Physical mapping of 5S rDNA in chromosomes of Dendranthema by fluorescence in situ hybridization

Hussein, M.; El-Twab, A.; Kondo, K.

Chromosome Science 6(1): 13-16


Accession: 011150909

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Chromosomes of ten species of Dendranthema were physically mapped by 5S rDNA generated by FISH using the amplified PCR 5S rDNA probe: The diploid Dendranthema boreale, D. horaimontana, D. japonica and D. lavandulifolia had commonly two 5S rDNA signals in the chromosome complement of respective species; the tetraploid D. chanetii, D. indica, D. wakasaense and D. yoshinagantha had commonly four 5S rDNA signals; and the hexaploid D. occidentali-japonense and D. vestita had commonly eight 5S rDNA signals. Those numbers of 5S rDNA signals seemed to be correlated with polyploid levels in Dendranthema.