Section 12
Chapter 11,136

Phaeocollybia in western North America 3: Two new species with notes on the Phaeocollybia festiva complex

Norvell, L.L.

Mycotaxon 81: 95-112


ISSN/ISBN: 0093-4666
Accession: 011135487

Morphological and molecular reevaluation of the genus Phaeocollybia has uncovered the existence of two new forest agarics from British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, and California. Phaeocollybia phaeogaleroides produces small, fragile basidiomes with large, lightly ornamented, ellipsoid basidiospores, abundant clamp connections, and a unique fruiting phenology. First revealed during molecular analyses, Phaeocollybia rifflipes produces small basidiomes with tawny viscid pilei and lilac-colored lamellae. It shares affinities with two western species (Phaeocollybia fallax and Phaeocollybia lilacifolia) with glutinous pilei, lilac lamellae, vertical-monopodial pseudorhizae, limoniform basidiospores, and thin-walled clavate cheilocystidia. The close morphological relationship of three western species to the European Phaeocollybia festiva is discussed.

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