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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 10885

Chapter 10885 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Hou, X.L.; Dahlgaard, H.; Nielsen, S.P., 2000:
Iodine-129 time series in Danish, Norwegian and Northwest Greenland coast and the Baltic Sea by seaweed

Akaki, S.; Yasui, K.; Sasai, N.; Togami, I.; Takeda, Y.; Hiraki, Y.; Kaku, S.; Kumon, H., 1999:
Iodine-131 MIBG uptake in hydronephrosis due to compression by a large adrenal mass

Van Isselt, J.W.; de Klerk, J.M.; Koppeschaar, H.P.; Van Rijk, P.P., 2000:
Iodine-131 uptake and turnover rate vary over short intervals in Graves' disease

Ando, T.; Kano, D.; Minakata, S.; Ryu, I.; Komatsu, M., 1998:
Iodine-catalyzed aziridination of alkenes using chloramine-T as a nitrogen source

Henzen, C.; Buess, M.; Brander, L., 1999:
Iodine-induced thyrotoxicosis (jodbasedow): An up-to-date clinical picture

Van de Wiele, C.; Cocquyt, V.; VandenBroecke, R.; D.V.s, F.; Van Belle, S.; Dhaene, K.; Slegers, G.; Dierckx, R.A., 2001:
Iodine-labeled tamoxifen uptake in primary human breast carcinoma

Kesecioglu, J.; Schultz, M.J.; Haitsma, J.J.; Den Heeten, G.J.; Lachmann, B., 2002:
Iodixanol inhibits exogenous surfactant therapy in rats with acute respiratory distress syndrome

Reza, M.S.; Whateley, T.L., 1998:
Iodo-2'-deoxyuridine (IUdR) and 125IUdR loaded biodegradable microspheres for controlled delivery to the brain

Lafont, D.; Boullanger, P.; Rosenzweig, M., 1998:
Iodoacetoxylation reaction: A convenient route to alpha-glycosides in the 2-iodo and 2-deoxy series

Lena, J.I.nacio Candela; Altinel, E.; Birlirakis, N.; Arseniyadis, S., 2002:
Iodobenzene diacetate-mediated hetero-domino transformations

Chavan, S.P.; Sharma, A.K., 2001:
Iodolactonization and iodoetherification of beta,gamma-unsaturated acids and alcohols using FeCl3 and NaI

Olivares-Torres, C.A.; Laniado-Laborín, R.; Chávez-García, Cáreo.; León-Gastelum, César.; Reyes-Escamilla, A.; Light, R.W., 2002:
Iodopovidone pleurodesis for recurrent pleural effusions

Trabold, K.; Hacker, E.; Hess, M.; Huff, H.P., 2000:
Iodosulfuron: A new sulfonylurea for weed control in cereals

Wu, S.Y.; Huang, W.S.; Fisher, D.A.; Florsheim, W.H.; S.G.rmain, D.L.; Galton, V.A., 2000:
Iodothyronine sulfotransferase activity in rat uterus during gestation

Tarrier, Michel, R., 2002:
Iolana debilitata (Schultz, 1905) dans l'Anti-Atlas de Tafraoute (Maroc) (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae)

Katayama, H.; Spinazzi, A.; Fouillet, X.; Kirchin, M.A.; Taroni, P.; Davies, A., 2001:
Iomeprol: current and future profile of a radiocontrast agent

Takagi, Ryosuke, 1999:
Ion adsorption and membrane transport

Wilson, R.W.; Wood, C.M.; Gonzalez, R.J.; Patrick, M.L.; Bergman, H.L.; Narahara, A.; Val, A.L., 1999:
Ion and acid-base balance in three species of Amazonian fish during gradual acidification of extremely soft water

Hatle, J.D.; Spring, J.H.; Dow, J.A.T., 2002:
Ion and water transport in the orthopteran alimentary canal: A comparison of Mantidae and Acrididae

Schendel, S.L.; Azimov, R.; Pawlowski, K.; Godzik, A.; Kagan, B.L.; Reed, J.C., 1999:
Ion channel activity of the BH3 only Bcl-2 family member, BID

El-Husseini, A.E.; Topinka, J.R.; Lehrer-Graiwer, J.E.; Firestein, B.L.; Craven, S.E.; Aoki, C.; Bredt, D.S., 2000:
Ion channel clustering by membrane-associated guanylate kinases. Differential regulation by N-terminal lipid and metal binding motifs

Hübner, C.A.; Jentsch, T.J., 2002:
Ion channel diseases

Salapatek, A.Marie.F.; Ji, J.; Diamant, N.E., 2002:
Ion channel diversity in the feline smooth muscle esophagus

Bradding, P.; Okayama, Y.; Kambe, N.; Saito, H., 2003:
Ion channel gene expression in human lung, skin, and cord blood-derived mast cells

Hiramatsu, M.; Furukawa, T.; Sawanobori, T.; Hiraoka, M., 2002:
Ion channel remodeling in cardiac hypertrophy is prevented by blood pressure reduction without affecting heart weight increase in rats with abdominal aortic banding

Brundel, B.J.; Van Gelder, I.C.; Henning, R.H.; Tieleman, R.G.; Tuinenburg, A.E.; Wietses, M.; Grandjean, J.G.; Van Gilst, W.H.; Crijns, H.J., 2001:
Ion channel remodeling is related to intraoperative atrial effective refractory periods in patients with paroxysmal and persistent atrial fibrillation

Luo, L.; Yang, X.; Wang, E., 1999:
Ion channel sensor

Lewis, R.J., 2000:
Ion channel toxins and therapeutics: from cone snail venoms to ciguatera

Menestrina, G.; Dalla Serra, M.; Comai, M.; Coraiola, M.; Viero, G.; Werner, S.; Colin, D.A.; Monteil, H.; Prévost, G., 2003:
Ion channels and bacterial infection: the case of beta-barrel pore-forming protein toxins of Staphylococcus aureus

Borchard, U.; Hafner, D., 2000:
Ion channels and cardiac arrhythmias

Zuberi, S.M.; Hanna, M.G., 2001:
Ion channels and neurology

Ryan, S.G., 1999:
Ion channels and the genetic contribution to epilepsy

Schwab, A., 2001:
Ion channels and transporters on the move

Jackson, W.F., 2000:
Ion channels and vascular tone

Niemeyer, B.A.; Mery, L.; Zawar, C.; Suckow, A.; Monje, F.; Pardo, L.A.; Stuhmer, W.; Flockerzi, V.; Hoth, M., 2001:
Ion channels in health and disease. 83rd Boehringer Ingelheim Fonds International Titisee Conference

Zefirov, A.L.; Sitdikova, G.F., 2002:
Ion channels in nerve ending

Bölter, B.; Soll, J., 2001 :
Ion channels in the outer membranes of chloroplasts and mitochondria: open doors or regulated gates?

Oosawa, Y., 2001:
Ion channels permeable to monovalent and divalent cations: a single-file two-site channel model

Kuang, X.; Wu, J., 1998:
Ion chromatographic analysis of soluble salt in soil and degree of mineralization of water

Nickus, U.; Thies, H., 2001:
Ion chromatographic determination of lithium at trace level concentrations. Application to a tracer experiment in a high-mountain lake

Antony, P.J.; Karthikeyan, S.; Iyer, C.S.P., 2002:
Ion chromatographic separation and determination of phosphate and arsenate in water and hair

Divjak, B.; Goessler, W., 1999:
Ion chromatographic separation of sulfur-containing inorganic anions with an ICP-MS as element-specific detector

Wang, L-Hao., 2002:
Ion chromatography studies of quaternary ammonium halide solutions and the determination of pharmaceuticals

Baconnais, S.; Tirouvanziam, R.; Zahm, J.M.; de Bentzmann, S.; Péault, B.; Balossier, G.; Puchelle, E., 1999:
Ion composition and rheology of airway liquid from cystic fibrosis fetal tracheal xenografts

Ghiaroni, V.; Fieni, F.; Tirindelli, R.; Pietra, P.; Bigiani, A., 2003:
Ion conductances in supporting cells isolated from the mouse vomeronasal organ

Williams, A.J., 2002:
Ion conduction and selectivity in the ryanodine receptor channel

Wolf, A.; Siwy, Z.; Korchev, Y., E.; Reber, N.; Spohr, R., 1999:
Ion current fluctuations in artificial ion track pores: Power spectrum and generalized entropy

Pifl, C.; Singer, E.A., 1999:
Ion dependence of carrier-mediated release in dopamine or norepinephrine transporter-transfected cells questions the hypothesis of facilitated exchange diffusion

Sardachti, A.; Rumeau, M., 1999:
Ion exchange properties of sewage treatment plant sludges

Jodra, Y.; Mijangos, F., 2001:
Ion exchange selectivities of calcium alginate gels for heavy metals

Sorg, T.J.; Schock, M.R.; Lytle, D.A., 1999:
Ion exchange softening: Effects on metal concentrations

Baldisserotto, B.; Val, A., 2002:
Ion fluxes of Metynnis hypsauchen, a teleost from the Rio Negro, Amazon, exposed to an increase of temperature

Lundell, Y.; Johannisson, C.; Hogberg, P., 2001:
Ion leakage after liming or acidifying fertilization of Swedish forests: A study of lysimeters with and without active tree roots

Kamkin, A.G.; Kiseleva, I.S.; Yarigin, V.N., 2001:
Ion mechanisms of mechano-electric feedback in heart cells

Tuovinen, K.; Paakkanen, H.; Hanninen, O.; Ruuskanen, J., 2001:
Ion mobility spectrometric monitoring of Phosdrin(R) from foliage in greenhouse

Barros, L.Felipe.; Castro, J.; Bittner, C.X., 2002:
Ion movements in cell death: from protection to execution

Shaw-Bruha, C.M.; Lamb, K.A., 2000:
Ion pair-reversed phase HPLC approach facilitates subcloning of PCR products and screening of recombinant colonies

Ayvazian, L.; Crenon, I.; Hermoso, J.; Pignol, D.; Chapus, C.; Kerfelec, B., 1998:
Ion pairing between lipase and colipase plays a critical role in catalysis

Ding, S.; Sachs, F., 1999:
Ion permeation and block of P2X(2) purinoceptors: single channel recordings

Gringorten, Jl, 1999:
Ion regulation in the larval lepidopteran midgut and the response to Bacillus thuringiensis delta-endotoxin

Foley, J.; Blackwell, A., 2003:
Ion release from copper phosphate cement and influence on Streptococcus mutans growth in vitro: a comparative study

Virk, H.S.; Kaur, S.A.rita, 1998:
Ion track filters: Properties, development and applications

Yamauchi, Akira, 1999:
Ion transport across composite membrane with positive and negative charged groups

Higuchi, Akon, 1999:
Ion transport and membrane potential in charged multilayer membranes

Tsai, Y.L.; Sasaki, S.; Nakagaki, I.; Tsujita, J.; Hori, S.; Hori, K., 2001:
Ion transport and morphological changes of mitochondria in brown adipocytes of warm- and cold-acclimatized obese Zucker rats

Castro, R.; Barlow-Walden, L.; Woodson, T.; Kerecman, J.D.; Zhang, G.H.; Martinez, J.R., 2000 :
Ion transport in an immortalized rat submandibular cell line SMG-C6

Lehotský, J.; Kaplán, P.; Matejovicová, M.; Murín, R.; Racay, P.; Raeymaekers, L., 2002:
Ion transport systems as targets of free radicals during ischemia reperfusion injury

Kumke, T.; Streck, T.; Richter, J., 2002:
Ion transport through unsaturated soils: Field experiments and regional simulations

Matzke, M.; Aufsatz, W.; Gregor, W.; van Der Winden, J.; Papp, I.; Matzke, A.J., 2001:
Ion transporters in the nucleus?

Sen, Parimal, C., 2001:
Ion transporting enzymes and their regulation by endogenous modulators

Shi, Y-Liang.; Bai, J-Ping.; Wang, W-Ping., 2003:
Ion-channels in human sperm membrane and contraceptive mechanisms of male antifertility compounds derived from Chinese traditional medicine

Locke, I., C.; Carpenter, B., G., 2002:
Ion-dependency of the streptococcal deoxyribonuclease streptodornase, an active constituent of the medicament Varidase(R)

Desauziers, V.; Boucharat, C.; L.C.oirec, P., 1998:
Ion-exchange extraction of organic acids in water samples. Study of the influential factors and interactions

Godlewska Zylkiewicz, B.; Lesniewska, B.; Gasiewska, U.; Hulanicki, A., 2000:
Ion-exchange preconcentration and separation of trace amounts of platinum and palladium

Xiao Yang; L.W.i, 1999:
Ion-pair RP-HPLC determination of three components in Xie Li Ting tablets

Yongsson-Chung; Bongjoon-Kim; Jongyeon-Hwang; Chang-Suk-Kim, 1999:
Ion-pair high-performance liquid chromatographic retention behavior of copper(II)-1-oxa-4,7,10,13-tetraazacyclopentadecane complex

Delepee, R.; Pouliquen, H., 2002:
Ion-paired solid phase extraction as a sample preparation strategy for the high-performance liquid chromatographic determination of oxytetracycline in the bryophyte Fontinalis antipyretica

Khalil, S.; E.A.iem, S.A.d, 1999:
Ion-selective electrode for the determination of Furaltadone

Volotovskky, V.; Kim, N., 2003:
Ion-sensitive field effect transistor-based multienzyme sensor for alternative detection of mercury ions, cyanide, and pesticide

Hiraga, Y.; Kurokawa, M.; Guo, J.R.; Suga, T., 1999:
Ion-transport Activity of Phenylpentanoic Acids Occurring in the Roots of Athyrium yokoscense

Klapa, M.I.; Aon, J-Carlos.; Stephanopoulos, G., 2003:
Ion-trap mass spectrometry used in combination with gas chromatography for high-resolution metabolic flux determination

Rieder, K.; Bartschi, F.; Muralt, L.; Muller, U., 2001:
Ionenchromatografische Bestimmung von Chrom(VI) in Leder

Mairbaeurl, H.; Maassen, N., 2002:
Ionenhomoeostase, Muskelkontraktilitaet und muskulaere Ermuedung

D.D.ego, Jé.M.; Cordeiro, J.M.; Goodrow, R.J.; Fish, J.M.; Zygmunt, A.C.; Pérez, G.J.; Scornik, F.S.; Antzelevitch, C., 2002:
Ionic and cellular basis for the predominance of the Brugada syndrome phenotype in males

Allakhverdiev, S.I.; Sakamoto, A.; Nishiyama, Y.; Inaba, M.; Murata, N., 2000:
Ionic and osmotic effects of NaCl-induced inactivation of photosystems I and II in Synechococcus sp

Chalyshev, A.V., 1999:
Ionic balance in blood of cow at the various periods of estrous circle

Kocic, I.; Hirano, Y.; Hiraoka, M., 2001:
Ionic basis for membrane potential changes induced by hypoosmotic stress in guinea-pig ventricular myocytes

Morisset, V.; Nagy, F., 1999:
Ionic basis for plateau potentials in deep dorsal horn neurons of the rat spinal cord

Okazawa, M.; Takao, K.; Hori, A.; Shiraki, T.; Matsumura, K.; Kobayashi, S., 2002:
Ionic basis of cold receptors acting as thermostats

Franks, C.J.; Pemberton, D.; Vinogradova, I.; Cook, A.; Walker, R.J.; Holden-Dye, L., 2002:
Ionic basis of the resting membrane potential and action potential in the pharyngeal muscle of Caenorhabditis elegans

Lamas, J.Antonio.; Reboreda, A.; Codesido, Vónica., 2002:
Ionic basis of the resting membrane potential in cultured rat sympathetic neurons

Aimond, F.; Alvarez, J.L.; Rauzier, J.M.; Lorente, P.; Vassort, G., 1999:
Ionic basis of ventricular arrhythmias in remodeled rat heart during long-term myocardial infarction

Saika, T.; Hasegawa, M.; Kobayashi, I.; Nishida, M., 1999:
Ionic binding of 3H-gentamicin and short-time bactericidal activity of gentamicin against Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolates with different lipopolysaccharide structures

Al-Charchafchi, Fawzia, 2002:
Ionic composition and nutritive values in certain Chenopod halophytes (Research note)

Gima, K.; Rudy, Y., 2002:
Ionic current basis of electrocardiographic waveforms: a model study

Raman, I.M.; Gustafson, A.E.; Padgett, D., 2000:
Ionic currents and spontaneous firing in neurons isolated from the cerebellar nuclei

Veselovskaya, N.N.; Veselovsky, N.S., 2001:
Ionic currents responsible for excitability of isolated rat retinal isolated ganglion cells

Rokni, D.; Hochner, B., 2002:
Ionic currents underlying fast action potentials in the obliquely striated muscle cells of the octopus arm

Raman, I.M.; Bean, B.P., 1999:
Ionic currents underlying spontaneous action potentials in isolated cerebellar Purkinje neurons

Mercadal, L.; D.M.ntcel, S.Tézenas.; Jaudon, M-Chantal.; Hamani, A.; Izzedine, H.; Deray, G.; Béné, B.; Petitclerc, T., 2002:
Ionic dialysance vs urea clearance in the absence of cardiopulmonary recirculation

Petersen, C.I.; DeFelice, L.J., 1999:
Ionic interactions in the Drosophila serotonin transporter identify it as a serotonin channel

Moret, K.; Hassell, D.; Kooman, J.P.; van der Sande, F.; Gerlag, P.G.G.; van den Wall Bake, A.Warmold.L.; van de Bogaart, J.; Leunissen, K.M.L., 2002:
Ionic mass balance and blood volume preservation during a high, standard, and individualized dialysate sodium concentration

Verkerk, A.O.; Veldkamp, M.W.; Baartscheer, A.; Schumacher, C.A.; Klöpping, C.; van Ginneken, A.C.; Ravesloot, J.H., 2001:
Ionic mechanism of delayed afterdepolarizations in ventricular cells isolated from human end-stage failing hearts

Ries, C.R.; Puil, E., 1999:
Ionic mechanism of isoflurane's actions on thalamocortical neurons

Xiao, A.Ying.; Wei, L.; Xia, S.; Rothman, S.; Yu, S.Ping., 2002:
Ionic mechanism of ouabain-induced concurrent apoptosis and necrosis in individual cultured cortical neurons

Coulombe, A.; Deroubaix, E.; Coraboeuf, E., 1999:
Ionic mechanisms and repolarization alterations in cardiopathies

Benoit, E.; Mattei, C.; Ouanounou, G.; Meunier, F.A.; Suput, D.; L.G.ll, F.; Marquais, M.; Dechraoui, M.Y.; Molgo, J., 2002:
Ionic mechanisms involved in the nodal swelling of myelinated axons caused by marine toxins

Vigh, J.; Solessio, E.; Morgans, C.W.; Lasater, E.M., 2003:
Ionic mechanisms mediating oscillatory membrane potentials in wide-field retinal amacrine cells

Martynyuk, A.E.; Morey, T.E.; Raatikainen, M.J.; Seubert, C.N.; Dennis, D.M., 1999:
Ionic mechanisms mediating the differential effects of methohexital and thiopental on action potential duration in guinea pig and rabbit isolated ventricular myocytes

Jassar, B.S.; Harris, K.H.; Ostashewski, P.M.; Jhamandas, J.H., 1999:
Ionic mechanisms of action of neurotensin in acutely dissociated neurons from the diagonal band of Broca of the rat

Swensen, A.M.; Bean, B.P., 2003:
Ionic mechanisms of burst firing in dissociated Purkinje neurons

Dumaine, R.; Towbin, J.A.; Brugada, P.; Vatta, M.; Nesterenko, D.V.; Nesterenko, V.V.; Brugada, J.; Brugada, R.; Antzelevitch, C., 1999:
Ionic mechanisms responsible for the electrocardiographic phenotype of the Brugada syndrome are temperature dependent

Nishimura, Y.; Asahi, M.; Saitoh, K.; Kitagawa, H.; Kumazawa, Y.; Itoh, K.; Lin, M.; Akamine, T.; Shibuya, H.; Asahara, T.; Yamamoto, T., 2001:
Ionic mechanisms underlying burst firing of layer III sensorimotor cortical neurons of the cat: an in vitro slice study

L.C.rronc, H.; Hue, B.; Pitman, R.M., 1999:
Ionic mechanisms underlying depolarizing responses of an identified insect motor neuron to short periods of hypoxia

Brumberg, J.C.; Nowak, L.G.; McCormick, D.A., 2000:
Ionic mechanisms underlying repetitive high-frequency burst firing in supragranular cortical neurons

Cobucci-Ponzano, B.; Moracci, M.; D.L.uro, B.; Ciaramella, M.; D'Avino, R.; Rossi, Mé., 2002:
Ionic network at the C-terminus of the beta-glycosidase from the hyperthermophilic archaeon Sulfolobus solfataricus: Functional role in the quaternary structure thermal stabilization

Zakharyan, A.E.; Aivazyan, N.M., 2002:
Ionic permeability of model bilayer membranes from lipids of vertebrate tissues for univalent ions

Schick, C.Sonja.; Bangert, R.; Kübler, W.; Haller, C., 2002:
Ionic radiocontrast media disrupt intercellular contacts via an extracellular calcium-independent mechanism

Pillai, B.R.; Diwan, A.D., 1999:
Ionic regulatory pattern in the shrimp, Metapenaeus monoceros from a tropical estuarine environment

Nattel, S.; Li, D., 2000:
Ionic remodeling in the heart: pathophysiological significance and new therapeutic opportunities for atrial fibrillation

Han, W.; Chartier, D.; Li, D.; Nattel, S., 2001:
Ionic remodeling of cardiac Purkinje cells by congestive heart failure

Verkerk, A.O.; Wilders, R.; Coronel, R.; Ravesloot, J.H.; Verheijck, E.Etienne., 2003:
Ionic remodeling of sinoatrial node cells by heart failure

Mathew, J.P.asad; Thomas, V.C.; Thomas, I., 2003:
Ionic state and ATPase activity during selenite cataractogenesis in Wistar rats

Lusitani, D.; Menhart, N.; Keiderling, T.A.; Fung, L.W., 1998:
Ionic strength effect on the thermal unfolding of alpha-spectrin peptides

Geesink, G.H.; Koohmaraie, M., 2000:
Ionic strength-induced inactivation of mu-calpain in postmortem muscle

Courtemanche, M.; Ramirez, R.J.; Nattel, S., 1999:
Ionic targets for drug therapy and atrial fibrillation-induced electrical remodeling: insights from a mathematical model

Higa, Mitsuru, 1998:
Ionic transport across charged membranes in multi-component ionic systesm

Mazzaferro, S.; Barberi, S.; Scarda, A.; Pasquali, M.; Rubino, F.; D'Erasmo, E., 2002:
Ionised and total serum magnesium in renal transplant patients

Noble, M.A.; Gul, S.; Verma, C.S.; Brocklehurst, K., 2000:
Ionization characteristics and chemical influences of aspartic acid residue 158 of papain and caricain determined by structure-related kinetic and computational techniques: multiple electrostatic modulators of active-centre chemistry

Ramos, A.; Lopez, S.; Lopez, R.; Fiol, S.; Arce, F.; Antelo, J.M., 1999:
Ionization constants of a soil fulvic acid

Spitzner, N.; Löhr, F.; Pfeiffer, S.; Koumanov, A.; Karshikoff, A.; Rüterjans, H., 2001:
Ionization properties of titratable groups in ribonuclease T1. I. pKa values in the native state determined by two-dimensional heteronuclear NMR spectroscopy

Koumanov, A.; Spitzner, N.; Rüterjans, H.; Karshikoff, A., 2001:
Ionization properties of titratable groups in ribonuclease T1. II. Electrostatic analysis

Guo, C.Y.; Brautigan, D.L.; Larner, J.M., 2002:
Ionizing radiation activates nuclear protein phosphatase-1 by ATM-dependent dephosphorylation

Patel, S.; Wang, F.H.n; Whiteside, T.L.; Kasid, U., 1998:
Ionizing radiation and TNF-alpha and stimulated expression of alpha-1-antichymotryspin gene in human squamous carcinoma cells

Meng, A.; Wang, Y.; Van Zant, G.; Zhou, D., 2003:
Ionizing radiation and busulfan induce premature senescence in murine bone marrow hematopoietic cells

Newton, K.; Strasser, A., 2000:
Ionizing radiation and chemotherapeutic drugs induce apoptosis in lymphocytes in the absence of Fas or FADD/MORT1 signaling. Implications for cancer therapy

Sankaranarayanan, K.; Chakraborty, R.; Boerwinkle, E.A., 1999:
Ionizing radiation and genetics risks VI: Chronic multifactorial diseases: A review of epidemiological and genetical aspects of coronary heart disease, essential hypertension and diabetes mellitus

Park, I-Chul.; Woo, S-Hyeok.; Park, M-Jin.; Lee, H-Chahn.; Lee, S-Jae.; Hong, Y-Joon.; Lee, S-Hoon.; Hong, S-Il.; Rhee, C-Hun., 2003:
Ionizing radiation and nitric oxide donor sensitize Fas-induced apoptosis via up-regulation of Fas in human cervical cancer cells

Li, N.; Karin, M., 1998:
Ionizing radiation and short wavelength UV activate NF-kappaB through two distinct mechanisms

Cortés, F.; Pastor, N., 2001:
Ionizing radiation damage repair: a role for topoisomerases?

Das, A.; Chendil, D.; Dey, S.; Mohiuddin, M.; Mohiuddin, M.; Milbrandt, J.; Rangnekar, V.M.; Ahmed, M.M., 2000:
Ionizing radiation down-regulates p53 protein in primary Egr-1-/- mouse embryonic fibroblast cells causing enhanced resistance to apoptosis

Brown, K.D.; Lataxes, T.A.; Shangary, S.; Mannino, J.L.; Giardina, J.F.; Chen, J.; Baskaran, R., 2000:
Ionizing radiation exposure results in up-regulation of Ku70 via a p53/ataxia-telangiectasia-mutated protein-dependent mechanism

Sapkota, G.P.; Deak, M.; Kieloch, A.; Morrice, N.; Goodarzi, A.A.; Smythe, C.; Shiloh, Y.; Lees-Miller, S.P.; Alessi, D.R., 2002:
Ionizing radiation induces ataxia telangiectasia mutated kinase (ATM)-mediated phosphorylation of LKB1/STK11 at Thr-366

Cordes, N.; Blaese, M.A.; Meineke, V.; Van Beuningen, D., 2002:
Ionizing radiation induces up-regulation of functional beta1-integrin in human lung tumour cell lines in vitro

Yoo, J.C.; Pae, H.O.; Choi, B.M.; Kim, W.I.; Kim, J.D.; Kim, Y.M.; Chung, H.T., 2000:
Ionizing radiation potentiates the induction of nitric oxide synthase by interferon-gamma (Ifn-gamma) or Ifn-gamma and lipopolysaccharide in bnl cl.2 murine embryonic liver cells: role of hydrogen peroxide

D.P.etro, R.; Secchiero, P.; Rana, R.; Gibellini, D.; Visani, G.; Bemis, K.; Zamai, L.; Miscia, S.; Zauli, G., 2001:
Ionizing radiation sensitizes erythroleukemic cells but not normal erythroblasts to tumor necrosis factor-related apoptosis-inducing ligand (TRAIL)--mediated cytotoxicity by selective up-regulation of TRAIL-R1

Biard, D.S.F.; Miccoli, L.; Despras, E.; Frobert, Y.; Creminon, C.; Angulo, J.F., 2002:
Ionizing radiation triggers chromatin-bound kin17 complex formation in human cells

Lewis, E.B., 1998:
Ionizing radiation, cancer induction and radioactive fallout

D.P.etro, R.; Centurione, L.; Santavenere, E.; Centurione, M.A.; Sanità D.T.ppi, G.; Zamai, L.; Rana, R., 1996:
Ionizing radiation-induced apoptosis and DNA repair in murine erythroleukemia cells

Zhang, Y.; Dimtchev, A.; Dritschilo, A.; Jung, M., 2001:
Ionizing radiation-induced apoptosis in ataxia-telangiectasia fibroblasts. Roles of caspase-9 and cellular inhibitor of apoptosis protein-1

Ogawa, Y.; Nishioka, A.; Inomata, T.; Kataoka, S.; Nakayama, K.; Kariya, S.; Terashima, M.; Kubonishi, I.; Yoshida, S., 2000:
Ionizing radiation-induced apoptosis in human lymphoma cell lines differing in p53 status

Zeng, M.; Narayanan, L.; Xu, X.S.; Prolla, T.A.; Liskay, R.M.; Glazer, P.M., 2000:
Ionizing radiation-induced apoptosis via separate Pms2- and p53-dependent pathways

Hagan, M.; Wang, L.; Hanley, J.R.; Park, J.S.; Dent, P., 2000:
Ionizing radiation-induced mitogen-activated protein (MAP) kinase activation in DU145 prostate carcinoma cells: MAP kinase inhibition enhances radiation-induced cell killing and G2/M-phase arrest

Gong, B.; Chen, Q.; Endlich, B.; Mazumder, S.; Almasan, A., 1999:
Ionizing radiation-induced, Bax-mediated cell death is dependent on activation of cysteine and serine proteases

Leach, J.K.; Van Tuyle, G.; Lin, P.S.; Schmidt-Ullrich, R.; Mikkelsen, R.B., 2001:
Ionizing radiation-induced, mitochondria-dependent generation of reactive oxygen/nitrogen

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Irodalmi attekintes. 1. Femes es nem femes elemek, valamint peszticidek okozta mergezesek

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Iron acquisition by the green alga Selenastrum minutum: Growth in iron-limited chemostats and effects of chelator stability constant

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