Section 12
Chapter 11,076

Nucleosome mobilization and positioning by ISWI-containing chromatin-remodeling factors

Längst, G.; Becker, P.B.

Journal of Cell Science 114(Pt 14): 2561-2568


ISSN/ISBN: 0021-9533
PMID: 11683384
Accession: 011075676

ATP-dependent chromatin-remodeling machines of the SWI/SNF family are involved in many cellular processes in eukaryotic nuclei, such as transcription, replication, repair and recombination. Remodeling factors driven by the ATPase ISWI make up a subgroup of this family that exhibits defined mechanistic and functional characteristics. ISWI-induced nucleosome mobility endows nucleosomal arrays with dynamic properties and recent results suggest that ISWI-type remodelers have diverse functions that range from transcriptional regulation to chromatin assembly and maintenance of chromosome structure.

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