Materiali e metodo per la valutazione della qualita biologica delle acque di superficie

Albergoni, F.G.; Marre, M.T.

Istituto Lombardo Accademia di Scienze e Lettere Rendiconti Scienze Chimiche e Fisiche Geologiche Biologiche e Mediche B 131(1-2): 79-95


Accession: 010959251

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The evaluation of the biological quality of surface waters - in particular with regard to those areas highly impacted by humans as in much of Lombardy - would have to be the unavoidable assumption for their use and conservation of resources that is involved in all human activity. The lack (or disregard) of such preventive consequences is one of the main causes of the continuous and inexorable erosion of environmental complexity and therefore of its degradation. An analytical methodology is proposed that is based on the survey of alterations of physiological functions, photosynthesis, and/or respiration in presence of polluting substances of concentrations subsymtomatologic to aquatic organisms. Within this scope, the research is presented in two phases. A) setting up one relatively simple instrumentation for the fast measure of photosyntheses and/or respiration with the following characteristics: a) Rapid change of incubation medium without disturbing the specimen. b) Choice from part of the operator of the "range" of (O2) within which the measures are completed. c) Possibility to modify environmental parameters or concentrations of solute in the incubation medium of the specimen. d) Possibility of synergisms or antagonisms between tested substances the environmental factors.