Section 11
Chapter 10,915

Leaf feeding traces from the Upper Pliocene fossil Lagerstatte of Willershausen, Lower Saxony, Germany

Titchener, F.R.

Acta Palaeobotanica Suppl (2): 403-409


Accession: 010914570

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The Upper Pliocene flora of the Willershausen fossil Lagerstatte was examined for leaf feeding traces. 4509 well preserved angiosperm leaves were examined. Traces were observed on 19% of leaves, a figure greater than in older Tertiary floras. Traces were treated from an ichnological perspective. "Dispersed" and "Undispersed" feeding strategies were recognised, these included; bud and feeding on developing foliage, mining, galling, continuous and interrupted marginal feeding. Gregarious and co-operative feeding on single leaves was also observed. Trace vulnerability varied dramatically between different host leaves.

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