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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 10895

Chapter 10895 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Lee, H.W.o; Ko, J.Y.un; Kim,; Byun, S.M.ung, 2001:
Isolation, analysis, and expression of lipase with cephalosporin-C deacetylation activity from Staphylococcus sp

Honda, Y.; Ueki, M.; Okada, G.; Onose, R.; Usami, R.; Horikoshi, K.; Osada, H., 2001:
Isolation, and biological properties of a new cell cycle inhibitor, curvularol, isolated from Curvularia sp. RK97-F166

Sharma, A.K., 1999:
Isolation, axenization and protein content of pathogenic and non-pathogenic small free-living amoebae

Dunphy, J.; Horvath, A.; Barcham, G.; Balic, A.; Bischof, R.; Meeusen, E., 2001:
Isolation, characterisation and expression of mRNAs encoding the ovine CC chemokines, monocyte chemoattractant protein (MCP)-1alpha and -2

Khambay, B., P.S.; Beddie, D., G.; Hooper, A., M.; Simmonds, M., S.J., 2003:
Isolation, characterisation and synthesis of an insecticidal tetramethyltetrahydrochromenedione-spiro-bicyclo(3.1.1)cycloheptane from two species of Myrtaceae

Kamah, S.; Vilaplana, R.; Moreno, J.; Akdi, K.; Garcia-Herdugo, G.; Gonzalez-Vilchez, F., 2000:
Isolation, characterization and antitumour properties of the 1,2-propylenediaminetetraacetate-trans-diaqua-copper(II)

Herbik, A.; Koch, G.; Mock, H.P.; Dushkov, D.; Czihal, A.; Thielmann, J.; Stephan, U.W.; Bäumlein, H., 1999:
Isolation, characterization and cDNA cloning of nicotianamine synthase from barley. A key enzyme for iron homeostasis in plants

D.M.dugno, F.; Rosano L.C.stelli, M.; Chersi, A., 1998:
Isolation, characterization and comparison of antipeptide and antiprotein rabbit antibodies to the pi-isoform of glutathione S-transferase

Kobayashi, Y.; Ohshiro, N.; Shibusawa, A.; Sasaki, T.; Tokuyama, S.; Sekine, T.; Endou, H.; Yamamoto, T., 2002:
Isolation, characterization and differential gene expression of multispecific organic anion transporter 2 in mice

Fukuda, S.; Ootsuka, S.; Kitade, Y.; Watanabe, T.; Saga, N., 2002:
Isolation, characterization and expression of a cDNA encoding an elongation factor-1alpha from Porphyra yezoensis (Bangiales, Rhodophyta)

Magnuson, T.S.; Isoyama, N.; Hodges-Myerson, A.L.; Davidson, G.; Maroney, M.J.; Geesey, G.G.; Lovley, D.R., 2001:
Isolation, characterization and gene sequence analysis of a membrane-associated 89 kDa Fe(III) reducing cytochrome c from Geobacter sulfurreducens

Talamond, P.; Desseaux, V.; Moreau, Y.; Santimone, M.; Marchis-Mouren, G., 2002:
Isolation, characterization and inhibition by acarbose of the alpha-amylase from Lactobacillus fermentum: comparison with Lb. manihotivorans and Lb. plantarum amylases

Gargett, C.E.; Bucak, K.; Rogers, P.A., 2000:
Isolation, characterization and long-term culture of human myometrial microvascular endothelial cells

Koizumi, N.; Okushima, Y.; Sano, H., 2000:
Isolation, characterization and molecular cloning of beta-D-glucan exohydrolase from cultured tobacco cells

Toyama, R.; Mukai, S.; Itagaki, A.; Tamura, S.; Shimozawa, N.; Suzuki, Y.; Kondo, N.; Wanders, R.J.; Fujiki, Y., 1999:
Isolation, characterization and mutation analysis of PEX13-defective Chinese hamster ovary cell mutants

Kumar, H.; Arora, N.K.; Kumar, V.; Maheshwari, D.K., 1999 :
Isolation, characterization and selection of salt tolerant rhizobia nodulating Acacia catechu and A. nilotica

Colgan, J.; Asmal, M.; Luban, J., 2000:
Isolation, characterization and targeted disruption of mouse ppia: cyclophilin A is not essential for mammalian cell viability

Héron, L.; Virsolvy, A.; Apiou, F.; L.C.m, A.; Bataille, D., 1999:
Isolation, characterization, and chromosomal localization of the human ENSA gene that encodes alpha-endosulfine, a regulator of beta-cell K(ATP) channels

Ito, H.; Akiyama, H.; Shigeno, C.; Nakamura, T., 2001:
Isolation, characterization, and chromosome mapping of a human A-C1 Ha-Ras suppressor gene (HRASLS)

Yang, C-yuh.; Raya, J.L.; Chen, H-Hung.; Chen, C-Huang.; Abe, Y.; Pownall, H.J.; Taylor, A.A.; Smith, C.V., 2003:
Isolation, characterization, and functional assessment of oxidatively modified subfractions of circulating low-density lipoproteins

Drosopoulou, E.; Wiebauer, K.; Yiangou, M.; Mavragani-Tsipidou, P.; Domdey, H.; Scouras, Z.G., 2002:
Isolation, characterization, and localization of beta-tubulin genomic clones of three Drosophila montium subgroup species

Tang, Y.Q.; Yuan, J.; Miller, C.J.; Selsted, M.E., 1999:
Isolation, characterization, cDNA cloning, and antimicrobial properties of two distinct subfamilies of alpha-defensins from rhesus macaque leukocytes

Parente, J.A.; Chen, X.; Zhou, C.; Petropoulos, A.C.; Chew, C.S., 1999:
Isolation, cloning, and characterization of a new mammalian coronin family member, coroninse, which is regulated within the protein kinase C signaling pathway

Tishchenko, S.V.; Vassilieva, J.M.; Platonova, O.B.; Serganov, A.A.; Fomenkova, N.P.; Mudrik, E.S.; Piendl, W.; Ehresmann, C.; Ehresmann, B.; Garber, M.B., 2001:
Isolation, crystallization, and investigation of ribosomal protein S8 complexed with specific fragments or rRNA of bacterial or archaeal origin

Hori, H.; Gu, Y.J.; Nagata, N.; Balamurugan, A.N.; Satake, A.; Morimoto, Y.; Wang, W.J.; Misawa, Y.; Nozawa, Y.; Nembai, T.; Miyamoto, M.; Nozawa, M.; Inoue, K., 2001:
Isolation, culture, and characterization of endocrine cells from 6-month-old porcine pancreas

van Kooten, C.; Lam, S.; Daha, M.R., 2001:
Isolation, culture, characterization and use of human renal tubular epithelial cells

Kulminskaya, A.A.; Thomsen, K.K.; Shabalin, K.A.; Sidorenko, I.A.; Eneyskaya, E.V.; Savel'ev, A.N.; Neustroev, K.N., 2001:
Isolation, enzymatic properties, and mode of action of an exo-1,3-beta-glucanase from Trichoderma viride

Cruz, A.; Sousa, M.Isaura.; Azeredo, Z.; Leite, E.; Figueiredo de Sousa, J.C.; Cabral, M., 2003:
Isolation, excystation and axenization of Giardia lamblia isolates: in vitro susceptibility to metronidazole and albendazole

Kvasha, S.M.; Protopopov, A.I.; Zabarovsky, E.R.; Rynditch, A.V.; Kashuba, V.I., 2001:
Isolation, expression analysis and chromosomal mapping of a novel human kinase gene MLK4

Jermini, M.; Rima, N.; Domeniconi, F.; Pond, K.; Jaeggli, M., 1998:
Isolation, identification and antibiotic resistance patterns of enterococci from drinking water in Canton Ticino

Zheng, G.; Ye, D.; Zhu, Z., 1999:
Isolation, identification and biological properties of ten-strain Variclla-Zoster viruses

Gao, Z.; Lee, S.S.; Lu, Y.I.; Hwang, I.H.; Ha, J.K., 1998:
Isolation, identification and cellulolytic enzyme activities of anaerobic fungi from the rumen and feces of Korean native goats and cattle

Guo Qinglian; Pei Hulin; Feng Guoqin, 1999:
Isolation, identification and microbial sensitivity tests of the pathogenic vibrio from diarrhea patients

Safaee, N.; Minassian, V.; Rahimian, H.; Banihashemi, Z., 1999:
Isolation, identification and pathogenicity of Rhizoctonia from different host plants in the Khuzestan province

Zhang Guangya; Chen Meici; Han Ruyang; Min Hang, 2003:
Isolation, identification and phylogenetic analysis of a heterotrophic nitrifier

Y.W.i; Zhu Lingxiang; Liu Weifeng; Jin Cheng; Dong Zhiyang, 2003:
Isolation, identification and phylogenetic analysis of an endoglycoceramidase producing bacterium

D.F.R.que, E.; Pandey, A.; Franco, S.G.; Soccol, C.R., 2000:
Isolation, identification and physiological study of Lactobacillus fermentum LPB for use as probiotic in chickens

Mohamedin, A.H., 1999:
Isolation, identification and some cultural conditions of a protease-producing thermophilic Streptomyces strain grown on chicken feather as a substrate

Zhang Xin; L.H.i; Zheng Kui; Chen Qiu Xia; Wan Zhou Yue; Huang J.C.eng; Zhong Hao Jie; Zhou Hui Qiong; Huang Ping; Znang Wan Li; Diao L.M.i; Chen Jing Diao; Zhang Qin Fen; Cui Jin Ming; Huang Xiao Jun; Znahg Jing Qiang, 2003:
Isolation, identification and the variance of a coronavirus from a imputting SARS case

Shao Weijuan; Xie Jianyun; Chen Hongshu; Gao Cheng, 2003:
Isolation, identification of Helicobacter bilis and sequence analysis

Zhang-Jun-Jie; Li-Mao-Jian; Wei-Rong-Jie; Zhang-You-Qing, 2001:
Isolation, identification, and determination of virulence of Spodoptera exigua nuclear polyhedrosis virus Chinese strain

Peel, M.M.; Alfredson, D.A.; Gerrard, J.G.; Davis, J.M.; Robson, J.M.; McDougall, R.J.; Scullie, B.L.; Akhurst, R.J., 1999 :
Isolation, identification, and molecular characterization of strains of Photorhabdus luminescens from infected humans in Australia

Desportes, C.; Charpentier, M.; Duteurtre, B.; Maujean, A.; Duchiron, F., 2001:
Isolation, identification, and organoleptic characterization of low-molecular-weight peptides from white wine

Lee, E-Young.; Kim, S-Hyun.; Whang, S-Kyung.; Hwang, K-Yoon.; Yang, J-Oh.; Hong, S-Yong., 2003:
Isolation, identification, and quantitation of urinary glycosaminoglycans

Torfs, P.; Baggerman, G.; Meeusen, T.; Nieto, J.; Nachman, R.J.; Calderon, J.; D.L.of, A.; Schoofs, L., 2002:
Isolation, identification, and synthesis of a disulfated sulfakinin from the central nervous system of an arthropod, the white shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei

Elssner, T.; Hennig, L.; Frauendorf, H.; Haferburg, D.; Kleber, H.P., 2000:
Isolation, identification, and synthesis of gamma-butyrobetainyl-CoA and crotonobetainyl-CoA, compounds involved in carnitine metabolism of E. coli

Jones, G.M.ry; Bakshi, K.N.; Mamatha, B., 2000:
Isolation, identification, serotyping and antibiogram of E.coli in Mahaboobnagar District

Gudjonsson, T.; Villadsen, Ré.; Nielsen, H.Lind.; Rønnov-Jessen, L.; Bissell, M.J.; Petersen, O.William., 2002:
Isolation, immortalization, and characterization of a human breast epithelial cell line with stem cell properties

Kruse, M.L.; Hildebrand, P.B.; Timke, C.; Fölsch, U.R.; Schäfer, H.; Schmidt, W.E., 2001:
Isolation, long-term culture, and characterization of rat pancreatic fibroblastoid/stellate cells

Tillotson, L.G.; Lodestro, C.; Höcker, M.; Wiedenmann, B.; Newcomer, C.E.; Reid, L.M., 2001:
Isolation, maintenance, and characterization of human pancreatic islet tumor cells expressing vasoactive intestinal peptide

Medina, F.; Segundo, C.; Campos-Caro, A.; Salcedo, I.; García-Poley, A.; Brieva, J.A., 2003:
Isolation, maturational level, and functional capacity of human colon lamina propria plasma cells

Compagno, C.; Boschi, F.; Daleffe, A.; Porro, D.; Ranzi, B.M., 1999:
Isolation, nucleotide sequence, and physiological relevance of the gene encoding triose phosphate isomerase from Kluyveromyces lactis

Marks, N.J.; Maule, A.G.; Li, C.; Nelson, L.S.; Thompson, D.P.; Alexander-Bowman, S.; Geary, T.G.; Halton, D.W.; Verhaert, P.; Shaw, C., 1999:
Isolation, pharmacology and gene organization of KPSFVRFamide: a neuropeptide from Caenorhabditis elegans

Siigur, E.; Samel, M.; Tonismagi, K.; Subbi, J.; Reintamm, T.; Siigur, J., 1998:
Isolation, properties and N-terminal amino acid sequence of a factor V activator from Vipera lebetina (Levantin viper) snake venom

D.S.uza, A.N.nes; Martins, M.L.lis Leal, 2001:
Isolation, properties and kinetics of growth of a thermophilic Bacillus

Hahin, R.; Chen, Z.; Reddy, G.; Li, Y., 2001:
Isolation, purification and N-terminal sequencing of a bioactive peptide that alters action potentials from the venom of Buthus martensii Karsch

Endo, T.; Nagase, H.; Ueda, H.; Shigihara, A.; Kobayashi, S.; Nagai, T., 1998:
Isolation, purification and characterization of cyclomaltooctadecaose (v-cyclodextrin), cyclomaltononandecaose (xi-cyclodextrin), cyclomaltoeicosaose (o-cyclodextrin) and cyclomaltoheneicosaose (picyclodextrin)

Wei Yun; Zhang Tian You; Zhang Shu; Liu Qing Hui, 2000:
Isolation, purification and characterization of polysaccharides from Morchella esculenta L

Chang; Lei; Tsai; Wei, 1998:
Isolation, purification, and characterization of the PR oxidase from penicillium roqueforti

Chen Gang;; Liu Runxia; E.A., 2001:
Isolation, purification and identification of cofactor beta2-GPI

Xiao, H.; Marquardt, R.R.; Li, G.; Frohlich, A.A., 1999:
Isolation, purification and identification of intracellular protein targets of ochratoxin A: Mitochondrial aldehyde dehydrogenase class 2 is a high-affinity ochratoxin A-binding protein

Lin, Z.; Chang Limei, 1998:
Isolation, purification and identification of metallothionein from strain BD 101 of Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Lin-Zhi-Lan; Li-Fu-Rong; Ma-Guo-Dong; Liang-Shuang, 2002:
Isolation, purification and identification of metallothionein in Chinese soft-shelled turtle (Pelodiscus sinensis) liver

Das, M.; Dasgupta, S.C.; Gomes, A., 2001:
Isolation, purification and partial chemical characterization of a lethal factor from common Indian toad (Bufo melanostictus, Schneider) skin extract

Adir, N.; Dobrovetsky, E.; Shafat, I.; Cohen, C.; Kashi, Y., 2002:
Isolation, purification and preliminary X-ray characterization of Cpn60-2 (65 kDa heat-shock protein) from Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Blokhina, T.B.; Neshkova, E.A.; Yarovaya, G.A., 2002:
Isolation, purification and properties of the blood coagulation factor XII and active fragment (beta-XIIa)

Mayordomo, I.; Randez-Gil, F.; Prieto, J.A., 2000:
Isolation, purification, and characterization of a cold-active lipase from Aspergillus nidulans

Kisrieva, Y.S.; Serebrennikov, V.M.; Eneiskaya, E.V.; Zagustina, N.A.; Bezborodov, A.M., 2001:
Isolation, purification, and characterization of acetolactate synthase from a culture of Lactococcus lactis

Melent'ev, A.I.; Aktuganov, G.E., 1999:
Isolation, purification, and characterization of chitinase from Bacillus sp. 739

Shelby, R., A.; Evans, J., J.; Klesius, P., H., 2002:
Isolation, purification, and molecular weight determination of serum immunoglobulin from gulf menhaden: Development of an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay to assess serum immunoglobulin concentrations from Atlantic menhaden

Kim, M.H.e; Lee, J.K.e; Kim, H.K.oun; Oh, T.K.ang, 1999:
Isolation, purification, and partial characterization of an AMP deaminase from Saccharomyces cerevisiae D

Koroleva, O.V.; Stepanova, E.V.; Gavrilova, V.P.; Dzhafarova, A.N.; Lyubimova, N.V.; Yaropolov, A.I., 1998:
Isolation, purification, and physicochemical characterization of laccase from the basidiomycete Coriolus zonatus

Al-Jassabi, S., 1999:
Isolation, purification, and properties of aminopeptidase H from skeletal muscle of the lizard Agama stellio stellio

Orth, H.C.; Rentel, C.; Schmidt, P.C., 1999:
Isolation, purity analysis and stability of hyperforin as a standard material from Hypericum perforatum L

Jain, N.; Nanjundaswamy, C.; Minocha, A.K.; Verma, C.L., 2001:
Isolation, screening and identification of bacterial strains for degradation of predigested distillery wastewater

Norman, D.A.M.; Barton, P.J.R., 2000:
Isolation, sequence, and chromosomal localisation of the human IkappaBR gene (NFKBIL2)

Pena, R.N.; Sánchez, A.; Coll, A.; Folch, J.M., 1999:
Isolation, sequencing and relative quantitation by fluorescent-ratio PCR of feline beta-lactoglobulin I, II, and III cDNAs

Gordon, G.J.; Butz, G.M.; Grisham, J.W.; Coleman, W.B., 2002:
Isolation, short-term culture, and transplantation of small hepatocyte-like progenitor cells from retrorsine-exposed rats

Foser, S.; Schacher, A.; Weyer, K.A.; Brugger, D.; Dietel, E.; Marti, S.; Schreitmüller, T., 2003:
Isolation, structural characterization, and antiviral activity of positional isomers of monopegylated interferon alpha-2a (PEGASYS)

Toshima, H.; Watanabe, A.; Sato, H.; Ichihara, A., 1998:
Isolation, structural determination, and total synthesis of a new biologically active delta-lactone produced by Seiridium unicorne

Sun-Cheng-Hang; Alai, M.; Tomoda, H.; Omura, S., 2002:
Isolation, structural identification of FKI-0076E2, an unstable macrocyclic polylactones from Talaromyces sp. FKI-0076

Verbitski, S.M.; Mayne, C.L.; Davis, R.A.; Concepcion, G.P.; Ireland, C.M., 2002:
Isolation, structure determination, and biological activity of a novel alkaloid, perophoramidine, from the Philippine ascidian Perophora namei

Seon, A.A.; Pierre, T.N.; Redeker, V.; Lacombe, C.; Delfour, A.; Nicolas, P.; Amiche, M., 2000:
Isolation, structure, synthesis, and activity of a new member of the calcitonin gene-related peptide family from frog skin and molecular cloning of its precursor

Hulett, M.D.; Pagler, E.; Hornby, J.R.; Hogarth, P.M.; Eyre, H.J.; Baker, E.; Crawford, J.; Sutherland, G.R.; Ohms, S.J.; Parish, C.R., 2001:
Isolation, tissue distribution, and chromosomal localization of a novel testis-specific human four-transmembrane gene related to CD20 and FcepsilonRI-beta

Nielsen, T.Buschmann.; Yderstraede, K.Bonnet.; Beck-Nielsen, H., 2002:
Isolation, transplantation, and functional studies of adult porcine islets of Langerhans

de Baere, T.; Wauters, G.; Huylenbroeck, A.; Claeys, G.; Peleman, R.; Verschraegen, G.; Allemeersch, D.; Vaneechoutte, M., 2001:
Isolations of Leclercia adecarboxylata from a patient with a chronically inflamed gallbladder and from a patient with sepsis without focus

Stucky, C.L.; Lewin, G.R., 1999:
Isolectin B(4)-positive and -negative nociceptors are functionally distinct

Ciopraga, J.; Angström, J.; Bergström, J.; Larsson, T.; Karlsson, N.; Motas, C.; Gozia, O.; Teneberg, S., 2000:
Isolectins from Solanum tuberosum with different detailed carbohydrate binding specificities: unexpected recognition of lactosylceramide by N-acetyllactosamine-binding lectins

Durand, J.P.; Vallee, L.; De-Pina, J.J.; Tolou, H., 2000:
Isolement d'un virus dengue 1 a partir des cellules sanguines congelees d'un militaire Francais affecte en Cote-d'Ivoire

Jaureguy, F.; Brouzes, S.; Ghnassia, J.C.; Pangon, B., 2000:
Isolement de pneumocoque dans la bile

Guessous, Z.; Ouhssine, M.; Mokhtari, A.; Faid, M.; El-Yachioui, M., 2000:
Isolement et caracterisation de Geotrichum candidum pour la production d'une polygalacturonase extracellulaire

Carstanjen, B.; Wattiez, R.; Amory, H.; Lepage, O.M.; Remy, B., 2002:
Isolement et caracterisation de l'Osteocalcine equine

Wanduma, K.; Kaluila, D.; Paulus, P.; Ngiefu, K.; Aitikalema; Ahmedou, F., 2001:
Isolement et identification d'un limonoide a activite anti-drepanocytaire des feuilles de Khaya senegalensis

Gargouri, S.; Hajlaoui, M.R.; Abdennadher, M.; Marrakchi, M., 2000:
Isolement et identification morphologique et moleculaire des especes de Fusarium transmises par les semences de pasteque

Fujimura, S.; Tokue, Y.; Watanabe, A., 2003:
Isoleucyl-tRNA synthetase mutations in Staphylococcus aureus clinical isolates and in vitro selection of low-level mupirocin-resistant strains

Smriga, M.; Chen, J.; Zhang,; Narui, T.; Shibata, S.; Hirano, E.; Saito, H., 1999:
Isolichenan, an alpha-glucan isolated from lichen Cetrariella islandica, repairs impaired learning behaviors and facilitates hippocampal synaptic plasticity

Wessels, T.; Spitzer, C.; Sparing, R.; Kloetzsch, C., 2003:
Isolierte Hirnnervenausfaelle bei Karotisdissektionen

Nowak, D.A.; Luecking, M.O.; Boehmer, R.H.; Schreiner, R.; Fuchs, H.H.; Fluegel, K.A., 2002:
Isolierte intrazerebrale zystische Echinokokkose. Ungewoehnliche Manifestation einer seltenen Erkrankung

Voss, B.; Bauernschmitt, R.; Henze, R.; Lange, R., 2001:
Isolierter linksventrikulaerer Papillarmuskelabriss: Ein seltenes Ereignis nach stumpfen Thoraxtrauma

Talukder, F.A.; Howse, P.E., 2000:
Isolierung sekundarer Pflanzeninhaltsstoffe aus Aphanamixis polystachia mit frassabschreckender Wirkung gegen adulte Tribolium castaneum (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae)

Schimmel, D.; Gareiss, G.; Lohse, S., 2000:
Isolierung und Differenzierung von Pasteurellen aus Nasentupferproben von Katzen

Koch, H.J., 2000:
Isoluminant monochromatic and polychromatic visual backgrounds alter response characteristics of cat visual neurons after stimulation with stationary and moving light bars

Kato, N.; Murakoshi, Y.; Kato, M.; Kobayashi, T.; Tsukagoshi, N., 2002:
Isomaltose formed by alpha-glucosidases triggers amylase induction in Aspergillus nidulans

Loupy, A.; Monteux, D.A., 2002:
Isomannide and isosorbide as new chiral auxiliaries for the stereoselective synthesis of tertiary alpha-hydroxy acids

Dubler, E.; Buschmann, R.; Schmalle, H., W., 2003:
Isomer abundance of bis(beta-diketonato) complexes of titanium(IV). Crystal structures of the antitumor compound budotitane (TiIV(bzac)2(OEt)2) and of its dichloro-derivative (TiIV(bzac)2Cl2) (bzac=1-phenylbutane-1,3-dionate)

Roche, H.M.; Noone, E.; Sewter, C.; M.B.nnett, S.; Savage, D.; Gibney, M.J.; O'Rahilly, S.; Vidal-Puig, A.J., 2002:
Isomer-dependent metabolic effects of conjugated linoleic acid: insights from molecular markers sterol regulatory element-binding protein-1c and LXRalpha

Ryder, J.W.; Portocarrero, C.P.; Song, X.M.; Cui, L.; Yu, M.; Combatsiaris, T.; Galuska, D.; Bauman, D.E.; Barbano, D.M.; Charron, M.J.; Zierath, J.R.; Houseknecht, K.L., 2001:
Isomer-specific antidiabetic properties of conjugated linoleic acid. Improved glucose tolerance, skeletal muscle insulin action, and UCP-2 gene expression

Franzén, A.; Carlsson, C.; Brandt, I.; Brittebo, E.B., 2003:
Isomer-specific bioactivation and toxicity of dichlorophenyl methylsulphone in rat olfactory mucosa

Brown, J.Mark.; Boysen, M.Sandberg.; Jensen, Søren.Skov.; Morrison, R.F.; Storkson, J.; Lea-Currie, R.; Pariza, M.; Mandrup, S.; McIntosh, M.K., 2003:
Isomer-specific regulation of metabolism and PPARgamma signaling by CLA in human preadipocytes

Craig-Schmidt, M.C., 2001:
Isomeric fatty acids: evaluating status and implications for maternal and child health

Liu, S.; Cheung, E.; Rajopadhye, M.; Williams, N.E.; Overoye, K.L.; Edwards, D.S., 2001:
Isomerism and solution dynamics of (90)Y-labeled DTPA--biomolecule conjugates

Bretillon, L.; Chardigny, J.M.; Sébédio, J.L.; Noël, J.P.; Scrimgeour, C.M.; Fernie, C.E.; Loreau, O.; Gachon, P.; Beaufrère, B., 2001:
Isomerization increases the postprandial oxidation of linoleic acid but not alpha-linolenic acid in men

McBee, J.K.; Van Hooser, J.P.; Jang, G.F.; Palczewski, K., 2001:
Isomerization of 11-cis-retinoids to all-trans-retinoids in vitro and in vivo

Cannon, W.V.; Gallegos, M.T.; Buck, M., 2000:
Isomerization of a binary sigma-promoter DNA complex by transcription activators

Wang, H.; Fu, X.; Zhang, X., 2001:
Isomerization of a uniquely designed amplicon during herpes simplex virus-mediated replication

McBee, J.K.; Kuksa, V.; Alvarez, R.; de Lera, A.R.; Prezhdo, O.; Haeseleer, F.; Sokal, I.; Palczewski, K., 2000:
Isomerization of all-trans-retinol to cis-retinols in bovine retinal pigment epithelial cells: dependence on the specificity of retinoid-binding proteins

Zokaee, F.; Kaghazchi, T.; Zare, A.; Soleimani, M., 2002:
Isomerization of lactose to lactulose: Study and comparison of three catalytic systems

Liu, W.; Guo, R.; Guo, X., 2003:
Isomerization of malachite green in CTAB/n-CnH2n + 1OH/H2O mixed micelles

Ramesha, N.; Karanth, N., 1999:
Isomerization of non-insecticidal alpha-hexachlorocyclohexane (HCH) to insecticidal gamma-HCH by Pseudomonas strain Ptm+

Yuan, J.P.; Chen, F., 1999:
Isomerization of trans-astaxanthin to cis-isomers in organic solvents

Itaya, T.; Kanai, T.; Ohyama, S.I.hi; Shirasaki, Y.; Muramoto, N.; Ono, Y., 1999:
Isomerization through cleavage and recombination of imidazolide linkage in the condensed tricyclic system related to hypermodified bases of phenylalanine transfer ribonucleic acids

Ansar, M.; Ebrik, S.; Mouhoub, R.; Vaccher, C.; Vaccher, M.P.; Flouquet, N.; Bakkas, S.; Taoufik, J.; Debaert, M.; Caignard, D.H.; Renard, P.; Berthelot, P., 1999:
Isomers of substituted 3-benzo(b)furyl and 3-thienylaminobutyric acids as potent ligands of the GABA-B receptor: Synthesis and preparative liquid chromatographic separation

Lou, F.; Curtin, N.; Woledge, R., 2002:
Isometric and isovelocity contractile performance of red musle fibres from the dogfish Scyliorhinus canicula

Leaf, D.A.; MacRae, H.S-H.; Grant, E.; Kraut, J., 2003:
Isometric exercise increases the size of forearm veins in patients with chronic renal failure

Johansson, C.; Lännergren, J.; Lunde, P.K.; Vennström, B.; Thorén, P.; Westerblad, H., 2000:
Isometric force and endurance in soleus muscle of thyroid hormone receptor-alpha(1)- or -beta-deficient mice

Ray, C.A.; Carrasco, D.I.; Ray, C.A., 2000:
Isometric handgrip training reduces arterial pressure at rest without changes in sympathetic nerve activity

Swezey, R.L.; Swezey, A.; Adams, J., 2000:
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Isotype switching by human B cells is division-associated and regulated by cytokines

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Isotype-restricted corepressor recruitment: a constitutively closed helix 12 conformation in retinoic acid receptors beta and gamma interferes with corepressor recruitment and prevents transcriptional repression

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Isotype-specific RascntdotGTP-levels predict the efficacy of farnesyl transferase inhibitors against human astrocytomas regardless of Ras mutational status

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Isotype-specific anti-38 and 27 kDa (mpt 51) response in pulmonary tuberculosis with human immunodeficiency virus coinfection

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Isotype-specific selection of high affinity memory B cells in nasal-associated lymphoid tissue

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Isotype-switched immunoglobulin genes with a high load of somatic hypermutation and lack of ongoing mutational activity are prevalent in mediastinal B-cell lymphoma

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Isotypical spectrum of antibodies to diphtheria toxin in four types of immune response in prevaccinated children with diphtheria

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Isotyping of Immunoglobulin G responses of ruminants and mice to live and inactivated antigens of Cowdria ruminantium the causative agent of cowdriosis in ruminants

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Isozyme analysis of the Cerastium alpinum-C. arcticum complex (Caryophyllaceae) supports a splitting of C. arcticum Lange

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Isozyme analysis reveals genetic differences between three Trumpeter Swan populations

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Isozyme banding pattern in the hybrids of Populus ciliata X maximowiczii

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Isozyme differentiation between two infraspecies taxa of Utricularia australis R. Br. (Lentibulariaceae) in Japan

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Isozyme evidence for the origin of PotamogetonXsudermanicus as a hybrid between P. acutifolius and P. berchtoldii

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Isozyme evidence of the parental origin and possible fertility of the hybrid PotamogetonXfluitans Roth

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Isozyme evidence regarding the origins of three allopolyploid species of Polytrichastrum (Polytrichaceae, Bryophyta)

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Isozyme markers for 1L and 7 maize chromosomes and for homologous Tripsacum dactyloides L. chromosomes related to the apomictic mode of reproduction

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Isozyme markers for 5S and 6L maize chromosomes and for D and L linkage groups of Tripsacum dactyloides L. related to the apomictic mode of reproduction

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Isozyme markers in cotton breeding 1. Standardization of different isozyme systems for identification of different cultivars of cotton (Gossypium hirsutum)

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Isozyme markers in cotton breeding: II: Inter and intravarietal variation in the activity of isozymes of the enzyme peroxidase as affected by area of cotton cultivation

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Isozyme markers in cotton breeding: III. Variation in the intensity of isozymes of enzyme peroxidase exhibited by different loci of different cotton varieties and there relationship with cotton leaf virus disease

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Isozyme patterns during development of Euparagonimus cenocopiosus

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Isozyme studies in the genus Cheirolophus (Asteraceae: Cardueae-Centaureinae) in the Iberian Peninsula, North Africa and the Canary Islands

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Ispitivanje i odabir kandidata za transplantaciju bubrega u Klinickom Bolnickom Centru Rijeka

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Ispitivanje nivoa osetljivosti metoda Delvo i Rezazurin testa na prisustvo rezidua penicilina i oksitetraciklina u mleku

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Ispitivanje prisustva Haemophilus somnus u spermi bikova

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Ispitivanje rasprostranjenosti paratuberkuloze kod goveda i ovaca

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Ispitivanje stepena adsorpcije Salinomycin-Na od strane modifikovanog klinoptilolita u uslovima in vitro

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Isradipine and insulin sensitivity in hypertensive rats

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Isradipine and lipostabil pharmacological defense of the kidney in extracorporeal lithotripsy (ESWL)

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Israel hospital pharmaceutical services: a national survey

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Issue management: Part and parcel of wildlife management

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Issues and controversies in venous thromboembolism

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Issues concerning the measurement of borate in occupational environments

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Issues concerning the monitoring of statin therapy in hypercholesterolemic subjects with high plasma lipoprotein(a) levels

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Issues for discussion: benzene-induced leukemia--human studies

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Issues for seagrass conservation management in Queensland

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Issues in cDNA microarray analysis: quality filtering, channel normalization, models of variations and assessment of gene effects

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Issues in developing an outpatient deep venous thrombosis treatment program: university hospital experience

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Issues in genomic screening: critical values, sample sizes, and the ability to detect linkage

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Issues in newborn screening

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Issues in the development of gene therapy: preclinical experiments in E1A gene delivery

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Issues in the epidemiological analysis and interpretation of intermediate biomarkers

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Issues in the interpretation and design of studies investigating drug-related morbidity and mortality

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Issues in the management of prisoners infected with HIV-1: the King's College Hospital HIV prison service retrospective cohort study

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Issues in the management of sexually transmitted diseases in Papua New Guinea

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Issues in the reconstruction of environmental doses on the basis of thermoluminescence measurements in the Techa riverside

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