Organo-chlorine pesticide residues in animal feeds and fodders

Prasad, K.S.N.; Chhabra, A.

Indian Journal of Animal Sciences 71(12): 1178-1180


ISSN/ISBN: 0367-8318
Accession: 011098437

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Feed resources, viz. cereal grains, oil-cakes, brans, legume and non legume forages and crop residues for ruminants were contaminated with organo-chlorine pesticide residues. The order of contamination in concentrates and roughages was BHC>endosulfan>heptachlor>DDT>aldrin. The BHC content was highest in concentrate mixture followed by maize, GNC, wheat bran, rice bran, cotton seed-cake and barley in concentrates and in roughages like maize, oat, sorghum, berseem fodders, wheat straw, lucerne and paddy straw in the same order. It was concluded that all the tested animal feed resources were contaminated with one or the other component of organo-chlorine pesticide residues and there is every likelihood that these may be contaminating animal products.