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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 11190

Chapter 11190 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Blanco, M.D.; Bernardo, M.V.; Sastre, R.L.; Olmo, R.; Muñiz, E.; Teijón, J.M., 2003:
Preparation of bupivacaine-loaded poly(epsilon-caprolactone) microspheres by spray drying: drug release studies and biocompatibility

Xu, Y.; Mi, K.; Long, Y., 1999:
Preparation of cagA gene probe and its clinical application

Kim, J.S.o; Cho, M.L.e; Heu, M.S.o, 2000:
Preparation of calcium powder from cooking skipjack tuna bone and its characteristics

Hudson, H., R.; Ismail, F., 2001:
Preparation of carbon-14 labelled ampropylfos (1-(14C)-alpha-aminopropanephosphonic acid)

Canfield, D.V.; Smith, M.; Ritter, R.M.; Chaturvedi, A.K., 1999:
Preparation of carboxyhemoglobin standards and calculation of spectrophotometric quantitation constants

Yang Yao Zhong; Ying; Song Y.W.n;;, 1999:
Preparation of casein phosphopeptides

Radulescu, L.; Antohe, F., 1997:
Preparation of cationized albumin

Maeda, H., 2000:
Preparation of chemically modified carbon electrodes by anodization in 1-alkanols and their application to electrochemical analysis

Chun, J.; Byun, H.S.p; Bittman, R., 2002:
Preparation of chiral propargylic alcohols from alpha,beta-unsaturated esters

Chen Ying; Ping; Guo Jian Xin; M.K., 2002:
Preparation of ciclosporin nanoliposome and its tissues distribution in mice

Xiao, C-ju.; Qi, X-rong.; Aini, W.; Wei, S-li., 2003:
Preparation of cisplatin multivesicular liposomes and release of cisplatin from the liposomes in vitro

Marovich, M.A.; Mascola, J.R.; Eller, M.A.; Louder, M.K.; Caudrelier, P.A.; El-Habib, R.; Ratto-Kim, S.; Cox, J.H.; Currier, J.R.; Levine, B.L.; June, C.H.; Bernstein, W.B.; Robb, M.L.; Schuler-Thurner, B.; Steinman, R.M.; Birx, D.L.; Schlesinger-Frankel, S., 2002:
Preparation of clinical-grade recombinant canarypox-human immunodeficiency virus vaccine-loaded human dendritic cells

Lee, J.E.; Park, J.C.; Kim, J.G.; Suh, H., 2001:
Preparation of collagen modified hyaluronan microparticles as antibiotics carrier

Wu, Z.; Sheng, Z.; Sun, T.; Geng, M.; Zhou, B.; Li, J.; Huang, Z., 2003:
Preparation of collagen-based materials for wound dressing

Annaka, M.; Matsuura, T.; Kasai, M.; Nakahira, T.; Hara, Y.; Okano, T., 2003:
Preparation of comb-type N-isopropylacrylamide hydrogel beads and their application for size-selective separation media

Kariya, Y.; Kyogashima, M.; Suzuki, K.; Isomura, T.; Sakamoto, T.; Horie, K.; Ishihara, M.; Takano, R.; Kamei, K.; Hara, S., 2000:
Preparation of completely 6-O-desulfated heparin and its ability to enhance activity of basic fibroblast growth factor

Anan'in, V.M.; Fokina, V.V.; Sukhodol'skaya, G.V.; Donova, M.V., 2002:
Preparation of condensed culture of Nocardioides sp

A.Hmoud, Hasan Ali, 2002:
Preparation of controlled release tablets of propranolol hydrochloride using Eudragit RL100 and other excipients

Zhou Jian Ping; Dai, 2000:
Preparation of controlled-release capsules floated in artificial gastric juice

Yasuda, N.; Yang, C.; Wells, K.M.; Jensen, M.S.; Hughes, D.L., 1999:
Preparation of crystalline p-nitrobenzyl 2-hydroxymethyl carbapenem as a key intermediate for the anti-MRS carbapenem L-786,392

Hongpaisan, J.; Roomans, G.M., 1996:
Preparation of cultured smooth muscle cells from human myometrium for X-ray microanalysis

Liu; Dai Xiao Yan; Huang Wen Cai; Fan Xin Jian; Chen M.L.; Feng Ping, 2001:
Preparation of cyclosporine A immunogen

Tao Kai Xiong; Chen Dao Da; Tian Yuan; Wang Guo Bin; W.Z.i De, 2000:
Preparation of daunorbicin magnetic albumin microspheres and their experimental antitumor effects in vitro and in vivo

Wang Yang; Xue Bao Sheng; Tang Ming Rui, 2003:
Preparation of de-cellular dermis matrix and complex graft of auto skin

Valiente, O.; Mauri, L.; Casellato, R.; Fernandez, L.E.; Sonnino, S., 2001:
Preparation of deacetyl-, lyso-, and deacetyl-lyso-GM(3) by selective alkaline hydrolysis of GM3 ganglioside

W.S.X.ang; Zhou Jing Qi, 2000:
Preparation of diflunisal oral dry gel

Tsai, Y.L.; Jong, C.C.; Chen, H., 2001:
Preparation of double-encapsulated microcapsules for mitigating drug loss and extending release

W.D.o Cheng; Li, 1999:
Preparation of doxorubicin liposome with composite materials of phosphatide

Iida, K.; Hayakawa, Y.; Okamoto, H.; Danjo, K.; Leuenberger, H., 2003:
Preparation of dry powder inhalation by surface treatment of lactose carrier particles

Faulconbridge, S.J.; Holt, K.E.; Garcia Sevillano, L.; Lock, C.J.; Tiffin, P.D.; Tremayne, N.; Winter, S., 2000:
Preparation of enantiomerically enriched aromatic beta-amino acids via enzymatic resolution

Roeper, S.; Franz, M.H.iko; Wartchow, R.; Hoffmann, H.M.rtin, R., 2003:
Preparation of enantiopure 1-azabicyclo(3.2.2)nonanes functionalized at carbon C3, from cinchonine and cinchonidine. Stereoselective solvolysis and an easily enolizable ketone

Dehli, J.R.; Gotor, V., 2002:
Preparation of enantiopure ketones and alcohols containing a quaternary stereocenter through parallel kinetic resolution of beta-keto nitriles

Basu, A.; Shrivastav, T.G.; Kariya, K.P., 2003:
Preparation of enzyme conjugate through adipic acid dihydrazide as linker and its use in immunoassays

Zhang, R.; He, H.; Zhang, C.; Shi, X., 2003:
Preparation of ethanol-diesel fuel blends and exhausts emission characteristics in diesel engine

Noghnogh, A.A.; Reid, R.W.; Nawab, Z.M.; Swartz, R.D.; Kjellstrand, C.M.; Ing, T.S., 1999:
Preparation of ethanol-enriched, bicarbonate-based hemodialysates

Jia Yan; X.W.i Ming, 1999:
Preparation of famotidine dispersible tablets

Sotoyama, K.; Asano, Y.; Ihara, K.; Takahashi, K.; Doi, K., 1999:
Preparation of fat spread by membrane emulsification method and assessment of its stability

Klaassen, Harold E., 2002:
Preparation of fish parts useful in fisheries education

Nakagawa, T.; Tani, M.; Kita, K.; Ito, M., 1999:
Preparation of fluorescence-labeled GM1 and sphingomyelin by the reverse hydrolysis reaction of sphingolipid ceramide N-deacylase as substrates for assay of sphingolipid-degrading enzymes and for detection of sphingolipid-binding proteins

Karatepe, N.; Mericboyu, A.E.; Kucukbayrak, S., 1998:
Preparation of fly ash-Ca(OH)2 sorbents by pressure hydration for SO2 removal

Miyamoto, M.; Hirano, K.; Ichikawa, H.; Fukumori, Y.; Akine, Y.; Tokuuye, K., 1999:
Preparation of gadolinium-containing emulsions stabilized with phosphatidylcholine-surfactant mixtures for neutron-capture therapy

Tokumitsu, H.; Ichikawa, H.; Fukumori, Y.; Block, L.H., 1999:
Preparation of gadopentetic acid-loaded chitosan microparticles for gadolinium neutron-capture therapy of cancer by a novel emulsion-droplet coalescence technique

Plokhov, A.Y.; Gusyatiner, M.M.; Yampolskaya, T.A.; Kaluzhsky, V.E.; Sukhareva, B.S.; Schulga, A.A., 2000:
Preparation of gamma-aminobutyric acid using E. coli cells with high activity of glutamate decarboxylase

Khan, A.R.sheed; Shabi U.H.san; Syed, K.A.i; Ahmed, K., 1999:
Preparation of graft copolymer maize-starch-g-acrylonitrile and its saponification

Yuasa, H.; Higashi, S.; Ozeki, T., 2002:
Preparation of granules for dry powder inhaler by pressure swing granulation method and drug particle delivery

Cao, X.J.n; Zhou, J.H.a; Huang, Z.H.i; Wu, X.Y.n; Hur, B.K., 2002:
Preparation of high-purity urokinase using single-step hydrophobic interaction chromatography with p-aminobenzamidine ligand

Hosokawa, M.; Ito, M.; Takahashi, K., 1998:
Preparation of highly unsaturated fatty acid-containing phosphatidylcholine by transesterification with phospholipase A2

Ward, S.; Scantlebury, M.; Król, E.; Thomson, P.J.; Sparling, C.; Speakman, J.R., 2000:
Preparation of hydrogen from water by reduction with lithium aluminium hydride for the analysis of delta(2)H by isotope ratio mass spectrometry

Gong Zhenkui; Huang He; Luo Lin; Xiao Hongyu; Gong Rui, 1999:
Preparation of indirect ELISA reagent to diagnose ToRCH infection

Nagy, I.B.; Varga, I.; Hudecz, F., 2000:
Preparation of indium-115-labeled diethylenetriaminetetraacetic acid monoacetamide peptides purified by 8-hydroxyquinoline

Li-Zan-Dong; Liu-Chun-Hai; Huang-Jin-Song; Sha-Jin; Wei-Hua; Sun-Ming-Jun; Zhao-Chen; Jiang-Sheng-Hua; Hiroshi-Kagami, 2002:
Preparation of interspecies chicken (Gallus domesticus)/duck (Anas domesticus) chimeras

Abraham, A.; Bencsath, F.Aladar.; Shartava, A.; Kakhniashvili, D.G.; Goodman, S.R., 2002:
Preparation of irreversibly sickled cell beta-actin from normal red blood cell beta-actin

Maye, J.-Paul; Mulqueen, S.; Weis, S.; Xu, J.; Priest, M., 1999:
Preparation of isomerized alpha-acid standards for HPLC analysis of iso-alpha-acids, rho-iso-alpha-acids, tetrahydro-iso-alpha-acids, and hexahydro-iso-alpha-acids

Thomas, D.; Kulwal, L.V., 2001:
Preparation of jam from ber fruits (Zizyphus mauritiania L.)

Wang Zhong; Liang; Lin Zhu Qing; F.Y.J.e; Wang Xiao Wen, 1999:
Preparation of lacidipine-PVP coprecipitate and dissolution of its capsules

Cooke, M.E.; Kalscheur, V.L.; Wilson, D.G.; Zdeblick, T.A., 1999:
Preparation of large calcified bone sections for fluorescence histomorphometry

Merriam, K.L.; Maher, C.R., 1999:
Preparation of large paraffin blocks and slides by the adaptation of a sledge microtome cassette clamp to a rotary microtome

Jono, K.; Ichikawa, H.; Fujioka, K.; Fukumori, Y.; Akine, Y.; Tokuuye, K., 1999:
Preparation of lecithin microcapsules by a dilution method using the Wurster process for intraarterial administration in gadolinium neutron capture therapy

Huang Li; Ming Ming; Liu Jia; Liu Jian; Guo; Ding Jian Dong, 2003:
Preparation of liposome containing bacteriorhodopsin with natural preferred orientation and detection of its transient photoresponse

Deng-Yi-Hui; Li-Huan-Qiu; Wang-Shao-Ning; Zhang-Hong; Wang-He-Dong, 2001:
Preparation of liposomes entrapped levofloxacin hydrochloride by passive loading and active loading

Yoshimaru, T.; Nakayama, M.; Ohmachi, K.; Matsumoto, K., 1999:
Preparation of liposomes for disintegration in the intestinal environment

Kishore, K.; Reddy, K.R.; Suresh, J.R.; Ila, H.; Junjappa, H., 1999:
Preparation of lithium 5-lithiomethyl-3-methylpyrazole-1-carboxylate and its reaction with alpha-oxoketene dithioacetals: A new general method for substituted and annelated pyrazolo(1,5-a)pyridines

Kenar, James A., 2003:
Preparation of long-chain beta-enaminones and beta-diketones from long-chain 3,5-disubstituted isoxazole compounds

Zhai, G.X.; Zou, L.J.a; Zhang, T.M.n, 1998:
Preparation of low molecular weight heparin liposomal spray gel

Wang, C.Z.ei; Yen, Y.H.rng; Chiou, R.Y.h Yuan, 2000:
Preparation of low-fat peanut products using hydraulic defatting of blanched kernels, water soaking and roasting

Jiang-Xue-Hua; He-Lin, 2000:
Preparation of lyophlized aclarubicin A poly-lactide nanoparticle for injection and the study on the drug releasing mechanism

Maquet, V.; Blacher, S.; Pirard, R.; Pirard, J-P.; Vyakarnam, M.N.; Jérôme, R., 2003:
Preparation of macroporous biodegradable poly(L-lactide-co-epsilon-caprolactone) foams and characterization by mercury intrusion porosimetry, image analysis, and impedance spectroscopy

Fehling, E.; Schonwiese, S.; Klein, E.; Mukherjee, K.D.; Weber, N., 1998:
Preparation of malvalic and sterculic acid methyl esters from Bombax munguba and Sterculia foetida seed soils

Shibuya, A.; Okada, M.; Nakamura, Y.; Kibashi, M.; Horikawa, H.; Taguchi, T., 1999:
Preparation of methylenedifluorocyclopropanes via cyclopropyl anion promoted beta-elimination

Kiyoyama, S.; Shiomori, K.; Kawano, Y.; Hatate, Y., 2003:
Preparation of microcapsules and control of their morphology

Hunter, K.W.; Gault, R.A.; Berner, M.D., 2002:
Preparation of microparticulate beta-glucan from Saccharomyces cerevisiae for use in immune potentiation Qun; Liao Gong Tie; Zhang Zhi Rong, 1999:
Preparation of mitoxantrone polylactic acid extended-release nanoparticle lyophilization injection

W.X.ang; Shu Heng Ping, 2002:
Preparation of monoclonal antibodies against Toxoplasma gondii which possesses a protective effect and diagnostic value

Zhou Wang; Zheng Wei; Shen Guan Xin; Zhu Hui Fen; Zhang Yue; Xia Zheng Xi, 2003:
Preparation of monoclonal antibodies against major outer membrane protein of Neisseria gonorrhoeae

Tian-Xuejun; Wu-Jian; Meng-Lin, 1999:
Preparation of monoclonal antibodies to human vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF121) and identification of its expression on gastric carcinoma cell line MGC803

Lengweiler, S.; Smyth, S.S.; Jirouskova, M.; Scudder, L.E.; Park, H.; Moran, T.; Coller, B.S., 1999:
Preparation of monoclonal antibodies to murine platelet glycoprotein IIb/IIIa (alphaIIbbeta3) and other proteins from hamster-mouse interspecies hybridomas

Desmyter, S.; Vandenbussche, F.; Van Damme, E.J.; Peumans, W.J., 2001:
Preparation of monospecific polyclonal antibodies against Sambucus nigra lectin related protein, a glycosylated plant protein

Na, K.; Kim, Y.E.n; Lee, K.Y.ung, 1999:
Preparation of nanoparticles in drug delivery system using guar derivatives and dialysis method

Kakehi, A.; Ito, S.; Suga, H.; Kobayashi, T.; Hatanaka, S., 1998:
Preparation of new nitrogen-bridged heterocycles. 46. Selective formation of 4(1H)-8,8a-dihydro-1,4-thiazino(3,4,5-cd)indolizinone and (E)-3-(1,3-oxathiol-2-ylidene)-2(3H)-indolizinone derivatives

Kakehi, A.; Ito, S.; Sa, H., 1999:
Preparation of new nitrogen-bridged heterocycles. 48. Syntheses and reactions of ethyl 3-(2-(methylthio)indolizin-3-yl)acrylate derivatives

Kakehi, A.; Ito, S.; Hirata, K.; Zuo, P., 2000:
Preparation of new nitrogen-bridged heterocycles. 49. A new access to thieno(3,4-b)indolizine derivatives

Kakehi, A.; Ito, S.; Suga, H.; Sakurai, S.; Kobayashi, T., 2001:
Preparation of new nitrogen-bridged heterocycles. 51. Syntheses and structures of compounds having two indolizine nuclei in a molecule

Kakehi, A.; Ito, S.; Suga, H.; Miwa, T.; Mori, T.; Fujii, T.; Tanaka, N.; Kobayashi, T., 2003:
Preparation of new nitrogen-bridged heterocycles. 53. Syntheses of 3-(benzylthio)thieno(3,4-b)indolizine derivatives and their intramolecular arene-arene interactions

Wang Yan Jiao; Yi; Zhang Tian Hong; Tang Xing, 1999:
Preparation of nitrendipine soft capsules

Sugimoto, O.; Yamada, S.; Tanji, K-ichi., 2003:
Preparation of nitrogen-containing pi-deficient heteroaromatic Grignard reagents: oxidative magnesiation of nitrogen-containing pi-deficient halogenoheteroaromatics using active magnesium

Glaser, M.; Brown, D., J.; Law, M., P.; Iozzo, P.; Waters, S., L.; Poole, K.; Knickmeier, M.; Camici, P., G.; Pike, V., W., 2001:
Preparation of no-carrier-added (124I)A14-iodoinsulin as a radiotracer for positron emission tomography

Jeong, I.-Howa; Park, Y.-Sam; Kim, B.-Tae, 2000:
Preparation of novel beta,beta-diphenyl alpha-(trifluoromethyl)vinylstannane and its cross-coupling reactions with aryl iodides

Tomasić, J.; Spoljar, B.; Ljevaković, D.; Glaudemans, C.P., 1999:
Preparation of novel conjugates involving immunomodulating peptidoglycan monomer

Csuk, R.; Thiede, G., 1999:
Preparation of novel difluorocyclopropane nucleosides

Takahashi, H.; Komoda, M.; Kakuta, H.; Hashimoto, Y., 2000:
Preparation of novel specific aminopeptidase inhibitors with a cyclic imide skeleton

Nakada, M.; Takano, M.; Iwata, Y., 2000:
Preparation of novel synthons, uniquely functionalized tetrahydrofuran and tetrahydropyran derivatives

Kiran, K.R.; Divakar, S., 2002:
Preparation of o-palmitoyl alkyl lactates through lipase catalysis

Matsumura, S.; Sakiyama, K.; Toshima, K., 1999:
Preparation of octyl beta-D-xylobioside and xyloside by xylanase-catalyzed direct transglycosylation reaction of xylan and octanol

Abdel Megied, A.E.; Ali, O.M.; Kofoed, T.; Pedersen, E.B., 2001:
Preparation of oligodeoxynucleotides containing 5-(N-methylpiperazinyl) and 5-benzyloxymethyl uracils

Santosh Laxmi, Y.R.; Suzuki, N.; Dasaradhi, L.; Johnson, F.; Shibutani, S., 2002:
Preparation of oligodeoxynucleotides containing a diastereoisomer of alpha-(N(2)-2'-deoxyguanosinyl)tamoxifen by phosphoramidite chemical synthesis

York, W.S.; Hawkins, R., 2000:
Preparation of oligomeric beta-glycosides from cellulose and hemicellulosic polysaccharides via the glycosyl transferase activity of a trichoderma reesei cellulase

Kula, J.; Smigielski, K.; Quang, T.B.; Grzelak, I.; Sikora, M., 1999:
Preparation of omega-hydroxynonanoic acid and its ester derivatives

Guzzo, P., R.; Dinn, S., R.; Lu, J.; Oettinger-Loomis, S., 2002:
Preparation of optically active (acyloxy)alkyl esters from optically active O-acyl-alpha-hydroxy acids

Shiraiwa, T.; Fukuda, K.; Kubo, M., 2002:
Preparation of optically active allothreonine via optical resolution by replacing crystallization

Nakamura, S.; Kusuda, S.; Kawamura, K.; Toru, T., 2002:
Preparation of optically pure propargylic and allylic alcohols from 2-(trimethylsilyl)vinyl sulfoxides as a chiral ethynyl anion synthon: computational studies on elimination reaction of 2-(trimethylsilyl)vinyl sulfoxides

Zhang Hai Song; L.B.n; Zhang Y.J.n; Y.Z.ou Yao, 1999:
Preparation of oral colon-specific microspheres of hepatocyte growth-promoting factors

Hernandez-Ledesma, B.; Recio, I.; Ramos, M.; Amigo, L., 2002:
Preparation of ovine and caprine beta-lactoglobulin hydrolysates with ACE-inhibitory activity. Identification of active peptides from caprine beta-lactoglobulin hydrolysed with thermolysin

Yan,; Xu, S.W.i, 1998:
Preparation of p-aminophenol

Yan Jia Qi; Wang Yue; Wang Jiu Yi, 2000:
Preparation of paclitaxel stealth liposomes and its tissue distribution in mice

Lau, L.; Jan, G.; Chan, T.F., 2002:
Preparation of patients for anaesthesia - achieving quality care

Higuchi, T.; Uchida, K.; Abe, K., 1999:
Preparation of Phage-insensitive Strains of Tetragenococcus halophila and Its Application for Soy Sauce Fermentation

Pacuszka, T.; Panasiewicz, M., 2000:
Preparation of photoreactive 12-((4-azidosalicyl)amino)dodecanoic acid acylated derivatives of gangliosides radioioiodinated to high specific radioactivity

Kaneniwa, Masaki, 1998:
Preparation of platelet activating factor from sea urchin lipids

Gautier, S.; Grudzielski, N.; Goffinet, G.; de Hassonville, S.H.; Delattre, L.; Jérĵme, R., 2001:
Preparation of poly(D,L-lactide) nanoparticles assisted by amphiphilic poly(methyl methacrylate-co-methacrylic acid) copolymers

Ouchi, T.; Toyohara, M.; Arimura, H.; Ohya, Y., 2002:
Preparation of poly(L-lactide)-based microspheres having a cationic or anionic surface using biodegradable surfactants

Hirayama, C.; Sakata, M.; Nakamura, M.; Ihara, H.; Kunitake, M.; Todokoro, M., 1999:
Preparation of poly(epsilon-lysine) adsorbents and application to selective removal of lipopolysaccharides

Berrabah, M.; Zahidi, A., 1999:
Preparation of poly-epsilon-caprolactone nanocapsules by nanoprecipitation and evaluation of benzyl benzoate by GC-MS

Zou, Y-Shui.; Xu, W-Xiang.; He, Y.; Sun, Z-Da.; Xue, X-Lin., 2002:
Preparation of polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis for human chorionic gonadotropin chimeric peptide 12 expressed in E. coli

Li, G.; Gu, Q.; Zhu, J.; Zhu, D.; Untereker, D.F., 1999:
Preparation of polyaniline modified electrode for the electroanalysis of heme proteins

Arai, J.; Matsuda, H.; Yanagishita, H.; Kitamoto, D.; Nakane, T.; Haraya, K.; Idemoto, Y.; Koura, N., 2001:
Preparation of polyimide asymmetric membranes on the nonwoven fabric

Walsh, D.; Furuzono, T.; Tanaka, J., 2001:
Preparation of porous composite implant materials by in situ polymerization of porous apatite containing epsilon-caprolactone or methyl methacrylate

Yano, H.; Hirayama, F.; Arima, H.; Uekama, K., 2001:
Preparation of prednisolone-appended alpha-, beta- and gamma-cyclodextrins: substitution at secondary hydroxyl groups and in vitro hydrolysis behavior

Lafont, D.; Boullanger, P., 1999:
Preparation of primary and secondary azidosugars from diols using the dioxaphosphorane methodology

Langenhan, J.M.; Gellman, S.H., 2003:
Preparation of protected syn-alpha,beta-dialkyl beta-amino acids that contain polar side chain functionality

Honjoh, K.I.hi; Suga, K.; Shinohara, F.; Maruyama, I.; Miyamoto, T.; Hatano, S.; IIo, M., 2003:
Preparation of protoplasts from Chlorella vulgaris K-73122 and cell wall regeneration of protoplasts from C. vulgaris K-73122 and C-27

Shi, Hong Chang, 1998:
Preparation of pure monoammonium glycyrrhizinate

Pichon Santander, C.; Scott, A.I.n, 2000:
Preparation of pyrrolin-2-ones and 4,5-dihydrodipyrrin-1-ones by oxidation of alpha-formylpyrroles and alpha-formyldipyrromethanes with hydrogen peroxide

Liang Chao Feng; Ouyang Yun; D.Y.n Zhao; Fang Tong, 2000:
Preparation of rapidly disintegrating matrix theophylline tablets with coated pellets

Seryogin, S.V.; Belavin, P.B.; Babkina, I.N.; Maksyutov, A.Z.; Vyatkina, T.G.; Baranova, S.G., 2000:
Preparation of recombinant antigens of Treponema pallidum and their use in the diagnosis of syphilis by an enzyme immunoassay

Liu Yuqin; G.B.i; Zhao Xuemei; E.A., 2003:
Preparation of red blood cell tumor vaccine and its effects on tumor recurrence and metastasis

Kato, K.; Yoshimura, Y.; Nakazawa, H.; Ito, Y.; Oka, H., 2002:
Preparation of samples for gas chromatography/mass spectrometry analysis of phthalate and adipate esters in plasma and beverages by steam distillation and extraction

Hyatt, J.A.; Phillips, M., 1999:
Preparation of selectively deuterated d-gamma-tocotrienol

Sugiyama, T.; Ishii, S.; Saito, K.; Yamamoto, J.; Isogai, T.; Ota, T., 2000:
Preparation of sensitive and specific oligonucleotide probes tailed using terminal transferase and dITP

Nieto, S.; Gutierrez, J.; Sanhueza, J.; Valenzuela, A., 1999:
Preparation of sn-2 long-chain polyunsaturated monoacylglycerols from fish oil by hydrolysis with a stereo-specific lipase from Mucor miehei

Ozawa, M.; Hasegawa, K.; Yonezawa, Y.; Sunada, H., 2002:
Preparation of solid dispersion for ethenzamide-carbopol and theophylline-carbopol systems using a twin screw extruder

Kuramoto, M.; Shirai, Y.; Iwata, A.; Kihara, Y.; Nakamura, Y., 2001:
Preparation of solid dispersion granules of a therapeutic drug of cerebrovascular disorders and its evaluation

Mao, S-rui.; Wang, Y-zhi.; Ji, H-yu.; Bi, D-zhou., 2003:
Preparation of solid lipid nanoparticles by microemulsion technique

Zhang, H-hong.; Hu, F-qiang.; Yuan, H.; Fang, M., 2003:
Preparation of solid lipid nanoparticles by solvent diffusion method

Shallo, H.; Rao, A.E.icson, A.; Thomas, R., 2001:
Preparation of soy protein concentrate by ultrafiltration

Wang Hai Sheng; Han Ben Zheng, 2000:
Preparation of sparfloxacin ointment

Nakagomi, M.; Iida, S.; Hara, Y.; Matsuki, Y.; Nambara, T.; Suzuki, E., 1999 :
Preparation of specific antisera to 15alpha-hydroxyestrogen 15-N-acetylglucosaminides

Suzuki, E.; Nakagomi, M.; Hashimoto, M.; Agui, M.; Iida, S.; Konno, K.; Hara, Y.; Kurihara, H.; Matsuki, Y.; Imai, K.; Ono, H., 1999:
Preparation of specific antisera to 15alpha-hydroxyestrogens

Suphantharika, M.; Khunrae, P.; Thanardkit, P.; Verduyn, C., 2003:
Preparation of spent brewer's yeast beta-glucans with a potential application as an immunostimulant for black tiger shrimp, Penaeus monodon

Yagodina, L.O.; Altshuler, A.E.; Abreimova, Y.V., 1999:
Preparation of spin-labeled bacterial ribonuclease from Bacillus intermedius 7P for EPR studies of protein dynamics

Ermiş, D.; Yüksel, A., 1999:
Preparation of spray-dried microspheres of indomethacin and examination of the effects of coating on dissolution rates

Zhou L.X.n; Lin Mao, 2000:
Preparation of stilbene oligomer by oxidative coupling reaction

Chandy, T.; Rao, G., H.R., 2002:
Preparation of surface-engineered elastin/lamin nerve guide tubes of poly(lactic acid)/poly(ethylene vinyl acetate)

Yang, M-shi.; Cui, F-de.; Yang, H.; Gao, P.; Yue, P.; Wang, L.; Fan, Y-ling., 2003:
Preparation of sustained-release nitrendipine microspheres with a solid dispersed structure in liquid system

Ding Guang Bin; X.H.i Nan; Shen Teng, 2000:
Preparation of sustained-release tetramethylpyrazine phosphate tablet and its bioavailability on rabbits

Del Rei, A.J.M.; Baruselli, P.S.; Barnabe, R.C.; Bartolomeu, C.C., 1999:
Preparation of teaser buffaloes bulls by fixation the body of the penis in the ventro - medial abdominal wall

Wu,; Cheng, H.W.n; Chen, S.J.; Lin,; Lu, H.K.n; Lin, C.W.n; Chen,, 1999:
Preparation of telopeptide-poor collagen from pig skin

Yang Chun Li;; Zhou Ying Lan, 2000:
Preparation of terbinafine hydrochloride eye drops

Naghibi, F.; Tabatabai-Yazdi, M.; Shahhosseini, S., 2002:
Preparation of testosterone using microbial metabolite of cholesterol

Petroz, G.C.; Lerman, J., 2002:
Preparation of the Siemens KION anesthetic machine for patients susceptible to malignant hyperthermia

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Preparation of the cervix for surgical termination of pregnancy in the first trimester

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Preparation of the dialysis patient for transplantation

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Preparation of the gene targeted knockout mice for human premature aging diseases, Werner syndrome, and Rothmund-Thomson syndrome caused by the mutation of DNA helicases

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Preparation of yolk antibody specific to Streptococcus mutans

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Preparations of DNA-aligned thin films by cast and LB methods and their anisotropic electric conductivity along DNA strands in the film

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Preparative chromatographic resolution of enantiomers using polar organic solvents with polysaccharide chiral stationary phases

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Preparative high-performance liquid chromatography for the purification of nitrendipine and its dimethyl ester

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Preparative high-performance liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry for the high-throughput purification of combinatorial libraries

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Preparative method for in vitro production of functional polymers from glutenin subunits of wheat

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Preparative study on dexamethasone sodium phosphate loaded bovine serum albumin microspheres

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Preparative supercritical fluid chromatography

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Preparatory processes in the task-switching paradigm: evidence from the use of probability cues

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Preparatory set associated with pro-saccades and anti-saccades in humans investigated with event-related FMRI

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Preparing for a bioterrorist attack: legal and administrative strategies

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Preparing for an era of weapons of mass destruction (WMD). Are we there yet? Why we should all be concerned. Part 1

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Preparing for the World Cup in soccer

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Preplant monoammonium phosphate fertilizer and compost affects the growth of newly planted 'Macoun' apple trees

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Prepona pheridamas pheridamas (Cramer) e seus estagios imaturos (Lepidoptera, Nymphalidae, Charaxinae)

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Prepubertal stature and blood pressure in early old age

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Prepulses reduce the pain of cutaneous electrical shocks

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Preratio pausing: effects of an alternative reinforcer on fixed- and variable-ratio responding

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Prerequisites for structural asymmetry of Broca's speech-motor area of the human brain

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Prerequisites to the use of dimephosphone for the treatment of erosive and ulcerous diseases of gastroduodenal zone

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Preresponse cues reduce the impairing effects of alcohol on the execution and suppression of responses

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Preretinopic changes in the colour vision of juvenile diabetics

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Presaccadic human brain potentials after the stimulation of the leading and nonleading eye

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Presacral fibroma in a young laborer presenting with chronic lumbago

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Presacral neurenteric cyst in an infant

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Preschool vision screening

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