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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 10828

Chapter 10828 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Estrada-Peña, Aín., 2002:
Increasing habitat suitability in the United States for the tick that transmits Lyme disease: a remote sensing approach

Hartig, D.E.; Henderson, J.M., 1999:
Increasing hamstring flexibility decreases lower extremity overuse injuries in military basic trainees

Krause, P.J.; McKay, K.; Gadbaw, J.; Christianson, D.; Closter, L.; Lepore, T.; Telford, S.R.; Sikand, V.; Ryan, R.; Persing, D.; Radolf, J.D.; Spielman, A., 2003:
Increasing health burden of human babesiosis in endemic sites

Djamali, A.; Becker, Y.T.; Simmons, W.D.; Johnson, C.A.; Premasathian, N.; Becker, B.N., 2003:
Increasing hematocrit reduces early posttransplant cardiovascular risk in diabetic transplant recipients

Kelleher, K.J.; McInerny, T.K.; Gardner, W.P.; Childs, G.E.; Wasserman, R.C., 2000:
Increasing identification of psychosocial problems: 1979-1996

Martín-Carbonero, L.; Soriano, V.; Valencia, E.; García-Samaniego, J.; López, M.; González-Lahoz, J., 2001:
Increasing impact of chronic viral hepatitis on hospital admissions and mortality among HIV-infected patients

Shah, S.S.; Ehrenkranz, R.A.; Gallagher, P.G., 1999:
Increasing incidence of gram-negative rod bacteremia in a newborn intensive care unit

Hogg, R.S.; Weber, A.E.; Chan, K.; Martindale, S.; Cook, D.; Miller, M.L.; Craib, K.J., 2001 :
Increasing incidence of HIV infections among young gay and bisexual men in Vancouver

Donnabella, V.; Salazar-Schicchi, J.; Bonk, S.; Hanna, B.; Rom, W.N., 2000:
Increasing incidence of Mycobacterium xenopi at Bellevue hospital: An emerging pathogen or a product of improved laboratory methods?

Rozen, T.D.; Swanson, J.W.; Stang, P.E.; McDonnell, S.K.; Rocca, W.A., 1999:
Increasing incidence of medically recognized migraine headache in a United States population

Heutrin L.C.rre, C.; Donnio, P.Y.; Bonnier, M.; Travert, M.F.; Lacourt, A.; Avril, J.L., 1998:
Increasing incidence of nalidixic acid resistance and susceptibility to quinolones of Salmonella typhimurium strains isolated in humans or animals

Singh, G.K.; Siahpush, M., 2002:
Increasing inequalities in all-cause and cardiovascular mortality among US adults aged 25-64 years by area socioeconomic status, 1969-1998

Tüchsen, F.; Endahl, L.A., 1999:
Increasing inequality in ischaemic heart disease morbidity among employed men in Denmark 1981-1993: the need for a new preventive policy

Johnson, R.P.; Al-Taher, M.T.; Madlock, L.E.; Guo, M.; Nasdahl, C.S., 2002:
Increasing insulin dose for olanzapine-related diabetes

Detsch, O.; Schneider, G.; Kochs, E.; Hapfelmeier, G.; Werner, C., 2000:
Increasing isoflurane concentration may cause paradoxical increases in the EEG bispectral index in surgical patients

Antognini, J.F.; Carstens, E., 1999:
Increasing isoflurane from 0.9 to 1.1 minimum alveolar concentration minimally affects dorsal horn cell responses to noxious stimulation

Biasucci, L.M.; Liuzzo, G.; Fantuzzi, G.; Caligiuri, G.; Rebuzzi, A.G.; Ginnetti, F.; Dinarello, C.A.; Maseri, A., 1999:
Increasing levels of interleukin (IL)-1Ra and IL-6 during the first 2 days of hospitalization in unstable angina are associated with increased risk of in-hospital coronary events

Changnon, Stanley, A., 2002:
Increasing losses from weather extremes in Illinois: Their causes and future implications

Ducros, L.; Bonnin, P.; Cholley, B.P.; Vicaut, E.; Benayed, M.; Jacob, D.; Payen, D., 2002:
Increasing maternal blood pressure with ephedrine increases uterine artery blood flow velocity during uterine contraction

Kadoi, Y.; Saito, S.; Yoshikawa, D.; Goto, F.; Fujita, N.; Kunimoto, F., 2002:
Increasing mean arterial blood pressure has no effect on jugular venous oxygen saturation in insulin-dependent patients during tepid cardiopulmonary bypass

Erokhin, A.I.; Kulikova, A.Y.; Shestakov, A.Y.; Karasev, E.A.; Yuldashbajev, Y.A.; Magomadov, T.A.; Funikov, Y.V.; Shestakova, E.V., 2003:
Increasing meat productivity of sheep by crossing them with rams of texel breed

Nosaka, K.; Maeda, M.; Tamiya, S.; Sakai, T.; Mitsuya, H.; Matsuoka, M., 2000:
Increasing methylation of the CDKN2A gene is associated with the progression of adult T-cell leukemia

Jütte, A.; Schwenk, A.; Franzen, C.; Römer, K.; Diet, F.; Diehl, V.; Fätkenheuer, G.; Salzberger, B., 1999:
Increasing morbidity from myocardial infarction during HIV protease inhibitor treatment?

Bica, I.; McGovern, B.; Dhar, R.; Stone, D.; McGowan, K.; Scheib, R.; Snydman, D.R., 2001:
Increasing mortality due to end-stage liver disease in patients with human immunodeficiency virus infection

Seljeseth, Y.M.; Vollset, S.E.; Tysnes, O.B., 2000:
Increasing mortality from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis in Norway?

Sakuma, M.; Konno, Y.; Shirato, K., 2002:
Increasing mortality from pulmonary embolism in Japan, 1951-2000

Torres, J.; Camorlinga-Ponce, M.; Pérez-Pérez, G.; Madrazo-De la Garza, A.; Dehesa, M.; González-Valencia, G.; Muñoz, O., 2001:
Increasing multidrug resistance in Helicobacter pylori strains isolated from children and adults in Mexico

Spasskaja, T.A., 1998:
Increasing natural resistance in calves by unsing probiotic preparations

Salinero, O.; Moreno-Flores, M.T.; Wandosell, F., 2000:
Increasing neurite outgrowth capacity of beta-amyloid precursor protein proteoglycan in Alzheimer's disease

Kannus, P.; Palvanen, M.; Niemi, S.; Parkkari, J.; Natri, A.; Vuori, I.; Järvinen, M., 1999:
Increasing number and incidence of fall-induced severe head injuries in older adults: nationwide statistics in Finland in 1970-1995 and prediction for the future

Rippey, E.; Rippey, J.J.; Dunlop, J.N., 2002:
Increasing numbers of Pied Cormorants breeding on the islands off Perth, Western Australia and consequences for the vegetation

Brouwer, J.; Powell, J.M.rk, 1998:
Increasing nutrient use efficiency in West-African agriculture: The impact of micro-topography on nutrient leaching from cattle and sheep manure

Trofimov, A.; Aleshin, A.; Timoshenko, V.; Brovko, A.; Muzjika, A.; Nogornaja, Z., 1997:
Increasing of efficiency of calves keeping at the expense of rational technological decisions

Goryn, O.V.; Kurgalyuk, N.M., 2000:
Increasing of rat resistance to action of low doses of ionizing irradiation by means of alpha-ketoglutarate Na

Sade, R.M.; Kay, N.; Pitzer, S.; Drake, P.; Baliga, P.; Haines, S., 2002:
Increasing organ donation: a successful new concept

Budai, Jozsef, 1998:
Increasing part of vaccination against communicable diseases

Grodzinska-Jurczak, M.; Tarabula, M.; Read, A., D., 2003:
Increasing participation in rational municipal waste management: A case study analysis in Jaslo City (Poland)

Christian, M.C.; Trimble, E.L., 2003:
Increasing participation of physicians and patients from underrepresented racial and ethnic groups in National Cancer Institute-sponsored clinical trials

Ford, W.C.L.; North, K.; Taylor, H.; Farrow, A.; Hull, M.G.R.; Golding, J., 2000:
Increasing paternal age is associated with delayed conception in a large population of fertile couples: Evidence for declining fecundity in older men

Flessner, M.F.; Lofthouse, J.; Williams, A., 2001:
Increasing peritoneal contact area during dialysis improves mass transfer

Kenkel, N.C.; Peltzer, D.A.; Baluta, D.; Pirie, D., 2000:
Increasing plant diversity does not influence productivity: Empirical evidence and potential mechanisms

Stojiljkovic, M.P.; Lopes, H.F.; Zhang, D.; Morrow, J.D.; Goodfriend, T.L.; Egan, B.M., 2002:
Increasing plasma fatty acids elevates F2-isoprostanes in humans: implications for the cardiovascular risk factor cluster

Gottsäter, A.; Anwaar, I.; Lind, P.; Mattiasson, I.; Lindgärde, F., 1999:
Increasing plasma fibrinogen, but unchanged levels of intraplatelet cyclic nucleotides, plasma endothelin-1, factor VII, and neopterin during cholesterol lowering with fluvastatin

Anwaar, I.; Gottsäter, A.; Lindgärde, F.; Mattiasson, I., 1999:
Increasing plasma neopterin and persistent plasma endothelin during follow-up after acute cerebral ischemia

Farquharson, C.A.J.; Struthers, A.D., 2002:
Increasing plasma potassium with amiloride shortens the QT interval and reduces ventricular extrasystoles but does not change endothelial function or heart rate variability in chronic heart failure

Andrade, S.S.; Jones, R.N.; Gales, A.C.; Sader, H.S., 2003:
Increasing prevalence of antimicrobial resistance among Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolates in Latin American medical centres: 5 year report of the SENTRY Antimicrobial Surveillance Program (1997-2001)

Felmingham, D.; Reinert,; Hirakata, Y.; Rodloff, A., 2002:
Increasing prevalence of antimicrobial resistance among isolates of Streptococcus pneumoniae from the PROTEKT surveillance study, and comparative in vitro activity of the ketolide, telithromycin

Gupta, K.; Scholes, D.; Stamm, W.E., 1999:
Increasing prevalence of antimicrobial resistance among uropathogens causing acute uncomplicated cystitis in women

N.M.n Kwong, G.; Proctor, A.; Billings, C.; Duggan, R.; Das, C.; Whyte, M.K.; Powell, C.V.; Primhak, R., 2001:
Increasing prevalence of asthma diagnosis and symptoms in children is confined to mild symptoms

Kronqvist, M.; Johansson, E.; Pershagen, G.; Johansson, S.G.; van Hage-Hamsten, M., 1999:
Increasing prevalence of asthma over 12 years among dairy farmers on Gotland, Sweden: storage mites remain dominant allergens

Frye, C.; Heinrich, J.; Wjst, M.; Wichmann, H.E., 2001:
Increasing prevalence of bronchial hyperresponsiveness in three selected areas in East Germany

Tsakris, A.; Pournaras, S.; Maniatis, A.N.; Douboyas, J.; Antoniadis, A., 2001 :
Increasing prevalence of high-level gentamicin resistance among Enterococci isolated in Greece

Johnson, A.P.; James, D.; Livermore, D.M., 1999:
Increasing prevalence of methicillin resistance amongst Staphylococcus aureus blood culture isolates

Whitney, C.G.; Farley, M.M.; Hadler, J.; Harrison, L.H.; Lexau, C.; Reingold, A.; Lefkowitz, L.; Cieslak, P.R.; Cetron, M.; Zell, E.R.; Jorgensen, J.H.; Schuchat, A., 2001:
Increasing prevalence of multidrug-resistant Streptococcus pneumoniae in the United States

Balotta, C.; Facchi, G.; Violin, M.; Van Dooren, S.; Cozzi-Lepri, A.; Forbici, F.; Bertoli, A.; Riva, C.; Senese, D.; Caramello, P.; Carnevale, G.; Rizzardini, G.; Cremonini, L.; Monno, L.; Rezza, G.; Perno, C.F.; Ippolito, G.; d'Arminio-Monforte, A.; Vandamme, A.M.; Moroni, M., 2001:
Increasing prevalence of non-clade B HIV-1 strains in heterosexual men and women, as monitored by analysis of reverse transcriptase and protease sequences

Linneberg, A.; Nielsen, N.H.; Madsen, F.; Frølund, L.; Dirksen, A.; Jørgensen, T., 2000:
Increasing prevalence of specific IgE to aeroallergens in an adult population: two cross-sectional surveys 8 years apart: the Copenhagen Allergy Study

Likitmaskul, S.; Kiattisathavee, P.; Chaichanwatanakul, K.; Punnakanta, L.; Angsusingha, K.; Tuchinda, C., 2003:
Increasing prevalence of type 2 diabetes mellitus in Thai children and adolescents associated with increasing prevalence of obesity

Fukai, S.; Sittisuang, P.; Chanphengsay, M., 1998:
Increasing production of rainfed lowland rice in drought prone environments: A case study in Thailand and Laos

Girardi, E.; Sampaolesi, A.; Gentile, M.; Nurra, G.; Ippolito, G., 2000:
Increasing proportion of late diagnosis of HIV infection among patients with AIDS in Italy following introduction of combination antiretroviral therapy

Colver, A.F.; Gibson, M.; Hey, E.N.; Jarvis, S.N.; Mackie, P.C.; Richmond, S., 2000:
Increasing rates of cerebral palsy across the severity spectrum in north-east England 1964-1993

McBean, M.; Rajamani, S., 2001:
Increasing rates of hospitalization due to septicemia in the US elderly population, 1986-1997

Knox, S.; Van D.V.n, P.; Prestage, G.; Crawford, J.; Grulich, A.; Kippax, S., 2001:
Increasing realism among gay men in Sydney about HIV treatments: changes in attitudes over time

Wiener, K.; McFarlane, X.; Green, B.N., 2001:
Increasing recognition of haemoglobin Le Lamentin

Lai, W.; Chen, C.Y.; Morse, S.A.; Htun, Y.; Fehler, H.G.; Liu, H.; Ballard, R.C., 2003:
Increasing relative prevalence of HSV-2 infection among men with genital ulcers from a mining community in South Africa

Grove, D.I.; Koutsouridis, G., 2002:
Increasing resistance of Helicobacter pylori to clarithromycin: is the horse bolting?

Ho, P.L.; Yung, R.W.; Tsang, D.N.; Que, T.L.; Ho, M.; Seto, W.H.; Ng, T.K.; Yam, W.C.; Ng, W.W., 2001:
Increasing resistance of Streptococcus pneumoniae to fluoroquinolones: results of a Hong Kong multicentre study in 2000

Kinsara, A.; Al-Mowallad, A.; Osoba, A.O., 1999:
Increasing resistance of Brucellae to co-trimoxazole

Goettsch, W.; van Pelt, W.; Nagelkerke, N.; Hendrix, M.G.; Buiting, A.G.; Petit, P.L.; Sabbe, L.J.; van Griethuysen, A.J.; de Neeling, A.J., 2000:
Increasing resistance to fluoroquinolones in escherichia coli from urinary tract infections in the netherlands

Iglesias, C.P.; Birks, Y.F.; Torgerson, D.J., 2002:
Increasing response rates to postal questionnaires. Changing layout of questionnaires increases response rates

Roberts, P-J.; Roberts, C.; Sibbald, B.; Torgerson, D.J., 2002:
Increasing response rates to postal questionnaires. Effect of incentives on response rates must be considered

Mengarelli, A.; Iori, A.P.olo; Cerretti, R.; Cerilli, L.; Romano, A.; Arcese, W., 2002:
Increasing risk of relapse after allogeneic stem cell transplant for adult acute lymphoblastic leukemia in gtoreq2nd complete remission induced by highly intensive chemotherapy

Goussard, F.; Saintonge, F.X.vier; Geri, C.; Auger Rozenberg,; Pasquier Barre, F.; Rousselet, J., 1999:
Increasing risks of damage by the pine processionary Thaumetopoea pityocampa Denis and Schiff. in Region Centre following climatic change

Caselitz, M.; Masche, N.; Bleck, J.S.; Gebel, M.; Atay, Z.; Stern, C.; Manns, M.P.; Kubicka, S., 2003:
Increasing sensitivity of morphological diagnosis in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) by combination of cytological and fine-needle histological examination after ultrasound guided fine needle biopsy

Joffe, R.T., 2002:
Increasing sophistication of the pharmacotherapy of mood disorders

Nuyts, S.; Theys, J.; Landuyt, W.; van Mellaert, L.; Lambin, P.; Anné, J., 2001:
Increasing specificity of anti-tumor therapy: cytotoxic protein delivery by non-pathogenic clostridia under regulation of radio-induced promoters

Check, M.L.; Check, J.H.; Lee, G.; Summers-Chase, D.; Choe, J.K., 2001:
Increasing sperm concentration to adjust for subnormal sperm morphology did not adversely affect implantation after embryo transfer

Dall'Acqua, W.F.; Woods, R.M.; Ward, E.Sally.; Palaszynski, S.R.; Patel, N.K.; Brewah, Y.A.; Wu, H.; Kiener, P.A.; Langermann, S., 2002:
Increasing the affinity of a human IgG1 for the neonatal Fc receptor: biological consequences

Evans, A.D.; Gosler, A.G.; Wilson, J.D., 1999:
Increasing the conservation value of ringing studies of passerines, with emphasis on the non-breeding season

Loftsson, T., 1998:
Increasing the cyclodextrin complexation of drugs and drug biovailability through addition of water-soluble polymers

Out, H., J.; Braat, D., D.M.; Lintsen, B., M.E.; Gurgan, T.; Bukulmez, O.; Gokmen, O.; Keles, G.; Caballero, P.; Gonzalez, J., M.; Fabregues, F.; Balasch, J.; Roulier, R., 2000:
Increasing the daily dose of recombinant follicle stimulating hormone (Puregon(R)) does not compensate for the age-related decline in retrievable oocytes after ovarian stimulation

Ressom, H.; Reynolds, R.; Varghese, R.S., 2003:
Increasing the efficiency of fuzzy logic-based gene expression data analysis

Wilkinson, C.J.; Hughes-Thomas, Zë.A.; Martin, C.J.; Böhm, I.; Mironenko, T.; Deacon, M.; Wheatcroft, M.; Wirtz, G.; Staunton, J.; Leadlay, P.F., 2002:
Increasing the efficiency of heterologous promoters in actinomycetes

Granstedt, Artur, 2000:
Increasing the efficiency of plant nutrient recycling within the agricultural system as a way of reducing the load to the environment: Experience from Sweden and Finland

Reading, S.A.; Edwards, M.J.; Dimmock, N.J., 2001:
Increasing the efficiency of virus infectivity assays: small inoculum volumes are as effective as centrifugal enhancement

Parsons, T.J.; Coble, M.D., 2001:
Increasing the forensic discrimination of mitochondrial DNA testing through analysis of the entire mitochondrial DNA genome

Moreno, F.; Sanz Guajardo, D.; Lopez Gomez, J.M.nuel; Jofre, R.; Valderrabano, F., 2000:
Increasing the hematocrit has a beneficial effect on quality of life and is safe in selected hemodialysis patients

Witarto, A.B.; Sode, K., 2001:
Increasing the hydrophobic interaction between terminal W-motifs enhances the stability of Salmonella typhimurium sialidase. A general strategy for the stabilization of beta-propeller protein fold

Capewell, S.; Pell, J.P.; Morrison, C.; McMurray, J., 1999:
Increasing the impact of cardiological treatments. How best to reduce deaths

Dubost, E.; Tschamber, T.; Streith, J., 2003:
Increasing the inhibitory potency of L-arabino-imidazolo-(1,2)-piperidinose towards beta-D-glucosidase and beta-D-galactosidase

Krenn, H.; Deusch, E.; Balogh, B.; Jellinek, H.; Oczenski, W.; Plainer-Zöchling, E.; Fitzgerald, R.D., 2003:
Increasing the injection volume by dilution improves the onset of motor blockade, but not sensory blockade of ropivacaine for brachial plexus block

Acebes, A.; Ferrús, A., 2001:
Increasing the number of synapses modifies olfactory perception in Drosophila

Talukder, A.; Kiess, L.; Huq, N.; D.P.e, S.; Darnton Hill, I.; Bloem, M.W., 2000:
Increasing the production and consumption of vitamin A-rich fruits and vegetables: Lessons learned in taking the Bangladesh homestead gardening programme to a national scale

Lett, C.Marc.; Guillemette, J.Guy., 2002:
Increasing the redox potential of isoform 1 of yeast cytochrome c through the modification of select haem interactions

Parminter, T.G.; Smeaton, D.C., 1999:
Increasing the relevance of applied bio-physical research: A case study into beef breeding cow twinning technology

Borovkov, G.A.; Monastyrskaya, V.I.; Skupnevskii, S.V., 2001 :
Increasing the selectivity of voltammetric analysis of water solutions with the application of fibrous polymeric sorbents

Salazar, L.A.; Hirata, M.H.; Hirata, R.D.C., 2002:
Increasing the sensitivity of single-strand conformation polymorphism analysis of the LDLR gene mutations in brazilian patients with familial hypercholesterolemia

Zhu, G.P.; Xu, C.; Teng, M.K.; Tao, L.M.; Zhu, X.Y.; Wu, C.J.; Hang, J.; Niu, L.W.; Wang, Y.Z., 1999:
Increasing the thermostability of D-xylose isomerase by introduction of a proline into the turn of a random coil

Sakasegawa, S.; Takehara, H.; Yoshioka, I.; Takahashi, M.; Kagimoto, Y.; Misaki, H.; Sakuraba, H.; Ohshima, T., 2001:
Increasing the thermostability of Flavobacterium meningosepticum glycerol kinase by changing Ser329 to Asp in the subunit interface region

Galloway, C.A.; Sowden, M.P.; Smith, H.C., 2003:
Increasing the yield of soluble recombinant protein expressed in E. coli by induction during late log phase

Wingfield, Michael, J., 2003:
Increasing threat of diseases to exotic plantation forests in the Southern Hemisphere: Lessons from Cryphonectria canker

Liu, S.; Semenciw, R.; Ugnat, A.M.; Mao, Y., 2001:
Increasing thyroid cancer incidence in Canada, 1970-1996: time trends and age-period-cohort effects

Daley, D.C.; Salloum, I.M.; Zuckoff, A.; Kirisci, L.; Thase, M.E., 1998:
Increasing treatment adherence among outpatients with depression and cocaine dependence: results of a pilot study

Kusano, Y.; Okoshi, K.; Sakuma, A.; Yasuda, A.; Orihara, Y.; Yamaguchi, T., 2000:
Increasing trend of fluconazole-resistant Candida species in fungal endophthalmitis

Wattigney, W.A.; Mensah, G.A.; Croft, J.B., 2003:
Increasing trends in hospitalization for atrial fibrillation in the United States, 1985 through 1999: implications for primary prevention

Morris, C.R.; Cohen, R.; Schlag, R.; Wright, W.E., 2000:
Increasing trends in the use of breast-conserving surgery in California

Kelpe, C.L.; Johnson, L.M.; Poitout, V., 2002:
Increasing triglyceride synthesis inhibits glucose-induced insulin secretion in isolated rat islets of langerhans: a study using adenoviral expression of diacylglycerol acyltransferase

Santos-Eggimann, B., 2002:
Increasing use of the emergency department in a Swiss hospital: observational study based on measures of the severity of cases

Smith-Warner, S.A.; Elmer, P.J.; Tharp, T.M.; Fosdick, L.; Randall, B.; Gross, M.; Wood, J.; Potter, J.D., 2000:
Increasing vegetable and fruit intake: randomized intervention and monitoring in an at-risk population

Bauserman, R.L.; Ward, M.A.; Eldred, L.; Swetz, A., 2001:
Increasing voluntary HIV testing by offering oral tests in incarcerated populations

Tuong, T.P.; Bhuiyan, S.I., 1999:
Increasing water-use efficiency in rice production: Farm-level perspectives

Artal-Cortés, A.; Martínez-Trufero, J.; Herrero, A.; Puértolas, T.; Alonso, V.; Corral, Mónica.; Ceballos, Cón.; Maurel, J.; Antón, A., 2003:
Increasing-dose gemcitabine plus low-dose cisplatin in metastatic non-small cell lung cancer

Piao, L.; Li, Y.; Li, L.; Xu, W.X., 2001:
Increment of calcium-activated and delayed rectifier potassium current by hyposmotic swelling in gastric antral circular myocytes of guinea pig

Suemaru, S.; Sato, K.; Morimoto, K.; Yamada, N.; Sato, T.; Kuroda, S., 2000:
Increment of synapsin I immunoreactivity in the hippocampus of the rat kindling model of epilepsy

Gonzalez-Alegre, P.; Ruiz-Lopez, A.D.; Abarca-Costalago, M.; Gonzalez-Santos, P., 2001:
Increment of the platelet count in temporal arteritis: response to therapy and ischemic complications

Forster, T.; Schweingruber, F.-Hans; Denneler, B., 2000:
Increment puncher: A tool for extracting small cores of wood and bark from living trees

Shamim, W.; Yousufuddin, M.; Cicoria, M.; Gibson, D.G.; Coats, A.J.S.; Henein, M.Y., 2002:
Incremental changes in QRS duration in serial ECGs over time identify high risk elderly patients with heart failure

Pinkerton, S.D.; Holtgrave, D.R.; Layde, P.M., 2000:
Incremental cost-effectiveness of two zidovudine regimens to prevent perinatal HIV transmission in the United States

Lorberboym, M.; Ami, D.Ben.; Zin, D.; Nikolov, G.; Adar, E., 2003:
Incremental diagnostic value of 99mTc methylene diphosphonate bone SPECT in patients with patellofemoral pain disorders

Lorberboym, M.; Minski, I.; Macadziob, S.; Nikolov, G.; Schachter, P., 2003:
Incremental diagnostic value of preoperative 99mTc-MIBI SPECT in patients with a parathyroid adenoma

Yousufuddin, M.; Henein, M.Y.; Flather, M.; Wang, D.; Shamim, W.; O'Sullivan, C.; Kemp, M.; Kazzam, E.; Banner, N.R.; Amrani, M.; Coats, A.J., 2001:
Incremental importance of peak-exercise plasma levels of endothelin-1 and natriuretic peptides in chronic heart failure

Ney, R.A.; Schnoor, J.L., 2002:
Incremental life cycle analysis: Using uncertainty analysis to frame greenhouse gas balances from bioenergy systems for emission trading

Mast, S.T.; Shaw, L.K.; Ravizzini, G.C.; Chambless, M.; Joski, P.; Coleman, R.E.; Borges-Neto, S., 2001:
Incremental prognostic value of RNA ejection fraction measurements during pharmacologic stress testing: a comparison with clinical and perfusion variables

Chew, D.P.; Bhatt, D.L.; Robbins, M.A.; Penn, M.S.; Schneider, J.P.; Lauer, M.S.; Topol, E.J.; Ellis, S.G., 2001:
Incremental prognostic value of elevated baseline C-reactive protein among established markers of risk in percutaneous coronary intervention

Sharir, T.; Germano, G.; Kavanagh, P.B.; Lai, S.; Cohen, I.; Lewin, H.C.; Friedman, J.D.; Zellweger, M.J.; Berman, D.S., 1999:
Incremental prognostic value of post-stress left ventricular ejection fraction and volume by gated myocardial perfusion single photon emission computed tomography

Sharir, T.; Berman, D.S.; Lewin, H.C.; Friedman, J.D.; Cohen, I.; Miranda, R.; Agafitei, R.D.; Germano, G., 1999:
Incremental prognostic value of rest-redistribution (201)Tl single-photon emission computed tomography

Bigi, R.; Desideri, A.; Galati, A.; Bax, J.J.; Coletta, C.; Fiorentini, C.; Fioretti, P.M., 2001:
Incremental prognostic value of stress echocardiography as an adjunct to exercise electrocardiography after uncomplicated myocardial infarction

Lewis, M.E.; Newall, C.; Townend, J.N.; Hill, S.L.; Bonser, R.S., 2001:
Incremental shuttle walk test in the assessment of patients for heart transplantation

Cole, P.J.; Cross, M.H.; Dresner, M., 2001:
Incremental spinal anaesthesia for elective Caesarean section in a patient with Eisenmenger's syndrome

Goldman, D.P.; Berry, S.H.; McCabe, M.S.; Kilgore, M.L.; Potosky, A.L.; Schoenbaum, M.L.; Schonlau, M.; Weeks, J.C.; Kaplan, R.; Escarce, J.J., 2003:
Incremental treatment costs in national cancer institute-sponsored clinical trials

Shirai, N.; Yamagishi, H.; Yoshiyama, M.; Teragaki, M.; Akioka, K.; Takeuchi, K.; Yoshikawa, J.; Ochi, H., 2002:
Incremental value of assessment of regional wall motion for detection of multivessel coronary artery disease in exercise (201)Tl gated myocardial perfusion imaging

Yamagishi, H.; Shirai, N.; Yoshiyama, M.; Teragaki, M.; Akioka, K.; Takeuchi, K.; Yoshikawa, J.; Ochi, H., 2002:
Incremental value of left ventricular ejection fraction for detection of multivessel coronary artery disease in exercise (201)Tl gated myocardial perfusion imaging

D.B.llo, V.; Giorgi, D.; Talini, E.; Dell' Omo, G.; Palagi, C.; Romano, M.Francesca.; Pedrinelli, R.; Mariani, M., 2003:
Incremental value of ultrasonic tissue characterization (backscatter) in the evaluation of left ventricular myocardial structure and mechanics in essential arterial hypertension

Mukandama, J.P.; Gonzalez, M., C.; Suarez, L.; Alvarez, Y., 2003:
Incremento de alto potencial productivo en tomate (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill) por rayos gamma 60Co en las condiciones de sequia agricola

Gonzalez, L.-Manuel; Chavez, L.; Ramirez, R.; Camejo, Y., 2002:
Incremento de la tolerancia a la salinidad en plantulas de tomate (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill), mediante el tratamiento de semillas con rayos X

Gonzalez, L., M.; Ramirez, R.; Licea, L.; Garcia, B.; Porra, E.; Perez, A., 2001:
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Indication of the type for Philadelphus kunmingensis and its variety

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Indications for the immunological evaluation of patients with meningitis

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Indications for the use of human albumin solutions

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Indications therapeutiques a visee etiologique (A l'exception des formes primitivement progressives)

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Indications therapeutiques a visee etiologique lors des formes progressives

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Indications therapeutiques a visee symptomatique de la spasticite dans la sclerose en plaques

Lebrun, C., 2001:
Indications therapeutiques a visee symptomatique des troubles cognitifs et psychopathologiques dans la sclerose en plaques

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Indications therapeutiques a visee symptomatique des troubles vesico-sphincteriens dans la sclerose en plaques

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Indications therapeutiques a visee symptomatique: Fatigue, douleur, mouvements anormaux et reeducation

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Indications therapeutiques a visee symptomatique: La fatigue

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Indications therapeutiques lors des poussees de sclerose en plaques

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Indications to preventive colectomy in colon diverticular disease

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Indications to tympanotomy at early stages of exudative otitis media

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Indications, efficacite et tolerance des procedures a utiliser en reeducation pour ameliorer la reprise de la conscience apres un coma traumatique

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Indications, efficacite et tolerance des traitements medicamenteux susceptibles d'ameliorer la reprise de conscience apres un coma traumatique

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Indications, technical modalities and results of the duodenal switch operation for pathologic duodenogastric reflux

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Indications, technique, and results of laparoscopic pelvic lymphadenectomy

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Indications, technique, results and clinical impact of reocclusion procedures for residual shunts after transcatheter closure of the patent ductus arteriosus

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Indicative markers of cell proliferation and apoptosis during the perinatal period

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Indicative value of bryophytes on forest eco-boundary

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Indicator pH of water extraction determination for salicylic ointments 2 % and 10 %

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Indicator of risk of water contamination by P for Soil Landscape of Canada polygons

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