Section 11
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Increasing curves of two virus DNAs in the midgut epithelium of silkworm infected with Bombyx mori densonucleosis virus type 2 (BmDNV-2)

Nakagaki, M.; Morinaga, T.; Zhou, C.-Qin; Kajiura, Z.; Takei, R.

Journal of Sericultural Science of Japan 68(3): 173-180


Accession: 010826944

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Increasing curves of 6.1 and 6.6 kb DNAs of Bombyx mori densonucleosis virus type 2 (BmDNV-2) in the midgut epithelium infected with BmDNV-2 were investigated using a quantitative competitive PCR technique. The 6.1 and 6.6 kb DNAs in midgut epithelium increased logarithmically with time, reaching a maximum titer of 500,000-fold at 48 h since the infection (h postinfection, hpi). The maximum titer was maintained until 102 hpi after reaching the maximum.

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