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Incidence of anti-sperm antibodies in sera samples from individuals with unexplained infertility from different populations

Nakov, L., S.; Ulcova-Gallova, Z.; Kurpisz, M.; Shulman, S.; Djabarova, Y., K.; Ishev, V.; Donat, H.; Dakhno, F., V.; Aravantinos, D.

Central European Journal of Immunology 24(4): 275-281


ISSN/ISBN: 1426-3912
Accession: 010820283

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The incidence of sperm antibodies was studied by the indirect mixed antiglobulin reaction (iMAR) in 611 serum samples from individuals with unexplained infertility collected in Athens, Charkov, Magdeburg, New York, Pilsen, Plovdiv, Poznan, Sofia and Tashkent. The indirect MAR test revealed the highest sperm antibody incidence in New York. Statistically significant differences were found between the New York population and the populations of Pilsen (for IgG, IgA and total Ig), Poznan (for IgG and total Ig), Plovdiv and Tashkent (for IgG) when evaluated by Fisher's exact test. Sperm antibodies were most often bound to the sperm head, less frequently to the tail, while mixed agglutination was revealed very rarely. Sperm antibodies were usually from a single class. Rarely (1%), sperm antibodies were found to be of the IgE class. These were found only in Sofia, Pilsen and Poznan, and were bound mainly to the tail, and less frequently to the head of the spermatozoon.

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