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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 10796

Chapter 10796 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Kershnar, E.; Wu, S.Y.; Chiang, C.M., 1998:
Immunoaffinity purification and functional characterization of human transcription factor IIH and RNA polymerase II from clonal cell lines that conditionally express epitope-tagged subunits of the multiprotein complexes

Yamashita, T.; Kiyoki, E.; Tomita, Y.; Taira, H., 1999:
Immunoaffinity purification and identification of the molecular chaperone calnexin

Liitti, S.; Matikainen, M.T.; Scheinin, M.; Glumoff, T.; Goldman, A., 2001:
Immunoaffinity purification and reconstitution of human alpha(2)-adrenergic receptor subtype C2 into phospholipid vesicles

Driedger, D.R.; Sporns, P., 2001:
Immunoaffinity sample purification and MALDI-TOF MS analysis of alpha-Solanine and alpha-chaconine in serum

Ham, A.J.; Ranasinghe, A.; Morinello, E.J.; Nakamura, J.; Upton, P.B.; Johnson, F.; Swenberg, J.A., 1999:
Immunoaffinity/gas chromatography/high-resolution mass spectrometry method for the detection of N(2),3-ethenoguanine

Wiejak, J.; Surmacz, L.; Wyroba, E., 2002:
Immunoanalogue of vertebrate beta-adrenergic receptor in the unicellular eukaryote Paramecium

Beier, R.C.; Feldman, S.F.; Dutko, T.J.; Petersen, H.D.lvar; Stanker, L.H., 2002:
Immunoassay and HPLC detection of halofuginone in chicken liver samples obtained from commercial slaughterhouses: A combined study

Ekins, Roger, 1999:
Immunoassay and other ligand assays: From isotopes to luminescence

Felder, Robin A., 1999:
Immunoassay automation

Takahashi, M.; Stanton, E.; Moreno, J.Ignacio.; Jackowski, G., 2002:
Immunoassay for serum glutamine synthetase in serum: development, reference values, and preliminary study in dementias

Keating, G.J.; Quinn, J.G.; O'kennedy, R., 1999:
Immunoassay for the determination of 7-hydroxycoumarin in serum using 'real-time' biosensor analysis

Clerico, A.; Iervasi, G.; Del Ry, S.; Giannessi, D., 1999:
Immunoassay methods for the measurement of natriuretic cardiac hormones: ANP, BNP, and related peptides: In humans

Tozzoli, R.; Bizzaro, N.; Tonutti, E.; Pradella, M.; Manoni, F.; Vilalta, D.; Bassetti, D.; Piazza, A.; Rizzotti, P., 2002:
Immunoassay of anti-thyroid autoantibodies: high analytical variability in second generation methods

Diamandi, A.; Mistry, J.; Krishna, R.G.; Khosravi, J., 2000:
Immunoassay of insulin-like growth factor-binding protein-3 (IGFBP-3): new means to quantifying IGFBP-3 proteolysis

Shimura, K.; Hoshino, M.; Kamiya, K-ichiro.; Katoh, K.; Hisada, S.; Matsumoto, H.; Kasai, K-ichi., 2002:
Immunoassay of serum alpha(1)-antitrypsin by affinity-probe capillary isoelectric focusing using a fluorescence-labeled recombinant antibody fragment

Toshkova, R.; Zacharieva, S.; Roussev, R., 2001:
Immunoassay on tumour associated antigens in Graffi tumour bearing hamsters

Stenman, U.H., 2001:
Immunoassay standardization: is it possible, who is responsible, who is capable?

Reisner, H.M.; Gray, D.R.; Jones, S.K.; Rose, B.G.; Tidwell, R.R., 2000:
Immunoassays for pentamidine and related compounds: development of a facile inhibitory ELISA suitable for clinical use

Jüppner, H.; Potts, J.T., 2002:
Immunoassays for the detection of parathyroid hormone

Price, Christopher P., 1999:
Immunoassays meeting patients needs

Zidek, Z.; Potmesil, P.; Kmoniekova, E.; Holy, A., 2003:
Immunobiological activity of N-(2-(phosphonomethoxy)alkyl) derivatives of N6-substituted adenines, and 2,6-diaminopurines

Furowicz, A., J.; Czernomysy-Furowicz, D., 1999:
Immunobiological properties of tutelary heatshock proteins with reference to gammadelta T cells

Popov, S.F.; Tikhonov, N.G.; Piven, N.N.; Avrorova, I.V.; Viktorov, D.V.; Kurilov, V.Y., 2002:
Immunobiological properties of Burkholderia pseudomallei and Burkholderia mallei capsular substance

Morel, P.A.; Vasquez, A.C.; Feili-Hariri, M., 1999:
Immunobiology of DC in NOD mice

Schrijver, R.S., 1998:
Immunobiology of bovine respiratory syncytial virus infections

Miller, D.W., 1999:
Immunobiology of the blood-brain barrier

Tanaka, K.; Yamada, J.; Joyce, N.; Streilein, J.W., 2000:
Immunobiology of xenogeneic cornea grafts in mouse eyes. I. Fate of xenogeneic cornea tissue grafts implanted in anterior chamber of mouse eyes

Tanaka, K.; Streilein, J.W., 2000:
Immunobiology of xenogeneic cornea grafts in mouse eyes. II. Immunogenicity of xenogeneic cornea tissue grafts implanted in anterior chamber of mouse eyes

Higuchi, T.; Tada, J.; Mori, H.; Niikura, H.; Omine, M.; Kishimoto, K.; Tate, G.; Mitsuya, T., 1998:
Immunoblastic lymphadenopathy-like T cell lymphoma evolving into a massive plasma cell proliferation with biclonal paraproteinemia

Fukao, T.; Yoshida, T.; Kaneko, H.; Song, X.Q.; Tashita, H.; Teramoto, T.; Inoue, R.; Watters, D.; Lavin, M.; Kondo, N., 2000:
Immunoblot analysis for laboratory diagnosis of ataxia-telangiectasia: use of Epstein-Barr virus-transformed or phytohemagglutinin-stimulated lymphoblasts for detection of ATM protein

Doumit, M.E.; Koohmaraie, M., 1999:
Immunoblot analysis of calpastatin degradation: evidence for cleavage by calpain in postmortem muscle

Rocha, G.A.; Oliveira, A.M.; Queiroz, D.M.; Carvalho, A.S.; Nogueira, A.M., 2000:
Immunoblot analysis of humoral immune response to Helicobacter pylori in children with and without duodenal ulcer

Kumar, P.; Pai, K.; Tripathi, K.; Pandey, H.P.; Sundar, S., 2002:
Immunoblot analysis of the humoral immune response to Leishmania donovani polypeptides in cases of human visceral leishmaniasis: its usefulness in prognosis

Delgado, M.O.iveira; Timenetsky, J., 2001:
Immunoblot profiles of sera from laboratory rats naturally infected with Mycoplasma pulmonis and technicians exposed to infected animal facilities

Paris Hamelin, A.; Debruyne, M.; Fustec Isarboure, S., 1999:
Immunobloting for the diagnostic of syphilis: A candidate to replace the Nelson-Mayer test

Sun, Y.; Dong; Sun D.Y., 1998:
Immunoblots of integrin-like proteins in pollen tube membrane of Hemerocalllis citrina

Raymond, J.; Sauvestre, C.; Kalach, N.; Bergeret, M.; Dupont, C., 2000:
Immunoblotting and serology for diagnosis of Helicobacter pylori infection in children

Ishii, M.; Izumi, J.; Fujiwara, H.; Ito, M.; Hamada, M., 2001:
Immunoblotting detection of gamma-catenin (plakoglobin) antibody in the serum of a patient with paraneoplastic pemphigus

Wijnands, L.M.; Deisz, W.D.; van Leusden, F.M., 1999:
Immunoblotting technique for the detection of allergens of Aspergillus fumigatus: influence of Nonidet P-40 on the sensitivity

Chaban, B.; Dobson, C.M.lissa; Whiting, M., S.; Bjarnason, J.; Ziola, B., 2002:
Immunoblotting used for identification of beer spoilage Pediococci, including the new species Pediococcus claussenii

Gunnarsson, M.; Stigbrand, T.; Jensen, P.E., 2000:
Immunochemical aberrations of alpha2-macroglobulin purified from a patient with multiple sclerosis

Aubrecht, E.; Biacs, P.A., 1999:
Immunochemical analysis of buckwheat proteins, prolamins and their allergenic character

Subbotkin, M.F.; Subbotkina, T.A., 1998:
Immunochemical analysis of serum protein antigens in the Persian sturgeon Acipenser persicus

Medyantseva, E.P.; Kutyreva, M.P.; Fakhreeva, E.R.; Il'icheva, N.Y.; Eremin, S.A.; Budnikov, G.K., 2000:
Immunochemical analysis sim-1,3,5-triazine group herbicides using amperometric cholinesterase biosensor

Kalka-Moll, W.M.; Wang, Y.; Comstock, L.E.; Gonzalez, S.E.; Tzianabos, A.O.; Kasper, D.L., 2001:
Immunochemical and biological characterization of three capsular polysaccharides from a single Bacteroides fragilis strain

Singh, S.; Joshi, S.; Khole, V., 2001:
Immunochemical and functional characterization of a polyclonal antibody to human sperm antigen

Grill, V.; Sandrucci, M.A.; Basa, M.; Nicolin, V.; Narducci, P.; Bareggi, R.; Martelli, A.M., 2002:
Immunochemical and immunocytochemical expression of protein kinase c isoenzymes alpha, delta, epsilon and zeta in primary adherent cultures of chick chondrocytes

Naumann, A.; Dennis, J.E.; Awadallah, A.; Carrino, D.A.; Mansour, J.M.; Kastenbauer, E.; Caplan, A.I., 2002:
Immunochemical and mechanical characterization of cartilage subtypes in rabbit

Van Emon, J.M., 2001:
Immunochemical applications in environmental science

Iwamoto, H.; Motomiya, Y.; Miura, K.; Morisawa, M.; Yoshimura, Y.; Maruyama, I., 2001:
Immunochemical assay of hemoglobin with N(epsilon)-(carboxymethyl)lysine at lysine 66 of the beta chain

Feodorova, V.A.; Gromova, O.V.; Devdariani, Z.L.; Dzhaparidze, M.N.; Teryoshkina, N.Y., 2001:
Immunochemical characterisation of Vibrio cholerae O139 O antigens and production of a diagnostic antiserum without absorption

Orsini, G.; Lavoie, P.; Smith, C.; Nanci, A., 2001:
Immunochemical characterization of a chicken egg yolk antibody to secretory forms of rat incisor amelogenin

Fernandez Caldas, E.; Gonzalez Romano, L.; Gallego, M.; Casanovas, M.; Guerra, F.; Ferrer, A.; Berrens, L., 2001:
Immunochemical characterization of antigenic fragments of Olea europaea and Phleum pratense

Chung, Y.I.; Park, D.H.; Kim, M.; Baker, H.; Joh, T.H., 2001:
Immunochemical characterization of brain and pineal tryptophan hydroxylase

Fedorova, V.A.; Devdariani, Z.L., 2002:
Immunochemical characterization of fraction I of Yersinia pestis strains defective by caf1M gene

Perkins, E.J.; Schlenk, D., 1998:
Immunochemical characterization of hepatic cytochorme P450 isozymes in the channel catfish: Assessment of sexual, developmental and treatment-related effects

Moriyama, T.; Torimoto, Y.; Kohgo, Y.; Ikeda, H.; Matsuno, K., 2000:
Immunochemical characterization of monoclonal protein in the serum of a patient with Waldenstr]om's macroglobulinemia showing both pyroglobulin and cryoglobulin properties

Kusanagi, M.; Suzuki, N.; Fujita, K.; Sakurabayashi, I.; Teramura, Y.; Okamoto, E.; Kobayashi, K.; Yosioka, N.; Arakawa, M., 1999:
Immunochemical characterization of the reaction between IgA1-chi type M-protein with cellulose acetate (Separax-SP) membranes

Kanazawa, T.; Kohmoto, K., 2002:
Immunochemical demonstration of alpha(s1)- and beta-casein in mouse mammary glands at early stages of pregnancy

Urbach, E.; Vergin, K.L.; Giovannoni, S.J., 1999:
Immunochemical detection and isolation of DNA from metabolically active bacteria

Seidel, W.; Pischetsrieder, M., 1998:
Immunochemical detection of N2-(1-(1-carboxy)ethyl)guanosine, an advanced glycation end product formed by the reaction of DNA and reducing sugars or L-ascorbic acid in vitro

Yamada, S.; Kumazawa, S.; Ishii, T.; Nakayama, T.; Itakura, K.; Shibata, N.; Kobayashi, M.; Sakai, K.; Osawa, T.; Uchida, K., 2001:
Immunochemical detection of a lipofuscin-like fluorophore derived from malondialdehyde and lysine

Kawai, Y.; Kato, Y.; Fujii, H.; Makino, Y.; Mori, Y.; Naito, M.; Osawa, T., 2003:
Immunochemical detection of a novel lysine adduct using an antibody to linoleic acid hydroperoxide-modified protein

Mishra, R.; Shukla, S.P., 1999:
Immunochemical detection of serum LDH1: An indigenous method in the diagnosis of myocardial infarction

Park, J.H., 1999:
Immunochemical detection of sulfamethazine residues in pork tissue

Völkel, D.; Zimmermann, K.; Zerr, I.; Bodemer, M.; Lindner, T.; Turecek, P.L.; Poser, S.; Schwarz, H.P., 2001:
Immunochemical determination of cellular prion protein in plasma from healthy subjects and patients with sporadic CJD or other neurologic diseases

Pizzano, R.; Nicolai, M.A.; Padovano, P.; Ferranti, P.; Barone, F.; Addeo, F., 2000:
Immunochemical evaluation of bovine beta-casein and its 1-28 phosphopeptide in cheese during ripening

Njoku, D.B.; Pohl, L.R.; Sokoloski, E.A.; Marchick, M.R.; Borkowf, C.B.; Martin, J.L., 1999:
Immunochemical evidence against the involvement of cysteine conjugate beta-lyase in compound A nephrotoxicity in rats

Wang, X.; Chauhan, V.; Nguyen, A.T.; Schultz, J.; Davignon, J.; Young, S.G.; Boren, J.; Innerarity, T.L.; Rutai, H.; Milne, R.W., 2003:
Immunochemical evidence that human apoB differs when expressed in rodent versus human cells

Panin, L.Y.; Kostina, N.Y.; Poteryaeva, O.N.; Fedyuk, N.V., 2001:
Immunochemical homology of envelope HIV-1 proteins and human apolipoprotein AI

Krolenko, E.V.; Kamashev, D.E.; Balandina, A.V.; Karpov, V.L.; Rouviere Yaniv, J.; Preobrazhenskaya, O.V., 1999 :
Immunochemical identification of histone-like bacterial protein HU in in vitro and in vivo covalently cross-linked DNA-protein complexes

Muravlev, A.I.; Chikaev, N.A.; Nikonova, A.A.; Shelkovnikova, E.M.; Mertvetsov, N.P., 1999:
Immunochemical identification of protein products of three new genes from the p13-14 region of human chromosome 11

Shneyer, V.S.; Kutjavina, N.G.; Pimenov, M.G., 2001:
Immunochemical investigation of taxonomic relationships within the tribes Coriandreae, Scandiceae, Caucalideae, Dauceae and Thapsieae (Umbelliferae - Apioideae)

Zavasnik-Bergant, V.; Sekirnik, A.; Golouh, R.; Turk, V.; Kos, J., 2001:
Immunochemical localisation of cathepsin S, cathepsin L and MHC class II-associated p41 isoform of invariant chain in human lymph node tissue

Gurski, M.R.; Gonzalez, E.; Brown, E.G., 1999:
Immunochemical localization of platelet-derived growth factor in placenta and its possible role in pre-eclampsia

Díaz-Ruiz, C.; Asbert, M.; Pérez-Tomás, R., 1999:
Immunochemical localization of transforming growth factor-alpha-related protein in the rat kidney

Myagkova, M.A.; Savitsky, A.A.; Bachurin, S.O.; Panchenko, O.N.; Savitskaya, Y.A.; Zhokhova, N.I., 1999:
Immunochemical properties of antibodies to dermorphine and its analogues in patients with neurodegenerative disorders

Ukeda, H.; Ishii, T.; Yoshimoto, M.; Sawamura, M., 2000:
Immunochemical similarity between human serum albumin modified with glutaraldehyde and carbonyl compounds occurring in vivo

Novikov, A.I.; Kononov, A.V.; Okhlopkov, V.A.; Pravdina, O.V.; Bratukhina, G.D.; Gorodilov, R.V., 2003:
Immunochemical studies in psoriasis

Yang, C.C.ung; Chan, H.L.n, 2000:
Immunochemical studies on beta1-bungarotoxin

Ryou, C.; Kim,; Kwon, M., 2000:
Immunochemical studies on expression of quinoproteins in Escherichia coli

Lallès, J.P.; Tukur, H.M.; Salgado, P.; Mills, E.N.; Morgan, M.R.; Quillien, L.; Levieux, D.; Toullec, R., 1999:
Immunochemical studies on gastric and intestinal digestion of soybean glycinin and beta-conglycinin in vivo

Yang, C.C.; Chan, H.L., 1999:
Immunochemical study on beta1-bungarotoxin using polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies

Ternynck, T.; Avrameas, A.; Ragimbeau, J.; Buttin, G.; Avrameas, S., 1998:
Immunochemical, structural and translocating properties of anti-DNA antibodies from (NZBxNZW)F1 mice

Toledo, V.P.; Mayrink, W.; Gollob, K.J.; Oliveira, M.A.; Costa, C.A.; Genaro, O.; Pinto, J.A.; Afonso, L.C., 2001:
Immunochemotherapy in American cutaneous leishmaniasis: immunological aspects before and after treatment

Barral-Netto, M.; Santos, S.; Santos, I.; von Sohsten, R.; Bittencourt, A.L.; Carvalho, E.M.; Barral, A.; Waters, M., 1999:
Immunochemotherapy with interferon-gamma and multidrug therapy for multibacillary leprosy

Van Herpen, C.M.L.; Jansen, R.L.H.; Kruit, W.H.J.; Hoekman, K.; Groenewegen, G.; Osanto, S.; D.M.lder, P.H.M., 2000:
Immunochemotherapy with interleukin-2, interferon-alpha and 5-fluorouracil for progressive metastatic renal cell carcinoma: A multicenter phase II study

Tsutsumi, H.; Ouchi, K.; Ohsaki, M.; Yamanaka, T.; Kuniya, Y.; Takeuchi, Y.; Nakai, C.; Meguro, H.; Chiba, S., 1999:
Immunochromatography test for rapid diagnosis of adenovirus respiratory tract infections: comparison with virus isolation in tissue culture

Pelegrin, A.; Xavier, F.; Barbet, J.; Bartholeyns, J.; Baty, D.; Buchegger, F.; Chatal, J.-Francois; Dubief, F.; Guerreau, D.; Gruaz-Guyon, A.; Lamotte, D.; Leserman, L.; Mach, J.-Pierre; Robert, B.; Saccavini, J.-Claude; Teillaud, J.-Luc; Teulon, I., 2000:
Immunociblage des tumeurs: Situation et perspectives en 2000

Haunshi, S.; Sharma, D., 2002:
Immunocompetence in native and exotic chicken populations and their crosses developed for rural farming

Powell, D., B.; Palm, R., C.; Skillman, A.; Godtfredsen, K., 2003:
Immunocompetence of juvenile chinook salmon against Listonella anguillarum following dietary exposure to Aroclor(R) 1254

Skripkin, Yu, K.; Rezaikina, A.V.; Bukhova, V.P.; Usovetsky, I.A., 1999:
Immunocompetent cell levels in socially unadapted syphilitic patients

Kurtasova, L.M.; Savchenko, A.A.; Ruzaeva, L.A.; Shmidt, A.R., 2002:
Immunocompetent cell metabolism in children with relapsing herpetic infection

Kämmerer, U.; Rieger, L.; Kapp, M.; Dietl, J.; Ruck, P., 2003:
Immunocompetent cells in the endometrium of fetuses and children

Mandler, R.; Wu, C.; Sausville, E.A.; Roettinger, A.J.; Newman, D.J.; Ho, D.K.; King, C.R.; Yang, D.; Lippman, M.E.; Landolfi, N.F.; Dadachova, E.; Brechbiel, M.W.; Waldmann, T.A., 2000:
Immunoconjugates of geldanamycin and anti-HER2 monoclonal antibodies: antiproliferative activity on human breast carcinoma cell lines

Magiafoglou, Aéa.; Schiffer, M.; Hoffmann, A.A.; McKechnie, S.W., 2003:
Immunocontraception for population control: will resistance evolve?

Turner, J.W.Jr; Liu, I.K.M.; Flanagan, D.R.; Rutberg, A.T.; Kirkpatrick, J.F., 2001:
Immunocontraception in feral horses: One inoculation provides one year of infertility

Paterson, M.; Jennings, Z.A.; van Duin, M.; Aitken, R.J., 2000:
Immunocontraception with zona pellucida proteins

Zhamsaranova, S.D.; Sedunova, Y., G.; Lebedeva, S.N.; Nikolayev, S.M., 2001:
Immunocorrectical activity of dry extract from black (hibernated) leaves of Bergenia crassifolia (L.) Fritsch

Khmelevskaya, I.G., 2000:
Immunocorrecting action of proteolytic enzymes on antibody genesis in mice subjected to burn trauma and treatment with antibiotics

Khmelevskaya, I.G.; Kovalchuk, L.V., 2001:
Immunocorrecting and protective action of proteolytic enzymes on formation of antibodies in mice in staphylococcal infection and antibiotic treatment

Eshov, N.R.; Bakhramov, S.M.; Malikov, O.M.; Yunusova, Z.D., 2000:
Immunocorrecting therapy in the treatment of chronic diffuse liver diseases associated with anemia

Nuraliev, N.A.; Mukhamedov, I.M.; Jumaniyozov, K.Y., 1999:
Immunocorrection treatment of children with diarrhea in the South Aral region

Shishina, R.N.; Bykova, I.A.; Stolpnikova, V.N.; Potapova, S.G.; Lopyreva, O.I., 1999:
Immunocorrective drugs in therapy of patients with aplastic anemia

Glushkova, O.V.; Novoselova, E.G.; Sinotova, O.A.; Fesenko, E.E., 2003:
Immunocorrective effects of ultrahigh-frequency waves on tumor-bearing mice

Bakhmisterova, A.A.; Bychko-Tokovoy, I.S., 2000:
Immunocorrective therapy of psoriasis

Arefyeva, N.A.; Aznabaeva, L.F.; Khafizova, F.A., 1999:
Immunocorrectors in combined treatment of paratonsillitis

Mian, C.; Pycha, A.; Wiener, H.; Haitel, A.; Lodde, M.; Marberger, M., 1999:
Immunocyt: a new tool for detecting transitional cell cancer of the urinary tract

Jaskiewicz, K.; Nalecz, A.; Rzepko, R.; Sledzinski, Z., 2003:
Immunocytes and activated stellate cells in pancreatic fibrogenesis

Senju, S.; Iyama, K.; Kudo, H.; Aizawa, S.; Nishimura, Y., 2000:
Immunocytochemical analyses and targeted gene disruption of GTPBP1

Mazur, L.; Czyzewska, A., 2001:
Immunocytochemical analysis of apoptotic bone marrow cells after treatment of mice with WR-2721 and chemotherapeutic drugs

Quentmeier, H.; Osborn, M.; Reinhardt, J.; Zaborski, M.; Drexler, H.G., 2001:
Immunocytochemical analysis of cell lines derived from solid tumors

Zhang, J.; Wu, S.M., 2001:
Immunocytochemical analysis of cholinergic amacrine cells in the tiger salamander retina

Cheng, L.; Reiter, R.E.; Jin, Y.; Sharon, H.; Wieder, J.; Lane, T.F.; Rao, J., 2003:
Immunocytochemical analysis of prostate stem cell antigen as an adjunct marker for the detection of urothelial transitional cell carcinoma in voided urine specimens

Parenti, R.; Campisi, A.; Vanella, A.; Cicirata, F., 2002:
Immunocytochemical and RT-PCR analysis of connexin36 in cultures of mammalian glial cells

Kimura, N.; Miwa, T., 2002 :
Immunocytochemical and biochemical studies of glutathione-peroxidase (GSH-PO) in rat gastric parietal cells

Hager, H.; Kwon, T.H.; Vinnikova, A.K.; Masilamani, S.; Brooks, H.L.; Frøkiaer, J.; Knepper, M.A.; Nielsen, S., 2001:
Immunocytochemical and immunoelectron microscopic localization of alpha-, beta-, and gamma-ENaC in rat kidney

Manabe, Y.; Nakatomi, K.; Chikaraishi, M.; Takeuchi, S.; Kobayashi, Y.; Takahashi, S., 2000:
Immunocytochemical and immunoelectron-microscopic study of somatotrophs in ICR and nonobese diabetic mice

Wang, Y.; Aggarwal, S.K.; Painter, C.L., 1999:
Immunocytochemical and in situ hybridization studies of gastrin after cisplatin treatment

Skiebe, P.; Dreger, M.; Börner, J.; Meseke, M.; Weckwerth, W., 2003:
Immunocytochemical and molecular data guide peptide identification by mass spectrometry: orcokinin and orcomyotropin-related peptides in the stomatogastric nervous system of several crustacean species

Zheng, J.L.; Keller, G.; Gao, W.Q., 1999:
Immunocytochemical and morphological evidence for intracellular self-repair as an important contributor to mammalian hair cell recovery

Piper, D.R.; Mujtaba, T.; Rao, M.S.; Lucero, M.T., 2000:
Immunocytochemical and physiological characterization of a population of cultured human neural precursors

Brenner, R.M.; Slayden, O.D.; Rodgers, W.H.; Critchley, H.O.D.; Carroll, R.; Nie, X.Jing.; Mah, K., 2003:
Immunocytochemical assessment of mitotic activity with an antibody to phosphorylated histone H3 in the macaque and human endometrium

Simony-Lafontaine, J.; Esslimani, M.; Bribes, E.; Gourgou, S.; Lequeux, N.; Lavail, R.; Grenier, J.; Kramar, A.; Casellas, P., 2000:
Immunocytochemical assessment of sigma-1 receptor and human sterol isomerase in breast cancer and their relationship with a series of prognostic factors

Luo-Zhen-Guo; Zhao-Yue; Han-Qing-Guo, 2002:
Immunocytochemical characteristic of NSE, NF200, ED1, GFAP and NADPH in nervous tissue of the earthworm (Pheretima aspergillum)

Ezra, E.; Fariss, R.N.; Possin, D.E.; Aylward, W.G.; Gregor, Z.J.; Luthert, P.J.; Milam, A.H., 2001:
Immunocytochemical characterization of macular hole opercula

Musa, H.; Dobrzynski, H.; Berry, Z.; Abidi, F.; Cass, C.E.; Young, J.D.; Baldwin, S.A.; Boyett, M.R., 2002:
Immunocytochemical demonstration of the equilibrative nucleoside transporter rENT1 in rat sinoatrial node

Sawaguchi, A.; Tojo, H.; Kawano, J.I.; Okamoto, M.; Suganuma, T., 2001:
Immunocytochemical demonstration of the secretory dynamics of zymogenic contents in rat gastric gland processed by high-pressure freezing/freeze substitution, with special references to phospholipase A(2) and phospholipase Cgamma1

Ratcliffe, N.R.; Kennedy, S.M.; Morganelli, P.M., 2001:
Immunocytochemical detection of Fcgamma receptors in human atherosclerotic lesions

Melsheimer, P.; Kaul, S.; Dobeck, S.; Bastert, G., 2003:
Immunocytochemical detection of HPV high-risk type L1 capsid proteins in LSIL and HSIL as compared with detection of HPV L1 DNA

Ruiz, M.T.; Edelstein, L.R.; Denaro, F.J., 1999:
Immunocytochemical detection of a ceruloplasmin-like substance in the human substantia nigra

Thorban, S.; Roder, J.D.; Rosenberg, R.; Nekarda, H.; Siewert, J.R., 2000:
Immunocytochemical detection of epithelial cells in bone marrow of carcinoma of the upper GI tract: Incidence, clinical significance, and prognostic relevance

Caba, M.; Beyer, C.; González-Mariscal, G.; Morrell, J.I., 2003:
Immunocytochemical detection of estrogen receptor-alpha in the female rabbit forebrain: topography and regulation by estradiol

L.M.zio, L.; Nocini, P.; Mignogna, M.D.; Pannone, G.; Staibano, S.; Procaccini, M.; Mariggio, M.A.; Dolci, M.;, G., 1999:
Immunocytochemical detection of hMSH2 and hMLH1 expression in oral SCC

L.M.zio, L.; Nocini, P.; Mignogna, M.D.; Pannone, G.; Staibano, S.; Procaccini, M.; Rubini, C.; Fioroni, M.; Fanali, S.; Piattelli, A., 2000:
Immunocytochemical detection of hMSH2 and hMLH1 expression in oral melanoma

Bodey, B.; Bodey, B.; Gröger, A.M.; Siegel, S.E.; Kaiser, H.E., 2000:
Immunocytochemical detection of homeobox B3, B4, and C6 gene product expression in lung carcinomas

Kubo, S.; Ogino, S.; Fukushima, T.; Maruno, M.; Yoshimine, T.; Hasegawa, H., 1999:
Immunocytochemical detection of insulin-like growth factor II (IGF-II) in choroid plexus papilloma: a possible marker for differential diagnosis

Bodey, B.; Bodey, B.; Siegel, S.E.; Kaiser, H.E., 2001:
Immunocytochemical detection of matrix metalloproteinase expression in prostate cancer

Bayram, Zübeyde.; Asar, Müt.; Cayli, S.; Demir, R., 2002:
Immunocytochemical detection of neuronal nitric oxide synthase (nNOS)-IR in embryonic rat stomach between days 13 and 21 of gestation

Schipper, R.G.; Romain, N.; Otten, A.A.; Tan, J.; Lange, W.P.; Verhofstad, A.A., 1999:
Immunocytochemical detection of ornithine decarboxylase

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Immunoelectron microscopic study of the conjunctiva in cicatrical pemphigoid

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Immunoelectron microscopic study on type I, II and III TGF-beta receptors on visceral glomerular epithelial cells in relation to glomerular basement membrane alterations in proteinuric rats

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Immunoelectron microscopic visualization of intermediate basic proteins HPI1 and HPI2 in human spermatids and spermatozoa

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Immunoelectron microscopy in the age of molecular pathology

González-Melendi, P.; Testillano, P.S.; Ahmadian, P.; Reyes, J.; Risueño, M.C., 2000:
Immunoelectron microscopy of PCNA as an efficient marker for studying replication times and sites during pollen development

Usuda, N.; Johkura, K.; Hachiya, T.; Nakazawa, A., 1999:
Immunoelectron microscopy of peroxisomes employing the antibody for the SKL sequence PTS1 C-terminus common to peroxisomal enzymes

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Immunoelectron microscopy on material retrieved from paraffin: accurate sampling on the basis of stained paraffin sections

Sadacharan, S.K.; Cavanagh, A.C.; Gupta, R.S., 2002:
Immunoelectron microscopy provides evidence for the presence of mitochondrial heat shock 10-kDa protein (chaperonin 10) in red blood cells and a variety of secretory granules

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Immunoelectron study of somatostatin, gastrin and glucagon in human colorectal adenocarcinomas and liver metastases

Fujiwara, K.; Karasuyama, M.; Murata, I.; Tanabe, T.; Yabuuchi, M.; Inoue, Y.; Tsuru, D., 2001:
Immunoelectron-microscopic demonstration of histamine depletion in the gastric enterochromaffin-like cells of rats treated with alpha-fluoromethylhistidine

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Immunoendocrine findings in patients with eating disorders

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Immunoenzymatic assay of ascitic albumin in patients with liver cirrhosis and portal hypertension

Mnikova, L.A.; Gogolev, M.M.; Ishkova, T.A.; Sokolova, N.L.; Chepkina, T.I.; Zhidkov, S.A., 2000:
Immunoenzyme test-system for identification of rota- and coronavirus antigenes, and also antigen of bovine diarrhoea virus

Koeva, Y., 2003:
Immunoexpression of growth factors in human testis

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Immunoexpression of inhibin alpha subunit, inhibin/activin betaA subunit and CD99 in ovarian tumors

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Immunoexpression of inhibin alpha-subunit in adrenal neoplasms

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Immunoexpression of nm23 in advanced esophageal squamous cell carcinoma

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Immunoexpression of the hepatocyte growth factor (HGF), HGF-receptor (c-met) and STAT3 on placental tissues from malformed fetuses

Takata, T.; Miyauchi, M.; Ogawa, I.; Kudo, Y.; Takekoshi, T.; Zhao, M.; Sato, S.; Nikai, H.; Komiyama, K., 2000:
Immunoexpression of transforming growth factor beta in desmoplastic ameloblastoma

de Miguel, M.P.; Royuela, M.; Bethencourt, F.R.; Santamaría, L.; Fraile, B.; Paniagua, R., 2000:
Immunoexpression of tumour necrosis factor-alpha and its receptors 1 and 2 correlates with proliferation/apoptosis equilibrium in normal, hyperplasic and carcinomatous human prostate

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Immunoexpression of ultraviolet photoproducts and p53 mutation analysis in atypical fibroxanthoma and superficial malignant fibrous histiocytoma

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Immunoexpression of villin in neuroendocrine tumors and its diagnostic implications

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Immunofan: New-generation synthetic peptide agent

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Immunoferritin and immunoperoxidase methods on immunoelectron microscopic study of human lymphoid cells

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Immunofixation des proteines seriques dans les hemopathies malignes autres que le myelome multiple et la maladie de Waldenstrom

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Immunofixation electrophoresis for the detection and identification of multiple myeloma

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Immunoflow cytometry and cell block immunohistochemistry in the FNA diagnosis of lymphoma: a review of 73 consecutive cases

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Immunofluorescence analysis of poliovirus receptor expression in Peyer's patches of humans, primates, and CD155 transgenic mice: implications for poliovirus infection

Gastaldello, R.; Gallego, S.; Isa, M.B.; Maturano, E.; Sileoni, S.; Nates, S.; Medeot, S., 2001:
Immunofluorescence assay reactivity patterns of serum samples presenting indeterminate Western blot results for antibodies to HIV-1 and HTLV-I/II in Cordoba, Argentina

Caruso, G.; Crisafi, E.; Mancuso, M., 2002:
Immunofluorescence detection of Escherichia coli in seawater: a comparison of various commercial antisera

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Immunofluorescence detection of ezrin/radixin/moesin (ERM) proteins with their carboxyl-terminal threonine phosphorylated in cultured cells and tissues: Application of a novel fixation protocol using trichloroacetic acid (TCA) as a fixative

Jeppesen, Peter, 2000:
Immunofluorescence in cytogenetic analysis: Method and applications

Saijo, M.; Niikura, M.; Morikawa, S.; Kurane, I., 2001:
Immunofluorescence method for detection of Ebola virus immunoglobulin g, using HeLa cells which express recombinant nucleoprotein

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Immunofluorescence microscopy for evaluating the cytotoxic effect of pre-eeclamptic sera on cultured human endothelial cells

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Immunofluorescent and immunoblotting features of paraneoplastic pemphigus

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Immunofluorescent detection of a PSP-producing dinoflagellate, Alexandrium minutum, from Bay of Plenty, New Zealand

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Immunofluorescent labeling of cancer marker Her2 and other cellular targets with semiconductor quantum dots

Lou Ge; Qian Sujuan; Gao Qingyu, 2000:
Immunofluorescent labeling study on extracellular matrix remodeling of cervical squamous cell carcinoma

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Immunofluorescent localization of C-erbB-2 oncoprotein in breast cancer: a preliminary study

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Immunofluorescent localization of estrogen receptor-alpha in growth plates of rabbits, but not in rats, at sexual maturity

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Immunofluorescent localization of the StAR protein in mitochondria of mouse Leydig cells in vitro

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Immunofluorescent patterns produced by antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibodies (ANCA) vary depending on neutrophil substrate and conjugate

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Immunofluorometric assay of p53 protein versus sequencing of p53 exons 5 to 9 for the detection of p53 abnormalities in ovarian carcinoma

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Immunofluorometric quantitation and histochemical localisation of kallikrein 6 protein in ovarian cancer tissue: a new independent unfavourable prognostic biomarker

Martínez-Arribas, F.; Núñez-Villar, M.J.; Lucas, A.R.; Sánchez, J.; Tejerina, A.; Schneider, J., 2003:
Immunofluorometric study of Bcl-2 and Bax expression in clinical fresh tumor samples from breast cancer patients

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Immunogene therapy of murine fibrosarcoma using IL-15 gene with high translation efficiency

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Immunogene therapy of tumors with a vaccine based on the ligand-binding domain of chicken homologous integrin beta3

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Immunogene therapy of tumors with vaccine based on xenogeneic epidermal growth factor receptor

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Immunogene therapy with interleukin-2-secreting fibroblasts for intracerebrally metastasizing breast cancer in mice

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Immunogenecity of a formalin-inactivated fimbriated Escherichia coli vaccine in chickens

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Immunogenetic achievements for medicine

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Immunogenetic analysis of severe forms of parasitic diseases

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Immunogenetic analysis of typical immunopathological syndrome distribution in patients with different clinical variants of atopic dermatitis

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Immunogenetic analysis of variable regions encoding AB1 and gamma-type AB2 antibodies from the NeuGc-containing ganglioside family

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Immunogenetic analysis on blood groups of Urzhum pigs

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Immunogenetic aspects of duodenal ulcer in Helicobacter pylori-positive Europeoids of Western Siberia

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Immunogenetic blood markers in an Armenian population of patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia

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Immunogenetic characteristics of diabetic microangiopathies

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Immunogenetic differencies between patients with familial and non-familial rheumatoid arthritis

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Immunogenetic evidence for the phylogenetic sister group relationship of dogs and bears (Mammalia, Carnivora: Canidae and Ursidae): A comparative determinant analysis of carnivoran albumin, C3 complement and immunoglobulin mu-chain

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Immunogenetic features of steroid-sensitive nephrotic syndrome and focal segmental glomerulosclerosis in Brazilian patients of the Northeast Region of the State of Sao Paulo

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Immunogenetic heterogeneity in single-system and multisystem langerhans cell histiocytosis

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Immunogenetic heterogeneity of type 1 diabetes in Japan

Anonymous, 1999:
Immunogenetic interconnection of Red Gorbatov breed with representatives of bovine subfamily

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Immunogenetic markers and seropositivity predict radiological progression in early rheumatoid arthritis independent of disease activity

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Immunogenetic markers of CNS congenital malformations in fetuses

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Immunogenetic markers of hemoblastosis

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Immunogenetic properties of genes

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Immunogenetic therapy of human melanoma utilizing autologous tumor cells transduced to secrete granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor

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Immunogenetical heterogeneity in Uzbek patients with chronic glomerulonephritis

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Immunogenetics and clinical phenotype of sympathetic ophthalmia in British and Irish patients

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Immunogenetics and resistance to avian malaria in Hawaiian honeycreepers (Drepanidinae)

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Immunogenetics aspects of Down syndrome

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Immunogenetics of HLA class II in Israeli Ashkenazi Jewish, Israeli non-Ashkenazi Jewish, and in Israeli Arab IDDM patients

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Immunogenetics of atopic asthma: association of DRB1*1101 DQA1*0501 DQB1*0301 haplotype with Dermatophagoides spp.-sensitive asthma in a sample of the Venezuelan population

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Immunogenetics: changing the face of immunodeficiency

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Immunogenic Cu2+-induced biopolymer systems comprising a steroid hormone, protein antigen, and synthetic polyelectrolytes

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Immunogenic activity of HSV-1 temperature sensitive mutant's proteins in mono- and polyvalent systems of immunization

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Immunogenic activity of temperature sensitive mutant of herpes simplex virus type - 1 in mono-and polyvalent schema of immunization. I. Antibody-mediated response to temperature sensitive mutant of herpes simplex virus type - 1 in monovalent schema of immunization

Biesiadecka, Agnieszka, 2000:
Immunogenic activity of temperature sensitive mutant of herpes simplex virus type - 1 in mono-and polyvalent schema of immunization. II. Antibody-mediated response to temperature sensitive mutant of herpes simplex virus type - 1 in polyvalent schema of immunization

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Immunogenic and protective characteristics of recombinant Lassa virus NP protein

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Immunogenic measles antigens expressed in plants: role as an edible vaccine for adults

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Immunogenic properties of an anti-DNA antibody-derived peptide, 88H.64-80: location of a dominant idiotope defined by T and B cells

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Immunogenic properties of rapidly digested food proteins following gavage exposure of mice: a comparison of ovalbumin with a potato acid phosphatase preparation

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Immunogenic properties of reverse transcriptase of HIV type 1 assessed by DNA and protein immunization of rabbits

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Immunogenic protein contaminants in pneumococcal vaccines

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Immunogenically fit subunit vaccine components via epitope discovery from natural peptide libraries

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Immunogenicidad y Proteccion Inducida en Ratones por Polisacarido Vi de Salmonella typhi

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Immunogenicity after one, two or three doses and impact on the antibody response to coadministered antigens of a nonavalent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine in infants of Soweto, South Africa

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