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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 10806

Chapter 10806 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Moreira, Rg, 2001:
Impingement drying of foods using hot air and superheated steam

Walmsley, J.P.; Pettersson, H.; Winberg, F.; McEvoy, F., 2002:
Impingement of the dorsal spinous processes in two hundred and fifteen horses: case selection, surgical technique and results

Borquez, R.W.lf, W.K.ller, W.; Spiess, W., 1999:
Impinging jet drying of pressed fish cake

Lee, S.Y.; Ruutel, P.; Barratt, P.A.; Tsui, Y.P., 1999:
Impinging zone reactor and its mathematical model for ozonation of waste water

Le, J.; Tsourounis, C., 2001:
Implanon: A critical review

Qureshi, A.A.; Virdi, A.S.; Didonna, M.L.; Jacobs, J.J.; Masuda, K.; Paprosky, W.P.; Thonar, E.J.M.A.; Sumner, D.R., 2002:
Implant design affects markers of bone resorption and formation in total hip replacement

Gaebler, C.; Stanzl Tschegg, S.; Tschegg, E.K.; Kukla, C.; Menth Chiari, W.A.; Wozasek, G.E.; Heinz, T., 1999:
Implant failure of the gamma nail

Brisman, D.L.; Brisman, A.S.; Moses, M.S., 2001:
Implant failures associated with asymptomatic endodontically treated teeth

Schierholz, J.M.; Beuth, J., 2001:
Implant infections: a haven for opportunistic bacteria

Fugazzotto, P.A., 2002:
Implant placement in maxillary first premolar fresh extraction sockets: description of technique and report of preliminary results

Danesh-Meyer, M.J.; Brice, D.M., 2000:
Implant site development using orthodontic extrusion: a case report

Roeber, D.L.; Cannell, R.C.; Belk, K.E.; Miller, R.K.; Tatum, J.D.; Smith, G.C., 2000:
Implant strategies during feeding: impact on carcass grades and consumer acceptability

Schneider, G.B.; Perinpanayagam, H.; Clegg, M.; Zaharias, R.; Seabold, D.; Keller, J.; Stanford, C., 2003:
Implant surface roughness affects osteoblast gene expression

Videtic, G.M.M.; Gaspar, L.E.; Zamorano, L.; Stitt, L.W.; Fontanesi, J.; Levin, K.J., 2001:
Implant volume as a prognostic variable in brachytherapy decision-making for malignant gliomas stratified by the RTOG recursive partitioning analysis

Koehler, G.M.; Hall, P.B.iggs; Norton, M.H.; Pierce, D.J.hn, 2001:
Implant- versus collar-transmitter use on black bears

Parr, J.A.drew; Garetto, L.P.; Wohlford, M.E.; Arbuckle, G.R.; Roberts, W.E.gene, 1999:
Implant-borne suture expansion in rabbits: A histomorphometric study of the supporting bone

Mccarthy, P.M.; Smedira, N.G., 2000:
Implantable LVAD insertion in patients with previous heart surgery

Khor, E.; Lim, L.Y.ng, 2003:
Implantable applications of chitin and chitosan

Menon, V.; Steinberg, J.S.; Akiyama, T.; Beckman, K.; Carillo, L.; Kutalek, S., 2000:
Implantable cardioverter defibrillator discharge rates in patients with unexplained syncope, structural heart disease, and inducible ventricular tachycardia at electrophysiologic study

Olshansky, B.; Loots, D.; Mcgrory Usset, M., 2001:
Implantable cardioverter defibrillator practices and costs at an academic medical center

Jongnarangsin, K.; Mela, T., 2002:
Implantable cardioverter defibrillator sensing failure due to endocardial R wave electrical alternans

Mecca, A.; Barakat, T.; Guo, H.; Olshansky, B., 2000:
Implantable cardioverter defibrillator therapy for patients with life-threatening ventricular arrhythmias and severe heart failure

Ruskin, J.N.; Camm, A.J.hn; Zipes, D.P.; Hallstrom, A.P.; Mcgrory Usset, M.E., 2002:
Implantable cardioverter defibrillator utilization based on discharge diagnoses from medicare and managed care patients

Greenberg, D.; Katz, A.; Epstein, M.; Golovchiner, G.; Ilia, R.; Caspi, A., 2002:
Implantable cardioverter defibrillators in Israel: Utilization and implantation trends

Ezekowitz, J.A.; Armstrong, P.W.; Mcalister, F.A., 2003:
Implantable cardioverter defibrillators in primary and secondary prevention: A systematic review of randomized, controlled trials

Brown, L.A.; Baddley, J.W.; Sanchez, J.E.; Bachmann, L.H., 2001:
Implantable cardioverter-defibrillator endocarditis secondary to Candida albicans

Pinski, S.L.; Fahy, G.J., 1999:
Implantable cardioverter-defibrillators

Walley, V.M.; Bourke, M.E.; Green, M.; Stinson, W.A.; Veinot, J.P., 1998:
Implantable cardioverter-defibrillators and the pathologist: comment and cautionary notes

Parkes, J.; Bryant, J.; Milne, R., 2002:
Implantable cardioverter-defibrillators in arrhythmias: a rapid and systematic review of effectiveness

Knuefermann, P.; Wolpert, C.; Spehl, S.; Korte, T.; Manz, M.; Luederitz, B.; Jung, W., 2000:
Implantable cardioverter/defibrillator: Long-term stability of the defibrillation threshold using a unipolar lead system (active-can)

Glasier, Anna, 2002:
Implantable contraceptives for women: Effectiveness, discontinuation rates, return of fertility, and outcome of pregnancies

Grimm, W.; Hoffmann, J.; Mueller, H.H.lge; Maisch, B., 2002:
Implantable defibrillator event rates in patients with idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy, nonsustained ventricular tachycardia on Holter and a left ventricular ejection fraction below 30%

Andrews, N.P.; Fogel, R.I.; Pelargonio, G.; Evans, J.J.; Prystowsky, E.N., 1999:
Implantable defibrillator event rates in patients with unexplained syncope and inducible sustained ventricular tachyarrhythmias: A comparison with patients known to have sustained ventricular tachycardia

Pelletier, D.; Mitten-Lewis, S.; Gallagher, R.D.; McKinley, S.; Squire, J., 1999:
Implantable defibrillator recipients' responses to device implantation and design

Zivin, A.; Bardy, G.H., 1999:
Implantable defibrillators and antiarrhythmic drugs in patients at risk for lethal arrhythmias

Causer, J.P.; Connelly, D.T., 1998:
Implantable defibrillators for life threatening ventricular arrhythmias

Saksena, Sanjeev, 2000:
Implantable defibrillators in the third millennium: Increasingly relegated to a standby role?

Hohnloser, Stefan, H., 1999:
Implantable devices versus antiarrhythmic drug therapy in recurrent ventricular tachycardia and ventricular fibrillation

Mueller, U.; Jochheim, R.; Knaup, W.; Tenholt, M., 1998:
Implantable event recorder, a new aid in the diagnosis of arrhythmogenic syncopes

Kerner, W., 2001:
Implantable glucose sensors: present status and future developments

Renard, E.; Rostane, T.; Carriere, C.; Marchandin, H.; Jacques-Apostol, D.; Lauton, D.; Gibert-Boulet, F.; Bringer, J., 2001:
Implantable insulin pumps: infections most likely due to seeding from skin flora determine severe outcomes of pump-pocket seromas

Mccarthy, Patrick, M., 2002:
Implantable left ventricular assist device bridge-to-transplantation: Natural selection, or is this the natural selection?

Helman, D.N.; Addonizio, L.J.; Morales, D.L.S.; Catanese, K.A.; Flannery, M.A.; Quagebeur, J.M.; Edwards, N.M.; Galantowicz, M.E.; Oz, M.C., 2000:
Implantable left ventricular assist devices can successfully bridge adolescent patients to transplant

Kenny, R.A.; Krahn, A.D., 1999:
Implantable loop recorder: Evaluation of unexplained syncope

Brignole, M.; Menozzi, C.; Moya, A.; Garcia-Civera, R., 2001:
Implantable loop recorder: towards a gold standard for the diagnosis of syncope?

Kürer, C.C., 2003:
Implantable loop recorders. dollars and sense

Donfack, C.; Sawan, M.; Savaria, Y., 2000:
Implantable measurement technique dedicated to the monitoring of electrode-nerve contact in bladder stimulators

Matsukawa, K.; Komine, H.; Tsuchimochi, H.; Murata, J.; Yonezawa, Y.; Kondo, K.; Seki, Y., 2003:
Implantable microelectrodes with new electro-conductive materials for recording sympathetic neural discharge

Swigris, J., J.; Olin, J., W.; Mekhail, N., A., 1999:
Implantable spinal cord stimulator to treat the ischemic manifestations of thromboangiitis obliterans (Buerger's disease)

McGregor, M., 2000:
Implantable ventricular assist devices: is it time to introduce them in Canada?

Bereciartua, E.; Egurbide, M.V.; Alcibar, J.; Ibarra, S.; Aguirre, C., 2000:
Implantacion de protesis autoexpandibles sobre estenosis aorticas por arteritis de Takayasu asociada a enfermedad de Crohn

Rejines, E.; Rodriguez, M.J.; Alonso, S.; Heredia, F.J., 2001:
Implantacion de sistemas de autocontrol en una industria de elaboracion de zumo de naranja ultracongelado

Kurzawa, R.; Starczewski, A.; Baczkowski, T., 2003:
Implantacja zarodka

Hashizume, K.; Ishiwata, H.; Kizaki, K.; Yamada, O.; Takahashi, T.; Imai, K.; Patel, O.V.; Akagi, S.; Shimizu, M.; Takahashi, S.; Katsuma, S.; Shiojima, S.; Hirasawa, A.; Tsujimoto, G.; Todoroki, J.; Izaike, Y., 2002:
Implantation and placental development in somatic cell clone recipient cows

Martin Larry, D.; Stewart, J.D., 1999:
Implantation and replacement of bird teeth

Nagaoka, K.; Yamaguchi, H.; Aida, H.; Yoshioka, K.; Takahashi, M.; Christenson, R.K.; Imakawa, K.; Sakai, S., 2000:
Implantation in ruminants: Changes in pre-implantation, maternal recognition of pregnancy, control of attachment and invasion: Review

Enders, A.C.; Lopata, A., 1999:
Implantation in the marmoset monkey: Expansion of the early implantation site

Enders, A.C., 2002:
Implantation in the nine-banded armadillo: how does a single blastocyst form four embryos?

Thorup, B.; Fabrin, K.; Lund, L., 2001:
Implantation metastasis in ureter from a colonic adenocarcinoma

Roa, W.H.; Kim, D.; Halls, S.B.; Murray, B., 1999:
Implantation metastasis or primary central nervous system lymphoma complicating radiotherapy outcome

Fukumitsu, H.; Takase-Yoden, S.; Furukawa, S.; Nemoto, K.; Ikeda, T.; Watanabe, R., 2002:
Implantation of BDNF-producing packaging cells into brain

Keramitsoglou, T.; Grispou, E.; Margaritis, L.H.; Koussoulakos, S., 2002:
Implantation of MNNG crystals into a Triturus intact limb affects mitotic and labeling indices, regeneration rate, and morphogenesis in the contralateral, regenerating limb

Miyazawa, T.; Yamakido, M.; Ikeda, S.; Furukawa, K.; Takiguchi, Y.; Tada, H.; Shirakusa, T., 2000:
Implantation of ultraflex nitinol stents in malignant tracheobronchial stenoses

Lin, W-Yu.; Chen, J.; Lin, Y.; Han, K., 2002:
Implantation of VX2 carcinoma into the liver of rabbits: a comparison of three direct-injection methods

Neuberger, H.R.; Mewis, C.; Doernberger, V.; Bosch, R.F.; Kuehlkamp, V., 1999:
Implantation of a dual chamber pacemaker defibrillator in a patient with hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy

Buerger, T.; Gebauer, T.; Meyer, F.; Halloul, Z., 2000:
Implantation of a new device for haemodialysis

Sato, M.; Iwatsuki, K.; Akiyama, C.; Kumura, E.; Yoshimine, T., 2001:
Implantation of a reservoir for refractory chronic subdural hematoma

Bush, V.L.; Middlemiss, D.N.; Marsden, C.A.; Fone, K.C.F., 2003:
Implantation of a slow release corticosterone pellet induces long-term alterations in serotonergic neurochemistry in the rat brain

Payer, M.; May, D.; Reverdin, A.; Tessitore, E., 2003:
Implantation of an empty carbon fiber composite frame cage after single-level anterior cervical discectomy in the treatment of cervical disc herniation: preliminary results

Egon, G.; Barat, M.; Colombel, P.; Visentin, C.; Isambert, J.L.; Guerin, J., 1998:
Implantation of anterior sacral root stimulators combined with posterior sacral rhizotomy in spinal injury patients

Törnqvist, N.; Björklund, L.; Almqvist, P.; Wahlberg, L.; Strömberg, I., 2000:
Implantation of bioactive growth factor-secreting rods enhances fetal dopaminergic graft survival, outgrowth density, and functional recovery in a rat model of Parkinson's disease

Varas, F.; Grande, T.; Ramírez, A.; Bueren, J.A., 2000:
Implantation of bone marrow beneath the kidney capsule results in transfer not only of functional stroma but also of hematopoietic repopulating cells

Kamihata, H.; Matsubara, H.; Nishiue, T.; Fujiyama, S.; Tsutsumi, Y.; Ozono, R.; Masaki, H.; Mori, Y.; Iba, O.; Tateishi, E.; Kosaki, A.; Shintani, S.; Murohara, T.; Imaizumi, T.; Iwasaka, T., 2001 :
Implantation of bone marrow mononuclear cells into ischemic myocardium enhances collateral perfusion and regional function via side supply of angioblasts, angiogenic ligands, and cytokines

Kudo, M.; Wang, Y.; Wani, M.A.; Xu, M.; Ayub, A.; Ashraf, M., 2003:
Implantation of bone marrow stem cells reduces the infarction and fibrosis in ischemic mouse heart

Swerdlow, C.D., 2001:
Implantation of cardioverter defibrillators without induction of ventricular fibrillation

García-Rinaldi, Rúl.; Soltero, E.; Gaviria, J.; Sosa, J.; Tucker, P., 2002:
Implantation of cryopreserved allograft pulmonary monocusp patch to treat nonthrombotic femoral vein incompetence

Starr, P.A.; Christine, C.W.; Theodosopoulos, P.V.; Lindsey, N.; Byrd, D.; Mosley, A.; Marks, W.J., 2002:
Implantation of deep brain stimulators into the subthalamic nucleus: technical approach and magnetic resonance imaging-verified lead locations

Pankova, N.B.; Krupina, N.A., 1998:
Implantation of electrodes for recording brain electrical activity induces long-lasting alterations in rat behavior

Yoshizumi, Yutaka; Aiko, Satoshi; Koike, Hiroshi; Matuyama, Tomokazu; Ogawa, Hitoshi; Kondou, Nobuhiko; Sugiura, Yoshiaki; Tanaka, Susumu, 2000:
Implantation of esophageal endoprosthesis for palliation of malignant obstruction of the esophagus

Petersen, P.M.; Philipp, M., 2001:
Implantation of forest plants in a wood on former arable land: A ten year experiment

Kakishita, K.; Nakao, N.; Sakuragawa, N.; Itakura, T., 2003:
Implantation of human amniotic epithelial cells prevents the degeneration of nigral dopamine neurons in rats with 6-hydroxydopamine lesions

Mooreville, M.; Adrian, S.; Delk, J.R.II.; Wilson, S.K., 1999:
Implantation of inflatable penile prosthesis in patients with severe corporeal fibrosis: Introduction of a new penile cavernotome

Kamakura, S.; Sasano, Y.; Homma, H.; Suzuki, O.; Kagayama, M.; Motegi, K., 1999:
Implantation of octacalcium phosphate (OCP) in rat skull defects enhances bone repair

Kamakura, S.; Sasano, Y.; Nakajo, S.; Shimizu, T.; Suzuki, O.; Katou, F.; Kagayama, M.; Motegi, K., 2001:
Implantation of octacalcium phosphate combined with transforming growth factor-beta1 enhances bone repair as well as resorption of the implant in rat skull defects

Kim, W.G.; Jo, Y.H.; Min, B.G.; Won, T.H., 2000:
Implantation of one piece biventricular assist device by left thoracotomy in an ovine model

Ananth, S.; Amin, M., 2002:
Implantation of oral squamous cell carcinoma at the site of a percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy: a case report

Waltzman, S.B.; Cohen, N.L., 1999:
Implantation of patients with prelingual long-term deafness

Molin, F.; Pagé, P.; Daoust, L., 2000:
Implantation of permanent pacemakers in the electrophysiology laboratory: what it has changed in a general teaching hospital

Cohen, O.; Einav, Y.; Cohen, Y.; Karasik, A.; Ferber, S., 2000:
Implantation of rat insulinoma cell line into cyclosporine treated rats. Effect of the in vivo environment on beta-cell specific gene expression

Uludag, H.; D'augusta, D.; Golden, J.; Li, J.; Timony, G.; Riedel, R.; Wozney, J.M., 2000:
Implantation of recombinant human bone morphogenetic proteins with biomaterial carriers: A correlation between protein pharmacokinetics and osteoinduction in the rat ectopic model

Hesse, L.; Schanze, T.; Wilms, M.; Eger, M., 2000:
Implantation of retina stimulation electrodes and recording of electrical stimulation responses in the visual cortex of the cat

Qazi, M.A.; Pepose, J.S.; Shuster, J.J., 2002:
Implantation of scleral expansion band segments for the treatment of presbyopia

Kaneko, K.; Ito, H.; Konishi, K.; Kurahashi, T.; Katagiri, A.; Katayose, K.; Kitahara, T.; Ohtsu, A.; Mitamura, K., 2002:
Implantation of self-expanding metallic stent for patients with malignant stricture after failure of definitive chemoradiotherapy for T3 or T4 esophageal squamous cell carcinomas

Alban, L.; Chriél, M.; Tegtmeier, C.; Tjørnehøj, K., 1999:
Implantation of temperature loggers in 100 Danish dairy calves: surgical procedure and follow-up

Matsumoto, Hitoshi, 1998:
Implantation of the aortic and pulmonary allograft valves conduit - An experimental study using a new blood flow model

Siegenthaler, M.P.; Martin, J.; Van, D.L.o, A.; Doenst, T.; Bothe, W.; Beyersdorf, F., 2002:
Implantation of the permanent Jarvik-2000 left ventricular assist device: A single-center experience

Abe, Y.; Chinzei, T.; Ono, T.; Mochizuki, S.; Saito, I.; Guba, P.; Karita, T.; Sun, Y.p.; Kouno, A.; Isoyama, T.; Baba, K.; Imachi, K., 1999:
Implantation of the undulation pump total artificial heart in the goat

Imamura, A.; Oshika, T.; Amano, S.; Eguchi, S.; Onda, K.; Fukuyama, M.; Nakayama, M.; Emi, K., 2000:
Implantation of two piggyback intraocular lenses in extremely short eyes

Takeuchi, H.; Yoshikawa, M.; Kanda, S.; Nonaka, M.; Nishimura, F.; Yamada, T.; Ishizaka, S.; Sakaki, T., 2001:
Implantation of xenografts into the parkinsonian rat brain after portal venous administration of xenogeneic donor spleen cells

Huisman, G.J.; Fauser, B.C.J.M.; Eijkemans, M.J.C.; Pieters, M.H.E.C., 2000:
Implantation rates after in vitro fertilization and transfer of a maximum of two embryos that have undergone three to five days of culture

Kimura, S.; Yasuda, K.; Hara, N.; Sakai, T.; Mikami, S.; Minami, A.; Tohyama, H., 2003:
Implantation sites and fiber diameters affect the rate of degradation in absorbable polydioxanone fibers

Itoh, S.; Kikuchi, M.; Takakuda, K.; Nagaoka, K.; Koyama, Y.; Tanaka, J.; Shinomiya, K., 2002:
Implantation study of a novel hydroxyapatite/collagen (HAp/col) composite into weight-bearing sites of dogs

Daoud, E.G.; Kalbfleisch, S.J.; Hummel, J.D.; Weiss, R.; Augustini, R.S.; Duff, S.B.; Polsinelli, G.; Castor, J.; Meta, T., 2002:
Implantation techniques and chronic lead parameters of biventricular pacing dual-chamber defibrillators

Ren Ziwen; Song Youcheng; H.D.yi, 1998:
Implantation techniques of 20 implantable cardioverter-defibrillators

Koninckx, P.R.; Barlow, D.; Kennedy, S., 1999:
Implantation versus infiltration: the Sampson versus the endometriotic disease theory

Koller, U.; Lischer, C.L.; Auer, J.A., 2001:
Implantation von synthetischen Netzen zum Verschluss von Bauchwandrupturen in der ventralen Flanke bei der Kuh: Eine retrospektive Studie uber 16 Falle

Chaouat, G.; Ledee Bataille, N.; Zourbas, S.; Dubanchet, S.; Sandra, O.; Martal, J.; Ostojojic, S.; Frydman, R., 2003:
Implantation: Can immunological parameters of implantation failure be of interest for pre-eclampsia?

Paria, B.C.; Song, H.; Dey, S.K., 2001 :
Implantation: molecular basis of embryo-uterine dialogue

Pascher, A.; Materna, W.; Windhager, R., 2003:
Implantatwahl bei der valgisierenden Tibiakopfosteotomie

Frechilla, D.; Insausti, R.; Ruiz Golvano, P.; Garcia Osta, A.; Rubio, M.P.z; Almendral, J.M.ria; Del Rio, J., 2000:
Implanted BDNF-producing fibroblasts prevent neurotoxin-induced serotonergic denervation in the rat striatum

Senthuran, S.; Toff, W.D.; Vuylsteke, A.; Solesbury, P.M.; Menon, D.K., 2002:
Implanted cardiac pacemakers and defibrillators in anaesthetic practice

Sasano, Y.; Kamakura, S.; Homma, H.; Suzuki, O.; Mizoguchi, I.; Kagayama, M., 1999:
Implanted octacalcium phosphate (OCP) stimulates osteogenesis by osteoblastic cells and/or committed osteoprogenitors in rat calvarial periosteum

Zhu-Kangshun; Shan-Hong; Li-Zhengran; Et-Al, 2001:
Implanted percutaneous continuous hepatic arterial infusion system for nonresectable liver metastasis

Bhadra, N.; Kilgore, K.L.; Peckham, P.H., 2001:
Implanted stimulators for restoration of function in spinal cord injury

Vialle, B.; Tavera, E.; Richard, L., 1999:
Implants and orthodontics: A valuable association for the dental surgeon

Lind, M.; Smith, R.L.; Trindade, M.C.D.; Konttinen, Y.T.; Santavirta, S.; Goodman, S.B., 1998:
Implants for joint replacement and the host's immune response

Fritz, M.E.; Jeffcoat, M.K.; Reddy, M.; Koth, D.; Braswell, L.D.; Malmquist, J.; Lemons, J., 2001:
Implants in regenerated bone in a primate model

Joseph, K.S.; Kramer, M.S.; Allen, A.C.; Mery, L.S.; Platt, R.W.; Wen, S.W., 2001:
Implausible birth weight for gestational age

Mehrabi, Y.; Matthews, J.N.S., 1998:
Implementable Bayesian designs for limiting dilution assays

Rojas, V.-Teresa; Aleman, Z.-Weng; Martinez, M.-Victoria-Luna, 2003:
Implementacion de un sistema de calidad en un laboratorio de ensayo microbiologico

Lopez, G.Ana Maria; Victoria, K.Jorge, I.; Sanchez, G.Adalberto, 1999:
Implementacion de una tecnica de diagnostico molecular de fitoplasmas

Beltran, Y., C.; Cabrejo, L., A.; Esparragoza, J.-Carlos; Arias, J., 2002:
Implementacion y estandarizacion de la tecnica microbiologica para la determinacion de mio-inositol en un producto multivitaminico utilizando Schizosaccharomyces pombe ATCC 16491

Luedtke, A.N.; Chapman, B.; Powell, D.A., 2003:
Implementation and analysis of an on-farm food safety program for the production of greenhouse vegetables

Hammers, A.; Koepp, M.J.; Free, S.L.; Brett, M.; Richardson, M.P.; Labbe, C.; Cunningham, V.J.; Brooks, D.J.; Duncan, J., 2002:
Implementation and application of a brain template for multiple volumes of interest

Baroni, G.; Ferrigno, G.; Pedotti, A., 1998:
Implementation and application of real-time motion analysis based on passive markers

Andréasson, S.; Hjalmarsson, K.; Rehnman, C., 2000:
Implementation and dissemination of methods for prevention of alcohol problems in primary health care: a feasibility study

Lin, C.C.ih; Chen, H.S.uen; Chen, C.Y.; Hou, S.M.u, 2001:
Implementation and evaluation of a multifunctional telemedicine system in NTUH

Flisser, A.; García-Malo, F.; Canepa, Mía.de.los.Angeles.; Doncel, S.; Espinoza, R.; Moreno, R.; Avila, I.; Pérez-Palacios, G.; Tapia-Conyer, R.; de la Fuente, J.Ramón., 2002:
Implementation and evaluation of a national external quality control program for cervical cytology in Mexico

Tillotson, G.S., 2000:
Implementation and physician behavior change : an industry perspective

Fu, D.; Fu, H.; McGowan, P.; Shen, Y-e.; Zhu, L.; Yang, H.; Mao, J.; Zhu, S.; Ding, Y.; Wei, Z., 2003:
Implementation and quantitative evaluation of chronic disease self-management programme in Shanghai, China: randomized controlled trial

Easthope, M.P.; Howard, A., 1999:
Implementation and sensitivity analysis of a model of cyanobacterial movement and growth

Morr, J.; Dipetrillo, T.; Tsai, J.S.n; Engler, M.; Wazer, D.E., 2002:
Implementation and utility of a daily ultrasound-based localization system with intensity-modulated radiotherapy for prostate cancer

Alam, S.K.isar; Parker, K.J., 2003:
Implementation issues in ultrasonic flow imaging

Wolffsohn, J.S.; Cochrane, A.L.; Watt, N.A., 2000:
Implementation methods for vision related quality of life questionnaires

Fischer, F.M.rina; D.C.stro Moreno, C.R.berta; D.S.lva Borges, F.N.tarnicola; Louzada, F.M., 2000:
Implementation of 12-hour shifts in a Brazilian petrochemical plant: Impact on sleep and alertness

Tornes, O., 2001:
Implementation of EU discharge guidelines at IVAR's Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant of North Jaeren, Stavanger, Norway

Miften, M.; Wiesmeyer, M.; Monthofer, S.; Krippner, K., 2000:
Implementation of FFT convolution and multigrid superposition models in the FOCUS RTP system

Piaseczna-Kapys, Anna, 2000:
Implementation of Good Manufacturing Practice into drug production for animal use by Biowet-Pulawy

Baglan, N.; Cossonnet, C.; Trompier, F.; Ritt, J.; Bérard, P., 1999:
Implementation of ICP-MS protocols for uranium urinary measurements in worker monitoring

Efstratiadis, M.M.; Karirti, A.C.; Arvanitoyannis, I.S., 2000:
Implementation of ISO 9000 to the food industry: An overview

Ferretti, M.; Bussotti, F.; Cenni, E.; Cozzi, A., 1999:
Implementation of Quality Assurance procedures in the Italian programs of forest condition monitoring

Cuscó, I.; Barceló, Mía.J.; Baiget, M.; Tizzano, E.F., 2002:
Implementation of SMA carrier testing in genetic laboratories: comparison of two methods for quantifying the SMN1 gene

Martin, Ingrid, 1999:
Implementation of WHO/ISH Guidelines: Role and activities of WHO

Patton, G.A.; Skowronski, M.G., 2001:
Implementation of a blood irradiation program at a community cancer center

Robles, E.; Miller, F.B.; Gilmore Thomas, K.K.; Mcmillan, D.E., 2001:
Implementation of a clinic policy of client-regulated methadone dosing

Kinsman, J.; Harrison, S.; Kengeya-Kayondo, J.; Kanyesigye, E.; Musoke, S.; Whitworth, J., 2001:
Implementation of a comprehensive AIDS education programme for schools in Masaka District, Uganda

Cornfeld, M.J.; Schnoll, R.A.; Tofani, S.Higman.; Babb, J.S.; Miller, S.M.; Henigan-Peel, T.; Balshem, A.; Slater, E.; Ross, E.; Siemers, S.; Montgomery, S.; Malstrom, M.; Hunt, P.; Boyd, S.; Engstrom, P.F., 2002:
Implementation of a comprehensive cancer control program at the worksite: year one summary report

Taylor, G.S.; Muhlestein, J.B.; Wagner, G.S.; Bair, T.L.; Li, P.; Anderson, J., 1998:
Implementation of a computerized cardiovascular information system in a private hospital setting

McElroy, K.E.; Bouchard, P.J.; Harpel, M.R.; Horiuchi, K.Y.; Rogers, K.C.; Murphy, D.J.; Chung, T.D.; Copeland, R.A., 2000:
Implementation of a continuous, enzyme-coupled fluorescence assay for high-throughput analysis of glutamate-producing enzymes

Eccleshall, S.C.; Banks, M.; Carroll, R.; Jaumdally, R.; Fraser, D.; Nolan, J., 2003:
Implementation of a diagnostic and interventional transradial programme: resource and organisational implications

Barcelo-Quintal, M.H.; Manzanilla-Cano, J.A.; Reyes-Salas, E.O.; Flores-Rodriguez, J., 2001:
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Implementation of a point-of-care satellite laboratory in the emergency department of an academic medical center. Impact on test turnaround time and patient emergency department length of stay

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Implementation of a quality system in a therapeutic drug monitoring laboratory

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Implementation of an interactive computer-assisted infection monitoring program at the bedside

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Implementation of an interdisciplinary Behavior Management Program

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Implementation of dynamic displaying physiological information in real time in medical monitoring system

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Implementation of fatty acid carriers to skin irritation and the epidermal barrier

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Implementation of guidelines to screen relatives of patients with premature coronary heart disease in a hospital setting

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Implementation of international guidelines on hypertension: The Indian experience

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Implementation of laboratory robotics in a community hospital

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Implementation of landscape planning and nature conservation in the agricultural landscape: A case study from Saxony

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Implementation of molecular replacement in AMoRe

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Implementation of non-invasive brain physiological monitoring concepts

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Implementation of percutaneous dilatational tracheostomy on neurosurgical coma patients

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Implementation of prehospital thrombolysis in Sweden: Components of delay until delivery of treatment and examination of treatment feasibility

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Implementation of probabilistic decision rules improves the predictive values of algorithms in the diagnostic management of ectopic pregnancy

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Implementation of quality assurance in national foot and mouth disease laboratories, based on the guidelines of the Office International des Epizooties

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Implementation of recommendations in the diagnosis of vesicoureteric reflux after urinary tract infections in Swiss children

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Implementation of reference systems in laboratory medicine

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Implementation of robotic laparoscopic cholecystectomy in a university hospital

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Implementation of robust control theory to a continuous stirred tank bioreactor

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Implementation of storage tanks on the COST 624 benchmark

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Implementation of strategies to control antimicrobial resistance

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Implementation of the Canadian contingency plan for a case of suspected viral hemorrhagic fever

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Implementation of the MARSSIM philosophy to evaluate the remedial status of a radioactive waste disposal site at the Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory

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Implementation of the Ottawa ankle rule in a university sports medicine center

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Implementation of the World Health Organization 'analgesic ladder' in Saudi Arabia

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Implementation of the biological nutrient removal program at Calgary's Bonnybrook wastewater treatment plant

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Implementation of the consumer profile technique for evaluation of value added poultry products

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Implementation of three-dimensional EEG brain mapping

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Implementation of vaccination in patients with cirrhosis

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Implementation of virtual microscope slides in the annual pathobiology of cancer workshop laboratory

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Implementation principles and strategies for the State Children's Health Insurance Program

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Implementation, management and continuous quality improvement of point-of-care testing in an academic health care setting

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Implementation, study and calibration of a modified ASM2d for the simulation of SBR processes

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Implementing GIS to resolve environmental coastal problems in Varna

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Implementing PBMS improvements to USEPA's Cryptospiridium and Giardia methods

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Implementing a mandatory geriatrics clerkship

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Implementing a stroke rehabilitation area: the first six months

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Implementing children's rights and health

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Implementing microbubble contrast in the echocardiography laboratory: A sonographer's perspective

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Implementing protocol-based therapy of continuous neuromuscular blockade provides cost minimization

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Implementing results of stroke recovery research into clinical practice

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Implementing the EGASIS trial, an international multicenter acute intervention trial in stroke

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Implementing the Protocol on Environmental Protection to the Antarctic Treaty: Future applications of geographic information systems within the Committee for Environmental Protection

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Implementing the Stockholm Treaty on Persistent Organic Pollutants

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Implementing the habitats directive for mollusc species in Spain

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Implementing the habitats directive: Vertigo angustior Jeffreys in Wales

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Implementing the lessons of mental health service demonstrations: Human rights issues

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Implementing the precautionary principle

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Implicacion del polimorfismo genetico de la tiopurina metiltransferasa (TPMT) en la intolerancia a la azatioprina en pacientes reumatologicos

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Implicacoes da reaccao de Maillard nos alimentos e nos sistemas biologicos

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Implicancias del efecto de las interacciones en la interpretacion de experimentos factoriales en biologia

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Implication des genes Hox dans les processus d'organogenese chez les mammiferes

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Implication du cortex prefrontal dans une tache d'attention soutenue chez le rat

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Implication du recepteur Y1 du neuropeptide Y (NPY) dans la douleur et l'inflammation

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Implication du trafic intracellulaire dans trois maladies hereditaires du systeme hematopoietique

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Implication for melatonin and its receptor in the spinal deformities of hereditary Lordoscoliotic Rabbits

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Implication of BRCA1 gene in breast cancer

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Implication of ENaC in salt-sensitive hypertension

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Implication of HER-2/neu overexpression for the efficacy of oral fluoropyrimidine-based adjuvant chemotherapy in the patients with estrogen receptor negative breast cancer after surgery

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Implication of PBP74/mortalin/GRP75 in the radio-adaptive response

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Implication of Ref-1 in the repression of renin gene transcription by intracellular calcium

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Implication of Rho-associated kinase in the elevation of extracellular dopamine levels and its related behaviors induced by methamphetamine in rats

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Implication of ZOG protein (Zona Glomerulosa-Specific Protein) in zone development of the adrenal cortex

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Implications for the maintenance of androdioecy in the freshwater shrimp, Eulimnadia texana Packard: Encounters between males and hermaphrodites are not random

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Implications for the pregnant patient

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Implications of a tracheal bronchus for adult anaesthetic practice

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Implications of aggressive children's positively biased relatedness views for future relationships

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Implications of all-or-none synaptic transmission and short-term depression beyond vesicle depletion: a computational study

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Implications of altered apoptosis in diabetes mellitus and autoimmune disease

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Implications of brine channel geometry and surface area for the interaction of sympagic organisms in Arctic sea ice

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Implications of brown tree snake captures from fences

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Implications of chemical-based effluent regulations in assessing DNA damage in fathead minnows (Pimephales promelas) when exposed to metal plating wastewater

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Implications of childhood obesity for adult health: findings from thousand families cohort study

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Implications of childhood obesity for adult health. Message on childhood obesity was missed

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Implications of early apoptosis of infected cells as an important host defense

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Implications of enzyme kinetics

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Implications of findings by optical coherence tomography in assessing the outcome of macular hole surgery

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Implications of fish home range size and relocation for marine reserve function

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Implications of floodplain isolation and connectivity on the conservation of an endangered minnow, Oregon chub, in the Willamette River, Oregon

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Implications of fluctuations in substitution rates: Impact on the uncertainty of branch lengths and on relative-rate tests

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Implications of fuel moisture content and distribution on the fuel purchasing strategy of biomass cogeneration power plants

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Implications of gut purging for tissue residues determined in bioaccumulation testing of sediment with Lumbriculus variegatus

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Implications of hormesis for industrial hygiene

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Implications of interannual variability in euphausiid population biology for fish production along the south-west coast of Vancouver Island: A synthesis

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Implications of ischemic penumbra for the diagnosis of brain death

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Implications of larval mortality at low temperatures and high soil moistures for establishment of pink bollworm (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae) in southeastern United States cotton

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Implications of limb bone scaling, curvature and eccentricity in mammals and non-avian dinosaurs

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Implications of low COX-2 expression in colorectal neoplasms with defective DNA mismatch repair

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Implications of lymphatic drainage to unusual sentinel lymph node sites in patients with primary cutaneous melanoma

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Implications of matrix effects in ultra-fast gradient or fast isocratic liquid chromatography with mass spectrometry in drug discovery

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Implications of mechanical deformation and formaldehyde preservation for the identification of stage-specific characteristics of Baltic cod eggs

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Implications of mechanical stretch on wound repair of gastric smooth muscle cells in vitro

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Implications of meso-scale eddies caused by frontal disturbances of the Kuroshio Current for anchovy recruitment

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Implications of minocycline, platelet-derived growth factor, and transforming growth factor-beta on inflammatory repair potential in the periodontium

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Implications of molecular contacts and signaling initiated by Neisseria gonorrhoeae

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Implications of multifactorial inheritance for identification of genetic mechanisms in major psychiatric disorders

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Implications of multilocus inheritance for gene-disease association studies

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Implications of natural organic matter binding heterogeneity on understanding lead(II) complexation in aquatic systems

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Implications of nonuniform tumor doses for radioimmunotherapy

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Implications of ocular kinematics for the internal updating of visual space

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Implications of oxidative stress and inflammatory process in the cytotoxicity of capsaicin in human endothelial cells: Lack of DNA strand breakage

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Implications of p53 protein expression in experimental spinal cord injury

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Implications of pandemic influenza for bioterrorism response

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Implications of phosphoinositide 3-kinase in the mu- and delta-opioid receptor-mediated supraspinal antinociception in the mouse

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Implications of planktic foraminiferal size fractions for the glacial-interglacial paleoceanography of the polar North Atlantic

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Implications of polymorphic cytochrome p450-dependent drug metabolism for drug development

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Implications of post-disturbance studies on the grain size of the sediments from the Central Indian Basin

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Implications of prenatal ultrasound screening in the incidence of major genitourinary malformations

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Implications of prion diseases for neurosurgery

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Implications of progesterone metabolism in MA-10 cells for accurate measurement of the rate of steroidogenesis

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Implications of proopiomelanocortin (POMC) mutations in humans: The POMC deficiency syndrome

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Implications of protracted recruitment for perception of the spawner-recruit relationship

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Implications of psoriasis as a new disease

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Implications of rRNA operon copy number and ribosome content in the marine oligotrophic ultramicrobacterium Sphingomonas sp. strain RB2256

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Implications of respiratory motion for the quantification of 2D MR spectroscopic imaging data in the abdomen

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Implications of secondary structure prediction and amino acid sequence comparison of class I and class II phosphoribosyl diphosphate synthases on catalysis, regulation, and quaternary structure

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Implications of seed size for seedling survival in Carnegiea gigantea and Ferocactus wislizeni (Cactaceae)

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Implications of selective harvests in Dungeness crab (Cancer magister) fisheries

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Implications of serum TNF-beta and IL-13 in the treatment response of childhood nephrotic syndrome

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Implications of small reference vessel diameter in patients undergoing percutaneous coronary revascularization

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Implications of small scale variation in ecological conditions for the diet and density of red colobus monkeys

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Implications of spatial and temporal variation for biogeochemical budgets of estuaries

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Implications of stocking: Ecological interactions between wild and released salmonids

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Implications of stream impoundment on Yegua Creek, Texas

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Implications of temporal and spatial scale for Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) research

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Implications of territory size for the measurement and prediction of salmonid abundance in streams

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Implications of the contrast blush finding on computed tomographic scan of the spleen in trauma

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Implications of the Crown Report and nurse prescribing

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Implications of the EU directive on clinical trials for emergency medicine

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Implications of the HIV/AIDS Prevention Research Synthesis Project for the efforts of state, territorial, and local health departments

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Implications of the NR2B subunit-containing NMDA receptor localized in mouse limbic forebrain in ethanol dependence

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Implications of the Organization to Assess Strategies for Ischemic Syndromes-2 (OASIS-2) study and the results in the context of other trials

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Implications of the amino acid metabolism regarding changes in the mood profile following ultra-endurance exercise

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Implications of the avian fauna for paleoecology in the Early Pleistocene of the Iberian Peninsula

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Implications of the cranial morphology of paleognaths for avian evolution

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Implications of the diphtheria epidemic in the Former Soviet Union for immunization programs

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Implications of the distribution of Albumin Naskapi and Albumin Mexico for new world prehistory

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Implications of the effects of trawling on sessile megazoobenthos on a tropical shelf in northeastern Australia

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Implications of the generation of reactive oxygen species by photoactivated calcein for mitochondrial studies

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Implications of the glycohemoglobin/HbA1C testing for health care of patients with diabetes mellitus

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Implications of the grass group I allergens on the sensitization and provocation process

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Implications of the growing HIV-1 epidemic for tuberculosis control in Russia

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Implications of the Human Genome Project for medical science

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Implications of the human immunodeficiency virus epidemic for control and eradication of measles

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Implications of the kinetics of zidovudine in the pregnant baboon following oral administration

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Implications of the kynurenine pathway and quinolinic acid in Alzheimer's disease

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Implications of the lack of accuracy of the lifetime rodent bioassay for predicting human carcinogenicity

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Implications of the lymphatic system in CVI-associated edema

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Implications of the molecular characterization of the sodium-iodide symporter (NIS)

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Implications of the network structure of cellular control circuits for the design of anti-cancer vaccine therapies

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Implications of the new FDA/CDER immunotoxicology guidance for drugs

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Implications of the severity of social phobia

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Implications of the simultaneous occurrence of hepatic glycolysis from glucose and gluconeogenesis from glycerol

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Implications of the western Kenya permethrin-treated bed net study for policy, program implementation, and future research

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Implications of the winter haulout for future survival and resighting probability of southern elephant seals at Marion Island

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Implications of three viability models for the conservation status of the western population of Steller sea lions (Eumetopias jubatus)

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Implications of trial results: the potentially misleading notions of number needed to treat and average duration of life gained

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Implications of welfare reform for child health: emerging challenges for clinical practice and policy

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Importance of National Institute of Infectious Diseases and Institutes of Public Health on control of infectious diseases in the new century

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Importance of a martian hematite site for astrobiology

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Importance of a single base pair for discrimination between intron-containing and intronless alleles by endonuclease I-Bmol

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Importance of accuracy in co-ordination and integration of terrestrial vertebrate fauna survey databases in Western Australia

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Importance of acute-PTCA in the therapy of perioperative myocardial infarction

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