surgery 33(4): 745-751 (2001)

Extra-anatomic bypass graft for management of axillary artery occlusion in pitchers
, Journal of Vascular Surgery 33(4): 797-801 (2001)

Extra-anatomic bypass grafting for aortoesophageal fistula: a logical operation
, Journal of Vascular Surgery 32(5): 1030-1033 (2000)

Extra-anatomic stents in ureteric obstruction: Experience and complications
, BJU International 84(7): 762-764 (1999)

Extra-anatomical bypass in high-risk patients
, Dokkyo Journal of Medical Sciences 28(1): 741-743 (2001)

Extra-articular cartilage affected in collagen-induced, but not pristane-induced, arthritis models
, Clinical and Experimental Immunology 127(1): 37-42 (2002)

Extra-articular disease manifestations in rheumatoid arthritis: Incidence trends and risk factors over 46 years
, Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases 62(8): 722-727 (2003)

Extra-articular endoscopy of the musculo-skeletal system
, Rhumatologie 52(2): 34-35 (2000)

Extra-articular lateral reconstruction technique
, Arthroscopy: the Journal of Arthroscopic and Related Surgery: Official Publication of the Arthroscopy Association of North America and the International Arthroscopy Association 16(5): 553-557 (2000)

Extra-articular manifestations in 587 Italian patients with rheumatoid arthritis
, Rheumatology International 19(6): 213-217 (2000)

Extra-articular rheumatoid arthritis: Prevalence and mortality
, Rheumatology 38(7): 668-674 (1999)

Extra-articular synovial chondromatosis of the temporomandibular joint: pitfalls in diagnosis
, Archives of Otolaryngology--Head and Neck Surgery 125(12): 1394-1397 (1999)

Extra-articular wide tumor resection and limb reconstruction in malignant bone tumors invading the knee joint
, Oncology Reports 8(2): 365-368 (2001)

Extra-axial cavernomas of the cerebellopontine angle involving the seventh-eighth nerve complex
, Neurosurgical Review 25(4): 222-224 (2002)

Extra-cellular L-glutaminase production by Zygosaccharomyces rouxii under solid-state fermentation
, Process Biochemistry 38(3): 307-312 (2002)

Extra-cellular dopamine increases in the paraventricular nucleus of male rats during sexual activity
, European Journal of Neuroscience 17(6): 1266-1272 (2003)

Extra-cellular signal-regulated ERK-1/ERK-2 pathway activation in human salivary gland mucoepidermoid carcinoma: association to aggressive tumor behavior and tumor cell proliferation
, American Journal of Pathology 163(3): 957-967 (2003)

Extra-cellular thiol metabolism in clones of human metastatic melanoma with different gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase expression: Implications for cell response to platinum-based drugs
, International Journal of Cancer 97(6): 740-745 (2002)

Extra-cellular volume estimation by electrical impedance--phase measurement or curve fitting: a comparative study
, Physiological Measurement 19(4): 517-526 (1998)

Extra-chromosomal telomeric DNA in cells from Atm(-/-) mice and patients with ataxia-telangiectasia
, Human Molecular Genetics 10(5): 519-528 (2001)

Extra-column dispersion in liquid chromatography systems
, Journal of Liquid Chromatography and Related Technologies 25(17): 2567-2587 (2002)

Extra-continental morphological affinities of Lapa Vermelha IV, hominid 1: A multivariate analysis with progressive numbers of variables
, Homo 50(3): 263-282 (1999)

Extra-continental morphological affinities of Palli Aike, southern Chile
, Interciencia 24(4): 258-263 (1999)

Extra-epididymal spermatozoa express nuclear abnormalities
, International Journal of Andrology 22(4): 282-288 (1999)

Extra-fine particles improve lung delivery of inhaled steroids in infants: a study in an upper airway model
, Chest 123(6): 2083-2088 (2003)

Extra-helical guanine interactions in DNA
, Biophysical Chemistry 86(2-3): 179-189 (2000)

Extra-hepatic embolisation of Y-90 microspheres from selective internal radiation therapy (SIRT) of the liver
, Pathology 35(4): 351-353 (2003)

Extra-hippocampal temporal lesions with disturbance in academic knowledge (semantic explicit memory)
, Revue Neurologique (Paris) 154(10): 675-680 (1998)

Extra-intestinal manifestations associated with irritable bowel syndrome: A twin study
, Alimentary Pharmacology and Therapeutics 16(5): 975-983 (2002)

Extra-intestinal manifestations of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)
, Acta Endoscopica 29(3): 263-273 (1999)

Extra-intestinal non-typhoidal Salmonella infections in children
, Annals of Tropical Paediatrics 20(2): 125-129 (2000)

Extra-limital observations of Broad-winged Hawk, Buteo platypterus, Connecticut Warbler, Oporornis agilis, and other bird observations from the Liard Valley, Northwest Territories
, Canadian Field-Naturalist 114(4): 671-679 (2000)

Extra-medullary myeloid tumour (granulocytic sarcoma) is often misdiagnosed: A study of 26 cases
, Histopathology 34(5): 391-398 (1999)

Extra-medullary relapse of leukemia following allogeneic bone marrow transplantation
, Hematological Oncology 17(2): 45-52 (1999)

Extra-ostial pulmonary venous isolation: Use of epicardial ablation to eliminate a point of conduction breakthrough
, Journal of Cardiovascular Electrophysiology 14(6): 663-666 (2003)

Extra-pair copulations of grey heron Ardea cinerea in Arcachon Bay (SW France)
, Miscellania Zoologica (Barcelona): 212: 73-80 (1998)

Extra-pair paternity among Great Tits Parus major following manipulation of male signals
, Journal of Avian Biology 32(4): 338-344 (2001)

Extra-pair paternity and egg dumping in birds: Life history, parental care and the risk of retaliation
, Proceedings. Biological Sciences 269(1497): 1263-1269 (2002)

Extra-pair paternity and male badge size in the House Sparrow
, Journal of Avian Biology 30(1): 97-102 (1999)

Extra-pair paternity and the reproductive role of male floaters in the tree swallow (Tachycineta bicolor)
, Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 49(4): 251-259 (2001)

Extra-pair paternity in the Common Murre
, Condor 103(1): 158-162 (2001)

Extra-pair paternity in the facultatively polygynous spotless starling, Sturnus unicolor
, Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology e; 54(1): 1-6 (2003)

Extra-pair paternity in the socially monogamous Sedge Warbler Acrocephalus schoenobaenus as revealed by multilocus DNA fingerprinting
, Ibis 142(1): 12-20 (2000)

Extra-pair paternity in waved albatrosses
, Molecular Ecology 9(9): 1415-1419 (2000)

Extra-pair sires as identified by means of standardized across-gel comparisons of multilocus DNA fingerprints
, Electrophoresis 24(16): 2758-2763 (2003)

Extra-pulmonary tuberculosis in children
, Archives of Disease in Childhood 83(4): 342-346 (2000)

Extra-relational sex among Hispanic women and their condom-related behaviours and attitudes
, Aids Care 15(4): 505-512 (2003)

Extra-renal abscess in chronic hemodialysis patients
, Renal Failure 24(4): 511-521 (2002)

Extra-renal erythropoietin secretion after bilateral nephrectomy
, Renal Failure 25(1): 145-148 (2003)

Extra-strong graduated compression stocking reduces usage of vasopressor agents during spinal anesthesia for cesarean section
, Archives of Gynecology and Obstetrics 265(2): 60-63 (2001)

Extra-tumor perineural invasion predicts postoperative development of peritoneal dissemination in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma
, Anticancer Research 21(2b): 1407-1412 (2001)

Extra-uterine pregnancy following assisted conception treatment
, Human Reproduction Update 6(1): 80-92 (2000)

Extraadrenal retroperitoneal paraganglioma causing malignant hypertension and permanent visual loss in an eleven-year-old girl
, West Indian Medical Journal 49(1): 76-78 (2000)

Extraanatomic bypass in the treatment of prosthetic vascular graft infection manifesting in the groin
, Vasa. Zeitschrift für Gefasskrankheiten 28(4): 283-288 (1999)

Extraarticular pigmented villonodular synovitis of the distal forearm: a case report
, Singapore Medical Journal 44(3): 152-154 (2003)

Extraarticular villonodular synovitis of the tendoachilles: a case report
, Annals of the Academy of Medicine Singapore 28(4): 602-604 (1999)

Extraaxial primitive neuroectodermal tumor mimicking a vestibular schwannoma: diagnostic and therapeutic difficulties. Report of two cases
, Journal of Neurosurgery 94(4): 612-616 (2001)

Extrabranchial chemoreceptors involved in respiratory reflexes in the neotropical fish Colossoma macropomum (the tambaqui)
, Journal of Experimental Biology 205(Pt 12): 1765-1774 (2002)

Extrabuccal infralabial secretion outlets in Dromophis, Mimophis and Psammophis species (Serpentes, Colubridae, Psammophiini). A probable substitute for 'self-rubbing' and cloacal scent gland functions, and a cue for a taxonomic account
, Comptes Rendus Biologies 326(3): 275-286 (2003)

Extracanal invasive root resorption: a perplexing oddity
, General Dentistry 50(1): 70-71 (2002)

Extracao de Femeas de Meloidogyne javanica de Raizes de Tomateiro pela Maceracao com Enzimas Fungicas
, Nematologia Brasileira 27(1): 75-80 (2003)

Extracapsular blunt dissection for hepatic cavernous hemangioma: A report of 59 cases
, Zhongguo Zhongliu Linchuang 27(9): 658-659 (2000)

Extracapsular cataract extraction compared with small incision surgery by phacoemulsification: a randomised trial
, British Journal of Ophthalmology 85(7): 822-829 (2001)

Extracapsular cataract extraction with posterior chamber lens implantation in capsular glaucoma
, Ophthalmologica. Journal International D'ophtalmologie. International Journal of Ophthalmology. Zeitschrift für Augenheilkunde 214(4): 260-263 (2000)

Extracapsular cataract surgery compared with manual small incision cataract surgery in community eye care setting in western India: a randomised controlled trial
, British Journal of Ophthalmology 87(6): 667-672 (2003)

Extracapsular invasion of lymph node metastasis. A good indicator of disease recurrence and poor prognosis in patients with thyroid microcarcinoma
, Cancer 86(5): 842-849 (1999)

Extracapsular spread and desmoplastic pattern in neck lymph nodes: two prognostic factors of laryngeal cancer
, Annals of Otology Rhinology and Laryngology 108(7 Pt 1): 672-676 (1999)

Extracapsular spread in ipsilateral neck and contralateral neck metastases in laryngeal cancer
, Annals of Otology Rhinology and Laryngology 111(5 Pt 1): 447-454 (2002)

Extracapsular spread. A significant predictor of treatment failure in patients with squamous cell carcinoma of the tongue
, Cancer 92(12): 3030-3036 (2001)

Extracardiac ablation of the canine atrioventricular junction by use of high-intensity focused ultrasound
, Circulation 100(2): 203-208 (1999 )

Extracardiac contributions to chest pain perception in patients 6 months after acute myocardial infarction
, American Heart Journal 137(3): 528-535 (1999)

Extracardiac total cavopulmonary connection via an atrial and pericardial tunnel
, Journal of Cardiovascular Surgery 40(4): 543-546 (1999)

Extraccion de Meloidogyne incognita de cormos de caladium
, Nematropica 29(2): 245-248 (1999)

Extraccion de larvas y adultos de carabidos (Coleoptera) desde suelo, comparacion de metodos
, Revista Chilena de Entomologia 29: 111-115 (2003)

Extracellular ATP activates a P2 receptor in Necturus erythrocytes during hypotonic swelling
, Journal of Membrane Biology 182(3): 193-202 (2001)

Extracellular ATP activates transcription factor NFAT in mouse microglial cells
, Drug Development Research 52(1-2): 213-219 (2001)

Extracellular ATP and P2X7 receptors in neurodegeneration
, European Journal of Pharmacology 447(2-3): 261-269 (2002)

Extracellular ATP and UTP stimulate cartilage proteoglycan and collagen accumulation in bovine articular chondrocyte pellet cultures
, Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 1502(2): 297-306 (2000)

Extracellular ATP and nerve growth factor intensify hypoglycemia-induced cell death in primary neurons: Role of P2 and NGFRp75 receptors
, Journal of Neurochemistry 83(5): 1129-1138 (2002)

Extracellular ATP as a signaling molecule for epithelial cells
, Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 1615(1-2): 7-32 (2003 )

Extracellular ATP causes ROCK I-dependent bleb formation in P2X7-transfected HEK293 cells
, Molecular Biology of the Cell 14(7): 2655-2664 (2003)

Extracellular ATP couples to cAMP generation and granulocytic differentiation in human NB4 promyelocytic leukaemia cells
, Immunology and Cell Biology 78(5): 467-473 (2000)

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