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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 10652

Chapter 10652 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Hiromasa, Y.; Roche, T.E., 2003:
Facilitated interaction between the pyruvate dehydrogenase kinase isoform 2 and the dihydrolipoyl acetyltransferase

Smith, D.J.; King, W.F.; Barnes, L.A.; Trantolo, D.; Wise, D.L.; Taubman, M.A., 2001:
Facilitated intranasal induction of mucosal and systemic immunity to mutans streptococcal glucosyltransferase peptide vaccines

Arnold, D.A.; Kowalczykowski, S.C., 2000:
Facilitated loading of RecA protein is essential to recombination by RecBCD enzyme

Thompson, J.; Pugh, T.; Guggenheimer, K.; Safarpour, A.; Christie, A.; Pel, J.; Chow, S.; Marziali, A., 2003:
Facilitated loading of horizontal gels using a capillary comb loader

Weber, M.; Birklein, F.; Neundoerfer, B.; Schmelz, M., 2001:
Facilitated neurogenic inflammation in complex regional pain syndrome

Plafker, K.; Macara, I.G., 2000:
Facilitated nucleocytoplasmic shuttling of the Ran binding protein RanBP1

Boon, J.Middleton.; Lambert, T.N.; Sisson, A.L.; Davis, A.P.; Smith, B.D., 2003:
Facilitated phosphatidylserine (PS) flip-flop and thrombin activation using a synthetic PS scramblase

Balogh, S.A.; Mcdowell, C.S.; Kwon, Y.T.e; Denenberg, V.H., 2001:
Facilitated stimulus-response associative learning and long-term memory in mice lacking the NTAN1 amidase of the N-end rule pathway

Bustamante, C.; Guthold, M.; Zhu, X.; Yang, G., 1999:
Facilitated target location on DNA by individual Escherichia coli RNA polymerase molecules observed with the scanning force microscope operating in liquid

Walter, W.; Studitsky, V.M., 2001:
Facilitated transcription through the nucleosome at high ionic strength occurs via a histone octamer transfer mechanism

Waters, C.M.; Krejcie, T.C.; Avram, M.J., 2000:
Facilitated uptake of fentanyl, but not alfentanil, by human pulmonary endothelial cells

Inada, R.; Matsuki, M.; Yamada, K.; Morishima, Y.; Shen, S.C.; Kuramoto, N.; Yasuno, H.; Takahashi, K.; Miyachi, Y.; Yamanishi, K., 2000:
Facilitated wound healing by activation of the Transglutaminase 1 gene

Norton, G.A.; Adamson, D.; Aitken, L.G.; Bilston, L.J.; Foster, J.; Frank, B.; Harper, J.K., 1999:
Facilitating IPM: The role of participatory workshops

Huber, J.T.; Snyder, M., 2002:
Facilitating access to consumer health information: a collaborative approach employing applied research

Maunder, R.; Esplen, M.J., 1999:
Facilitating adjustment to inflammatory bowel disease: a model of psychosocial intervention in non-psychiatric patients

Davids, M.R.zeen; Edoute, Y.; Jungas, R.L.; Cheema Dhadli, S.; Halperin, M.L., 2002:
Facilitating an understanding of integrative physiology: Emphasis on the composition of body fluid compartments

Bell, P.J.; Davies, I.W.; Attfield, P.V., 1999:
Facilitating functional analysis of the Saccharomyces cerevisiae genome using an EGFP-based promoter library and flow cytometry

Marteau, T.M.; Dormandy, E., 2002:
Facilitating informed choice in prenatal testing: how well are we doing?

Kharbanda, V.P., 2001:
Facilitating innovation in Indian small and medium enterprises: The role of clusters

Hopkins, B.; Ronnqvist, L., 2002:
Facilitating postural control: Effects on the reaching behavior of 6-month-old infants

Collins, H.W., 1998:
Facilitating survival and recovery by removing autogenic pathology from the clinical picture

Aristegui, J.; Usonis, V.; Coovadia, H.; Riedemann, S.; Win, K.M.ung; Gatchalian, S.; Bock, H.L., 2003:
Facilitating the WHO Expanded Program of Immunization: The clinical profile of a combined diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, hepatitis B and Haemophilus influenzae type b vaccine

Zhan, X.; Schwaller, M.; Gilbert, H.F.; Georgiou, G., 1999:
Facilitating the formation of disulfide bonds in the Escherichia coli periplasm via coexpression of yeast protein disulfide isomerase

Oral, H.; Souza, J.J.; Michaud, G.F.; Knight, B.P.; Goyal, R.; Strickberger, S.A.; Morady, F., 1999:
Facilitating transthoracic cardioversion of atrial fibrillation with ibutilide pretreatment

Williamson, G.D.vid; Snider, D.E.Jr.; Speers, M.A., 2000:
Facilitating use of analytic methods at a federal agency

Eklov, P.; Vankooten, T., 2001:
Facilitation among piscivorous predators: Effects of prey habitat use

Zhuo, M.; Gebhart, G.F., 2002 :
Facilitation and attenuation of a visceral nociceptive reflex from the rostroventral medulla in the rat

Dormann, C.F.; Brooker, R.W., 2002:
Facilitation and competition in the high Arctic: The importance of the experimental approach

Msghina, M.; Gonon, F.; Stjarne, L., 1999:
Facilitation and depression of ATP and noradrenaline release from sympathetic nerves of rat tail artery

Maruff, P.; Yucel, M.; Danckert, J.; Stuart, G.; Currie, J., 1999:
Facilitation and inhibition arising from the exogenous orienting of covert attention depends on the temporal properties of spatial cues and targets

Hosokawa, A.; Nagayama, T.; Yoshida, M.; Suzuki Kusaba, M.; Hisa, H.; Kimura, T.; Satoh, S., 2000:
Facilitation and inhibition by endothelin-1 of adrenal catecholamine secretion in anesthetized dogs

Facoetti, Andrea, 2001:
Facilitation and inhibition mechanisms of human visuospatial attention in a non-search task

Szapiro, G.; Barros, D.M.; Ardenghi, P.; Vianna, M.R.; Choi, H.; Silva, T.; Medina, J.H.; Izquierdo, I., 2001:
Facilitation and inhibition of retrieval in two aversive tasks in rats by intrahippocampal infusion of agonists of specific glutamate metabotropic receptor subtypes

Umiltà, C.; Rubichi, S.; Nicoletti, R., 1999:
Facilitation and interference components in the Simon effect

Mizobe, K.; Polat, U.; Pettet, M.W.; Kasamatsu, T., 2001:
Facilitation and suppression of single striate-cell activity by spatially discrete pattern stimuli presented beyond the receptive field

Rudgers, J.A.; Maron, J.L., 2003:
Facilitation between coastal dune shrubs: A non-nitrogen fixing shrub facilitates establishment of a nitrogen-fixer

Salgado, A.I.; Cunha, R.A.; Ribeiro, J.A., 2000:
Facilitation by P2 receptor activation of acetylcholine release from rat motor nerve terminals: Interaction with presynaptic nicotinic receptors

Almeida, T.; Cunha, R.A.; Ribeiro, J.A., 1999:
Facilitation by arachidonic acid of acetylcholine release from the rat hippocampus

Takeuchi, K.; Kato, S.; Takeeda, M.; Ogawa, Y.; Nakashima, M.; Matsumoto, M., 2003:
Facilitation by endogenous prostaglandins of capsaicin-induced gastric protection in rodents through EP2 and IP receptors

Kemel, M-Louise.; Pérez, S.; Godeheu, Gérard.; Soubrié, P.; Glowinski, J., 2002:
Facilitation by endogenous tachykinins of the NMDA-evoked release of acetylcholine after acute and chronic suppression of dopaminergic transmission in the matrix of the rat striatum

Solomon, J.A.; Morgan, M.J., 2000:
Facilitation from collinear flanks is cancelled by non-collinear flanks

Cerri, G.; Shimazu, H.; Maier, M.A.; Lemon, R.N., 2003:
Facilitation from ventral premotor cortex of primary motor cortex outputs to macaque hand muscles

Bartolomeo, P.; Chokron, S.; Siéroff, E., 1999:
Facilitation instead of inhibition for repeated right-sided events in left neglect

Liu, X.; Onaka, T.; Yagi, K., 2001:
Facilitation of Ca2+ store-dependent noradrenaline release after an N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor antagonist in the rat supraoptic nucleus

Li, Q.; Ho, C.S.; Marinescu, V.; Bhatti, H.; Bokoch, G.M.; Ernst, S.A.; Holz, R.W.; Stuenkel, E.L., 2003:
Facilitation of Ca(2+)-dependent exocytosis by Rac1-GTPase in bovine chromaffin cells

Kim, H.A.; Kim, Y.H.; Song, Y.W., 2003:
Facilitation of fas mediated apoptosis of human chondrocytes by the proteasome inhibitor and actinomycin D

Cunha, R.A.; Ribeiro, J.A., 1999:
Facilitation of GABA release by arachidonic acid in rat hippocampal synaptosomes

Barrère-Lemaire, S.; Piot, C.; Leclercq, F.; Nargeot, J.; Richard, S., 2000:
Facilitation of L-type calcium currents by diastolic depolarization in cardiac cells: impairment in heart failure

Futatsugi, A.; Kato, K.; Ogura, H.; Li, S.T.an; Nagata, E.; Kuwajima, G.; Tanaka, K.; Itohara, S.; Mikoshiba, K., 1999:
Facilitation of NMDAR-independent LTP and spatial learning in mutant mice lacking ryanodine receptor type 3

Takeda, M.; Tsukamoto, K.; Sakurai-Yamashita, Y.; Suzuki, T.; Taniyama, K., 2000:
Facilitation of acetylcholine release by SK-951, a benzofuran derivative, via the 5-hydroxytryptamine4 receptor in guinea pig stomach

Marinovich, M.; Viviani, B.; Capra, V.; Corsini, E.; Anselmi, L.; D'agostino, G.; D.N.cci, A.; Binaglia, M.; Tonini, M.; Galli, C.L., 2002:
Facilitation of acetylcholine signaling by the dithiocarbamate fungicide propineb

Beroukha, A.; Gruen, E.; Woody, C.D., 1998:
Facilitation of acoustic responses of cartwheel neurons of the cat dorsal cochlear nucleus

Pitkow, L.J.; Sharer, C.A.; Ren, X.; Insel, T.R.; Terwilliger, E.F.; Young, L.J., 2001:
Facilitation of affiliation and pair-bond formation by vasopressin receptor gene transfer into the ventral forebrain of a monogamous vole

Moriya, T.; Ikeda, M.; Teshima, K.; Hara, R.; Kuriyama, K.; Yoshioka, T.; Allen, C.N.; Shibata, S., 2003 :
Facilitation of alpha-amino-3-hydroxy-5-methylisoxazole-4-propionate receptor transmission in the suprachiasmatic nucleus by aniracetam enhances photic responses of the biological clock in rodents

Schijns, V.E.J.C.; Scholtes, N.C.; Zuilekom, H.I.van.; Sanders, L.E.H.H.; Nicolson, L.; Argyle, D.J., 2002:
Facilitation of antibody forming responses to viral vaccine antigens in young cats by recombinant baculovirus-expressed feline IFN-gamma

Cusato, B.; Domjan, M., 2000:
Facilitation of appetitive conditioning with naturalistic conditioned stimuli: CS and US factors

Faude, F.; Wendt, S.; Biedermann, B.; Gärtner, U.; Kacza, J.; Seeger, J.; Reichenbach, A.; Wiedemann, P., 2001:
Facilitation of artificial retinal detachment for macular translocation surgery tested in rabbit

Srivastava, S.K., 2000:
Facilitation of behavioural depression by certain antiepileptic drugs

Nishimura, H.; Honjo, T.; Minato, N., 2000:
Facilitation of beta selection and modification of positive selection in the thymus of PD-1-deficient mice

Nakazawa, K.; Kawashima, N.; Obata, H.; Yamanaka, K.; Nozaki, D.; Akai, M., 2003:
Facilitation of both stretch reflex and corticospinal pathways of the tibialis anterior muscle during standing in humans

Bradley, J.; Reuter, D.; Frings, S., 2001:
Facilitation of calmodulin-mediated odor adaptation by cAMP-gated channel subunits

Kouznetsova, M.; Nistri, A., 2000:
Facilitation of cholinergic transmission by substance P methyl ester in the mouse hippocampal slice preparation

Walker, D.L.; Ressler, K.J.; Lu, K.T.ng; Davis, M., 2002 :
Facilitation of conditioned fear extinction by systemic administration or intra-amygdala infusion of D-cycloserine as assessed with fear-potentiated startle in rats

Weltzin, J.F.; Mcpherson, G.R., 1999:
Facilitation of conspecific seeding recruitment and shifts in temperate savanna ecotones

Pauwels, P.J.; Tardif, S.; Wurch, T.; Colpaert, F.C., 2000:
Facilitation of constitutive alpha(2A)-adrenoceptor activity by both single amino acid mutation (Thr(373)Lys) and g(alphao) protein coexpression: evidence for inverse agonism

Mattsson, A.; Ogren, S.Ove.; Olson, L., 2002:
Facilitation of dopamine-mediated locomotor activity in adult rats following cholinergic denervation

Tsukada, H.; Harada, N.; Ohba, H.; Nishiyama, S.; Kakiuchi, T., 2001:
Facilitation of dopaminergic neural transmission does not affect (11C)SCH23390 binding to the striatal D1 dopamine receptors, but the facilitation enhances phosphodiesterase type-IV activity through D1 receptors: PET studies in the conscious monkey brain

Borlongan, C.V.; Emerich, D.F., 2003:
Facilitation of drug entry into the CNS via transient permeation of blood brain barrier: Laboratory and preliminary clinical evidence from bradykinin receptor agonist, Cereport

Herrmann, H., C.; Moliterno, D., J.; Ohman, E.M.gnus; Stebbins, A., L.; Bode, C.; Betriu, A.; Forycki, F.; Miklin, J., S.; Bachinsky, W., B.; Lincoff, A.M.chael; Califf, R., M.; Topol, E., J., 2000:
Facilitation of early percutaneous coronary intervention after reteplase with or without abciximab in acute myocardial infarction: Results from the SPEED (GUSTO-4 Pilot) trial

Tinsley, M.R.; Rebec, G.V.; Timberlake, W., 2001:
Facilitation of efficient search of an unbaited radial-arm maze in rats by D1, but not D2, dopamine receptors

Andersen, M.L.vy; Bignotto, M.; Tufik, S., 2003:
Facilitation of ejaculation after methamphetamine administration in paradoxical sleep deprived rats

Burke, M.; Schwindt, W.; Ludwig, U.; Hennig, J.; Hoehn, M., 2000:
Facilitation of electric forepaw stimulation-induced somatosensory activation in rats by additional acoustic stimulation: An fMRI investigation

Bespalov, A.; Sukhotina, I.; Medvedev, I.; Malyshkin, A.; Belozertseva, I.; Balster, R.; Zvartau, E., 2003:
Facilitation of electrical brain self-stimulation behavior by abused solvents

Nieto, M.M.s; Wilson, J.; Walker, J.; Benavides, J.; Fournie Zaluski, M.C.aude; Roques, B.P.; Noble, F., 2001:
Facilitation of enkephalins catabolism inhibitor-induced antinociception by drugs classically used in pain management

Haselgrove, M.; Pearce, J.M., 2003:
Facilitation of extinction by an increase or a decrease in trial duration

Drummond, P.D.; Granston, A., 2003:
Facilitation of extracranial vasodilatation to limb pain in migraine sufferers

Law, S.; Maiti, D.; Palit, A.; Majumder, D.; Basu, K.; Chaudhuri, S.; Chaudhuri, S., 2001:
Facilitation of functional compartmentalization of bone marrow cells in leukemic mice by biological response modifiers: An immunotherapeutic approach

Kobashi, M.; Mizutani, M.; Adachi, A., 1998:
Facilitation of gastric motility induced by portal infusion of hyper- and hypotonic solution in rats

Hinoi, E.; Fujimori, S.; Takarada, T.; Taniura, H.; Yoneda, Y., 2002:
Facilitation of glutamate release by ionotropic glutamate receptors in osteoblasts

Girod, R.; Barazangi, N.; Mcgehee, D.; Role, L.W., 2000:
Facilitation of glutamatergic neurotransmission by presynaptic nicotinic acetylcholine receptors

Nikolcheva, T.; Woodson, S.A., 1999:
Facilitation of group I splicing in vivo: misfolding of the Tetrahymena IVS and the role of ribosomal RNA exons

Acosta, A.; Pegalajar, J., 2003:
Facilitation of heartbeat self-detection in a choice task

Woo, P.C.Y.; To, A.P.C.; Lau, S.K.P.; Yuen, K.Y., 2003:
Facilitation of horizontal transfer of antimicrobial resistance by transformation of antibiotic-induced cell-wall-deficient bacteria

Bhatnagar, S.; Vining, C., 2003:
Facilitation of hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal responses to novel stress following repeated social stress using the resident/intruder paradigm

Cruse, J.M.; Lewis, R.E.; Roe, D.L.; Dilioglou, S.; Blaine, M.C.; Wallace, W.F.; Chen, R.S., 2000:
Facilitation of immune function, healing of pressure ulcers, and nutritional status in spinal cord injury patients

Spitzer, K.W.; Skolnick, R.L.; Peercy, B.E.; Keener, J.P.; Vaughan Jones, R.D., 2002:
Facilitation of intracellular H+ ion mobility by CO2/HCO3- in rabbit ventricular myocytes is regulated by carbonic anhydrase

Mitsuyo, T.; Adachi, N.; Yorozuya, T.; Tabo, E.; Nagaro, T.; Arai, T., 2003:
Facilitation of ischemia-induced release of dopamine and neuronal damage by dexamethasone in the rat striatum

Alves, C.R.R.; Silva, M.T.resa A., 2001:
Facilitation of latent inhibition by the atypical antipsychotic risperidone

Huston, J.P.; Weth, K.; Silva, A.D.S.uza; Junghans, U.; Mueller, H.W.; Hasenoehrl, R.U., 2000:
Facilitation of learning and long-term ventral pallidal-cortical cholinergic activation by proteoglycan biglycan and chondroitin sulfate C

D.S.uza Silva, M.A.; Jezek, K.; Weth, K.; Mueller, H.W.; Huston, J.P.; Brandao, M.L.; Hasenohrl, R.U., 2002:
Facilitation of learning and modulation of frontal cortex acetylcholine by ventral pallidal injection of heparin glucosaminoglycan

Kawahara, Jun Ichiro, 2002:
Facilitation of local information processing in the attentional blink as indexed by the shooting line illusion

Rosa, R.M.; Flores, D.G.; Appelt, H.R.; Braga, A.L.iz; Henriques, J.A.tonio Pegas; Roesler, R., 2003:
Facilitation of long-term object recognition memory by pretraining administration of diphenyl diselenide in mice

Hess, G.; Donoghue, J.P., 1999:
Facilitation of long-term potentiation in layer II/III horizontal connections of rat motor cortex following layer I stimulation: Route of effect and cholinergic contributions

Dominguez Salazar, E.; Portillo, W.; Velazquez Moctezuma, J.; Paredes, R.G., 2003:
Facilitation of male-like coital behavior in female rats by kindling

Ruske, A.C.; White, K.G.offrey, 1999:
Facilitation of memory performance by a novel muscarinic agonist in young and old rats

Mozrzymas, J.W.; Barberis, A.; Cherubini, E., 1999:
Facilitation of miniature GABAergic currents by chlorpromazine in cultured rat hippocampal cells

Sciancalepore, M.; Savić, N.; Györi, J.; Cherubini, E., 1998:
Facilitation of miniature GABAergic currents by ruthenium red in neonatal rat hippocampal neurons

Crow, T.; Tian, L-Ming., 2002:
Facilitation of monosynaptic and complex PSPs in type I interneurons of conditioned Hermissenda

Yahagi, S.; Kasai, T., 1998:
Facilitation of motor evoked potentials (MEPs) in first dorsal interosseous (FDI) muscle is dependent on different motor images

Sugawara, K.; Kasai, T., 2002:
Facilitation of motor evoked potentials and H-reflexes of flexor carpi radialis muscle induced by voluntary teeth clenching

Nebuya, S.; Uchida, R.; Minamitani, H.; Uratani, H.; Noshiro, M., 2001:
Facilitation of motor evoked potentials in the anterior tibial muscle by repetitive subthreshold electrical stimulation

Schreiber, E.S.G.; Lake, P.S.; Quinn, G.P., 2002:
Facilitation of native stream fauna by an invading species? Experimental investigations of the interaction of the snail, Potamopyrgus antipodarum (Hydrobiidae) with native benthic fauna

Gardner, E.P.; Ro, J.Y.; Debowy, D.; Ghosh, S., 1999:
Facilitation of neuronal activity in somatosensory and posterior parietal cortex during prehension

Ogawa, S.I.hi; Takeuchi, T.; Ohnuma, K.; Suzuki, N.; Miwa, A.; Kawai, N.; Kijima, H., 2000:
Facilitation of neurotransmitter release at the spiny lobster neuromuscular junction

Queiroz, G.; Diniz, C.; Goncalves, J., 2002:
Facilitation of noradrenaline release by adenosine A2A receptors in the epididymal portion and adenosine A2B receptors in the prostatic portion of the rat vas deferens

Martin, L.R.; DiMatteo, M.R.; Lepper, H.S., 2002:
Facilitation of patient involvement in care: development and validation of a scale

Mottaghy, F.M.; Hungs, M.; Brügmann, M.; Sparing, R.; Boroojerdi, B.; Foltys, H.; Huber, W.; Töpper, R., 1999:
Facilitation of picture naming after repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation

Perrier, J.F.ancois; Mejia Gervacio, S.; Hounsgaard, J., 2000:
Facilitation of plateau potentials in turtle motoneurones by a pathway dependent on calcium and calmodulin

Stewart, B.S., 2001:
Facilitation of post-release, long-term recognition of a rehabilitated gray whale calf: Pigmentation and scar patterns of JJ

Tinsley, M.R.; Rebec, G.V.; Timberlake, W., 2000:
Facilitation of preparatory behavior in an artificial prey paradigm by D1-subfamily dopamine receptor activation

Borst, J.G.G.; Sakmann, B., 1998:
Facilitation of presynaptic calcium currents in the rat brainstem

Suarez, S.; Garcia Contreras, L.; Sarubbi, D.; Flanders, E.; O'toole, D.; Smart, J.; Hickey, A.J., 2001:
Facilitation of pulmonary insulin absorption by H-MAP: Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics in rats

Patton, G.A.; Gaffney, D.K.; Moeller, J.H., 2003:
Facilitation of radiotherapeutic error by computerized record and verify systems

Kuo, C.C.; Liao, S.Y., 2000:
Facilitation of recovery from inactivation by external Na+ and location of the activation gate in neuronal Na+ channels

Guan, Z.; Willgoss, D.A.; Matthias, A.; Manley, S.W.; Crozier, S.; Gobe, G.; Endre, Z.H., 2003:
Facilitation of renal autoregulation by angiotensin II is mediated through modulation of nitric oxide

Majima, M.; Hayashi, I.; Fujita, T.; Ito, H.; Nakajima, S.; Katori, M., 1999:
Facilitation of renal kallikrein-kinin system prevents the development of hypertension by inhibition of sodium retention

Valzania, F.; Strafella, A.P.; Tropeani, A.; Rubboli, G.; Nassetti, S.A.; Tassinari, C.A., 1999:
Facilitation of rhythmic events in progressive myoclonus epilepsy: A transcranial magnetic stimulation study

Kobayashi, Y.; Saito, Y.; Isa, T., 2001:
Facilitation of saccade initiation by brainstem cholinergic system

Blendinger, Pedro, G., 1999:
Facilitation of sap-feeding birds by the White-fronted Woodpecker in the Monte desert, Argentina

Fiorino, D.F.; Phillips, A.G., 1999:
Facilitation of sexual behavior in male rats following d-amphetamine-induced behavioral sensitization

Missal, M.; Heinen, S.J., 2001:
Facilitation of smooth pursuit initiation by electrical stimulation in the supplementary eye fields

Sawa, K.; Nakajima, S.; Imada, H., 1999:
Facilitation of sodium aversion learning in sodium-deprived rats

Biella, G.; Bianchi, M.; Sotgiu, M.L., 1999:
Facilitation of spinal sciatic neuron responses to hindpaw thermal stimulation after formalin injection in rat tail

Losavio, A.; Muchnik, S., 2000:
Facilitation of spontaneous acetylcholine release induced by activation of cAMP in rat neuromuscular junctions

Wolk, R.; Kane, K.A.; Cobbe, S.M.; Hicks, M.N., 1999:
Facilitation of spontaneous defibrillation by moxonidine during regional ischaemia in an isolated working rabbit heart model

Egerova, J.; Proffitt, C.E.ward; Travis, S.E., 2003 :
Facilitation of survival and growth of Baccharis halimifolia L. by Spartina alterniflora Loisel. in a created Louisiana salt marsh

Lackner, M.R.; Nurrish, S.J.; Kaplan, J.M., 1999:
Facilitation of synaptic transmission by EGL-30 Gqalpha and EGL-8 PLCbeta: DAG binding to UNC-13 is required to stimulate acetylcholine release

Kitayama, T.; Hayamizu, K.; Egi, H.; Ohmori, I.; Yoshimitsu, M.; Asahara, T., 2003:
Facilitation of tacrolimus-induced heart-allograft acceptability by pretransplant host treatment with granulocyte colony-stimulating factor: interleukin-12-restricted suppression of intragraft monokine mRNA expression

Mangoni, M.E.; Fontanaud, P.; Noble, P.J.; Noble, D.; Benkemoun, H.; Nargeot, J.; Richard, S., 2000:
Facilitation of the L-type calcium current in rabbit sino-atrial cells: Effect on cardiac automaticity

Satoh, Y.; Ishizuka, K.'ichi; Murakami, T., 2003:
Facilitation of the jaw reflexes by stimulation of the red nucleus in the rat

Cuttle, M.F.; Tsujimoto, T.; Forsythe, I.D.; Takahashi, T., 1998:
Facilitation of the presynaptic calcium current at an auditory synapse in rat brainstem

Saarelma, K.; Renvall, H.; Jousmaki, V.; Kovala, T.; Hari, R., 2002:
Facilitation of the spinal H-reflex by auditory stimulation in dyslexic adults

Arendt-Nielsen, L.; Sonnenborg, F.A.; Andersen, O.K., 2000:
Facilitation of the withdrawal reflex by repeated transcutaneous electrical stimulation: an experimental study on central integration in humans

Yamamoto, T.; Ghosh, R.; De Groat, W.C.; Somogyi, G.T., 2001:
Facilitation of transmitter release in the urinary bladders of neonatal and adult rats via alpha1-adrenoceptors

Jacobsen, T.; Schröger, E.; Humphreys, G.W.; Roeber, U., 2001:
Facilitation of visual search at new positions: a behavioral and ERP study of new object capture

D.G.eij, P.; Luttikhuizen, P.C.; Van Der Meer, J.; Piersma, T., 2001:
Facilitation on an intertidal mudflat: The effect of siphon nipping by flatfish on burying depth of the bivalve Macoma balthica

Mondor, T.A.; Breau, L.M., 1999:
Facilitative and inhibitory effects of location and frequency cues: evidence of a modulation in perceptual sensitivity

Wirth, S.; Stemmelin, J.; Will, B.; Christen, Y.; D.S.ala, G., 2000:
Facilitative effects of EGb 761 on olfactory recognition in young and aged rats

Hauber, W.; Bareiss, A., 2001:
Facilitative effects of an adenosine A1/A2 receptor blockade on spatial memory performance of rats: Selective enhancement of reference memory retention during the light period

Ricciardi, Anthony, 2001:
Facilitative interactions among aquatic invaders: Is an invasional meltdown occurring in the Great Lakes?

Liu, N.J.ang; Gintzler, A.R., 2003:
Facilitative interactions between vasoactive intestinal polypeptide and receptor type-selective opioids: Implications for sensory afferent regulation of spinal opioid action

Zhu, L.L.; Onaka, T., 2003:
Facilitative role of prolactin-releasing peptide neurons in oxytocin cell activation after conditioned-fear stimuli

Smith, C.P.; Rousselet, G., 2001:
Facilitative urea transporters

Chen, R.; Garg, R., 2000:
Facilitatory I wave interaction in proximal arm and lower limb muscle representations of the human motor cortex

Otsubo, T.; Nakamura, Y.; Nagai, T.; Hori, Y., 2003:
Facilitatory action of halothane at subanesthetic concentrations on glutamatergic excitatory synaptic transmission in the CA1 area of adult rat hippocampus

Chernyshev, B.V.; Maiorov, V.I.; Moskvitin, A.A., 1998:
Facilitatory and depressive effects of iontophoretically applied acetylcholine on the early and late components of reactions of cat motor cortex neurons during performance of conditioned forepaw placing

Gaiardi, M.; Bartoletti, M.; Gubellini, C., 1998:
Facilitatory and inhibitory actions of morphine on the discriminative stimulus properties of D-amphetamine

Torii, M.; Kubo, K.; Sasaki, T., 1999:
Facilitatory and inhibitory effects of beta-endorphin on lordosis in female rats: relation to time of administration

Kanwal, J.S.; Fitzpatrick, D.C.; Suga, N., 1999:
Facilitatory and inhibitory frequency tuning of combination-sensitive neurons in the primary auditory cortex of mustached bats

Mizota, A.; Sato, E.; Adachi-Usami, E., 2001:
Facilitatory and neurotoxic effects of intravitreal ornithine on the electroretinographic responses of albino rats

de Haas, J.R.; Terpstra, J.S.; van der Zwaag, M.; Kockelbergh, P.G.; Roffel, A.F.; Zaagsma, J., 1999:
Facilitatory beta2-adrenoceptors on cholinergic and adrenergic nerve endings of the guinea pig trachea

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