Section 11
Chapter 10,905

La Baie de Somme: Un site sous-exploite par les oiseaux d'eau

Sueur, F.; Desprez, M.; Fagot, C.; Triplet, P.

Alauda 71(1): 49-58


ISSN/ISBN: 0002-4619
Accession: 010904326

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The biomass and the productivity of benthic invertebrates were studied in the Bay of Somme in 1993, an internationally significant site for Eurasian Shelduck. These data were used to produce an estimate of invertebrate consumption by the eight most numerous species of waterfowl. They consume an average of 127,13 t of ash free dry mass per year, which corresponds to 7,04% of the total production of the bay. In comparison with other sites, this is very low and indicates that the Bay of the Somme is underused, although it is used by large numbers of migratory waterfowl and is of international importance.

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